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Government Protection

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Summary: High ranking government officials have kept an eye on the Scooby gang; both in the US and overseas. While watching they become aware of how Joyce, Xander, and Tara affect the team. In a summit, they decide that the best way to keep them alive.

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Scoobies 101

Title: Government Protection
Author: Kat/Ryan
Pairings: Xander/Ranma, Methos/Dino, Tara/Lara, Joyce/Benton, Mr. John Smith/Mrs. Jane Smith, mentions of Amanda/Duncan, Giles/Ethan, past Buffy/Angel, Willow/Tara
Warnings: Slash, Het, gender switching (Ranma), sex, slex (m/m & f/f), violence, angst, Language, Buffy and Willow bashing
Fandoms: BtVS, Ranma ½, PoL, Mr. &Mrs. Smith, Due South, Highlander, Lara Croft, XFiles, mention of CSI: NY
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from BtVS, Ranma ½, PoL, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Due South, Highlander, XFiles, CSI:NY, or Lara Croft … But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*

Summary: High ranking government officials have kept an eye on the Scooby gang; both in the US and overseas. While watching they become aware of how Joyce, Xander, and Tara affect the team. In a summit to see what to do, they decide that the best way to keep the Scoobies together and sane is to protect the three.

Calia’s Challenge:

Who do they send? How do the three react? How do the other Scoobies react?

Must Haves:
The fic has to be focused on the three.
Joyce is in a relationship where she is respected and loved, not used as cannon fodder.
Tara acknowledge for what she brought to the Scoobies lives.
Xander is the one who first accepts the protection.
No Zeppo mentions, no forcing him down.

Slash for Xander and Tara.
Willow being stopped before she can mind rape Tara and the others.
Giles knows before the others that the agents/bodyguards are coming.

Not Wanted:
Super Witch Willow

//blah// - Spirit animal/Diefenbaker speak

Scoobies 101

Director Skinner walked down the hallway a bit happier than before. It had taken the whole summer vacation after Graduation and the beginning of the Initiative fiasco, which was now dealt with by the said people, for the experts in the paranormal to finally find the people that needed the most protection. As the man made his way to the conference room, he sighed. He could only hope that there was something that could be done to help these people. While most of them were young, it was obvious that there had to be an intervention.

Slipping into the room, the Director began to set up his presentation. There would be several groups coming to this meeting, including those from other countries, and he had to make sure that all the information was as accurate as possible. He watched as the people began to fill the room, and calls were made out to ensure that everyone was ready for the conference. The last call went to the President and several other countries who were as worried as they were.

“Mr. President and fellow leaders of our allies’, good day and thank you all for being here for this meeting; I will warn you that there are many things that may be unbelievable as we go over the task you asked me to do. Ladies and gentlemen of the room, you are here to be taught about a group that has saved the lives of Americans and the world alike, and got nothing in return for it. All I ask right now is to listen and let me explain without interruptions.”

The lights dimmed and several pictures shone on the wall - a redheaded woman, two blond women, an older brown haired woman, a dark haired young man and an older man with graying hair.

“These six people having been saving the world since the young male has been sixteen. He is now nineteen. When the government had a secret project go to their small town, it went out of control. These people stopped it. They work as a group, but it is their gifts and sacrifices that make us look at them so closely.”

He watched as people opened the booklets to the bio pages and brought up the first picture, a young blond woman who looked no bigger than five foot four.

“This is Buffy Anne Summers. She is the main warrior of the group and is called The Slayer. She has heightened senses to track and eliminate hostile demons and vampires. While she may act like an idiot at times, she knows how to fight and is the longest lasting slayer in existence. Most last only a year at the longest.”

The next slide that came up was the older man.

“This is Rupert Giles. He is Buffy’s Watcher and father of the group. He makes sure that his slayer trains and knows how to kill the hostile demons. If the demon is harmless, he makes sure she knows, and they are left to their own desires. Rupert used to be a chaos sorcerer, but left in his youth due to a spell going wrong and killing one of their fellows. He uses magic only if necessary. He is also the only male role model that can help these people.”

The next slide that came up was the female red head.

