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Love, War, and Immortality

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Summary: The Powers that Be are once again meddling where they shouldn't. Buffy/Faith Xena/Gabrielle Dawn/Spike Sam/Janet

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Buffy-Centered
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family
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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. They are the intellectual property of other people.


Three women sat around a reflecting pool, watching their chosen champions. The path of life and the fate of all rested on their shoulders. The darkness they saw looming in the background was increasing in intensity, and its presence was starting to disturb the balance. After conferring with each other for a short moment, the goddess of love and the god of war appeared in their chambers. Before either of the perturbed gods could open their mouths to complain, one of the women spoke. “Two evils are joining forces, and have upset the balance. You both, the guardians, and the soul-bonded mates will need to join forces to right the issue.” With a wave of her hand the gods were transported to Cleveland Ohio, along with a startled Xena and Gabrielle.

Chapter 1:

Ares traded glances with Aphrodite before holding up a hand to stop Xena’s tirade before it could begin. He glared up at the sky, “C’mon we need just a little more information. You can’t expect us to fix a problem with no information.” The two confused women watched as both gods tilt their heads and listen to something that only they could hear, and were surprised when both of them blanched and looked fearful.

“Oh Sweet pea is gonna be sooo pissed when she hears about this newest development. They want us to explain everything to the Gabster and her warrior sidekick.”

“I know. This totally has massacre written all over it, and I really like all my parts where they are.”

“Brother-mine, she won’t hurt you or them, it is her psychotically overprotective mate that I’m worried about.”

“Yeah that is a good point, maybe we should do some protection spells…”

Xena had been waiting patiently up until this point broke into the conversation, “Okay, enough already, I want some answers. What on earth is going on? Where are we? Why are we here? What needs to be explained, and who are you two worried about?”

The gods both sighed and grabbed one of the other women. In a flash they were all in the middle of someone’s living room. Gabrielle looked around to get her bearings, and noticed her lover’s increasingly agitated state. She tried her hand at getting the information they needed before there was blood shed. “Aphrodite, can you please answer her questions before she explodes.”

The goddess smiled sadly at one of her most favorite people before answering, “I’m sorry little one. Sweet pea and her warrior sidekick need to be here before we can say anything, as the answers to the questions you seek involve them as well.”

The former destroyer of nations went to Ares and jabbed him in the chest. “If this is one of your schemes, or mistakes, and we have to come here and clean up your mess, I will make sure that you never…” Her threat broke off as the front door opened and two girls arguing came inside.

“B, you lost. Give it up. It’s my turn to pick anyway.” The brunette protectively moved in front of the blonde when she noticed the presence of others in the house, and was promptly shoved out of the way by the blonde.

“Faith, I swear by the Powers that be, if you do that one more time you’re cut off. You know that I can take care of myself…” Her voice trailed off when she noticed who was in her house.

Ares and Aphrodite immediately moved to the two girls with serious expressions, and Aphrodite pulled the shaken blonde into a hug. “Sweet pea, now don’t get upset. The Powers made me bring them. They are the only ones who can help with part of the problem that is upsetting the balance. Now lets all sit down and have a rational discussion.”

Ares took over when everyone was seated. “Now due to the nature of the threat, the Powers informed Dite and I to inform Xena and Gabrielle about everything.” A low growl came from Faith when she learned the identity of the other two women. Ares stopped her with a pointed look, and continued on with his explanation. “Some of you have ignored it, but all of you have felt the shift that upset the balance. This morning we were called in front of the Powers and informed that two evils had joined forces and us, the guardians, and the soul-bonded mates needed to join together to restore the status quo. The ones that banded together are the First evil and Dahok. They are trying to break the barrier between dimensions to rule over this one, again. But before we can deal with the problem they pose, Xena and Blondie need to know the entire back story.”

Gabrielle had paled at the mention of Dahok. The memory of the entire situation still could chill her to the bone. She clutched at Xena’s arm. “How is this possible? We took care of the whole mess a millennia ago.” Xena pulled her little mate and tried to reassure her. “Ares what is this back story that you just have to inform us about. Is Hope returning again as well? If anything happens to my wife, I will not rest until everyone here has felt my displeasure. On another note who are these two girls, and why must they be here.”

