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The green beast of Sunnydale

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Summary: Xander dresses as the one character without super powers... sort of.

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Anime > NarutoTjinFR1515310125,89326 Apr 0826 Apr 08Yes
(A/N) Well, I was going to write a Xander dresses as Kiba Fic, unfortunately the plot bunny of having Xander dress as the ‘Normal one’ had longer teeth, I may get back to writing that if the reviews lean in that direction, until then I think I’ll stick with what I have, Happy reading.


Green Beast


Rock Lee, the green beast of Konoha, crashed to the ground with a groan as the weights on his appendages overloaded his straining muscles and dragged him to Earth.

Lying in the impression he had made when he landed, Lee forced his head up and noticed he wasn’t in the training grounds with Guy sensei.

“Guy Sensei, I am unable to move,” Lee yelled looking around franticly for his mentor. “Guy Sensei,” He yelled again before trying other sources, “Neji, Tenten,” He paused before continuing. “Naruto, Kiba, ANYONE?” He cried in desperation before taking a deep breath and letting it out. “Team Guy must be in trouble to not respond.” He said to himself before noticing the more immediate threat.

His shouting had drawn the attention of several of the small monsters that swarmed over the area. Taking a moment to center himself, Lee reached for the release catch Guy sensei had insisted he build into every one of his weight systems. Not that Lee had ever had need of them, but they had been put in place in case Neji or Tenten needed to carry him they could do so without the added difficulty of his training tool.

Taking a deep breath, Lee focused, “If I am unable to do this I shall do a hundred rising uppercuts,” he declared. Muscles straining, Lee snagged the release line on his second try and freed his right arm. After that, the remaining weights were quickly removed and Lee leapt to his feet, stumbling slightly as the weakness followed him even after he had gained his freedom.


Turning Lee watched the redhead rush towards him.


Xander groaned from were he lay in the shattered remains of the warehouse, in all his days he never felt as bad as he did right then, the only bright spot being the mangled body of Spike as it twitched several feet away.

Looking up at the soft tread of feet, Xander smiled at the wide eyed Buffy who stared at the damage he had caused in the short seconds he had managed to keep the chakra gates open.

“Heyyyyyyy Buffy, look what I can do,” Xander slurred before the last ounces of energy fled him, leaving the green decked Scooby to slump into unconsciousness.


(A/N) This is the end, hopefully. I liked the idea of Xander not walking away from the whole thing with uber-super powers like Sharingan, or byukagen, unfortunately Lee’s character is a lot more visual then I had originally anticipated, currently the only other plot bunnies I have for the Naruto verse is one where he dresses as Kiba, and one where the swim team incident gives Xander an affinity with Bugs (Shino)

Unfortunately the last one is unlikely as that character would be far too similar to Oz.

I do not own BtVS or Naruto

The End

You have reached the end of "The green beast of Sunnydale". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking