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The Pass-the-Parcel Experiment

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Summary: Buffy's life becomes intertwined with that of SG-1. A story-experiment for everyone to join!

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Chapter 10 by DreamOfStories

Hi everyone,

Ok, I’ve taken over chapter 10 and as I had chapter 11 before that means that the person who had 12 is now 11, 13 is now 12, and so on. Also, the complaint about POV, it does jump about a bit, but I have tried to leave a big enough section for each person and there are page breaks. So enjoy!

Dream of Stories

P.S. If anyone can come up with a good chapter title tell me!


Chapter 10

I have to do it, not only will it defuse things it will put Jack on notice and he’ll protect Buffy with his life once he believes me.

“Buffy let go of your father’s hand.”

Buffy’s head snapped around to stare at her mother while her grip automatically tightened in shock. Jack’s yelp of pain caused her to realise what she was doing and drop his hand, but the damage was done. Jack would definitely not be using that hand for a while and Buffy forced the slight feeling of guilt away at the thought. She had bigger problems - like why the hell was her mother saying these things now?! Didn’t she think Buffy needed to know that she was confronting her father?!

Suppressing her anger, she managed to grit out, “Please tell me that was a joke.”

Her mother looked a bit uneasy but Buffy could see that she was telling the truth. Taking a deep, calming breath, she tried to hold back on her emotions. Colonel Jack O’Neill was apparently her father… and she had just broken his hand while threatening him with dismemberment if he threatened her mother again. Why did everything have to be so complicated?

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Jack was sure his hand was broken. He had distinctly heard something crack when Buffy had been surprised by Joyce’s statement and the faint burning sensation was a big clue as well. Pulling his hand towards him, he touched the bones gingerly, trying to see how bad the damage was. Luckily it didn’t seem too bad… or at least not as bad as it could have been. Everything seemed to be in the right place and he could feel his fingers even if he couldn’t move them properly.

Now what had Joyce said that had started all this off? She had said something and he vaguely remembered a feeling of shock before his hand had crumpled… so what had she said? He thought back, running through the conversation in his mind before the single sentence jumped out at him.

“Buffy is my daughter?!”

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Daniel watched in shock as the young girl who they’d seen with Buffy earlier blocked Teal’c’s follow up punch and then used his arm to throw him over her shoulder into an alcove behind a large palm tree. She was slightly taller than Buffy but skinnier and should not have been able to throw Teal’c anywhere. It was against everything he had learned from the others when it came to fighting and Daniel wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“Uh… and you are?”

She cocked her head to the side, smirking slightly. “What’s it to you?”

He hesitated a second before deciding that maybe this was a chance to make up for the disastrous first contact earlier. She had mentioned B (and probably meant Buffy) so maybe he had a chance to connect with one of Buffy’s friends? It could help in the long run, particularly with her own demonstration of strength. Maybe she was a hok’tar too?

“I’m Daniel Jackson. Would I be right in saying you know Buffy?”

She smirked out right. “Yeah. So what you going to do about it? Stuff me in a van and drug me up?”

Daniel winced. “No, that was just because we were surprised. We didn’t expect her to notice that we were following her and when she threatened one of our team mates we reacted…”

Faith stared at him for a second, her brow furrowed. “You really have no idea what you’re dealing with do you?”

“It seems we do not. Perhaps you could explain it to us?”

Daniel jumped at his friend’s voice, and was surprised to see that the dark haired girl hadn’t reacted at all. Instead she turned and sent a smirk the tall man’s way. “Nah, that’s your job ‘member? You’re the ones that came along and started shooting people with ray guns. Besides, you shouldn’t mess with things you don’t understand - especially in Sunnydale.”

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“Geez, you don’t have to sound so offended.” Buffy commented, sending a pout at Jack. “Although on the plus side I know that you’re just as much in the dark as I am...”

Buffy frowned when Jack ignored her. Really what was up with people today? Sure she could understand her Mum being upset about her bad language, but she was the Slayer and she had a duty to do - a duty she couldn’t do if no one told her what she needed to know and ignored her. Her and her mum really had to have a long talk when things quietened for a bit. In the mean time, maybe it would be best if the pair of them had time to talk things over. Willow was near by and could keep an eye on them and this way she could actually get on with the reason for the meeting…

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Sam Carter felt as if her whole world had been turned upside down. Jack apparently had a daughter who was a blonde airhead and some sort of super human, SG1’s mission had gone even worse than they usually did, and apparently the hok’tar they were here to convince to join them was getting pissed off. It was rapidly turning from bad start to a full blown disaster and unless something happened very soon it was all going to end very badly…


“Not now Carter.” Jack warned, before turning his attention back to Joyce. “Joyce…”

Sam frowned and leaned back in the chair, her gaze going to Buffy again. The young woman no longer looked like the bimbo she had read about. In fact, she looked less like a teenager and more like the warrior that Teal’c kept claiming she was. That made part of her sit back and think back over her previous views. After all, while it was fine to be jealous of a bimbo who got super powers by a tweak of genetics and never did anything in her life, but Sam didn’t think she had the same right to be upset with the warrior watching the exchange between the Colonel and Joyce. She really didn’t want to have to apologise though…

“Hey Mum. How about you and Jack here have a nice talk while me and the Captain wonder over to her friends and talk about why they came here? You and Jack can get everything straitened out together and I can find out what is going on.”

Joyce snapped her head around to stare at Buffy who had just interrupted the two people’s staring contest. Sam caught Buffy glance in her direction and relaxed a bit inside. “Actually sir, I think that would be a brilliant idea. You two obviously have a lot of catching up to do and...”

“No.” Joyce interrupted her. Turning to her daughter, she glared at her. Buffy just looked back at her calmly. “Buffy you can’t…”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed at that and she interrupted the woman before Joyce could get any further. “You said earlier that I get a lot of privileges being the… what I am. This is one of them. You can stay and talk to Colonel O’Neill or go home. Captain Carter and I are going to join the rest of her friends and discus why they decided to kidnap me in the first place.”

Sam saw Joyce’s eyes narrow in anger before the fight went out of her and she seemed to sag back into her seat. “Fine, but we will be talking about this later.”

Buffy kept her gaze locked with her mother’s before standing and looking to Sam. “Yes we will. Coming Captain?”

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Up on the balcony, Daniel shifted from foot to foot. The dark haired girl (he still hadn’t got her name) was watching the pair of them as if they were two particularly nasty insects. Teal’c didn’t seem bothered by it, but Daniel had been around the Jaffa enough to know that the way he held himself rigid was not a good sign. He also had a feeling that the girl knew it as well.

Taking a deep breath, Daniel focused on the sound of Jack and Sam talking. He’d been completely distracted during the fight and was wondering how it was going. Then he heard Buffy’s voice.

“You said earlier that I get a lot of privileges being the… what I am. This is one of them. You can stay and talk to Colonel O’Neill or go home. Captain Carter and I are going to join the rest of her friends and discus why they decided to kidnap me in the first place.”

Daniel flinched slightly at the word ‘kidnap’, but he also couldn’t help feeling that there was something deeper going on and that he had just missed something important. Buffy’s voice carried a thread of steel to it that only just managed to hide an undercurrent of anger and disappointment. The thing was, she hadn’t sounded like that earlier and so either Jack or Mrs Summers must have said something to upset her. He hoped it wouldn’t make it too much harder to patch things up.

“What’s wrong?”

The girl was looking at him now, warily. Her eyes were running over his body trying and then they stopped on his ear. Daniel tried to stay calm, but then she… moved. She moved faster than he was expecting and the wire was in her hand with Joyce’s voice coming out of it. She dropped it to the floor and crushed it under her heal without even bothering to look down. Then she turned to Teal’c.

“Going to hand over yours? Or do I have to take it?”

Daniel glanced at Teal’c who was engaging in a staring contest with her. After a second, he handed it over and she crushed it just like the first. Jack and Sam were on their own.

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Jack was feeling shocked. Joyce’s revelation had really thrown him off base and while he didn’t think she would lie to him about something that important, he did have questions. Finding out that the woman who you considered one of your best friends had been hiding a daughter from you tended to do that. Not to mention Buffy’s reaction. He understood why she would be upset with her mother but what was all that about ‘privileges’? Was it connected to that statement about Sunnydale earlier or did Buffy already have a job involving her… abilities? Could it involve both? After all if there was something up with the town then the chances were anyone who knew what was wrong would want someone to keep an eye on it… particularly if they were super human.

“Jack? Say something?”

Jack turned to look at Joyce, taking in how tired she looked. He closed his eyes for a second before focusing on her. “Like what?”

“I don’t know! Anything!”

Jack rubbed a hand through his hair. “Fine. Why didn’t you tell me? Did you think I didn’t deserve to know? How do I even know you’re telling the truth?”

The sudden flicker of pain across her face made Jack wince internally. Maybe he shouldn’t have said that last sentence. After all, according to Daniel the timing was right. It just hadn’t occurred to him that four weeks downtime on the shrink’s orders after a nasty assignment could result in a daughter. Now he thought back on it though…

“You’re saying I cheated on you?”


Joyce scowled at him. “We agreed that while we were together we’d be exclusive - even if we weren’t serious about anything remember? So unless I had sex without remembering any of it that doesn’t leave any other options.”

“There was Hank.” Jack commented, feeling an urge to defend himself. “I know you broke up with him but you sure got back together quickly after I was gone. You even married him less than a year later!”

“I barely saw him in the weeks before the break up - and he didn’t want to pressure me when we got back together.” Joyce retorted angrily, before a sad look passed over her eyes. “He said he didn’t want to risk loosing me again.”

Jack felt his heart wrench and leaned forward placing his hand on Joyce’s. “Hey, he was a bastard. He didn’t deserve you anyway.”

Joyce gave him a small smile. “Thanks.” Then she looked slightly guilty. “As for why I didn’t tell you… well it’s not the sort of thing you say over the phone and you kept saying you’d visit…”

“I just never did.”

Joyce shook her head. “No.”

“Ok, so why don’t you explain what’s going on with Buffy? And just so you know, my team are going to insist on a DNA test… they’re suspicious people.”

Joyce shrugged. “You’ll have to ask Buffy about that, and I can’t tell you what’s going on either. I’ve already messed up with Buffy enough. Besides, we decided we wanted your answers first before we told you anything.”

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Sam followed Buffy up the stairs towards where the others were supposed to be waiting. She had no idea how the blonde knew where the others were, but she was determined not to mess this up again and so decided not to ask. She knew she hadn’t been in the best of attitudes as far as the girl was concerned… but she wanted to see more of the warrior she had glimpsed before. Maybe they could have a friendly rematch - although seeing her crush Colonel O’Neill’s hand had been a warning that she was probably not going to win…

A/N: Well there you go, hopefully that’s tied up a few things and no one has any major problems with it. I also think it makes Sam a little less OOC - I find it hard to believe scientific curiosity wouldn’t have kicked in already or she wouldn’t have begun to rethink her animosity a little bit. Also, hopefully someone will find a way to tie in that bit with the Tok’ra soon? Maybe Giles could join for the second meeting where everything is explained and he recognises the word ‘Goa’uld’ or something and explains that little tit bit on how they know about the Slayer in the first place but have no mention of demons. (Maybe the Goa’uld knew about strange aliens and the Slayers but refused to believe it was magic and kept running experiments trying to find out where the ‘genetic mutations’ came from. That could be what tipped people off into the fact they weren’t gods.)

Any way,

Good Luck to whoever’s next!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Pass-the-Parcel Experiment" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jul 08.

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