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Golden Spheres and Silver Snow

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Summary: Slayers AU Fic. A fragile balance had been upset and now it must be restored, changing the live of the Slayers

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Golden Spheres and Silver Snow

Author's Rant:

After reading a lot of Slayers Fanfiction, I decided to give
it a try myself. I have only seen the first 12 eps of Slayers
(as subbed Originals) because I live in Germany and more tapes haven't
been released here until now, so most I know about the show is from
the Internet. So if the characters are a little OOC bare with me.

I started at a point that always confused me: I heard and read
that the Lord of Nightmare had promised not to interfere in the
world of Slayers, but by destroying Phibrizo she did interfere
quite heavily. Since that bugged me a lot I decided to solve it
my way: "Rewrite what you don't like".

From the first draft the Fic has changed rather drastically, for
example, the figure of the Mazoku Lord Dynast Grausherra didn't
appear at all in my first draft and now he's one of the main cast.
His developing relationship with Zelgadis wasn't planned either.

Since I know next to nothing about the adventures of the group during
Slayers Try (except the final results) I left it to my imagination,
to make things up, so the situations differ a lot from the anime.

One last thing: I'm not a native English speaker and the German
grammar differs a lot from the English one. I used a spellchecker
on the story before I sent it out, but that doesn't help with
grammar mistakes. So there might be a lot of them... sigh. Please
ignore them.

Rating: differs with the various parts

Warning: M/M pairing. If you don't like it, don't read further.

Pairing: Zelgadis/Dynast, Filia/Gaav (yes I know that it is odd,
but I think they are cute together)

Distribution: If you want it, take it, just tell me so I know where
it goes to.

Disclaimer: "Slayers", its characters, places and situations don't
belong to me, but to Rui Araizumi, Hajime Kanzaka and
Shoko Yoshinaka.

Feedback: Constructive Critic is always welcomed.
Please, if you don't tell me what's wrong I can't learn from
my mistakes.
Flamers beware, I have a really good memory and a set of
flamer-trained chibi piranhas ^_^

Title: Golden Spheres and Silver Snow
Author: Simone of the Zordiak
Part: 1/?

He was cold, so cold when he woke up. Cold and confused. What had
happened? He didn't know. Everything was so blurry and strange. There
had been this boy... suddenly he remembered. Remembered everything up
to the moment when he had seen Mei-ou Phibrizo breaking one of his crystals,
the shock, the realization, when he fell, that this soulorb was his own.
So, was he dead now? He should be, yet he felt no difference. So maybe
he was still alive...alive again... but how? Why? A hand reached out to
help him up and automatically he took it, standing up. Only when he
looked at the owner of the hand he realized that it had been Xellos who
had helped him up, but he couldn't be picky in a situation like this.
"What happened?" he asked, already dreading the answer.
"She happened." Xellos replied shortly, without his usual smile, pointing
towards the center of the temple.
"Lina," he muttered as he saw the small figure of the sorceress drenched
in golden light. "No, not Lina. She casted the Giga Slave, but it went
wild, consumed her. This is the Mother of all. The Lord of Nightmare."

His eyes widened as he listened to the mazoku. If he didn't lie and why
should he lie about this, then this was the creator of this world, maker
of Ruby eye Shabranighdo and the Flare dragon Ceipheid.

The decievingly small and frail form of the Mei-ou-sama steeped in front
of her, trying to destroy Lina's body to set the golden chaos free, yet
she utterly destroyed him with a single wave of her hand.
Then she slowly turned around to them, walking, no, gliding towards them
with slow, measured steps.

"Balance must be restored," she declared and her voice rang through them
on a primal level, to settle deep inside their cells.
"What does she mean?" Zelgadis asked confused.
"When she created this world, L-sama promised not to interfere, no matter
what would happen. So when she destroyed Phibrizo, she unbalanced the
world, because she interfered."
"So she needs to rebalance it," Zel concluded, "but how...." His voice
left him when the figure, that looked so much like Lina, yet wasn't her,
stopped to stand in front of him.