“This is Willow Rosenberg. She is a studying witch and a hacker. The main problem at the moment with Ms. Rosenberg is the fact that she is abusing magic. She is stealing the books from her mentor, Rupert Giles and we are afraid that she is letting the magical high control her instead of the other way around. As a hacker, she is very talented, and has removed herself and her friends from the governmental watch lists several times now.”

The next slide that came up was the older woman.

“This is Joyce Summers, mother to Buffy. She is the mother of the group and tends to bring them in for words of comfort and understanding. For her we must act quickly as she is a corner stone of the group, and she has a brain tumor. There is a weak link of cancer in her family, and if Mrs. Summers dies, the group will begin to fragment.”

Another picture appeared, and it was the other blond woman.

“This is Tara McClay. She is a pure white witch and is the girlfriend of Willow Rosenberg. She is the main reason that Ms. Rosenberg is getting help with her magical addiction. Miss McClay is running from her family as her father and her step-mother are very abusive. As a pure white witch, Miss McClay knows many spells and potions that can be used by the group. She is also a focus for when the rest get too involved in slaying. She has been known to speak out when she feels strongly against it, or for it. Many of us believe that if Miss McClay is killed, Willow will do something dangerous in her grief. She is the second person that must be protected.”

Finally the picture of the young man came up.

“This is Alexander “Xander” Lavelle Harris. He is the heart of the group and has been fighting since his best friend, the late Jesse McNally, was killed in October of his tenth grade. Mr. Harris has been possessed twice; once by an Alpha Hyena Spirit, thus the female Oba and a Special Forces combat veteran. He has been the main reason that Miss Summers has lived for so long. He revived her with CPR, breaking this Slayer line, and has helped her plan once he was possessed by the Solider. Graduation, it was his planning that took down the Mayor who turned out to be a demon and the take down of the Initiative was also planned at his hands. He must also be protected as he is the drive of Miss Summers. He was reported dating a young woman, but due to the battle against the Initiative, she left to greener pastures.”

Looking around the group of people, he put up the pictures of Joyce and Tara by Xander and stared them down.

“These three people are as important as any of our leaders. If Mrs. Summers goes, the group loses an important touch stone; one that allows them to let go and get an outside opinion. If Miss McClay goes, then Miss Rosenberg will end up doing something dangerous in her grief, and may even try to destroy the planet. If Mr. Harris goes, then the group will shatter and nothing will stop these people from joining him in their grief. Now, I will answer questions.”

The room was silent as the lights slowly came back on. Before anyone at the table could speak, Canada’s Prime Minister spoke.

“How are you going to protect these three people? Are you going to storm in and force the protections upon them, or are you going to meet with them, explain the situation and then protect them?”

A few people in the room shifted in place looking a bit nervous.

“We had plans to build a team to head to Sunnydale, California. We would have them go with a few extras to explain the situation. The main issue we have is if we contact their Mr. Giles beforehand so that the group isn’t fully startled when we arrive. Also, we would like to have their base of operation relocated to just outside of Sunnydale. It would benefit them as well.”

An older man in the room stood. “What if they don’t want the protections?”

Giving the man a sad smile, the Director Skinner spoke. “We can protect them from afar, but no, we will not force the main protections if they do not wish it.”

A young man looked at the pictures of the three that needed the protection. “If we make a logical argument, I think that at least one of these three will agree.” He looked up and was a bit startled at the looks he was getting.

“You said that Harris had been possessed by a Solider, if we can also explain it in those terms to him, it might help to get them to understand and agree to the protections. I agree that we could speak to Mr. Giles first, and if we meet through him, it might be better for us than just showing up and saying, ‘We’ve been watching all of you for…’ and then end up getting attacked for it.”

The Director smiled. “I agree with that sentiment. Ah, Agent Finn. Thank you for joining us.” A young man with dirty blond hair stepped into the room and stood at parade rest.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Agent Riley Finn; he was the lead operative with the Initiative and assisted Miss Summers and her group in taking down the rogue operation. He can give you a closer insight to the group, but he did spend most of his time with Miss Summers.”

Riley looked at the group of people and saw the pictures of Tara, Joyce and Xander in one of the pamphlets. Giving Director Skinner a confused look, he waited for the questions to begin.

