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Summary: Veronica Mars meets and interesting and different security officer at Hearst and they become fast... well, they're still figuring that part out. Buffy/Veronica, BtVS 8.11, VMars S3

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Television > Veronica Mars > Buffy-CenteredVixenRaignFR151832,7771316133,57423 Apr 084 Jan 09No
CoA Winner

Look What the Credits Rolled In

Title: Reasons 18/?

Genre: Veronica Mars/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover
Pairing: Veronica/Buffy
Spoilers: : BtVS season 7 and Possible reference to season 8 (through Issue #11), and Veronica Mars season 3 up to  “I know What You’ll do Next Summer” (for now)
Warnings: WIP! And, okay, Femslashy. And slightly OOC, as I am making them attracted to one another.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Literally, I’m a college student. I don’t even own this computer I’m using… it’s so sad. I don’t even own the idea -- Pat Kelly made up this ‘ship and I’m just mooching from him.

Chapter Eighteen of Unknown:
(Look What the Credits Rolled In)

Veronica was torn on the cosmic question of, under the shirt, or no? She wasn’t sure how they’d gotten like this, but she was sure she hadn't put up a fight. The arm of the couch held her head up for Buffy’s kiss in a way that might have been highly convenient, but it wasn't exactly comfortable. However, Veronica could stand the awkward angle so long as Buffy’s hand kept drawing those tickling, arousing patterns with gentle ferocity on her stomach.

It’d started out so simply, so like their other kisses had. For some reason, mostly likely many small ones, the thought hadn’t much entered Veronica’s head of doing much more than just kissing the older blonde. Sure, Veronica might have idly thought of what type of under clothes she might find should she ever get the chance to know what lay under snug jeans and appealing blouses – but all too often the next thought was, How gay does that make me? And then she would become distracted. 

Here there was no room for distraction – no room for much movement either, with Buffy on top of her pinning her down in the most non-domineering way. In fact, it was odd how in control of the entire situation Veronica felt, which further confused the question of how the hell they gotten double-play status on what was supposed to be a clean-sweep ‘not-date’. 

They’d talked, they’d kissed, then Buffy had done that slight gasp thing - and then Veronica was clutching at her, desperate to make Buffy do that sound again. She kissed her deeper, and got a moan. She nibbled her bottom lip and Buffy sighed warmly against her cheek. Her breathing deepened and quickened, and Veronica’s well-honed control slipped a little more with each intake of breath.

She remembers her hair coming down and feeling Buffy’s hands in it with such clarity it arouses her again to think about it. She’s gentle, the older woman doesn’t pull or tug; there’s an intimacy in it, from knowing what it’s like, and somehow that leaves Veronica’s heart racing. So the young woman she’s been called all too often since this kissing-thing started, now has it in her mind to prove Reason 413 completely false – and to not even use her words in the process. Hands at either side of Buffy’s face, her thumbs stroking the fine hairs at Buffy’s temples, Veronica cradles those beautiful features in her palms and no longer cares if this makes her gay now – it makes her on fire, it makes her squirm, it makes Buffy make those sounds which she wants to hear more of and wow, okay, maybe she is a little gay.

The thought hits her for a second and Veronica lets out a slightly shuddering breath, and soon there are hands over hers and Buffy is leaning in, connecting their lips once again. All thoughts gone again. Then her arms wrap around Buffy’s neck, dragging her closer and more and faster and she feels Buffy’s hands snake around her hips and the word turns a little. Veronica has a brief moment of awe that such a feeling really can be caused by a good enough kiss… until her head feels the armrest of the couch press against the back of her neck, and a small chuckle tries to squeeze past her lips. It doesn’t really make it, but she feels Buffy smile against her warming skin as they keep kissing one another.