"The balance will be restored." She pointed at him and a wave of gold
rushed at him, shrouding him in a ball of unnamed power. "Now," she
said and Zelgadis screamed as the energy invaded him to change him


Gold, gold everywhere.... surrounding him like a blanket, soft and
warm, secure like a mother's embracement, welcoming his weary body
home. Gold... soothing him when he woke up in this strange dream... it
was a dream... wasn't it?

"Child...," a low voice murmured in his head, a voice he felt like he
should recognize, yet his head was stuffed with so many new things that
he couldn't remember. Slowly he uncurled out of his foetal position,
looked around. A bed, he was in a bed made out of golden energy, and
someone had tucked a blanket carefully around him. A shimmering woman
sat on edge of the bed. It had been her voice that had roused him out
of his peaceful slumber.

He blinked sleepily at her. "Who are you?" A smile fluttered over the
woman's face and she walked around the bed to sit next to his confused
form. Something about her was hauntingly familiar, the way she walked,
smiled, everything about her screamed "Recognize me!" yet he couldn't
figure it out.

She laughed, a sound like silver bells and waves of gold danced around
her. He froze as hew finally recognized her.
"Shhh..." Her hand stroked his hair, moving through the stiff wire like
it was the softest of silk, ".... it is all right, child."
He wanted to ask what had happened, where they where and what she had
done with him, but he couldn't speak, couldn't move a single muscle,
he was paralyzed with fear and shock.

L-sama never stopped smiling as she gathered him in her arms and her
hand was still stroking through his hair. It felt good, really good.
Nobody had done that in a very long time... even before he had become
a chimera. She started to hum an old melody and he snuggled closer to
her, his eyes already dropping as she sent him through the last phase
of changes.


He had seen a lot in his more than a thousand years long life and there
weren't many things that could surprise him anymore, yet this was a
completely unexpected turn of events.
With wide opened eyes Xellos watched the golden-glowing figure of the
chimera, felt and saw the changes as more and more of the golden power
was absorbed into Zelgadis' body. It looked to be rather a painful
process... how nice.

With a bright flash the last of the golden light evaporated and Zel's
unconscious body was lowered to the ground. Xellos scanned him critically,
yet he couldn't find any differences... except for one strand of his hair.
The previously silvery violet hair had turned to gold where it hung
over his right eye. It looked like someone had woven golden wire between
his steel hair.

Zelgadis moaned softly, the first sign that he was about to wake up,
and when he opened his eyes, Xellos finally understood exactly what had
happened and he starred in open shock. Nestled between the black of his
slit pupils and the blue of his iris, bands of gold had appeared,
surrounding the pupils with glowing power. And his presence... it felt
like darkness and lightning and death. As powerful as Mei-ou-sama had
felt to him. Zel stood up, looked around and then focused on him. For
the first time he felt the power of the new Mazoku Lord concentrated on
him... it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

The focus of the eyes shifted away from him and he felt like he had
just gotten a new chance at life. He didn't like to admit it, but
Zelgadis was scaring him. Scaring him much more than Phibrizo ever
had, more than his master or the other Mazoku Lords could ever hope to
achieve. And the deadly calm that surrounded the chimera was enhancing
the effect even more.

Finally the searching eyes had found what they had sought, shattered
bits of crystal, the rests of the soulorbs of his friends. A gesture
and the broken bits flew up to hover over his hand. Then he stopped,
his eyes seeking out Xellos again. "They are not to know what happened
here. Everything shall remain the same for them, understood?" Xellos
nodded. "Yes, Mei-ou-sama."

"Good." Zelgadis concentrated and the golden bands around his pupils
vanished, as did the golden strand of hair. His dangerous aura seemed
to fold into itself until he was able to imitate his previous aura, that
of the chimera. He looked and felt the same as he had before L-sama had
changed him, but the crystal shades, still hovering over his hand, were
destroying the illusion. "L-sama wishes that I continue to travel with
them until the prophecy of Karyu-ou Valbazard has been fulfilled."
He said, absentmindedly, while he watched the bits slowly merging again,
to become what they once had been... the soulorbs of his friends.

