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Another Hellmouth?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Inner Demon". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Spike comes to Cardiff, sent by Dawn and the refounded Watchers Council to find out if there was another Hellmouth in this city. WARNING: slash, Spike/Jack Jack/Ianto implied Jack/John - past Buffy S7, Angel S5, past Torchwood S2

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Spike-CenteredselanaFR1837,944266,24923 Apr 0821 Jun 08Yes

Chapter One

Warning: SLASH
Pairing: Spike/Jack Harkness (implied John Hart/Jack Harkness), Jack/Ianto
Summary: Spike is in Cardiff, trying to find out if there is another Hellmouth in this city or not.
Spoiler: post Buffy season 7, post Angel season 5, post Torchwood season 2. I ignore the Buffy/Angel comics

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, even if I like to play with them a bit...

Authors Note: I am sorry it took me so long, but here is the new and improved version of this story, I really like it better now. Thanks to my beta Dana/thereallyle



The moment Spike heard someone yelling, he got run over and hit the ground. Turning his head, he looked into the angry face of a man he never saw before.

Before he had a chance to react, he got hit hard in the face again, just find himself kissed fiercely just a moment later. The blond decided not to ask any question, but gave in to the assault of the other guy.

Suddenly, the kiss was broken.

"Who are you?"


"Jack Harkness..."

Not giving the other man a chance to say more, Spike started to kiss him again.

Obviously, the man had wanted to say something more, perhaps explain himself, but Spike just wanted more kissing and attacked the other’s lips now. It didn’t matter who this Jack Harkness was and why he had kissed the blond in the beginning, Spike just wanted this feeling to last a while longer. And Jack didn’t seem to think too much either, they were rolling around in the dark alley, kissing each other senseless.

All of a sudden, Jack broke the kiss, jumped to his feet started to walk away. He hesitated a moment and looked over his shoulder. Spike was still on the ground, he seemed to be totally confused.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go. There is someone waiting for me," Jack said. Then he turned around again and left Spike alone. Spike needed a few moments to come to his senses and by the time he got up and tried to follow Jack he was all alone in the alleyway.

****End of Flashback

Still confused about this encounter, Spike made his way back to his hotel.

Who the bloody hell had this guy been? He was surprisingly strong and had an air of age beyond his looks, but still he was no vampire. The blond could still taste the others blood on his lips and he definitely tasted human.

A smirk appeared on the vampires face, as he thought about the kiss, whoever this man was, he seemed to like a mix of fighting and sex as well. That should be reason enough, to find him again.

When he reached his hotel, he threw himself on the bed, grabbed the phone from the nightstand and called a number in London.

“Dawn Summers.”

“It’s me, Spike. Listen pet, I did not yet find any signs of a new hellmouth here in Cardiff, but there are some strange things happening.”

“Are you alright?” Her voice sounded a bit scared

“Yeah, I am, just had a strange encounter tonight.” He was smiling as he heard her concern. It felt good that there was someone who cared about him.

“What happened?”

“Not much, but could you try to find out something about a Jack Harkness? I’m pretty sure he has something to do with it. Oh, and I think he is not British.”

“Jack Harkness? I am sure I've never heard the name before, but I will see what I can find out about him.” Now the girl sounded curious and determined. Spike just knew that she would do everything she could to help him.

“Thanks, I’ll call you tomorrow to see what you found.”

“Spike, be careful...”

“Niblet, I can take care of myself...”

“I know, I just want you to come back in one piece.”

“I promise, I’ll not take any unnecessary risks, pet. Bye, hear ya tomorrow.”


Thinking about Dawn made him smile. He always cared for her, but since the Hellmouth in Sunnydale had been closed they had developed a great friendship. She was the only one who did not ask any questions after he reappeared from L.A.; she just threw herself in his arms to hug him. Ever since then, he helped her and the Slayers by checking different cities all over the world if there was too much demon activity.

His latest assignment was Cardiff, as there had been some strange things reported to the re-founded Watchers Council.

“Back to work” he decided, the night was still young, he had at least six more hours before sunrise.

As he didn’t exactly know where to start, Spike decided to have a drink or two, always a great chance to meet someone who had to tell a tale about something strange.

Wandering through the streets, he still couldn’t stop thinking about his encounter with Jack Harkness. Spike didn’t even know why he had kissed him back, he never had felt the need to kiss a man before. But with this guy, it just had felt like the right thing to do. Unwilling to spend even more of this night with unnecessary pondering, he lit a cigarette and made his way to the next pub.