Buffy remained quiet, silently glaring at the couple, while Faith growled and started to announce her extreme displeasure that had been building as soon as she knew who the two visitors were. “Now listen here tall, dark, and retarded, this is our home and our family. You do not threaten our family especially in our home, or I will be forced to make sure the rules will never be forgotten. Understood?”

The two brunettes were on the verge of all out warfare, and Buffy didn’t want to clean blood out of the carpet again. “Faith, sit down. Xena never threaten someone when you have no idea of what they are capable of doing, our identity will be revealed through the course of the tale. Nana will you please start the story before someone spontaneously combusts?”

Aphrodite stood and gave the girl a fond smile, “Sure thing sweet pea. Now, Xena, Gabster, and a very large portion of this history you will already know. Some, will be a new revelation, so I ask you to keep your cool and not interrupt while all is explained.” She waited until they voiced their cooperation before continuing. “Now contrary to popular belief the one true god, or the powers that be, has always been around, not solely for peace and love, but for balance. The universe must always be in balance, not just in black and white, but also in shades of grey. When people were new, and just getting started, they needed to believe that there were multiple gods for multiple purposes, so the powers created the minor deities. As humanity became more established and advanced, the need for the multiple deities diminished. Not to mention they were getting a little big for their britches, so the powers instigated the twilight. Ares and I, have and always will be here because we are love and war, we are balance.”

She paused for a moment before continuing. “Back when the pantheon was still around, the powers contacted Ares and I to tell us of their decision to have champions on the mortal realm to help maintain the balance. Each champion would be an equal mix of darkness and light, with a leaning towards on end of the spectrum, while their soul’s mate would be the opposite to balance out each other. The powers thought it would be best if the champions would be descendants of the minor gods to give them the immortality and other gifts needed to fight. Persephone had just given birth to Hades daughter, and I had just birthed Bacchus’. The two girls were sent to the mortal realm, and became the very first guardians. Ares was to watch over Hades daughter because of the darkness, and Artemis was to watch over my daughter because her soul contained more light.”

Everyone looked on as the story and its’ truths began to sink in for the soul mates, and Aphrodite continued on with the tale. “The two girls mortal existence would be fraught with trials and tragedy in order to give them the experience needed to bring their souls to balance for themselves, and their mates, to make them guardians.”

“Now we will start on the part of the story that will answer all the questions you voiced earlier. Dahok is an incorporeal minor hell god, and when Xena went all hell bent for leather to have revenge on Caesar, he found the perfect host in Gabrielle to enter this realm. You see, the thing about those with divine blood is the fact that no matter the sex of the mates they can reproduce, and when Gabrielle was on that altar she was already pregnant. Dahok just sped up your child’s development so he could possess the child and enter the mortal realm. That is why Hope was born so quickly, and as for the darkness you sensed in the child, that was Xena’s own and the Bacchae that was passed down through your bloodline sweetheart.”

Gabrielle had burst into sobs and Xena stood up in a rage advancing on the goddess. “What about the soldier and my son. Hope killed them both.” Before anymore ranting could occur, and before Xena could get any closer to Aphrodite, a blonde blur had the enraged woman dangling from her neck against the wall, the tips of her toes barely touching the floor.

“Now Xena the rules were explained to you. You will sit down and listen to the rest of the tale, or I will make you. Are we clear on this?” Blue eyes glared stubbornly into green for a moment before nodding. “Alright, Nana please continue on with the story.”

“Thanks again sweet pea. Xena the girl was a child and grandchild of the gods. The soldier was trying to bring her and her mother back to the temple and into danger. She was trying to protect her mother and herself, but as a baby had no control. As for Solon, he was always fated to die early. Callisto killed him. She hated you, and would do anything for revenge. So she made it look like your wife’s child killed yours and almost ruined your relationship as well in the process. Can you think of a better revenge?”
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