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Immortal Phoenix, Always Alone

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Summary: Buffy falls through Glory’s portal, ending up in Westchester, where her cousin Scott Summer claims she’s dead, but wait, she doesn’t have a cousin Scott. Vampire slaying, a man named Wolverine with Initiative dog tags, and a strange prophecy about a seer.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredAsarStarFR15212,943085,25123 Apr 0830 Apr 08No

Part 2

Immortal Phoenix, Always Alone Part 2
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s subsequent properties (i.e. characters you may recognize) nor do I own X-men and its subsequent properties (i.e. X-men characters). I do own characters you don’t recognize and this plot, so don’t steal, it’s mean and wrong.
Spoilers: For Buffy~~> End of Season Five……For X-men~~>End of X-men movie
Summary: Buffy falls through Glory’s portal, ending up in Westchester, where her cousin Scott Summer claims she’s dead, but wait, she doesn’t have a cousin Scott. Vampire slaying, a guy named Wolverine wearing Initiative dog tags, and a strange prophecy about a healing prophet, plus, suddenly she’s the ‘Phoenix.’

Also, the past I’m using for before Buffy came to Sunnydale is actually from the book (the original book, pre-movie, very funny).
There’s a bit of OOC Scott here, but I’m kind of making him a bit easier going with relatives and how I’d expect him to be with them and Jean, seeing as the movies only show us what he’s like when Logan’s around really.

Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she must alone decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.
~~Voltaire (In Humanity)

“I wish none of this had happened.”
“So do all who live to see such times…but that is not for them to decide. All you have to decide is what you do with the time that is given to you.”
Frodo, then Gandalf (LOTR: FOTR)

It was almost two weeks after Sage’s call to Jen that she ran into Drusilla, while on a quick patrol of a nearby cemetery. She and Kurt were out together that night.

Something was wrong, the cool summer’s breeze had stilled suddenly. She’d sent Kurt the other way, if she found something she’d kill it, and she knew he didn’t like seeing her kill. She lived for the hunt; it was a part of her soul, a part of her soul that she didn’t enjoy sharing with anyone.

As she came through a small cluster of trees, she saw a woman standing at a fresh grave. The woman was wearing a white summer dress, no chance she was a weeping widow. She was singing something softly under her breath. Sage made her way closer to the woman, careful, on her guard, hand gripping a stake ready in preparation.

Suddenly something dug its way out of the grave, pulling itself up. The woman just watched it, muttering something about it being the wrong one. Once the vampire was out of the grave, Sage threw her stake at the new vampire, hitting its heart, but the stake didn’t go in far enough to dust it. Then the woman did something surprising, she slammed the stake in the rest of the way, just as the vampire was going to say something to her.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” the woman said just loud enough for Sage to hear here. “I know you’re there.”

Something was wrong, the woman didn’t sound quite right in the head. She was coming closer and closer to where Sage was hiding. Sage quickly grabbed another stake, prepared for the woman, no vampire, as the full moon proved to woman to be.

It was then that the powers decided to gift her with a vision, as she blacked out the last thing she saw was the woman coming towards her.

Something in her dream caused her to scream at the top of her lungs, and Kurt, in hearing her scream, teleported to her. He just barely missed out on being attacked by the vampire, as he teleported Sage out of the graveyard to where she’d left the car.

She awoke just as they appeared in her car, and she immediately ran a hand over a cut on his forehead from his own skirmish with a new vampire.

“Are you alright?” she asked him.

“I’m perfectly fine. It should be me asking you if you’re alright,” he replied.

“I’m ok, just a little disoriented and quite frightened,” she replied, running a hand through her hair.

“What did you see?” he asked her as she settled down into the driver’s seat and fished around in her pockets for her keys.

“My own death,” was her simple answer just before the engine turned over and the car started.


During her time at Xavier’s, Buffy had come to care a great deal for the school and its occupants, and it bothered her that the Professor was doing so much for her and she wasn’t really doing much in return, even though he’d assured her that her patrolling the woods around the school and in Westchester was more than enough.

