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Golden Spheres and Silver Snow

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Summary: Slayers AU Fic. A fragile balance had been upset and now it must be restored, changing the live of the Slayers

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You are invited to the wedding of...

All Disclaimers can be found in part 1

Title: Golden Spheres and Silver Snow
Author: Simone of the Zordiak
Part: 6/6

The musicians started the wedding march and Filia appeared at the end of the
aisle, wearing a dream of white and being lead by a still serious as ever
looking Milgazia. All the other noises in the temple died down when all eyes
became glued to this vision of beauty walking down the aisle.
A few hisses could be heard when Milgazia handed over Filia to be wed, but a
sharp look of the eyes of the Mei-ou silenced the would-be interrupters.
And then the priest stepped forward.... or better the priestess, for there,
wearing a simple black and white dress, open hair fanning around her like a
cape and for once not glowing, stood the mother of all. Every last sound in the
temple stopped. A pin could be heard falling in this absolute silence and more
than one wedding guest could hear her/his own, frantic beating heart.
"Children...," her soft voice could be heard even in the last corner of the
temple, "my son asked me to wed these two, for he knew if a ryzoku married
them, the mazoku wouldn't have accepted the marriage and if it had been a
mazoku to wed them, the ryzoku would have acted the same. I am the mother of
all, everyone is my child and my authority is absolute. Is there anybody in
this room to doubt my claim?" The room remained silent. "Good, so you all will
accept this marriage as valid." She smiled and softly started to glow. "My dear
children....." She started the wedding ceremony.


Zel watched the newlywed couple sway to the music. The wedding had gone very
well, after mother had appeared. Everyone had chosen to behave, for L-sama's
temper was nothing to trifle with. Unconsciously he started to play with Filia's
bouquet. He had caught it earlier... or better it had caught him. Filia had
thrown it over her shoulder with all her ryzoku-strengst, throwing it far over
the heads of the waiting single women and hitting him smack in the face. It had
nearly knocked him out. Reflex had made him catch it before it fell to the
ground. And now he stood there, a single man with a bride's bouquet and the
only one he wanted to marry was nowhere in sight. He sighed softly. "What is
wrong?" A much welcomed voice asked him as two arms sneaked around him from
behind to settle around his waist. He leaned in the warmth of his lover,
inhaling his unique scent. "Nothing...," he whispered, but his hands still
played with the flowers.

Dynast saw the slightly dishelved flowers in his hands and could guess what was
happening. His hand slipped in one of his pockets... it was a good thing that
he had made sure that everything was all right before... "You know I just had a
small conversation with your mother.... " Zel's ears peaked up. Why would
Dynast have a talk with L-sama? Why was he telling him about it? And why was
his heart suddenly beating so fast? "I wanted to make sure... that she has
nothing against it... that she would allow me to...." He was stuttering and he
knew it. Yet there was nothing he could do against it. Zelgadis wiggled in his
arms until he could turn around and look into his eyes. The moment Dynast
looked into his eyes he knew he was lost. Gone were all the careful selected
words, gone the last of his calm posture. "I...," his fingers closed around the
ring, "I love you... marry me." The words were out of his constricted throat
and he felt like a heavy glacier had been taken from his chest as he looked
into the happy eyes of his lover, as he was embraced by him, kissed and the
answer he had hoped so much for was whispered in his ear again and again.

On the other side of the room L-sama watched as Dynast asked her baby boy to
marry him. She could feel the joy, the happiness he emitted and allowed herself
a single tear of happiness. It was good. Very good. Her child would never be
lonely with his mate, his bonded one, for they were meant to complete each
other. And yet... she felt a little bit sad. Her son was going to marry, he was
no longer only hers. But this feeling of melancholy didn't last long, her son
would still be her son, married or not and Dynast was good for him. Sad
feelings, all but forgotten she settled back to watch the two and... to plan
a wedding.