There seemed to be a lot of choice in the city centre, and after having a look at several places, the blond vampire finally decided to settle in “Dempsey’s”. It was a cozy looking Irish Pub with lots of dark wood, cream colored walls and a hint of red. As it was Saturday, the place was already crowded and there was some live music. It smelled like beer and cigarettes, the light was a bit dim and candles were flickering on the tables.

Spike immediately liked the place and pulled up a stool at the bar. After he had ordered a beer, he looked around, checking for someone to talk to. It was already late, so he had no problem finding someone to talk about the strange things that happened lately.

Though he spent a nice evening, the vampire didn’t gather anything really new to them. The various explosions followed by some “wild animals” on the streets where what had brought him to Cardiff. To the blond, the “animals” sounded suspiciously like demons, judging from their looks and behaviour, but he couldn’t know for sure.

So he decided to call Dawn again during the next day, inquiring about those “Weevils” or whatever the people here called them. It had been a bit difficult to understand, the guy who had had a name for them had been more than just a bit drunk. And there had been this older man, who had talked about something called “Torchwood” – it seemed to be a branch of the police or something like Angel Investigations.

In his hotel room, Spike made sure that all curtains were completely closed and he had a “Do not disturb” sign on his door. He shrugged his duster off, carelessly dropping it on a chair and sat down on the bed to take his boots off. Then he propped himself to the headboard of the bed, his thoughts drifting away...

Once again, he had to think about his encounter with Jack Harkness, wondering why he could not forget about him. Usually, he was only interested in women, but after more than 100 years the thought of having sex with a man was not completely new to him. He just had never met a guy who interested him enough to do it for real.

And then, all of a sudden, there was this complete stranger, kissing him as if there was no tomorrow – and Spike just loved it, couldn’t get enough of it. Whether it was a man or a woman hadn’t mattered at all, it just felt right.

The blond closed his eyes, remembering the feeling of those warm, firm lips against his, this hot body pressed to him, those strong hands holding him into the kiss, the taste of blood after biting the lower lip of the other...

He dozed off, captured in an erotic dream of what had happened and what could have followed.

Meanwhile, Torchwood Hub

Jack was in deep thoughts all the way back to the hub, passed Ianto without even noticing him and locked himself up in his office. He dropped in his seat behind the desk, burried his face in his hands.

Who had this guy been? He looked like John Hart if you ignored the bleached blond hair, but it was not him, he had felt and tasted so different. Those lips where so cool against his, the hand gripping the back of his hand as cold as the lips, the kiss so passionate and full of hunger.

Why on earth had he continued to kiss this stranger, even after he recognized it was not John? And he shouldn’t have kissed John like this either, Ianto would probably never be able to accept it. Jack was only sure about one thing right now, he didn’t want to lose Ianto, he just meant too much to him.

A knock at the door made him look up, he saw Ianto standing in the door. The younger man looked worried, but when he noticed the swollen and bitten lips of Jack his features hardened and he had a look of betrayal in his eyes.

“Are you going to tell me what happened, or do I have to guess?” Ianto’s voice was cold and controlled, but his eyes showed the hurt he felt.

Unable to look into those vulnerable blue eyes, Jack dropped his gaze to his desk and started with a low voice: “I ran across someone in an alleyway, thought is was John. He looked so like him... I ran into him, part of me wanted to hurt him for everything he has done but another part wanted to kiss him. I didn't even think about it, but I first knocked him down, then started to kiss him. I instantly recognized it was someone else, but could not stop kissing, it just felt like the right thing to do.”

Slowly lifting his eyes to the other man, Jack locked their gazes when he continued. “It just felt right until I had to think about you. I don’t want to hurt you, never wanted to. That’s why I left him without explanation and tried to lock myself here in my office.”

Still looking in Ianto’s eyes, the older man stood up and closed the distance between them. Bringing his hands to both sides of the others face, he leaned in to him. “I’m sorry if I hurt you,” he whispered, before catching Ianto’s lips in a tender kiss. The young man stiffened for a moment, before giving in to the kiss.

Spike's hotel room

The persistent ringing of the phone woke Spike from a dream about hot lips pressed against his cool ones. Still a bit disoriented, he reached for the nightstand and picked up the phone.

“What’s up?” he asked sleepily.

“Sorry to wake you up, but I got some news for you.” Dawn sounded tired herself.

“’s okay, pet, just give me second and I’m with you.” The blond stretched his arms and legs to remove the kinks from sleeping and positioned himself cross-legged in the middle of the bed .

“I really hope you got more bloody information than I got here. I spent all evening and heard almost nothing new.”

Dawn quickly filled him in on what she found out about Jack Harkness, even if it wasn’t much. Obviously he had been around for quite a while, longer than possible for a human without aging. And he seemed to be connected to an organization called “Torchwood”, but the young woman didn’t know anything more about it than Spike.