So far she’d done pretty well at getting away from having to talk to Scott. Every time he was anywhere nearby, she was more than likely with Logan; actually she was almost always with Logan anyways. It was nice having someone around that she cared about but didn’t have to worry about saving all the time, and she knew she was attracted to him, but refused to look at that until after this most recent prophecy was finished.

At the moment she was walking around the school aimlessly. Logan was away doing something for the Professor, and she was bored out of her mind. She’d already made enough stakes to last her through the opening of five hellmouths and all of the students, specifically Jen and Rogue with whom she’d taken more of a sisterly interest in, were all in class at the moment, leaving plenty of empty halls for her to be roaming.

“Buffy,” someone behind her suddenly called out, his voice echoing slightly in the empty hallway.

“Scott?” she questioned, just before turning around to confirm her thoughts. “Don’t you have class right now?”

“No, this is my free period. I was hoping we could talk,” he replied, coming closer to her, though stopping at least ten feet away.

She sighed audibly, she’d been hoping he’d forget about that, though it was obviously the most unlikely scenario, and she’d known it.

“Talking to me is that bad,” he joked, attempting to ease some of the moment’s tension.

“No, it’s just…it’s awkward,” she said after a moment, before rambling, “Hence the reason we need to talk, but still.”

“Maybe we should go somewhere else to talk,” he suggested.

“Yeah, that’d probably be good,” she agreed, following him down the hall to what the students had labeled the staff room, though in reality it was just the room that was adults only, as she and Logan weren’t on the staff, but had been in there more than a few times sitting around with a nice cold beer talking or watching TV (it was the only room in the school, besides their own personal bedrooms that they could have beer in, as Scott had so kindly clarified to Logan long before Buffy’s arrival).

When they arrived in the nice sized room, they settled down at one of the tables. They sat across from each other, which unfortunately forced Buffy to have to face Scott and his expectant gaze.

“So what is it you wanna know?” she asked a little more bluntly than she probably should have, but she didn’t really care, she more or less just wanted the moment to be over.

“Everything, anything; what’ve you been hiding all these years?” he replied.

“Those are very big statements, very general, there’s so much, how much time to you have?” she rambled.

“The rest of the day,” he told her.

“Ok, great, ‘cause this could take it,” she sighed, closing her eyes for a moment to clear her mind. “I’m the slayer, there’s one girl in every generation who’s given the power to fight the demons and save the world, that’s not the official line, but it’s close enough, I never really listened when they told it to me, and they’ve said it enough times to me that I should have it memorized by now.”

She laughed trying to lighten the moment. He stayed silent waiting to hear what else she had to say, and her laughter was very short lived and never real.

“Basically, I’m The Vampire Slayer, mostly I kill vampires, though my ‘job’ doesn’t exclude killing any other demons, stopping apocalypses, blowing up high schools, and stopping hell goddess from opening up a rift between all dimensions,” she told him. He gave her a look of disbelief, but she ignored him and continued, “I was called when I was fifteen, that was the year I got expelled from my school in LA for burning down the gym.

“After cheerleading practice, wow, it sounds so weird to say those words, me a cheerleader, I can barely remember those days,” she laughed, at what she remembered of herself. “Anyways, after cheerleading practice one day, this guy stopped me. At first I thought he was just some bum, but he wasn’t, he was a Watcher by the name of Merrick, he was the one who told me what I was, trained me, and guided me. I only knew him for a few months really. He was killed by a master vampire that had come to kill me. That was what happened to the gym, he came with his minions, I can’t even remember how many, but there were a lot of them. Because of a lack of stakes when I went to kill him, I used a fist full of pencils, thankfully they were all wooden, and he was destroyed. It was a miracle that probably shouldn’t have happened, a new slayer destroying an ancient vampire, but that’s what happened.

“I was expelled for that night, mom and dad got divorced not long after that, and mom and I moved to Sunnydale. That was probably the worst place we could have possibly gone, seeing as Sunnydale High’s library was sitting right on top of a hellmouth,” she told him, pausing, wondering if she really should have revealed where the hellmouth sat, but knowing it was too late to take it back.