“Agent Finn, please tell us your views about Mr. Harris, Miss McClay and Mrs. Summers. We might need it to understand the group more.” The French accent came from one of the phones, so Riley began to speak, conscious that this was more than a routine background check.

“Well, I can tell you right now that Xander has always hated being called Alexander or Mr. Harris. Mr. Harris reminds him of his father, and I know that there is some bad blood there. With the information you have, I can tell you that he knew instinctively that we were there to break up the group, and he hated me on sight. He’s a good strategist, but I don’t know him too well. I misjudged him as useless and that, thankfully, helped to break down the Initiative. The girls act like he’s a tagalong, but he’s probably the most powerful there. He’s the one who keeps fighting even though he has no powers. The sad thing is, is that they should have trained him. He learned by ducking the vampires and demons attacking him and wanting to be in the least amount of pain each night.” He drank some water and sighed.

“Tara is a shy young woman. We’ve already had to beat her parents off due to them being bigots and cruel. They called her a demon and wanted her home to breed and become a house wife. Her father was verbally abusive and looked as if he wanted to beat his girl to death. Her step mother was just as bad. She taunted her with the fact that she was higher in affections from her father. Xander was the one that got Buffy to drive them off, and helped Tara calm down. She had almost begun attacking them with her magic’s. Also, she’s able to make the group realize if they are doing something wrong. IF something is too bad, she can even get Willow to stop performing the spells that she would cast without a thought.” A smile began to dance around his lips.

“Joyce Summers is a lively woman. She sits you down and listens to your problems and gives you good advice. She is very helpful and seems to be the only one who sticks up for Xander; she knows when he’s right and makes sure that they see it when they get their heads up their asses. Xander was knocked down once in her presence and they haven’t done it since.” Riley chuckled.

“Buffy had been saying that Xander didn’t know anything for slaying and her mother ripped into her. She went off asking if they had even bothered to train him, and then mentioned about his friend Jesse. I learned a lot that night about Xander and why he fights. I don’t think I could have kept going if I had to stake my best friend to save someone that I barely tolerated. Xander can in and asked her to stop, and she simply kicked everyone but Xander and Tara out as they helped him. After that night things were rocky, but they had to put it aside to tear down the Initiative. I’ve never seen anyone attack Joyce. The one time someone tried, Xander knocked them down faster than Buffy ever could. At the time I thought it was just him trying to be tough, but after a while I noticed that Joyce was the only mother that the group had.” Riley shrugged.

“That’s all I can tell you about those three. I know that Xander was looking to make sure that Joyce’s new boyfriend was good to her, but I have been out of touch with them for a while.”

Director Skinner smiled and nodded while a voice with a Mandarin accent came out. “Thank you Agent Finn for this information. I agree to contact this Mr. Giles and inform him of our arrival. State that we shall be there in one week, that will give us enough time to get a protection team together and the agents who will be going to explain everything to this group of demon slayers. China will support you in this endeavor.”

Riley blinked at that and looked at the lead agent with panicking eyes. “Do not worry Agent Finn. We want Miss Summers to last as long as possible. Since her mother, Miss McClay and Harris are her weakest links to sanity; we are going to offer protection to them to ensure that she does not lose sight of her goals. We don’t want to repeat history.”

Riley nodded slowly and listened to the rest of the meeting. If they were going to do something wrong, he would inform Giles and he would make sure that there would be no others trying to recreate the Initiative.

“We have several candidates to protect these three people. I do suggest a mix of men and women, this way all three feel more comfortable.”

Some one from the back corner stood up. “Sir, I believe that we should make an eight man team to protect the three. The reason I ask for eight to protect them is simple. Harris would want the most protection for the two women; even if he knows that he’ll need it as well. But he will most likely work with the team to ensure the maximum effectiveness. He’s used to small group tactics, so with a group of eight people he could have a rotation series set up to ensure that they are constantly protected and their guards well rested.”

“Where are we going to find these eight agents? Most of our teams are four at the most. Only SWAT has a larger group due to the fact that bombs and other dangerous situations call for it.” A British voice flowed out of the speakers and Riley nodded as he listened.

“Eight would be the best for Harris. It would help him calm down as well and make less work when he needs to help out Joyce and Tara. You should know that Tara is no longer with Willow. The young Wiccan tried to mind-rape her and Xander stopped her. They bound her magic at the moment and are sending her to a coven for help.” Riley spoke in the quiet room.

