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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Sequel to An Unholy Union. In Darkness Falls, the boys have to make the difficult choice of saving Dean by vamping him. Can they keep him from completely going to the darkside before they can get him re-ensouled, like Spike? (Spike/Dean/Sam)(Slash)

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Ch. 13

Sam was barely keeping himself stable on the bar stool, especially each time he spun on it. He watched and shook his head watching Dean shooting pool with Spike. Dean was purposely torturing Spike as he bent over and presented his lover with a nice view of his ass before making a shot and sauntering around to the other side with this grin that said he knew what he was doing.

Comments were made, bets as well, and it was pissing Spike off that Dean kept winning. "I'm telling you, Spot, um I mean, Spike," Sam corrected, "Dean has luck on his side."

Dean was grinning like a mad man and nodded, "Yep, got lady luck livin' in my back pocket."

“Maybe if you’d stop shaking that arse and ruining my concentrations.. concentration.” Spike tried to cool himself off with a couple more swallows of beer, as his gaze focused on the faded jeans clinging just so to Dean’s arse. The bastard leaned over the table far more than he actually needed to.

An unholy fire lit Spike’s eyes. Setting his drink down, he walked up behind Dean, and positioned his hardening cock against his arse and made as if to show him how to properly shoot. “A hard right, into the hole. That’s the ticket, mate,” he whispered against Dean’s ear, his arms around Dean and holding the pool stick with him.

Dean closed his eyes for a moment, feeling the hardness press against him. Spike’s words and the movement of his lips against his ear didn't help much either. He turned his head and was only inches from those lips he so wanted to kiss, but he knew what that would lead to.

Sam, thankfully, suddenly fell off his stool and Dean quickly pushed away from Spike. "Sammy? You okay over there?"

Sam raised his hand, "I'm good."

Spike groaned. Just a little kiss, it’s all he’d wanted. Maybe a small grope. Or a bit of pressure... And thinking along these lines wasn’t doing him a bit of good. He stepped back. “Go on, take your best shot,” he growled, letting his frustration surface.

Dean looked at Spike, "I'm sorry, Dude, I made a deal and I'm not gonna risk it, okay," He leaned in and kissed Spike on the cheek. "Now move," he bumped him with his hip and got down to make his shot.

Unconsciously, Spike started to reach for him again, then dropped his hands. “Sam... you finish the game out. I need to... get as drunk as you.” Walking backwards, gaze still clinging to Dean’s arse, he tripped over a chair and swore up a storm.

Leaning across the bar, he reached for the bottle of whiskey, and started to swallow it down. “I might need to sleep in chains tonight,” he muttered, thinking it might be necessary if he didn’t drink himself into a bloody stupor.

Sam pulled himself up and took the stick. "See, unlike you I know how to beat my brother."

"Do not," Dean answered.

"Uhuh," Sam pushed Dean aside then started pushing all the balls into the pockets.

"Hey!" Dean tackled his brother, ending up with both of them rolling around.

Turning to look at them, if at all possible, Spike paled. “You’re like a fucking porno on display... wait until your thirty days are over, you’re paying for this,” he groused, mentally undressing the pair of them and biting his lower lip as his mind played a soundtrack of pants and groans. Lifting the bottle, he took a few more swallows... the quicker he deadened his senses, the better. This would be a good time to go and get some stronger stuff, the stuff that worked on Vampires far quicker.

Sam pushed Dean off and pulled himself up on the edge of the pool table, looking at Spike with his hair in his eyes, "Porno? Who's got a porno. I don't.”

“Oh now, let’s see... you two are playing ‘horizontal hip fighting’ and I’m supposed to think of something other than porn. You...” he pointed a long finger at Sam, “are no longer the smart one.”

"I..." Sam opened his mouth, "I... *burp*... am too smart." Sam nodded. "You are just a big ... big..."

Dean leaned in, "Dick?"

"Yeah, dick," Sam nodded. He stopped then looked at Dean. "You are such a jerk," He pushed Dean.

“Would you stop talking about dicks?” Spike gritted his teeth. “And BIG things... or I’ll show you big things. Bastards.”

Dean blinked innocently at Spike. "You know, you two can have sex, I just can't." Dean pushed Sam who fell over, hitting the floor. "Look Spike, he's ready!"