Gaav couldn't help but laugh as he watched the blond and normally stuffy dragon
boy, his checks flushed, his clothes rumpled as he hit on an equally as drunk
Xellas. So that was the way to make Milgazia loosen up a little. Just get him
drunk and then settle back to watch the fun. He hadn't known that the dragon
knew so many dirty songs... and that thing with the punchbowl, the fork and the
banana had sent him into loud fits of laughter... who would have known....
could have suspected that the stuffy boy knew something like this! Well, even
the stuffious one had been young once, so it maybe could come from his wild
youth.. Oh look! His little sister had obviously drunken very much, to be doing
something like this to a dragon... and in public. A flash of something caught
his eye and he turned around, just in time to see Zel putting some crystals into
a pocket of his coat. A wide grin settled on his face as he considered the
possibilities of this. Hmmm... it would be nice to see their reactions to those
pictures. But how to get them from Zel... someone gently touched his arm and
when he looked up, to see who it was, he looked straight into the eyes of his
newly betrothed. She was smiling at him and only at him. Making plans to
embarrass the stuffy one could wait, he decided as he followed his wife to the


He couldn't help but grin as he put the picture orbs into his pocketdimension.
Xellas face when she would see those pictures... it was worth any trouble he
might get in with the Juu-ou. But maybe he should lead Milgazia towards safer
hunting grounds, Xellas wasn't known for her tolerance and even drunk she
could do more damage than he could possibly prevent. A small wave of misery
turned his attention towards a certain redhead that was sitting rather dejected
in a corner, staring into a glass of zephilian wine.
His head turned back to the drunk dragon and a rather evil smile settled on his
face. This could be... interesting. He created a small magic distraction for
Lina and with a few mumbled words replaced her wine with something stronger.
"What did you just do?" asked the voice of his koi. "I replaced her zephilian
wine with jigoku wine, which is thousand times stronger than the strongest
mortal wine. It should get her drunk rather nicely." "But why?" "Because I want
to set her up with our drunken dragon there... they'll end up in bed and he'll
do the honorable thing. Then they will have a brunch of offspring and I don't
have to think about how I prevent them from starting the next war anymore. And
because they are good for each other." Together they watched as a drunk Lina
wandered over to an equally as drunk Milgazia and they seemed to hit it off.
And because the wine had lowered their inhibitions, Zelgadis was getting some
more indiscriminating pictures. "This will do nicely," he murmured, "now I can
make sure that they marry."
Dynast looked at him, puzzled. "Do you plan on getting all your friends
married?" Zelgadis shook his head. "Actually I only wanted to pair off Gaav
and Filia, 'cause mom said that they were meant to be, and Lina and Milgazia,
because if they stay alone any longer they are bound to start a war the world
isn't ready to see yet. Gourry and Sylphiel would have wed without my help,
but I owed Azarias' soul a favor, because Phibrizo messed up his last life.
So I gave them a little nudge, nothing more. I don't plan on doing anything for
Amelia, Phil has his own plans for her and Xellos...," He shrugged, "...well he
has to live through Xellas punishment first. Did you hear what she had done to
him?" He grinned widely and Dynast mirrored that grin as he nodded rather
enthusiastically. "She's such a genius with punishment. I think sometimes I
have to take notes from her." "Hmhmmm." He murmured and snuggled into his
beloved's chest. "Come... let's dance."


Not so far away a young pup complained his fate. He whined softly as he thought
about the last few days. Xellas had done something worse than he had imagined
possible. She had locked him into this form, powerless, helpless, to be a pet
until she forgave him and decided he had suffered enough. And suffering he did.
The last few days he had lived at a pet store, with children tugging at his
ears and pulling his tail, until this morning, when a young couple had come in
to buy a pet for themselves and their young child. He had been chosen, marked,
fitted with a collar and bought from the merchant. Xellos emitted a long puppy
wail. This was worse than anything. He officially belonged to Gourry Gabriev


They were swaying in time to the music, locked in their own, private world.
The feelings they had for each other tangible in the air around them. They
didn't care who saw them or what they were thinking about them. Zelgadis was
holding his beloved one tightly to him, marveling at the emotions he could feel
emitting from him. Feelings that had been hidden so deeply and so long laying
open before him. Such an act of trust... and he replied likewise, lowering all
his mental defenses for his koibito.