"And now," he said with a half-smile as he saw Xellos' shocked face,
"it is showtime."


It was strange, he pondered, strange how suddenly a situation could
change, twist out of excepted lanes and become something totally
different. But these were useless musings now and he abandoned the
thoughts before he entered his master's den. Xellas wouldn't be so

"The God-sealing barrier has fallen," Xellas said without looking at
her priest, "so I assume that Phibrizo is no problem anymore." She
spoke with the air of satisfaction, Phibrizo, strongest of the five
generals of Shabranighdo, he had been the one to interfere with her
plans many times and now....

"Phibrizo was destroyed as you predicted, Juu-ou-sama, but...." "But
what?" The tone of his master's voice wasn't very pleasant. Xellos
swallowed and continued quickly. "Lina Inverse lost control over the
the Giga Slave. She got possessed by Lord of Nightmare-sama and L-sama
destroyed Mei-ou-sama. L-sama's interference unbalanced the fate of
the world and to rebalance it she infused another being with the power
of..." "NO!" Xellas shouted. She jumped up from her divan and started
to pace. Another Mei-ou wasn't a good outcome. Phibrizo at least had
been a known force, the new Lord of the Dead was an unknown variable in
the powerplay between the Mazoku Lords. A dangerous variable.

"Who?" "L-sama choose one of Lina Inverse travel companions, the chimera,
as the new Mei-ou-sama. He has been infused with her power and is still
traveling with them. They don't know about his change of status and
they will not know about it until the prophecy of the Karyu-ou Valbazard
has been fulfilled. Orders from L-sama." Xellas started to swear.
This was worse than she had expected. The chimera. Why the chimera? As
long as he had searched for a non-existent cure he had been predictable,
but now, thrown in this new situation and without his previous goals, he
would become the most unpredictable of the Mazoku Lords. Strong, logical
and highly intelligent as he was, he would become a more fearsome opponent
now than Phibrizo. And he was stronger than her. Was he? "Have you seen
him use his powers yet?"

"Yes, Juu-ou-sama. He created powerful illusions to make his friends
believe that Phibrizo was killed by L-sama in front of their eyes,
that L-sama's chaos has swallowed Lina's soul. It was very amusing to
watch the reactions to that. He whipped out several specific memories of
Lina and the swordsman without them even noticing. And...," Xellos
swallowed, his mistress wouldn't like this information very much, "he
has an ability the previous Mei-ou-sama hadn't. He can repair broken
soulorbs and bring the dead back to real life." "WHAT?!?!?"

*** several weeks later ***

The pain and agony of all the tortured souls of hell surrounded him,
nourishing him and giving him tingles of pleasure. He leaned back on his
chair, enjoying the emotions he consumed. At first, his change at the
hands of L-sama had been a shock for him. It had taken a long time for
him to come to terms with his new status. Fortunately L-sama had
predicted this and had let him have all the time he needed. He knew
that his change had looked like a thing of mere minutes, but for him,
six thousand years had passed, six thousand years of living with his new
mother, with L-sama in the Sea of Chaos. She had taught him everything
he needed for his new existence and more important, she had been a real
mother to him... something he hadn't known before. It had been great.

His gaze wandered through the room. Who would have guessed that his
title wasn't just a title but the simple truth. Hell existed as its
own realm and he was the sole master of it.

Abruptly he stood up. He might be the Mei-ou, but he didn't knew very
much about his realm. It was time to correct that. Time for a little
tour. He had more than enough time, his friends believed him on a quest
for his "cure". A small smile hushed over his lips. As a mazoku he could
shift his body to any shape he wanted, yet his true form would be that
of the chimera for all his existence. But after an odd thousand years he
had finally come to terms with it, it didn't bothered him anymore.

Swiftly he walked out of his quarters, climbing down the stairs that lead
to the realms of the damned.