Looking down at Sam, Spike gave a one-shouldered shrug. “He’s quite pretty laying there like that. But I can’t shag a drunk... not until I’m good and bloody drunk myself.” Course his mind was playing out the shagging, and the thought of Dean unable to participate and just watching them sent blood straight to his groin.

Sam grabbed at the table and pulled up again, "But if we are both drunk ..."

"Aww, Sammy’s scared he won't get laid," Dean grabbed Sam around the neck and pulled him over to kiss his cheek.

“He,” Spike pointed the bottleneck toward Dean, “thinks that helps... the cheek kissing and the word games and the wrestling. You’re right Sam, you’re the smart one. Thirty days... twenty nine more nights... someone want to nail me in a coffin for that time?” He almost fell off the stool, but righted himself.

Both brothers saw the wobble and the way Spike tried to hide it with a smooth move. They looked at each other then snickered, falling over and laughing before coming back up..

"Oh, c'mon, it's not that hard, Spike," Sam informed him. "You can do it and it’ll be so worth it in the end."

"So not using the right words." Dean tried to keep from smiling.

Every muscle in Spike’s body tensed. By all that was unholy, they were both asking for it. “If you’re not careful, I’ll give you a hard screw, straight up, and I’m not talking about the drink, yeah?” That sort of talk took him straight back to the club... to the first time he’d met Dean and the straight talk they’d had about what they wanted and how they wanted it. It made him burn... yearn for it. “Bah, not letting you two play with me,” he said waving them away, and turning his back to them.

Sam looked at Dean, "I think he is acting like one of those little boys, taking his balls and going home."

Dean couldn't help bursting out laughing and falling on the floor.

Sam looked innocently at Dean, "What? What did I say?" It wasn't till he thought through the fog in his head before he started giggling, "Ohhhh."

Dean pushed up. He pulled Sam up with him and dragged him over then wrapped his arms around Spike, "C'mon, we'll take you home, get you a nice cold shower."
Sam stumbled into Spike, getting in close to him, "Yeah, come with us, we'll take care of you."

"Think you've taken care of me quite enough already." As if Sam didn't know exactly how Spike wanted to be taken care of at his moment, and his talk of bollocks and hard things... But because he was a bloody good-natured vampire, he let them cajole and drag him out of the bar, but not before he grabbed another bottle of whiskey.

Soon they were in their motel room. Spike left the giggling gits behind and went into the shower. Cold water was supposed to dampen the libido, well it didn't seem to work for vampires. Gritting his teeth, he steadfastly forced himself to stay put, sure that they would put some porn on or have something else going in the room just for the purpose of torturing him.

Sam laid on the bed, his pants half off, his shirt off and he was feeling the room spin. Dean had muttered something to him and headed out. Something about food. So there the younger brother lay, his head hanging off the other side.

When Spike entered the room, it was just as he'd thought. Porn. In the form of one Sam Winchester spread out half naked on the bed he would have to sleep in because no one got to sleep with Dean until he was no longer off limits. He'd bet the two boys had concocted this ... this plan on purpose, just to torture him. His gaze shifted around the room, looking for Dean, but he didn't sense him anywhere. Cursing them both to the depths of hell, he flopped down on the bed, with the towel still secured around him.

Sam felt the movement and tried to lift his head. "Hey," he smiled then struggled to sit up. "Dean went to go ... go get food." He looked over at him. He allowed his own green eyes to travel over the firm muscles. "Sorry about earlier. I know it's hard," he stopped, realizing he was using the wrong words. "Um, I mean not being with Dean." He reached out and ran his hand over Spike’s arm. "Hey, didn't say anything about me."

"You offering?" Spike pushed himself up to a sitting position, his gaze locked with Sam's. When Sam didn't pull away, he moved in to claim his mouth, kissing him hard as he tried to ease the frustration that had been building every since he'd realized he couldn't touch Dean for a very very long time.

As Sam leaned in, Spike started to concentrate on how Sam tasted, how good it felt to be inside the moist heat of his mouth, and how boldly he met him kiss for kiss. He wasn’t getting a raw deal here, not by a long shot.

Sam flicked his legs, getting his jeans off before grabbing Spike and pulling him down to the mattress with him. He loosened the towel around Spike's waist and curled his fingers around the vampire’s stiff cock. "I know you ache for Dean. So do I but we have each other.”

