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The Key Element

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Summary: A story about the true nature of the Key, its creators, and the battle against evil. Written for the Dawn/Korben FFA.

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Chapter Seven

Author’s note: as I’ve said before, I am not going to repost large segments of action and dialogue from the movie. Assume the fight in the concert hall went down as in the movie—there’s no way I can top it.

* * *

“Shit.” Korben speeded up as klaxons sounded and hazard lights began to flash. He gripped his knotted tuxedo jacket tightly, as it contained the four stones he’d recovered from the diva’s body.

“What’s the alarm for, the fight” Dawn shouted over the noise. Her hair was wild and she was spattered with foul-smelling Mangalore blood. It didn’t help her disposition that she had to take three strides to match every two of Korben’s as they hurried back towards their suite.

Korben shook his head in irritation. “Something bad for the ship: engine failure, atmospheric venting or contamination, fire, bomb--”

“You could’ve just said ‘we’ve got to evacuate’ you know.” Dawn flipped her hair and peered down the deserted corridors.

Korben increased his pace even more. The pair turned down the last hall toward their suite and Korben brutally shoved Dawn towards the shelter of a pillar. “Hey,” she objected, even as Korben pointed his pistol.

Zorg stood in the hall, ZF-1 in one hand while the other gripped Cornelius as a living shield. “I want my stones,” Zorg called out. “Give me the stones or the priest dies.”

Cornelius shouted, just too late, “Your Radiance, get away!”

Jean Batiste raised his ZF-1 and Korben shot twice. Flame sprayed from the front of Zorg’s weapon and the bullets struck him in the chest. Zorg staggered back, but his concealed body armor had easily stopped the shots. Then Korben’s third shot took the man through the bridge of the nose and Zorg flopped to the ground.

Dawn’s screams filled the hallway in the aftermath of the gunfire, along with the smell of burnt flesh. “Dear Lord,” Vito shouted in horror as flames from Zorg’s weapon ate into Dawn’s left arm and side of her face.

“Dawn!” Korben leapt forward to catch the woman as she slumped to the ground. He quickly smothered the remaining flames with his body while the young woman cried in agony.

“Help! Someone call for help,” Vito shouted to the deserted corridor.

“Come on,” Korben said as he lifted the Key, “No help’s coming—there’s something seriously wrong with the ship.” They raced towards one of the shuttle bays, and managed to escape from the luxury liner in a small ship only moments before a series of explosions destroyed the liner.

Korben set the coordinates for Earth while Vito tended to Dawn’s injuries with the help of the ship’s medical computer. Korben sat stiffly at the controls and tried no to think about the extent of Dawn’s injuries, even though he could still smell a hint of charred flesh and burnt hair from when he had carried the woman into the ship. Vito came forward after awhile and slumped into the co-pilot’s chair.

“How-” Korben had to stop and clear his throat. “How is she?”

Vito looked at the floor. “I’ve done all I can, except to keep praying. Dawn is sedated while the ship tries to start jump-start the natural healing process. The computerized bandages are doing the best they can.”

Korben stared at the priest. “Will she be okay?”

“With proper medical care—more than this ship can provide. But time is the issue, isn’t it?” Vito watched Korben carefully.

“You’re serious,” Korben demanded. “We go to your temple and risk Dawn dying? We can get her to a hospital first.”

Vito shook his head sadly. “Then the world will die. We must get to the temple and stop the First Evil. Time is of the essence.”

The ship’s control column creaked in Korben’s death-grip. “Father, she’s not a soldier.”

“Yes, my son, she is. As are you. Do not let your feelings as a man interfere with our goal. This is the most important thing you have ever done.”

“She’s badly hurt, and you want me to risk her life even more?”

“It is her calling,” the priest replied.

Korben set the ship down on the rocky ground just outside the entrance to the temple in the desert. Vito greeted David while Korben carried a well-bandaged but groggy Dawn down the ramp. Vito had said they needed to wake her in order for her to work the stones.

“Dawn.” Korben shook her very gently. “Dawn, look at me. You need to do your thing.”

“Don’t look at me,” Dawn moaned. “Please, I don’t want you to see me this way.”

Korben cupped the uninjured side of her face in his hand. “I see a young woman who risks her life to save the world and thinks aliens are demons. I see a woman who fights with her heart and soul to protect people she doesn’t even know. That’s what I see.”

Dawn’s breath hitched in her throat. “Korben, I don’t know if I can do this. It I don’t know if I can focus enough to do it.”

“Dawn, you can; you can do this. I love you, and I know you can do it. You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever known.” Korben kissed the side of her face that wasn’t burned. Dawn sighed at the touch, and the four elemental stones activated. Dawn’s back arched and green energy spewed from her eyes and mouth through the skylight at the top of the vault.

* * *


“The planetoid has stopped at about 300,000 kilometers,” announced the president’s science advisor.

The cheering from the president, his advisors, and the technicians was nearly deafening.

“It’s taken up a slightly eccentric orbit. Calculating orbital period...22 days.” Something nagged at the back of the scientist’s mind, but he couldn’t put a finger on it. He ceased to worry about it as plans for the victory celebration began to shape up.

A few hours later, the presidential limo pulled up outside the main entrance of the medical reconstruction center. Even with a police escort, the driver had to ease through news vehicles and gawkers.

The president bulled his way into the lab, ahead of his Secret Service agents. “Well? Where are they?”

Doctor MacTilburgh smiled diplomatically. “We put them back in the regen chamber. Ms. Summers had extensive burns and Mr. Dallas had numerous contusions, abrasions, and a gunshot wound.”

The president’s smile slipped fractionally. “How are they doing in there?”

A green flash shorted out most of the equipment in the room. “What the hell?” Munro and the President asked simultaneously.

* * *


An immaculately dressed but otherwise nondescript man strode past the open-mouthed administrative assistant with chartreuse hair. He walked into the office that he had coveted for years. Wealth, power, and the respect of many powerful individuals all came with the office, the position. He smiled evilly and gazed out the window for a long moment, then got down to business.

The man waved his hand over the bioscanner on the desk, triggering the intercom to the secretary. “This is Mr. Allen. I am Mr. Zorg’s successor as the head of Zorg Industries. Please call our attorneys. I have legal items to discuss.”

“Very good, Mr. Allen, the secretary answered. “I’m putting you through now.”

A pleasant voice came across the line. “Offices of Wolfram and Hart. Harmony Kendall speaking.”

“Ah, Ms. Kendall, I have recently come into control of Zorg Industries. I want to make sure nothing...unexpected happens before I have everything sorted out over here.”

“Certainly, Mr. Allen. When would you like us to send someone over with a new contract?”

“Yes, thank you. Sometime this afternoon would be best.”


* * *

Great 5th Element video (even though it’s not Dawn):
Falco/5th Element

The End

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