“Thank you for that, now that we have a number, who are we sending?”

“Dino Martini is a good candidate. Also, he’s ex-military and would enjoy a chance to help blow up parts of the town that would need it.”

Several people nodded as they chuckled and his name was placed on the list.

“Aiden Burns is another good choice. My friend Mac, head of the Manhattan-Felony Labs mentioned that she was burning out. This would give her a chance to regroup and see if she wishes to stay in the field. Besides, she could help guard Joyce or Tara if she chooses.”

“Before we continue on this vein, Agent Finn, could you contact Mr. Giles and inform him that we shall have a team of eight people coming out with two extras to explain something to his group, including Mrs. Summers? Thank you.”

As Riley pulled out his phone he dialed the Magic Box’s number. “Magic Box, how can we help your magical needs today?” Xander’s voice filled the room and Riley swallowed.

“Xander, I was hoping that you could pass me to Giles, I have a question that he might be able to help me with. It has to do with a group of people.”

“Sure thing Riley, give me a moment to get the G-man on.” Riley chuckled at the name and waited a few moments.

“Riley, it is good to hear from you again. Xander, I’ll be taking the call in my office, make sure that Buffy starts to train once she gets in.” The affirmative was heard and Riley shifted in his seat.

“There, now how can I assist you Riley? Xander mentioned a group of people? Have you encountered the Council?” Giles’ voice belayed his worry and Riley chuckled.

“No nothing like that Giles. I ask that in one week you have everyone in the group in the Magic Box. That’s Buffy, Willow, Xander, Tara, Joyce and you. A group of ten people will be there to offer protection to a few people in your group and they would like all of you there to ensure that you know why they want to offer this protection.”

“I can call the meeting, but the girls will be wary. If we do not want the protections, what will happen?”

Riley chuckled again. “A good cause for concern, but they will protect from afar if you do not wish for the protection. They understand your rights, and they simply wish to make your job a bit simpler.”

A sigh was heard and Riley could imagine Giles cleaning his glasses in frustration.

“Well, it couldn’t hurt to have them show up for a talk. Fine, I’ll let them know that a group is coming down to talk and discuss hunting. Is that alright?”

Letting out a bark of laughter Riley smirked into the phone. “That’s fine Giles. I promise that it is not another Initiative coming to town. If it is, you can wipe them out.” The laughter that followed made him smile and both hung up, saying their goodbyes.

“He has agreed to listen to us in one week. So that gives us five days to get seven more people onto the list and see who shall be talking to the group.” Riley closed his phone as he spoke, and made sure they understood that he was not going unless they simply wanted him to explain it.

Director Skinner nodded and another person spoke up. “I just got the message back from Mac Taylor; Aiden Burns was killed two weeks ago. He did offer his services if absolutely necessary, and Dino Martini has agreed to assist. He said that he’ll wait in Oxnard for the rest of the team. I’ve sent him a package via email as well.”

Another man shifted and cleared his throat. “I have a friend, Adam Pierson, and he has agreed to assist as well. He is very good with weapons for the demon population as he is a sword master.”

The picture was propped up onto the wall and many people sighed. “What about Miss Croft? I know that she enjoys a good hunt every now and then.”

Her picture was put up with a question mark in the background and someone sent her an email as well. It would take a while to get a good team set up as well.

“Um, Sir? We have a Constable Fraser who is willing to assist as well. He is very good at hunting, and his wolf would be an asset to help keep the women calm as well.” The picture went up and more emails were sent.

“We need more women to send down. One is not enough. We have three men and one woman at the moment and that needs to be fixed. There should be at least three women out of the eight doing the guarding.” Director Skinner frowned until another spoke up.

“Sir, Mr. Pierson is going right to Oxnard with his friend Amanda Buckman. He said that she would enjoy the time off and she is just as good as him when it comes to hunting. He said that she’ll be a steal with the group.” Her picture went up onto the screen and another message came up.

“Sir, Constable Fraser and Miss Croft have both agreed to meet in Oxnard and shall be waiting on orders there.”

The Director sighed. He could only hope that they would get two more men and a woman for the job.