Arching into his touch, Spike groaned. "Right now, all I'm aching for is you, yeah?" He kneaded the sheets for a few more minutes as Sam got him hard, and then he pushed Sam on his back. About to pull his hands above his head, he remembered Sam didn't like the trapped feeling... he wasn't like Dean at all. "Alright, girl on top," he said with a smirk, rolling both of them so Sam was on top of him. "Straddle me."

Sam had to stop a moment as the world spun and then he was on top. He had a hand on Spike's chest, blinking a few times before he dropped down and kissed him hard, rubbing their cocks firmly against each other. "Pushy," he mumbled against Spike’s sensuous lips before rocking a bit. He kissed down Spike's chest before he got up and straddled him properly.

"And proud of it," Spike answered, gripping Sam's hips, lubing and positioning and him at once. His cock throbbed and ached now that he had the pressure he wanted. "Ride me," he ordered, raising his hips and grinding Sam down on top of him. "Bloody hell, I've been hard all day... need this," he muttered, his gaze lifting to Sam's mouth. He slid one hand up and down Sam's cock and abs, encouraging him... trying to inflame his lust and make him catch up.

Sam gritted his teeth as he was stretched and he was pushed down, taking Spike’s hard cock. It was enough to bring Sam out of his drunken stupor. He looked down at Spike, his eyes dark with lust as he braced and started moving up and down Spike's length. Sam hadn't had much sex with Spike but when he did, it was damn good, and when Dean was involved, it was ... it was like a hurricane or a volcano going off. "Gawd," Sam swore as he moved over him.

Sam might be on top, but Spike was calling the shots. Lifting up to meet his thrusts, keeping a slow, steady rhythm as he worked himself up. Looking up at Sam, Spike wondered at how one man could look both soft and hard. His face... sometimes he looked so young, and sometimes, like right now when was intently moving towards a goal, he had a hard iron edge to him. "You're bloody sexy with you mouth open. Put it to good use, yeah?"

Sam looked down at Spike. He was pushy. Used to getting his way, much like his brother. He knew when the two were together it was like an intense battle, with the two of them ending up coated in sweat. But Spike should know, Sam didn't like to take orders. He placed a large hand on Spike's chest and put pressure on it, pushing Spike and holding him down as he tried to take some control, moving more slowly as his green eyes started to burn with more intensity.

Recognizing the glint in Sam’s eyes, Spike reached up and gripped Sam’s arms, slowly pulling him closer even as Sam pressed his hand into his chest and refused to bring his mouth within kissing range. He licked his lips. “Keep that up and …”

"And what?" Sam resisted, keeping himself just painfully out of reach. There was that little Winchester spark in his eyes and just behind it, something darker.

“And this." He suddenly gripped Sam's hips, and held him so tight against him, that neither one of them could move more than a few inches each way. Now they were both staring at each other with need, building and inflamed by the silent battle waging between them.

Sam moved just those inches, using inner muscles to throb around Spike's cock. He then leaned down and kissed Spike hard. His tongue plunged in and pulled, explored and sucked on Spike’s firm lips.

As Sam clenched around him, Spike almost came off the bed. He’d been so hard and thick for so long, every bit of friction was enough to drive him to the looney bin. Loosening his hold, he started to let Sam rock against him, their mouths meeting in one messy kiss after another.

He slid his hand behind Sam’s head and stroked his hair, tugging him closer, and stroking again. Heat started to coil low in his belly. He groaned and resisted the urge to reverse their positions, to take what he needed.

Sam's lips were wet, even as he pulled back and was suddenly pulling off his brother's lover. "Now you get to be the girl." He flopped down on his stomach and presented his ass to Spike.

“Nothing girly ‘bout me,” Spike cockily assured him, settling between Sam’s thighs. He grabbed a pillow and shoved it under his stomach, admiring the view. He stroked the curves of Sam’s ass, then lowered his head and kissed his way close to the crack. “Ever fucked a stranger?” Feeling Sam tense, he blew on him slowly. Spike did like his games.

Sam looked back, "Now and again, not as often as Dean." Sam gritted his teeth and he felt a tremble move through him. He closed his eyes, trying to control his breathing.

“Ever been tongue fucked?” his voice as smooth as velvet but a little muffled, as he kept kissing.

