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Cheering Charmed

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Summary: Part 2 of "Xander's Family". A demon finds a cheerleading trophy in the high school. It lands in the hands of the Crone. What does she intend to do with a trophy?

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Charmed > Xander-CentereddarkmagicianFR1521,800034,76326 Apr 0831 Jul 08No

Chapter 1

"Did you make the Urn available to be purchased by the ex-demon?" demanded the Crone.

"Yes mistress," said the younger woman.

"Excellent. Such a shame to lose her to humanity. She was such an inspiration to us all. Over a thousand years making humanity suffer. Such a waste. Ah well. She was careless, so her fate was deserved."

"Yes mistress."

"How goes your training?"

"Very well. I've got to kill two more targets to become a full demon."

"Excellent. Why don't you get your other kills in while I block the Witch and the Whitelight from helping the Adept?"

"As you wish mistress."

"I got it!" reports Anya excitedly. "I used one of the Magic Box's suppliers to get it. With luck, Giles won't even notice."

"Anya. How did you get it? It's supposed to be guarded by the Priests of Osiris," says Xander.

"I bought it from the supplier. I just said that, stay with me here," responds his girlfriend. "Besides, aren't you supposed to be excited that we're bringing Buffy back?"

"Not really. I mean, yes, I miss Buffy, but using these types of magics aren't of the good. They frequently go wrong. That's why the girls couldn't bring back Prue, Patty, or Penny. It's just too dangerous."

"Don't worry about it, Xander. I've got it all under control," says Willow. "I understand your concern, but she's trapped in some Hell dimension because she sacrificed herself to close those portals."

"Jesse says she's fine right where she is. We shouldn't be doing this?"

"I agree with Xander and Jesse, sweetie," cuts in Tara.

"Tara, how can you? They're just being worry-warts. I've got everything well in hand. And what does that mean, to have something well in hand? I mean, I'm not exactly able to actually physically hold everything for this spell..."

"Willow, you're babbling again," said her girlfriend gently.

"Guys, I need you on board with this, or it's not going to work," said Willow. "If the four of us work together on it, it should be fine. The key is cooperation."

"Wills, if my cousins won't do it, and they're the most powerful witches in the world, then you shouldn't do it. You're not as powerful as they are."

"I'm going to go through with it Alexander Lavelle Harris. Now, you can either help me, or you can let me do it alone. What's your decision?" demanded the witch, her Resolve Face firmly in place.

"Wills..." before Xander could finish, they were interrupted by a swirl of blue-white orbs of light that soon manifested into Jesse McNally, Xander's Whitelighter.

"Yes! Someone who's fully on my side!" crowed the male witch.

"Let me guess, Willow's going to do the spell regardless of what we say?" asked Jesse.

"Got it in one," confirmed Xander.

"Then, we'll have to make sure it doesn't kill her...YEEAARRRGH!" The Whitelighter's statement is cut off by the scream he emits. Before he vanishes in an explosion of orbs.

"JESSE!" yells the other man. "Not again. Please, not again."

"Xander, call your cousins, they have more experience with Whitelighters," instructs Anya. "Maybe they can figure out what happened to Jesse. Don't panic needlessly."

"I swear sometimes, that she channels Cordelia," mutters Willow to her girlfriend.

"The male witch's Whitelighter has been removed from the Hellmouth, mistress," reports Catherine Madison.

"Perfect," says the Crone.

"However, he will be calling the Charmed Ones."

"No matter, they won't be able to trace him without going to the Hellmouth. And even then, their magic will be disrupted. They haven't adapted to the taint like the boy has, and he's not skilled enough to do it on his own. Now, did you remove the record of the transaction from the Watcher's inventory and purchase forms?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Excellent. Everything is falling into place."


"Halliwell residence, Phoebe talking."

Pheebs? It's Xander.

"Xan? What's wrong, sweetie? You sound pretty upset."

It's Jesse. Willow wants to try to resurrect Buffy, and he and I are trying to stop her. You know, cuz of the danger? Well, he...exploded...or something.

"What do you mean exploded?" demanded the witch.

I don't really know! came the wailed reply. We were talking about making sure it won't kill her, since she's gonna do the spell no matter what we say, then he screamed and exploded in orbs! I lost him once already, I couldn't handle it if he died again!

"Xander. Calm down. It may mean nothing. I'll talk to Leo and see what he says. Barring that, I'll get him to talk to the Elders and see if they can figure something out, okay sweetie?"


"I'm gonna go talk to Leo now. I'll call you back when we have anything, either good or bad."



The End?

You have reached the end of "Cheering Charmed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jul 08.

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