“What’s a hellmouth?” he asked, finally speaking. Then with a small laugh, he added, “Not saying that I believe this or anything, but I just want to know what you’re talking about when you go off on your insane ramblings about Sunnydale and hellmouths.”

She grinned and laughed, slapping his arm lightly, underestimating her strength enough to make him wince slightly.

“Sorry, I didn’t hurt you too bad, did I?” she asked, a bit of teasing underlying her question.

“Oh yea, I think there’s going to be a bruise there tomorrow, as long as you didn’t break a bone, pretty sure I heard some snappage though,” he joked back.

They laughed for a moment, before going quiet. The silence now wasn’t filled with tension, it was lighter, easier, she knew she could tell him what had happened in Sunnydale now, and he wouldn’t accuse her of anything. He’d listen, just as Logan had, maybe now she’d have someone else she could talk to that she wouldn’t have to worry about. Something in the back of her mind compared this to forming another Scooby Gang, except this one wasn’t as dependant on her as the previous one had been, and with those thoughts she felt a large dose of guilt hit her for not going back to her counterpart of this world’s friends and telling them what had happened.

They sat there all afternoon talking. She’d told him everything that had happened in Sunnydale, she’d told him everything right up until she’d arrived, how she’d wanted death in jumping through the portal, and the pain she’d gone through having to send Angel to hell, everything. As she talked, he listened, accepting everything she told him, noting her emotions as she talked, every now and then he’d wonder if she’d shared this with Logan, and if she had, had she done so with as much emotion as she did with him.

He didn’t like Logan, hadn’t since Logan had first checked out Jean, now Logan was moving in on his cousin, and he didn’t like it. He felt a certain responsibility for Buffy, being the eldest of the two, and up until recently believing himself to be the more powerful of them.

“The fight with Glory ended with her changing back into Ben, and Giles was right behind me, he said he’d take care of everything and that it would be too late for Dawn if I didn’t hurry,” Buffy told him, whipping at the tears that had long since dried. “Spike made it to the tower before me, and he took out Doc, they both fell. I tried to help Dawn, but it was too late, the portal was opening.”

She paused, and he reached out and put a comforting hand on her hand.

“Blood starts it, and until the blood stops flowing, it’ll never stop, Dawn said that, she was going to jump. I—I couldn’t let her, and thanks to the monks, we had the same blood, if she could stop it, so could I,” taking a deep breath, she continued. “I told her goodbye, and that I’d miss her, and I jumped.

“I was falling in darkness; I don’t really know how long I was falling, time kind of stopped existing, then I was fighting the first slayer, and she told me how I’m the phoenix and I can’t die, not really, I’ll come back more powerful every time,” she sighed, still not really getting exactly what it meant. “Now there’s this new prophecy coming up, and a new hellmouth will open if it’s not stopped.”

They were quiet for a few minutes; the moment didn’t need them to interrupt it.

“I’m going to help you,” Scott said in a tone that didn’t leave room for disagreement, though Buffy, being Buffy, made some room.

“No, you’re not,” she shook her head. “No more, I’m not bringing anymore people into this, it’s too dangerous.”

“I can take care of myself,” he told her, grabbing a muffin from a counter along the nearest wall. Putting it on the table, he lifted his visor and destroyed it, and jokingly, he said, “Or did you forget it?”

“Nice as that is, can you hold your own against a vampire, against a demon more powerful than a vampire? Most of them are more powerful than vampires,” she asked, still trying to keep him out of it.

“My power’s sun based, you said that a vampire can’t take the sun, and I’ve taken on my share of powerful mutants, the only real difference is that I have to be careful not to kill them,” Scott told her, trying to change her mind. “It’ll be different than…you wouldn’t have to worry so much about me, I can hold my own.”


She took him patrolling with her that evening, glad that Logan wasn’t there to object to it. Unfortunately that had meant it was just the two of them to get rid of the large group of vampires that had been waiting for some food near the graveyard, thankfully Scott’s mutation had proven its worth, the solar blasts burning the vampires to a crisp, fast.