She woke up with the headache of the century. Great Ruby eye, how did this
happened? Her head trobbed in tact with her overly loud heartbeat and her eyes
felt like they were three times too big for her skull. She obviously had the
hangover from hell... strange, she normally held her liquor better than this.
Lina let herself slump back into the bed, her head was pounding far too loud
for her to stand up, better to stay in bed for a little while longer, snuggling
into the warmth... wait! What warmth? She painfully opened a bleary eye and did
a halfturn with her hammering head to see... blond long hair (what was it with
her and blond guys, a detached part of her mused), male, a really yummy
physique and he was still asleep.... and not wearing any clothes. Even hangover
as she was, Lina was able to do the math. And she did something, anyone, who had
woken with a hangover, can tell you was the ultimate sin, the absolute worst
thing to do while suffering from a drinking spree: she sat straight up and


The scream gelled through the rooms of the inn, waking all the other occupants.
"Looks like Lina has woken up. Hope she enjoys her present," Zel muttered
sleepily and turned back to his bedmate. He would like to see her face at the
moment, but on the other side... he had better things to do.


Waking up to a scream is not the best way to wake up, waking up to a scream
while suffering from a hangover is one of the worst things that can happen to
you. So one can forgive Milgazia that his brain wasn't completely working when
he was so abruptly woken. If he had been really awake and not hindered by his
raging headache, he might have realized how dangerous the situation was for his
health. But so he reached out to the small redhead, pulled her into a tight
hug, shushed her silent and went back to sleep.

And after a few minutes of stunned silence, Lina did the same.

*** several months later ***

How fast everything could change, Lina mused while Sylphiel braided her hair.
Just a few month ago she had been thinking about how wrong it was for Filia
to marry outside of her race and now she was sitting here, preparing to attend
Zelgadis and Dynast wedding and planning for her own. A somewhat goofy grin
appeared on her face as she thought about her finance. He was so sweet in his
courtship, intelligent, strong, handsome and absolutely lovable and cuddly.
She sighed.

"Thinking about him again?" Sylphiel asked, already knowing the answer. Since
the memorable day when Lina and Milgazia had woken up in the same bed, cuddling,
she had noticed remarkable changes in the redhead sorceress. She was more
balanced now, more matured and didn't fireball everyone who was making comments
about her breast size anymore. And she was glowing, she was glowing and she had
this look in her eyes... the same look Sylphiel knew she had in her own eyes
every time she looked at her Gourry-sama.


"Tell me again, mom, why do I have to do this?" Zelgadis paced in his room. He
knew it had been a mistake to let his mother make the wedding arrangements, but
to tell this the almighty mother of all? Every minute he was away from his
koi made him more and more antsy as the need to be with him grew with every
single second. Mazoku normally didn't have any formal weddings. The question was
asked, answered and then both would exchange bits of their astral essence to
bind each to the other, but mother, inspired by Filias' and Gaav's wedding, had
insisted on a ceremony and had decided to organize it herself. And she had
told them that they had to wait with the exchange of astral essence until they
were properly wed and this unanswered need to merge astraly with his lover
L-sama smiled as she watched his restless pacing. "Because I'm your mother and
because you agreed to let me do it. Come now, son. It won't be any longer."
Zelgadis sighed in defeat. "Please mom, let it be a short ceremony? I really
need to bound with him and this need hurts." She nodded as she felt his pain
vibrating deep inside his being. "It will be OK, child, you'll see." She
murmured as she pulled him into a motherly hug.