“And there are some demon-like creatures around here, they are called ‘Weevils’ or something like that. Couldn’t understand that bloke to clearly, he had too much beer”

“Like that never happens to you, Spike,” was Dawn’s repartee.

He couldn’t really be angry at her and just continued to describe the demons, or whatever they were.

“Oh, Spike, I almost forgot. I am sending you a notebook computer. I’ll be able to send you information via email and you will have access to our database. Perhaps do a bit of research yourself. And hopefully, I’ll be able to get a bit more sleep.

Spike sighed, as he thought about researching.

Dawn giggled. “I’m sure you will survive it.”

“Whatever you say, but I don’t have to like this bloody boring research stuff,” he said.

He could still hear her smile when they said good bye and ended the call.

He didn’t even have time to warm himself a mug of blood, when his phone rang again. With an annoyed look, he put the mug back on the table and picked up the phone. It was the hotel receptionist, telling him that there was a package waiting for him in the hotel lobby.

After he finally warmed up his blood on the hotplate, he quickly drank it and made his way to the lobby. As he had feared, it was the bloody piece of technology Dawn had sent him.

Muttering under his breath something about “bloody technology” and “hate that effin’ research” he climbed the stairs back to his room.

He tried to ignore the innocent looking, silver computer on the small table. Kicking his boots off, he threw himself on the bed, rolled on his stomach and grabbed the remote control of the small TV seated across the room.

Half an hour later, he was tired of talk shows and gave up. He sighed, switched the TV off and glanced at the table. The notebook still was there and he had to admit that he was too curious to just ignore it.

With another sigh, he got up and placed himself on a wooden chair in front of the table. After the computer had started, he immediately got a message on his screen. It was a picture of Dawn and the text said: “Don’t forget to plug the power cord in, or your batteries will be low soon.”

He growled at the computer, searched for the power cord and plugged it in after searching for the port on the notebook. Meanwhile, the message had faded away and there were some instruction how to use the email program and how to access the Watcher’s database. By the time he had read through all this, Spike was about to smash the computer into the nearest wall. With another growl towards the unimpressed notebook, he started to search the database for Torchwood and eventually came across some pictures of a black SUV with the inscription TORCHWOOD on the sides of the bonnet.

One of those pictures showed Jack Harkness and an Asian looking woman inside the car, another one had obviously been taken when Jack was leaving the car. In this picture, his gun was clearly to be seen.

By that time, Spike was so fascinated by all the possibilities the computer gave him that he spent all afternoon searching for more pictures and identifying the people he saw near Jack. When he finally turned the computer off, it was already starting to get dark outside.

Grabbing a notepaper, where he had jotted down some street names that were repeatedly mentioned in the photo descriptions, the blond got up and reached for his boots and duster.

In the hotel lobby, he helped himself to a map of Cardiff and started to look for the SUV.

Only a short while later, he neared the end of a dark alleyway and saw the car he was looking for driving past the road. Immediately, he started to climb the roof of the nest building and followed the black car from roof to roof. About 15 minutes later, the SUV came to a halt in front of a large department store.

It seemed to be a crime scene, lots of police there, but as soon as Torchwood arrived, the police left them alone to do their research. Spike watched curiously and tried to understand a bit of what they were telling. There was a man lying on the ground, obviously dead as he had a large wound on his neck and another one in his chest. He had lost huge amounts of blood, the vampire could smell it six floors above the ground.

Spike saw Jack, a dark haired woman called Gwen and a young man called Ianto searching the place for evidence and looking at the body.

The only thing he could hear was “must have been a Weevil,” and “seems to be gone for now” then he saw Gwen looking up to him. He thought it might be a good idea to move to another place as he didn’t want to get caught following them around. And that was definitely his plan now, to follow the SUV back to wherever they might go later.

On the crime scene

Jack followed Gwen’s view and had the impression of a platinum blond head disappearing on the roof. Immediately, he started to make his way to the top of the building.

“I’m just checking something, will be right back.” He shouted over his shoulder towards Ianto and Gwen. Ianto gave him a puzzled look, but the Gwen told him that it was possible that they had been watched by someone on the roof. Then they continued their work.

As Jack reached the roof, there was no sign of Spike or anyone else. Carefully looking for any hints that he had not just seen a ghost, he checked all corners and possible hide-outs. Near the place where he had got a glimpse of blond hair, he found a still warm cigarette butt on the floor.

Knitting his brows, Jack looked around again to find a possible way for the other man to have left the roof without being noticed. There was only one set of fire ladders and the door that led to the stairs was covered in so much dirt that it was impossible to open it without leaving any traces. And there were no signs on this door that it had been touched lately.