Zelgadis had walked through the realms of hell for several hours when he
came to a door the color of onyx. Curious he opened it, to see who was
held beyond it. Only the worst of the damned where held beyond that type
of doors. Behind the door was a wasteland. Shades, memories of restless dead
persons were scattered everywhere, their hateful eyes trained to one
person. In the middle of the wasteland, fused to the skeleton of a tree,
there was a man, a tall man with blue, wide opened eyes. The shades were
whispering to him, telling him about their lifes and their deaths, how
he was responsible for their deaths, for all the misery he saw before
him. Zel could see the effect those stories had on the man quite clearly.
The self-loathing and pain the man emitted was exquisite and maybe he
could add to it even more. He teleported behind him. "Like what you see?"
He whispered into his ear.

The man made a startled noise. He tried to turn his head, to see who
was behind him, yet it was useless. But at least he was still able to
talk. "Who's there?" "I am." A figure, clothed completely in black,
stepped into his field of view. The creatures skin was an almost azure shade
of blue with darkblue splotches. His ears were long and pointed, his eyes
had the slit pupils of the mazoku and the glowing golden bands around
the pupils were making him uncomfortable. But the worst thing was that he
felt like he should know this being. Yet, being in hell had taken his memories
of the things he had actually seen in the last minutes of his life. He tried,
but he couldn't remember. "Who are you?" "You don't recognize me?" The
creature asked in a frightingly familiar voice. Before he hadn't been able to
recognize it, because whispered voices all sounded the same to him, but now...
"I am hurt, really I am. There are not that many chimeras around. I only meet
another one and he was completely insane so I think he wouldn't come to visit
you, grandfather."
Grandfather, that word cut deeply into him, for it confirmed his worst
fears... that this creature was really Zelgadis, his grandson, and his body,
that hadn't let him recognize him for a human being, that body was his
creation... his fault.

Zelgadis smiled bitterly when he felt the shock of his grandfather, as
he finally realized just who was coming for a small surprise visit.
"zelgadis..." His name, only a whisper, but loud enough for him to hear.
"Yes, it's me, grandfather. Surprised?" He took a step backwards and adopted
a thoughtful pose. "Oh, right, I forgot. Those memories have been taken from
you... do you want to have them back?" Zelgadis smiled, but it wasn't a
friendly smile, but cold enough to freeze weaker souls of hell. He raised his
hand, his fingertips emitting a soft golden light, stepped forward again and
before Rezo had realized what was happening, those golden tipped fingers
had touched his forehead. And then memories exploded into his brain. He
screamed as the images assaulted his brain. The moment when his eyes had
finally opened to see, to see out of ruby eyes before he was overwhelmed by
the Darklord King, before his soul had been banished into a tiny little corner
of his self. He saw again the sorceress, so small and fragile, but it had been
her to save the world. The blond swordsman, Zelgadis' friends Rodimus and Zolf
and Zelgadis himself. He remembered the look of utter fear and surprise on
their faces when Zel's spell failed and then he remembered his words towards
him. His last words as a living being. Shame washed over him. How could he...?

The cloud of misery surrounding his grandfather intensified and he smiled as
he consumed the delicious pain and despair. And he knew he could intensify
Rezo's pain even more. But did he truly wanted to do it? He frowned. Buried
deep inside of him, there still was the betrayed child, the one that had paid
the highest price for trusting his grandfather. And all the child wanted to
do have was peace, finally. Yet to be able to let go of it all, he needed
Rezo's help, his sincere apology.

But first he had to snap him out of his brood. He looked eyes with him, "Do
you like what you see?" He waved his hand towards the vengeful dead, towards
the wasteland surrounding them, to himself. "You should, it is your true legacy,
your work that build this place, for it was your desire to see that started
everything, after all. Now, rising the king of the Mazoku race is a bit drastic
a method, don't you think? And there are a lot blind people who will never be
able to see, yet they are happy with their lives. Not you. But well, I have to
admit that it worked. Sure you're no longer alive and you'll stay in hell for
all eternity, but at least you can see." Zelgadis smiled his cold, sarcastic
smile again. "Now answer me one question, was it really worth it? I mean...,"
he conjured a simple bench for himself and sat down, "... up to that moment,
when you started your eye-opening-quest seriously, when you started to order
people to kill to get to your goals, up to this moment you could have become a
real saint. Someone who people look up to. A paragon of virtue. And you could
have been happy, even without your sight. So was it really worth it?"