Veronica thinks it goes without saying that she’s a passionate person – she’s had those sweeping moments when the music rises and lips collide and want betters reason – but, slow as all this had built? This felt like one of those moments. They’d repeatedly tried to talk themselves out of it, had a hundred flimsy reasons that wrinkled like paper when they came within arms length of one another. There was something in the way that the older woman had saved her and never wanted to have to do it again… much as she might not want to admit it? That was kind of hot. Then add in the fact that Buffy herself was actually some kind of… vigilante? Was that the word? She hoped there was spandex involved in the near future.

At the same time? There was something to be said for Buffy’s drapey, loose peasant blouse and the way it came away from her body as she leaned over Veronica on the couch. Sliding her hands from her hands from around the older girl’s neck, Veronica made her decision. She started at Buffy’s hips, then slowly and determinedly drew them up, her heart skipping like a CD as she felt the fabric of the shirt gather at her wrists. Under the shirt it was, then. If the way the muscles along her stomach shivered were a sign, Buffy wasn’t too bothered by her decision. In fact, Buffy made that little gasping sound again. Veronica smiled, and pulled their bodies against one another. 

That was a new kind of a thing. There were… hills and valleys and they connected strangely. Good strange. Frictiony good sorta strange. Different maybe was a better word, because it felt sort of… Fuck it, Veronica could define it later, right now she just wanted to enjoy it and that was easy. Because Buffy was now kind of straddling her and their hips fit together in this way that had Veronica gasping now. Buffy’s kisses moved from her lips to her neck, down along the column of her throat to where she’d been bitten and Buffy seemed to be trying to sooth it away, as though she could pleasure it’s existence into nothing. Veronica wasn’t about to stop her trying; she was really enjoying the efforts.

Veronica’s hands had been stroking up and down Buffy’s sides, slowly making their way higher with every pass, until she felt her thumbs reach the sides of Buffy’s bra. Then she froze, breathing and all. Then, so did Buffy. The older woman lifted her face from where she’d been nibbling at Veronica’s collarbone to connect eyes with a heavy pointedness. Buffy shifted her weight a little on her forearms to lean off of the younger girl a little bit, but then Veronica squirmed a little at the loss of contact. The corner of Buffy’s lip quirked up almost immeasurably before leaning down to lightly kiss the girl again.

“I swear,” Buffy murmured against her lips between kisses, “Pull an Amy Bradshaw, and I will not be laughing.”

Veronica stopped kissing her immediately. “You saw D.E.B.S.?” she demanded. Buffy just smirked.

“You’ve obviously seen it,” Buffy smirked, “How many gay roommates do you have?”

Veronica decided to ignore the jab and instead hold Buffy’s gaze unflinchingly as she slid both hands up Buffy’s back and began undoing the small hooks of her bra. Buffy’s face went a little unsure but flushed. 

“Okay,” Buffy let out shakily as she felt the clinging garment loosen itself. Veronica reached up with her lips and kissed Buffy slowly as she ran her fingertips the full length of Buffy’s back from shoulder blades to the tops of her jeans. It left the older woman moaning. Veronica grinned into her kisses, before making them deeper. “Your skin is so warm,” She muttered, kissing Veronica with a renewed ferocity. Veronica felt oddly complimented, but had no idea why. 

Keeping one hand, veronica changed the angle of her wrist and began stroking Buffy’s soft, flat belly with the backs of her fingers, tickling over her bellybutton with her knuckles. Buffy laved at Veronica’s lower lip and nodded wordlessly. Veronica moved higher. Her palm, thankful not-clammy despite her nervousness, made it’s way up her stomach and along the separation of her ribs. She could feel the now loose, hanging fabric of the bra against her hand. She could just brush the underside of Buffy’s left breast against the back of her knuckles… she could also hear a gasp from the doorway.

“Willow!” Buffy shouted, then grunted as she promptly and gracelessly rolled off Veronica and hit the floor. She tried to straighten herself out only to remember that some of her under clothes had been removed. Crossing her arms in front of her chest nervously, Faith soon came traipsing in behind the redhead with about six grocery bags on her. Veronica shifted so that her legs were swung over the edge of the couch as she tried to look calm and innocent. 