Still a bit confused but sure that he was alone on the roof, he started to climb down again, not noticing that he was being watched from the roof of a nearby building.

Another roof close by

Spike had just had enough time to hide himself on the building next to the department store, when he saw Jack on the roof, obviously looking for him. With an evil smirk he watched the other man searching every corner and he had to keep from laughing about the confused look on the other’s face.

When Torchwood had finished their work on the crime scene, they got into the waiting car and drove away at full speed. Spike had quite some difficulties to follow them, nearly losing them more then once when he couldn’t just jump onto another roof to follow them as they were leaving the city center. His vampire speed was really helpful here, but he barely managed to follow them to Cardiff Bay. At some point near the Millenium Centre, he finally had to give up because the SUV was no where to be seen.

“Bloody hell! This just started to get interesting, now it’s turning into a soddin’ game of hide and seek!” Angrily, Spike smashed his fist into the next wall.

Now, his anger was gone again and he decided to have a look around, perhaps he would still be able to find any clues about Torchwood or Jack. This bloody car just couldn’t have vanished, it had only gone around a corner and when Spike arrived there, it was nowhere to been seen.

There were some impressive looking buildings here, including a huge water tower and a building with a big inscription on the outside, but no sign of Jack Harkness or any other Torchwood member. Finally, Spike walked across a small Tourist Office and glanced into the windows. To his surprise, he saw Ianto walking behind the desk, coming through a door in the back of the building.

Without a second thought, he rushed into the office, what earned him a shocked look from a pair of big blue eyes.


“I don’t bloody know who this John is, but I want to see Jack Harkness NOW!” Spike literally threw himself to Ianto, grabbing the other’s tie and shouting the last word right into the still shocked looking face of the other man.

Now everything seemed to happen at once. Spike heard the clicking of a gun from behind, turned around and grabbed the pistol out of Jack’s hand. With a disapproving look to the gun, the vampire threw it out the still open front door and a mad grin appeared on his face.

In the next second, Jack and Spike were fighting, hitting and kicking at each other, while Spike was laughing like a madman. He really enjoyed this and tried to hold back a bit, not wanting the fight to end too soon. Some minutes later, he found himself on the floor, arms and legs entangled with a heavily breathing Jack. Spike’s lower lip was bleeding, as was Jack’s eyebrow, but the vampire felt strangely content.

Totally exhausted, they looked at eachother and both started to laugh at the same time.

“I don’t know who you are, but fighting you is almost as much fun as fighting John Hart.” Jack got to his feet again, reaching Spike a hand to help him up. They ended up in front of each other, just a few centimeters apart, none of them releasing the hold of the other’s forearm. Neither of them seemed to be able to look away, the distance between them slowly melting apart.

“Jack...” Both turned their heads to Ianto, only now realising that he was still there. The young man was standing in front of them, looking daggers at both men.

“Would anyone mind to tell me what is going on here?” Ianto asked with an innocent tone in his voice, raising one eyebrow.

Stepping back a bit from Spike, Jack gave them both a wide smile.

“I don’t really know, but why don’t we go somewhere more private to discuss this? I’d really like to know who you are.” During the last sentence, he looked directly at Spike.

The vampire glanced to the still open front door and had a look around the Tourist Office.

“I don’t think this is the Torchwood headquarters, so where are we going?”

Jack and Ianto shared a surprised look, then Jack simply shrugged and pointed to the door that led down to the hub.

“Down here,” he said and went down, without even looking back once. Spike hesitated a moment, before following Jack. He could hear Ianto closing the front door, then he was behind him. As they arrived at the hub, Spike was pretty impressed by the large room and all the computer terminals, this really looked like the headquarters of a secret organisation. He tried not to show his surprise when Jack gave him a questioning look over his shoulder.

“Jack, we need to check him for weapons,” came Ianto’s voice from behind.

“Sure,” Jack answered, turning to Spike, “you need to hand your weapons to Ianto, can’t allow you to wear them down here.”

Spike just gave him a wide grin, “No weapons here, at least none that I can hand over.”

Ianto didn’t seem to believe him and picked up a small technical device which was obviously scanning for weapons. When he didn’t find anything, his eyes widened in surprise. “Okay, you are clean,” he said and motioned Spike to follow Jack to the conference room.

Spike took his time, looking at everything that caught his attention. And there were a lot of interesting things down here, as he had to admit. Jack was already waiting for him, sitting on a chair behind the conference table. Spike didn’t wait for an invitation but grabbed the nearest chair and lounged into it. He smirked at Jack and said, “If you want me to tell you who I am, I want to know a few things too.”

“Sounds like a fair deal, but let’s wait for Ianto. He will be here in a minute with some coffee.”
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