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The Pass-the-Parcel Experiment

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Summary: Buffy's life becomes intertwined with that of SG-1. A story-experiment for everyone to join!

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Chapter One

The Pass-the-Parcel Experiment

Introduction - Note from the Author: MUST READ

Once upon a time when my family and I went on long car trips we would play games. One game consisted of us making up a story, where we would each take turns at coming up with next sentence. Well, I wanted to do that with a fanfic. Thus we have the ‘Pass-the-Parcel Experiment’.

Although I haven’t seen this done before, I’m sure that it has. The idea is that we (as in anyone who wants to participate) will tell a story where each author writes one chapter, basing their chapter off the ones prior to it.

If you want to participate then please let me know, either through the review section or sending me a message through my profile. I will designate you a chapter number on a ‘first in, best dressed’ policy. Also, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Here are the basic rules:

1 – You are only to add a chapter when it reaches your designated chapter number.
2 – You have to follow what has been happening in the story i.e. you cannot completely ignore a development if you don’t like it.
3 – You have to update as quickly as you. If you don’t update within a week, it will pass to the next person on the list.
4 – A chapter can be as long or short as you like, although please not too short.
5 – This is a Buffy/Stargate crossover story and ONLY a Buffy/Stargate crossover story.
6 – This takes place in season 3 Buffy and season 2 stargate.
7 – The story is Buffy-centric, but you can write your chapter from the perspective of any of the characters as long as overall it remains about our Buffster.
8 – The story is rated FR-15, so please keep it that way
9 – This is not a competition, it’s just a bit of whacky fun!

Now I’m aware that:
a) this could be a total bust where no one will be interested and I’ll feel like an idiot
b) The story could completely lose control and go somewhere crazy and nonsensical

But still, I figure – why not?

Hopefully this isn’t breaking any site rules (I can’t imagine how it could be), but if so just shout and I will concede.

Now on to chapter one:

Disclaimer: I have zero rights to either Buffy or Stargate. They are owned by their own, respective parties and I just use them as my muse allows.

Setting: This story takes place within the first few episodes of Season 3 Buffy and around Season 2 of Stargate.

Chapter One

Buffy exited the library, taking a break from research in order to source donuts, or at least that was her excuse. In reality, she just needed a break from her friends. This was their first big research night since she’d returned from her summer in LA; after the night when ang…well, after the night when bad things went down.

“Just don’t think about it” she muttered to herself as she wandered down Sunnydale High’s maze-like corridors. Her friends still didn’t know what had happened the night before she left and she intended to keep it that way. What good would their knowing do anyway?

Leaving the high school, she headed towards town. It was getting dark so she felt around in her handbag, checking for a stake. Finding it, she stashed it up the arm of her black jacket and continued walking.

It wasn’t long before her slayer-senses realized that something was wrong. She couldn’t be sure what it was, but it was putting her on edge. She glanced around covertly, but couldn’t find anything unusual.

“I’m just out of practice,” she decided. She had only been patrolling a handful of times since returning, so it wouldn’t surprise her if she were a little rusty.

Looking at her watch she realized that the café would almost be closing, so she ran the rest of they way, forgetting about her earlier suspicions. However as she left the café, holding a large box of donuts, she was once again overcome by that same curious feeling. She was having trouble placing it. It wasn’t that she was in danger, she was sure of that, but there was definitely someth…ah ha! She was being watched! Yes that was it, she was sure of it.

Not wanting to raise the suspicions of her viewers, she began heading towards the high school as though nothing was wrong. However this time she took careful note of the sounds around her. After about five minutes she realized that during the whole time she’d been walking, there had been a consistent drone of a car engine. Reaching a children’s playground she lay down the box of donuts and sat on a swing. This gave her the opportunity to turn about and observe the area around her.

Scanning the road as she began to swing she noticed a black van parked a few hundred meters down the road.

“Oh my god, could they be any more clichéd?” she said as she hopped of the swing. Now aware of her pursuers, she turned off the road, cutting through a graveyard. This particular graveyard led to a field where there was no road access. She hoped to draw them out of the comfort of their vehicle so that she could get a better look of them.

Sure enough after a few minutes she could hear the sound of multiple footsteps behind her. They were incredibly silent and if it weren’t for her slayer hearing she wouldn’t have heard them at all.

Hiding behind a crypt, she waited for one of them to come into her sight. The being looked human enough, although it was hard to tell under the darkness of night, coupled with the fact that they were dressed entirely in black, right down to a balaclava. They also held a gun, a weapon that Buffy had never seen a demon carry.

Buffy quietly maneuvered herself behind them, covering their mouth with one hand and disarming them with the other. She then pulled them into the crypt that she’d been using for cover. The being attempted to defend itself and Buffy realized that whoever or whatever it was had top training in hand-to-hand combat. Still, it was no where near as strong as Buffy.

“Now that’s not very nice!” complained Buffy. “You’ve been stalking me for half the night, but don’t want to sit and have a friendly chat?”

A radio crackled to life on Buffy’s assailant. “This is O’Neill, what is your position? I repeat, Carter, what is your position? Over.”

Buffy pulled off the balaclava to reveal a woman with short blonde hair.

“I take it you’re Carter then?” she queried. When she received no reply from the woman, she took the radio and pressed the ‘talk’ button.

“Roger, roger O’Neill, all’s quiet on the western front, over,” Buffy joked, channeling Xander.

“Who is this?” came the reply.

“Awww, you can’t guess?”

The woman, presumably called Carter, then spoke up. “Please, we were never going to hurt you!”

“So what, that makes the stalking okay then? Look lady, I’ve got enough on my plate right now without humans causing me problems too. So just tell—”

Before Buffy could finish her sentence she felt a jolt of pain and collapsed unconscious on the floor.


Buffy woke up feeling a little woozy. And headachey. And, for that matter, blurry.

“Is this what a hangover feels like,” she muttered as she slowly rose herself into a sitting position.

“She recovered a lot quicker from the zat than usual, Jack,” said a male voice that Buffy didn’t recognized. Suddenly, everything started coming back to her – the stalking, then the capturing, then the pain…

“Hey, you shot me!” she complained indignantly.

“Well, you attacked me,” came a female voice she vaguely recognized. It must have been the ‘Carter’ from before.

“Well you were stalking me!” Buffy countered. She tried to stand up, but realized that her feet were handcuffed to the base of, well, of wherever she was. She began to take in her surroundings. They were in a small room, with no windows. That was moving. The van!

“Look, we have no intention of harming you,” said the same male voice she heard before. She looked around and found that this voice belonged to a cute, yet geeky man with glasses.

“I’ve got four handcuffed limbs and one weapon wound that tend to contradict that,” she stated.

As the man searched for words to defend himself, Buffy looked around her for a means of escape.

“Hey, what’s that?” she yelled, using the age-old trick to momentarily distract them. She then yanked as hard as she could on her feet and arms, pulling the cuffs from their locks on the floor. She then grabbed a gun from one of the people, shooting at the van’s door. The four people tried to stop her, but they were no match for her speed or strength. Before they knew it, she had jumped out of the moving vehicle, landing on the roof of a car heading in the opposite direction. As she moved away she thought she heard one of the people, an odd man with a tattooed forehead ask, “I did not see what she had been referring to.”

Buffy soon lost track of the van, and ran as fast as she could towards the high school. Her arms and legs were still handcuffed, although she had managed to break the chains holding the cuffs together. She burst into the library, out of breath and looking a mess.

Her friends looked up at her, somewhat stunned by her entrance. Xander was the first to move over to her, looking highly concerned.

“Where are the donuts?” he asked.


Authors Note: Please remember to contact me if you wish to join in the fun and games and I will designate you a chapter. Please do not add a chapter if it isn’t your turn coz it just plain isn’t fair!
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