Faith gave a nod in there direction before continuing on to drop the bags of food on their kitchen counter. The music from the movie’s credits played quietly as all the people waited in a pointed silence. Buffy took Veronica by the hand and walked her briskly past a frozen and wide-eyed Willow still standing in front of the doorway. 

“Hey! Don’t leave on account of us!” Faith yelled, amused, “We don’t mind!” she chuckled and Buffy closed the door with a bit more attitude than the doorframe could handle… it left the walls rattling. 

They had soooo been caught. 

When Veronica tore her eyes away from the fragile door she saw that Buffy was very pointedly turned away from her. Left feeling very on edge and very, well… annoyed at life’s comedic timing, Veronica calmed a little when she saw Buffy fling something into her hamper from under her shirt. She smirked briefly despite her better judgment. With a huff, the older girl whirled around and groaned as she threw her arms into the air.

“Great! I might have well have put a coming out announcement in the weekly newsletter!” Buffy angrily whispered, “Did you see Faith’s face? I didn’t think you could fit so much evil smugness in a single expression…” Putting an exasperated hand to her forehead. Buffy sighed and closed her eyes. “Everyone is gonna know it about 3 hours. Less maybe.”

“Are you worried about Satsu finding out?” Veronica asked, feeling a little left out of this whole internal crisis. Buffy’s eyes snapped open, wide.

“Aw fuck, I hadn’t even thought of that.” Buffy muttered.

Veronica felt a little pleased that she’d managed to drive thoughts of Satsu so far from the older girl’s mind. She wrapped her arms around her middle and stared out of the small window. She remembered how the light had woken her when she’d stayed over after her incident in the ally. She wondered if they could fit through it to escape the loaded hallway on the other side of Buffy’s door. 

“If we don’t leave soon they’ll get a whole other slue of ideas about why we haven’t gone,” Buffy said, seemingly reading her thoughts. She approached Veronica and laid a hand on her shoulder, near the remnants of her bite. “Sorry about your neck.”

“What?” Veronica demanded, raising a hand to it. She scurried over to a mirror on Buffy’s dresser and inspected it. It was pink, not quite a hickey, but… “Well, back to high-collared shirts it is.” She sighed.

“Would you be disappointed if I promised it would never happen again?” Buffy ventured, sounding oddly vulnerable in a thinly false-playful voice. She chuckled nervously. Veronica smiled sadly.

“Walk me to my car, Summers.” Veronica challenged playfully, “It’s the least you can do.” Buffy reached for the knob and paused. 

“What would I have to do to see you again?” she asked quietly. Veronica laid a hand on her hip, coming up behind her.

"We both spend our days on the same grounds, and you have access to security cameras...the answer to that question seems kinda obvious. Undeniably creepy, but obvious." Then Buffy shoots her a look, and Veronica continues. “I’ll call you the next time my dad’s out of town.” She said quietly in the older girl’s ear. Buffy turned her head to the side and smiled at her out of the corner of her eye. She pulled the door open. 

They walked down the hallway, not saying anything, allowing the eyes of the older brunette and redhead to follow them out the door and down the walk as they made their way to Veronica’s car. As she climbed into the drivers seat, she rolled the window down. Buffy kissed her briefly and smiled sadly. Veronica just nodded. “Good luck with Faith.” Veronica offered. Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Don’t worry,” Buffy assured her, “I have a few secrets on her that might help keep her quiet.”

“If not, you know who to call.” Veronica offered. 

She started her car and drove the few short blocks home. As she pulled to a stop in front of her apratment, she saw that her dad must have been inside. He was probably cooking dinner and about to watch the Sharks game. He wasn’t expecting her back so soon. She pulled the car into reverse and got back on the road.

She needed to speak with Mac.

(To Be Continued…)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Reasons" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 09.

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