“Sir, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are available for a job, considering we did have them get rid of the worst of the worst in the assassination business.” Their photos came up and a message saying that they were headed to Oxnard in two days made Riley laugh.

“I think they like to keep an eye on anyone that knows what they can do Sir.” Several people were nodding and before anyone could offer a last, Japan’s leader spoke.

“We have a young man that is a good candidate for you. Saotome, Ranma is one of our best fighters. He is also the champion of Anything Goes Martial arts. We can have him in the town of Oxnard within four days.” The agents in the room smiled.

“Thank you Sir. Agent Finn, I ask that you explain the situation since you know the group so well. It might also make them more receptive if you go.” Riley sighed and nodded.

“I’ll get my things ready for being there in one week sir. I’ll head out to begin explaining everything to the team. I can only hope that they all can work together.” With that Riley snapped off a crisp salute and left the room.

The men and women were glad that they had these eight people to protect the three, it would be a blessing in disguise once they realize how needed it really was.

Riley sat at the main diner in Oxnard and kept an eye out for the people he was waiting for. Each was unique, and the last would only be arriving in three days. He knew that the help would be appreciated eventually, but Buffy would be wary, since the last time she got help, it was a torture project.

Before he could go further into his own mind and guilt, a tall red headed man entered the room. He looked just like his picture in the files that Riley had to hold in a sigh of appreciation. Waving the man over, Riley pushed a packet of paper over to him.

“Dino Martini, here is one of the main packets of information that you need.” Riley smirked and sat back. “I’ll tell you now; you’ll be in a group of eight people to protect these people. You’ll probably all be in shifts to protect at the best, but it’ll be only once we find out if we can get a full team out here to do the protecting.”

Dino simply stared at the man and knew that there was something that he was missing. Looking at the top of the file he read ‘Read in Private’ and it intrigued him. He only hoped that he could blow something up this time, his fingers were itching for a good explosion.

Smirking at the red head, Riley was about to speak when two men, a woman and a dog entered the diner. Checking them over, he looked at Dino.

“Three more of your team is here.” Waving them over Riley introduced them.

“Dino Martini, meet Constable Benton Fraser, Amanda Buckman and Adam Pierson. If I’m not mistaken, the dog is Diefenbaker? He’s also part wolf?”

The group looked at the said dog that looked smug and Fraser began to berate him.

“No you cannot have any dessert; you were horrible on the plane and made every flight attendant jumpy. On top of that you’re fat enough as it is; you’re getting lazy in your age. I’ll make sure that Mrs. Summers and the others understand that you can have no treats that we humans eat.” Dino was snickering at what seemed to be a pouty look on the wolf’s face, and he saw that the two others noticed it as well.

“So, Finn, I’ve read up on this assignment and I have a few questions for ya. I’m ex-Navy Seals, unless you want me to blow up the town, why me?” Adam’s gaze seemed to sharpen at that and Dino sent him a wink.

“Xander is a big fan of things that go boom. I wanted him to have a kindred spirit. That and you might help him understand the grief of being the surviving General of a battle.” Dino nodded at that.

“While I understand that many of us are needed, why eight and why the odd mix of men and women?” Fraser looked at Finn with piercing eyes. “Also, why did they not choose you as well, Riley?”

Riley gave a sad humorless smile. “I don’t have enough trust from those we are protecting. Besides, Xander doesn’t like me. I used to be a part of an organization that they took down. It was only near the end that I realized what I was on the wrong side and helped take it down. But from the time before that I was not liked. I actively tried to break the group up, and he knew it. So no, they wouldn’t trust me to protect them and I really don’t blame them.”

He shrugged. “I have a lot to atone for, by doing this, I’m beginning my redemption in his eyes. I’ve been forgiven by a few, but I know I have much to fix if he still hasn’t forgiven me. That and we’ll never be friends.”

The group nodded at that and Dino sat back to look at the man they had met with. His eyes were old, but they were sharp. He knew the details in the package, so he decided to get to the point.

“Seeing as we’re can’t read these pretty little packages in public, I say we head back to the hotel and then grill you for more information. This way, we can make sure you give it to us the right way, and have us understand it better. So let’s go solider boy.” With that Dino got up and paid for the bill.

