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Another Hellmouth?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Inner Demon". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Spike comes to Cardiff, sent by Dawn and the refounded Watchers Council to find out if there was another Hellmouth in this city. WARNING: slash, Spike/Jack Jack/Ianto implied Jack/John - past Buffy S7, Angel S5, past Torchwood S2

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Chapter Three

WARNING: This chapter contains explicit sex with two men -- don't like, don't read

All mistakes in this chapter are mine, it is not beta'd yet.

His approach was stopped by Jack's arm blocking the door. Spike found himself only centimetres away from Jack, he even could feel the heat radiating from his body. There it was again, the urge just to touch and to kiss the man in front of him. Spike was unable to move away and yet he couldn't bring himself to break the distance between them. Their gazes locked again and he felt like frozen to the spot when Jack came slowly closer to capture his lips in a gentle kiss. Jack broke the last distance between them and pressed his body to Spike's. One hand made its way slowly up the length of Spike's back and finally came to a halt on the back of his neck; the other hand moved under Spike's duster and held him around the waist.

Their kiss got more passionate and Spike's hands started to travel along Jack's back. It felt so good to have this hot body pressed against him, to feel Jack's growing erection rubbing against his own. Spike rapidly lost control and allowed his demon to take over a bit. His eyes flashed golden for a moment, before turning blue again.

Driven by his instincts now, Spike shoved Jack to the wall and kissed him almost forcefully. Jack was shocked for a moment by the sudden assault, then he moaned into the kiss and duelled Spike's tongue in a fight for dominance. Spike had to break the kiss to get back a bit of control; he didn't want his demon to take over completely.

When he took in the scent of Jack's arousal and felt the increased rate of Jack's heartbeat, he almost lost himself completely. All doubts were gone, he just wanted to feel and to taste more of this man. Once again, he brought their lips together in a passionate kiss while his hands impatiently tried to unbutton Jack's shirt.

Spike felt his duster slide from his shoulders and stopped his attempts to open Jack's shirt long enough to shrug out of his coat. Their kiss never stopped, it even got more passionate when Jack moved his hands under Spike's tee-shirt and started to stroke his back. Their bodies were pressed against each other, Spike felt Jack's groin rubbing at his hip.

Breathless, Jack broke the kiss. His voice was thick with desire when he said, "Want to feel more of you." Even before he had finished the sentence, he began to strip Spike. When his shirt was gone, Spike could practically feel Jack's hot gaze travel over his naked chest and down to his abdomen. As quick as possible, he got rid of his boots and socks while Jack undressed too. Spike's black jeans made his skin look even paler.

Spike took another deep breath to smell Jack's arousal – that scent and the sight of an almost naked Jack just wearing his boxers were enough to make Spike crazy with lust. He wanted to feel this hot body against his cool skin and pulled Jack close. Their bodies met, hands were exploring each other. Desperate to feel more, Spike quickly opened his jeans and let them slide down. Now they were only separated by the thin fabric of Jack's boxers and Spike moaned as their groins met for the first time.

It felt so good, hot hands roaming over his cool body, an equally hot mouth and tongue nipping and licking at his neck. Spike let himself get lost in the pleasure for a while, head tilted to one side to give Jack better access to the side of his neck. He didn't notice that Jack had manoeuvred them backwards until his thighs hit the edge of the conference table.

Spike took a hold on the table when Jack's lips travelled down his chest. First, soft lips closed around his nipple, then an almost painful bite made Spike moan and arch into Jack's touch. The combined sensations of Jack's lips and hands set Spike's body on fire. Jack's hands caressed his cock and his balls, while Jack's lips moved lower and lower until they reached his groin. Spike just needed to look down, he needed to see that it all was real and not just a dream this time. He forced his eyes open and met Jack's just as Jack took the head of his cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.

Jack was now holding his hips in place, as he slowly slid down the length of Spike's cock. The sensation was almost too much, Spike was almost coming right then. Unable to hold his demon back any longer, Spike gave up some control over his body and his eyes flashed golden again.

Almost roughly he grabbed Jack's shoulders to pull him up. With a swift motion he turned them around and removed Jack's boxers. Spike moved himself between Jack's legs, rubbing their erections against each other. "Want to fuck you now," he growled in Jack's ear.