"no." Rezo lowered his eyes, trying to escape the demon eyes of his grandson,
yet he could still feel them drilling into him. Those eyes, he was afraid of
Zelgadis' eyes. They were so inhuman, cold and without mercy. All his fault.
His guilt to carry.
A sigh. He looked up. Zel had closed his eyes and his pose had relaxed. "You
regret it then? All of it? Really and truly?" His voice had changed, no longer
cold and detached, but pleading and weary, like he was tired of the past,
begging like a hurt child. And when he reopened his eyes, they had undergone
the same change.
Rezo looked at him. At his eyes. These were the eyes of the child he had
disappointed so many times. The one he had left alone for so long and so often.
How often had the small boy begged him to stay a little longer, not to leave
him behind and now that he could see those eyes in the face of the adult he
had injured and betrayed so gravely... he knew he had to speak the truth. At
least once he had to be absolutely honest, he owed it to him. "yes."

The feelings washed over him and he smiled. There was no lie in his
grandfathers answer. And after a very long time he was finally able to let go
of the last of the ill feelings he had still harbored in his mind.

"That is good," He stood up and made the bench disappear with a wave of
his hand. "Maybe I can do something then." "Do what?" "Oh, that's right,
you didn't know yet." He stepped closer to the tree. The golden bands in
his eyes glowed with power. "I," he whispered into his grandfathers ear,
"I am the new owner of this place." He laughed out loud, when he teleported
away, leaving behind a shocked Rezo, who tried to figure out just how
his grandson had become the Lord of Hell.

*** two months later ***

Norst looked at the travelers camping in the clearing in front of him.
Ha-ou-samas orders had been simple: kill all he had to in order to get
to HER. Her being the small redhead sorceress that was just beating a
blond man with a slipper. The Trickster priest, servant of Juu-ou, wasn't
here, that was the opportunity he had hoped for. He readied himself for
his attack when someone tapped him on his shoulder. Irritated he turned
around. Behind him, dressed completely in black and idly balancing a
golden marble on the back of his right hand, stood the chimera. Norst
recalled what he had heard of him. Strong, loyal once he accepted one as
his friend, a good fighter with sword and magic and capable of casting
spells that could actually kill him. That wasn't so good. He had hoped
to avoid him. But orders were orders and Ha-ou-sama wouldn't be happy if
he came back without the fiery redhead. A strong Dynast breath should
take care of the problem.

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you." The chimera stated and tossed the
marble in the air, just to catch it in his hand. Norst didn't paid it
any attention. "Dynast Breath!" He flung the spell at his opponent.
"Gouka." the chimera said and the icy tendrils were consumed by the
raging fires of hell. Norst starred at him openmouthed. That... that was
impossible. No mere mortal should be able to counter this spell so easily.
And not like this... "Are you done now?" The voice was cold and annoyed.
Other voices were coming closer. The group camping in the clearing had heard
their fight and was coming to investigate. That wasn't good. A hand
grabbed Norst at his shoulder in a strong and unforgiving grip. "I think
we are going to have a little chat with Dynast now," the chimera said,
before he teleported them away. When Lina and her friends entered the
patch where they had heard the noise, nobody was there, but the ground
was blackened and the earth had been melted where the hellfire had raged.


Zelgadis was really angry as he dragged the frightened general through
Dynast's ice fortress. He hated interruptions and when the wards he had
placed on his friends had alerted him to an intruder he had been royally
pissed. At first he had wanted to boot that clown to hell and roast
him, but this idiot was one of Dynast's people and Dynast was one of the
few who was actually using his brain, so roasting Grausherra's underling
wouldn't help him very much... even if it would have been a good way to
release some pent up frustrations.