“Is it usually like that?” Scott asked as they walked out of the graveyard.

“Not really, there isn’t a hellmouth nearby, so things aren’t usually that busy,” Buffy told him.

“You were really good back there,” he said after a moment.

“Thanks,” she nodded, before asking, “Are you going to stop being all protective older cousin?”

“After seeing what you go up against,” he said, pausing for dramatic affect, “nope.”

“Good to know some things never change,” she commented, having to stop and remind herself that things had changed, Scott had never actually been her protective older cousin, but that would be ok, she’d convince herself it was true over time, and maybe she’d be better for it. She had always wanted an older brother.


When Logan came back several days later, he was instantly greeted in the entrance hall by Rogue, who was always happy to see him, Jen, and, several seconds after the two girls had disappeared again, Jean.

“Hey, Logan,” she smiled.

“Jean,” he nodded in greeting, wondering more where Buffy was than if he could get Jean to leave Scott for him.

“Logan,” he heard Buffy yell from down one of the halls.

As she walked towards him, he found himself smiling, though the smile quickly disappeared when he saw Scott walking with her.

“So how’d it go?” she asked, once she and Scott had joined him and Jean.

“Didn’t pan out,” he said simply.

“Oh, too bad,” she replied, before telling him, “Also, just so you know, Scott’s coming along with us tonight; he’s kind of in on it now.”

Logan visibly bristled and raised an eyebrow.

“Later,” she said simply.


Later that evening, it was the three of them patrolling. Buffy had told Logan that she’d explain after they left the school, and she did. While they were going through the graveyard, she told him that she and Scott had talked and the Scott was going to help them out. He wanted to argue, and had, but she didn’t leave him much room to argue, it was either patrol with she and Scott or just stay away. That was it, and that was how it would be.


“En garde,” Sage said, before the sound of metal clashing filled the padded training room.

She and Kurt moved with ease around the room, clashing foils, one backing up before forcing the other to. Suddenly, Kurt disappeared from in front of her and reappeared behind her.

“Hey, cheating,” she cried with a laugh as she spun, reaching up and lifting the blindfold she wore.

“Not cheating, teaching,” he corrected, also laughing. “You want to sharpen your senses, people move and people appear behind.”

She grinned, before removing the blindfold entirely, throwing it carelessly to the blue padded floor, as she charged after the blue mutant. They continued fencing for another five minutes before he did it again, this time reaching out and tickling her rather than going after her with the foil. She laughed and spun, holding her sword away from them so as not to hurt either of them. She tickled him back and their swords were soon forgotten on the floor.

They stopped soon and the moment was still. They moved closer to each other stilling to about a few inches from one another.

“Um, tomorrow we should, um, move up from the foils to something like what I usually use,” Sage said, suddenly pulling away.

“Ye-yes,” Kurt agreed, picking up the two foils and carrying them back over to the one unpadded wall and putting them back in their places on the weapons rack.

“Great, I’m gonna go out for a food ru—” she stopped talking as she collapsed.

“Sage,” Kurt said, appearing next to her just in time to catch her as she fell, forgetting not for the first time that the floor was padded.

When she came to several minutes later, she didn’t say a thing, even when he asked her was the vision was about; she refused to talk about it. She just grabbed one of the bigger swords and a stake and left without a word. This wasn’t a completely uncommon occurrence anymore, especially since she’d claimed to have seen her own death. The time was coming for her to leave for New York, as she had warned him would be the case. He would go with her, whether or not she wanted him. She was his friend, and while he hadn’t had many of them over the years, it was important to him to make sure they were alright.


A/N: I know this isn’t as long as last time, and I know this isn’t actually the end as I had planned it to be, but I’ve got exams and I wanted to get everything from the old stuff updated and edited. Thank you to all of my reviewers. I love reviews; they definitely make me feel shiny happy. It’s also helpful for me to hear what others have to say, there’s only so much I can see when I’m writing or reworking parts of the story, as I’ve been seeing it off and on while it sat on my computer for a rather long time now.

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You have reached the end of "Immortal Phoenix, Always Alone" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Apr 08.

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