The ceremony L-sama had arranged for them was very different from the wedding
celebration Gaav and Filia had had. It didn't took place in a temple, but a
cave, deeply hidden in the Kataart Mountains, illuminated by seemingly countless
black and white candles. There weren't as many guests as at Filias wedding
because both Dynast and Zelgadis had insisted that it should be a small wedding.
Instead of an altar, there was a large circle craved into the ground, a circle
covered with symbols so old that only L-sama herself did knew their meanings.
Inside the circle stood Dynast and Zelgadis, facing the mother of all as she
came to them, carrying a chalice and a knife.

Mazoku don't bleed, but this knife was created to cut into their astral essence,
removing a small part of it from them to be collected in the chalice. It hurt,
but in a good way, the pleasure-pain washed over them as they watched their
essence swirling and merging in the chalice. Uniting for all time. L-sama smiled
as she started to chant something in a language, dead and forgotten by all but
her. The chalice and its contents started to glow faintly as the spell was
completed. What had been parts of two was now one, a liquid-like, midnightblue
shimmering mass. She looked at them. "Do you swear on this essence and on my
power, to stay honest with each other, to take care of each other, to love each
other beyond eternity?" Zelgadis and Dynast shared a short look before they
replied solemnly: "We swear it." "Do you swear to respect each other, to help
each other and to share everything with each other?" "We swear it." "And do you
swear to protect and to help chaos in all its forms?" Again Zel and Dynast
shared a look. This hadn't been part of the original oath, it looked like
L-sama had added it on her own. They looked at L-sama and replied in unison:
"We swear it." L-sama smiled and raised the knife again. A tiny drop of her own
essence joined the mixed essence of the two and merged with it with a blinding
flash of light. She held the chalice out to them. Without further words Zel and
Dynast shared the essence between them.
It was.. like fire, icy fire flowing through their beings and a feeling of
unity, of being linked with the other that settled deep inside of them. Need
was burning inside of them, a hunger not to be denied. Without thinking about
it, they switched into their astral forms to complete the merging.
Blue, white, black, gold and silver... weaving themselves into complex patterns.
Emotions, memories, thoughts... everything was laid open for the other one to
see, to experience. When they finally let go, they were one in heart, mind and
soul. Bonded forever.


It was late... so late that it was almost early again, when Dynast and Zel
entered a small cave where L-sama was waiting for them. She couldn't help but
smile at the expressions of their faces. They were so blissfully happy that it
shone from every cell of their beings. She had to forcefully tear her thoughts
from some less than innocent subjects.... she was here to see them off on their
honeymoon.... and to give them her wedding gifts. "Before I see you off, I have
something for you. Consider it my wedding gifts." Her hands closed around two
beautiful crafted weapons. A scythe and a sword. "This is the Shitsunen no Ken,
the Sword of Oblivion. I made it for you and it will follow only your commands."
She handed the sword to Dynast. "And I think you know this weapon already," she
said as she handed the scythe to Zelgadis. "The Zenkai no Gai... but mother..."
"You use it more often then I do and frankly, I think it is only appropriate
for you to have it. Use it wisely, that's all I ask... that goes for you too,

Dynast nodded mutely, he could feel the power of the sword thrumming at the
edge of his awareness and it was a rather strange experience. Zelgadis gave his
mother a hug and then stepped to stand next to his mate.
"Now, that you have received my gifts, I'm going to send you off to your
honeymoon. I think I've found the perfect place for you. From the fate-scrolls
I have been receiving, it is a peaceful and romantic little corner of the
universe, perfect for a honeymoon." She smiled as a faint blush tinted Zel's
checks. L-sama waved her hand and with a single outburst of golden power, the
newlyweds were gone.

I hope they have fun, she thought as she went to attend the party.

*** fin ***

Until the sequel ^_^


Koi : Love

jigoku : hell

koibito : beloved one, sweetheart

shitsunen : oblivion

ken : sword

zenkai : complete destruction

gai : scythe

So the Zenkai no Gai is the Scythe of complete Destruction

The End

You have reached the end of "Golden Spheres and Silver Snow". This story is complete.

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