He opened the doors to the main hall with a loud bang and all but flung
the whimpering mazoku at Dynast's feet. Zel stood in the entrance, his
blue and gold battle aura spiking wildly around him. His eyes were blazing
with power and over his right hand, several golden orbs were dancing.
He was very angry and he was showing it. With slow measured steps he
walked towards the sitting Dynast. "Don't try such a stunt again! Not
before Valbazard's prophecy had been fulfilled! I have worked too hard
to keep them alive to have someone sending such a stupid little fool to
ruin everything!" His previously hidden aura flared alive as he became
more and more furious. The lower mazoku started to tremble as the black and
golden aura of the Mei-ou extended out of his body. Mei-ou-sama wasn't someone
they wanted to cross at a good day and here he was and it was obviously
not a good day. "You are going to stop your plans regarding Lina Inverse.
I need the entire group on the battlefield when the dark prophecy comes
to pass. Afterwards you can try your luck with the chaos child by all means."
His rage started to fade and he threw a quick glance towards the general,
that was still cowering on the ground. "Oh, and teach your people how to
use their brains, Dynast. It would be very annoying for me if I had to
roast him because he's so unbelievable stupid." And with that he vanished.

For several moments nobody moved or spoke. Then, slowly, Dynast stood up.
His ice blue eyes were glowing with anger. "Why," he asked almost friendly,
"why haven't I been informed about this before? How could there be a new
Mei-ou without me knowing about it?" His voice steadily rose in volume
and the blue ball of magic that was forming in his hand was testament
to the fact how angry he really was. "Because we didn't know about it,
either, Ha-ou-sama," Sherra, his first general replied. Dynast's hand
clenched around the deadly ball of magic before he canceled it. Freezing
his minions would be only satisfying for a moment and then he had to make
new ones. No, what he needed right now was information. And there was
only one way to get truthful answers. He concentrated for a moment and
then teleported away.


He pulled his sword out of the last of the bandits. Blowing off steam
like Lina always did was a really good way to calm down. Zelgadis grinned,
obviously he had been around Lina too much. Now he only had to start
beating people with bunny slippers when he was annoyed and the
transformation would be perfect, but no, he wouldn't. That was Lina's
very own habit, one he wasn't going to copy any time. He started to clean
the blade of his sword on the clothes of a fallen bandit, mentally
estimating how many of the souls of the dead would end up in his domain,
when he felt a presence behind him. "I have expected you a bit later."
Zel said without turning around. He cleaned the last bits of gore from
his blade, sheathed it and turned around. Like he had expected, Dynast
was standing there, a few feet away from him, scanning him with icy eyes.
"You want answers." He didn't ask, he stated it as a fact. A barely
visible nod was his only answer. With a few gestures he opened a portal
to hell. "Follow me." And Dynast, weary but curious, stepped through the
doorway to hell.


I have decided to use the Japanese titles of the five Mazoku Lords
in my fic, because I like them better than the English translations.

Mei-ou : King of the Underworld, Japanese title of Hellmaster.
Juu-ou : King of the Beasts, Xellas Metallium's Japanese title.
Ha-ou : Supreme King, Japanese title of Dynast Grausherra.
Kai-ou : Ocean King, Deep Sea Dolphin's Japanese title.
Maryu-ou : Demon Dragon King, Japanese title of Chaos Dragon Gaav.

Karyu-ou : Fire Dragon King, one of the four Dragon Gods

Valbazard : name of the Fire Dragon King

Rezos last words as a living human, before overwhelmed by Shabranighdo: after
the failed Ra-tilt he told Zelgadis that he (Zel) was a hideous creature and
that he (Rezo) would put him out of his misery by killing him.
This is according to the Mangas, not the anime, but I found it fitting.

Norst : second General of Dynast Grausherra

Gouka : Japanese for hellfire
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