Sighing, Riley stood and paid as well, letting the others follow him out. The group of five made their way to the hotel, where they would also meet with Riley’s other helper. He looked at his packet and saw the name Alex Krycek, he had worked with the government more than he did in the past, and he was wary. It was like some bad movie, but Xander would tell them if Krycek was against them or not, his instincts wouldn’t allow anything to hurt his family.

As they sat in his room at the motel in Oxnard, Riley sent a message telling the other four where they were for when they got in. It would be sloppy if they had to hunt them down. As he sent the message, he watched as each person read over the packet.

Benton Fraser seemed intrigued as he read the papers before him. The man was from the Northern parts of Canada, and that would assist in him understanding a few aspects of the group. He may even have some advice that would help the Scoobies to expand their on their own if they had to.

Adam Pierson seemed to be surprised and upset. It seemed that he either saw how they treated each other, or didn’t like the fact that they had been fighting for so long. His eyes also seemed ageless, and every now and then, he glared at the wolf in the room.

Amanda Buckman had a neutral expression on her face. As she read over the packet, a small smirk would grace her lips every now and then. She seemed to be the most relaxed, but he knew looks were deceiving.

Dino Martini had an angry glint in his eyes as he read over the works, and Riley had a feeling that Xander would have a personal guard once he was done reading over the information. Riley would stand up for the girls, but he knew what damage they did to him, and these eight would help them see what Joyce and Tara had been telling them.

Riley knew that they were also watching him, but he kept the small smile on his face, as he looked over the information again. He was glad that the government did a deeper and more in-depth look at the Scoobies, especially Xander. If he could only use a few words to describe Xander, he could honestly say: brave, selfless and intuitive. He made sure that they also put down that he was also, annoying, loud and brash, but that was to make sure that they understood that Xander was Xander, and nothing would change it.

Adam was the first to speak, “Tell us about how the group interacts. I see that there is a lot of information about what each can do or has had to endure, but what about their team. Do they do anything that would be similar to current military, or are they more like the guerilla war fare?”

Riley sighed. “They are both. They do full out assaults against the bigger demons, but to the lesser ones, like vampires, they use guerilla tactics. Xander has the most combat planning knowledge due to being possessed by a solider during Halloween a few years back, so he takes care of the routes, plans and weapons. Giles and Tara are research as they look over spells, demons and how they can be taken down. Willow, while she is as powerful as Tara in magic, uses her magic a bit oddly and, last I heard from Xander, it was getting dangerous. He had stopped her from mind raping her now ex-girlfriend, Tara, and they are refusing to let her patrol anymore and have bound her magic. Willow would be a huge magical support in battles, but Xander is worried that she is going too dark, and he knows that Giles refuses to believe that she is going bad.”

Riley sighed again. “Buffy is their main attacker. She is the Slayer and is their brute force. She leads each attack and follows the plans that Xander makes when they need it. She saw Tara after Xander explained that Willow was going bad, and has taken a neutral stance against the red head. Joyce is Buffy’s mother. She doesn’t fight, but she is the main touch stone for all of them. I know that Tara and Xander have been by her place more often than not. She’s just gotten out of surgery for a brain tumor. They think they got it all, so they’ll be checking in a week to make sure. A few days after you are all posted there.”

The four nodded and Dino was about to peak when the door opened again. “Alex Krycek I presume?” Riley’s voice was neutral, and he got a nod in return.

He handed over the message that was given and he sighed. “Ranma will be here by tomorrow, he’ll be with Mr. and Mrs. Smith as well as Miss Croft. It seems that they were all in Japan. This is good. It’ll give all of you enough time to get to know each other and to protect each other’s backs. Sunnydale is a nasty town after dark; I’d rather not have to have them stake eight new vampires if none of you make sure that you’re safe.”

Amanda smirked at him. “Of course we’ll make sure that we won’t be killed. Nasty business, getting killed is.” She and Adam shared a smirk leaving the other four people in the room confused.

Riley was glad that he wasn’t going to be working with them; he had a feeling that Amanda could confuse the demons of Sunnydale much faster than Xander ever could. Bidding them all a good night, Riley and Alex left to get some sleep before the last four arrived to finish turning him insane. As he was going, he could have sworn that the wolf was laughing at him.

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