Jack shivered as he heard the almost predatory sound and mumbled, "lube 's in m' coat." He moaned in protest as he lost contact with this wonderful cool body which was making his body burn with desire. Mere seconds later, Spike was back. He lifted Jack with one arm on the table; his other hand opened the lube. Without wasting any more time, Spike slickened two of his fingers and pressed them to Jack's opening.

His still golden eyes met Jack's, looking for any signs of discomfort as he slid both fingers in. Jack held his gaze, his breath quickening as Spike began to move his fingers in and out. The sight of Jack writhing in pleasure combined with the scent of his arousal let Spike lose the last bit of control.

He quickly removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock. When he buried himself in Jack's body with one quick thrust Spike lost the rest of control over his demon. His face changed and he almost violently thrust into Jack's willing body. Jack's legs closed around Spike's hips, his hands were searching for something to grip. The incoherent sounds of lust and the tight heat around him quickly brought Spike to the edge.

When he was about to climax, he leaned in on Jack's body and brought his mouth to Jack's neck. Spike could smell a bit of fear as Jack realised what he was about to do and somehow managed to stop himself from biting. A few thrusts later, Jack came with a cry and took Spike with him.

Spike collapsed on top of Jack, his face changing back to human. For a few moments they just stayed like this, Spike's head on Jack's heaving chest. Then Spike realised what he had almost done – he had barely stopped himself from drinking human blood. Shocked about this realisation, he stepped back. After a moment of awkward silence Jack asked, "What's wrong?"

Spike grit his teeth, he really didn't want to discuss his feelings with an almost stranger. "Nothin' 's wrong. Just need to go back to my place and pick some things up before sunrise." He couldn't look in Jack's eyes while answering him but busied himself with picking up his clothes.

"We could take the SUV," Jack suggested.

"I'm probably faster alone, just make sure the Tourist Office is not locked or you might find nothing but a pile of dust in front of it." Spike slumped into the nearest chair to put his boots on. He could feel Jack's gaze, but didn't look up until he was finished with his boots. Spike quickly got to his feet again, picked up his duster and glanced back over his shoulder.

"I'll be back in about two hours." With those words he shrugged into his duster and left the word without giving Jack another look.

Spike was well aware that there must be cameras in the Tourist Office and on the Plass, so he walked slowly away until he was around the first corner. Then he started to run as fast as he could, back to the hotel. His head swam, he didn't know what to think about the recent happenings. First of all, he just had shagged a bloke for the first time in his life or un-life. But that was not what was really bothering him. Panic filled him, when he thought about the fact that he almost had killed Jack – that he almost had not been able to stop himself from drinking human blood. It was not that he didn't crave for it, but since he got his soul back – no, even earlier – he never had lost control so completely. What the hell had driven him?

By the time he reached the hotel, his mind still was spinning, but Spike tried to calm himself. There was no need to frighten the receptionist, so he slowly entered the hotel and asked for his key. He even managed a small smile when he thanked the young man.

Back up in his room, a quick glance at the clock on the nightstand told him, that he still had one and a half hour left. So he decided to take a quick shower before dressing in a new pair of black jeans, a black wife beater and a red shirt that he left unbuttoned. He warmed himself some blood and while it was standing on the hotplate, he checked his emails. As he had guessed, there was a message from Dawn, asking if everything was alright and if he got some news. Spike had to smile a bit, as he knew she was really concerned about him and quickly wrote a short reply.

Bit, no need to worry about me, I'm fine. I'm in a bit of a hurry now, sunrise is soon and you don't want me turn into a pile of dust, do you? I'll tell you the details later,

Take care,


Then he shut down the notebook, packed it into the bag Dawn had sent with the computer and added his last two bags of blood. Another glance to the clock made him hurry up, he just had 45 minutes left to reach the Tourist Office. As fast as he could, he gulped down the blood and left his room with the messenger bag slung around his shoulder.

Again, he ran as fast as he could, this time not thinking about anything but to reach the Bay in time before sunrise. He could almost feel the sun rise when he finally reached the Tourist Office. Spike didn't stop for a second, he just hope that the door was unlocked and ran through. Not only was it unlocked, Jack must have waited for him, as the door opened before he reached it and closed again right after him.

He turned around to find a grinning Jack standing besides the door. "I told you, we should have taken the SUV."

"Why, I made it in time, told you so." Spike couldn't help but grin back at Jack.

The End

You have reached the end of "Another Hellmouth?". This story is complete.

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