"I've never fucked a guy, till now, how would I ever know that?" Sam half twisted to look back to him. "C'mon will you just ..."

“Shshsh,” he slid his hand up Sam’s back and pressed him back down. “What’s the rush?” Dipping his head down, he licked Sam’s sack, sucking it greedily as he felt his skin tighten. Then he parted Sam’s ass cheeks and slowly licked his way up to his hole. He felt him shudder again, and pushed his wet tongue inside, moving it firmly to make sure Sam could feel it. His thumb pressed and rubbed the sensitive spot behind Sam’s sack.

Sam let out a throaty sound. His hands gripping the sheets and tugged as the sensation went through his whole body. Nearly every muscle in his body was tight. And then he jolted at the sensation before settling with a sigh. He dropped his head down, closing his eyes. "Oh gawd, Spike. You ...." He groaned deeply again and could feel his balls tightening up.

Dean returned and stopped by the window and take a peek. Through a thin part in the curtains, Dean saw bodies. Naked ones. Light from the room glistening off sweat. Spike was between Sam's legs, tongue fucking his brother and there was Sam, his eyes closed and looking like heaven.

Dean felt a jealous pulse coarse through him. That should be him. Spike was his lover not Sam's. And he wanted Spike to do that to him. To do the things he did to him before. But then that pulse cleared and Dean knew, Spike wasn't just his. Just like Sam was never just his. They were all three linked together forever now, as family and lovers.

This was gonna be a very long thirty days. Dean wondered, how quietly he could actually enter the room? If he could sit there and ... He slowly opened the door and quietly slipped inside.

"Not yet," Spike grit out, pressing on the base of Sam's cock to prevent him from coming. "Not until I'm inside." Even as he plunged his tongue inside Sam and had him squirming, Spike imagined his cock pushing into Sam, feeling him tighten around him. In his head, he heard Dean's voice encouraging him, and that's when he became relentless. Using his tongue, and pushing his finger inside Sam as well, he hit his sweet spot every time, with every entry, every brush of tongue and finger... and still, he didn't let him come.

Sam squirmed over the bedding and whimpered now and again. He wanted to come but Spike wasn't letting him and he couldn't do anything to stop it. Sam reached up and gripped the headboard, "Damnit, Spike, stop teasing," he started to try and pull away.

His laughter was a bit unsteady. Spike pulled away and quickly lubed Sam up again, having already loosened him up quite a bit. Tossing the tube to the table, he started to crawl up Sam’s body, and aligned himself. “Want me to fuck you into the mattress, that it? ”

"Just get in me, damnit," Sam half ordered, his body trembling. Spike was so close to him, he wanted more. And then he felt it. The pressure. The pain. The burn of Spike's cock pushing inside him. Sam arched his neck, pushing his head back to rest on Spike's shoulder.

White heat blinded Spike as he pushed inside Sam, deep. His answer had been much more than he’d hoped for, inflaming him. He did his best not to buck, to hold back while Sam adjusted to him. “Shshsh, don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered, moving his mouth across Sam’s shoulder, and resting his teeth right over the pulse point at the side of his throat. A craving to taste him... to take his blood... ripped through Spike. Fuck. He pressed his teeth lightly down, and started to thrust... trying to get his mind off this new need.

Sam was oblivious to everything but the sensations rocking through him as Spike rode his ass. He was only half conscious of the fact that the vampire’s teeth were on his neck.

Dean, on the other hand, was all too aware. He’d sensed Spike’s craving and jerked his head up to find Spike with his mouth pulsing over Sam's neck. Without thought, he reached in his jacket, pulling his gun out and he was across the room with the cold metal pressed to Spike's temple, "You draw blood, I won't hesitate to splatter your brains."

Sam suddenly snapped out of it and blinked, "Dean?"

Dean’s threat backed up by the gun against his head made Spike’s blood thicken and rush through his veins like molten lava. Curling his lips up, he gripped Sam’s soft skin even more firmly between his teeth and started to fuck him harder.... imagining what Dean was seeing, imagining his finger twitching on the trigger... imagining his wrath and excitement clouding his mind. His love knew how to bring him to the edge.

Sam groaned, his body rocking from Spike's hard thrusts. He couldn’t explain it but when he heard the cocking of the Colt, he started to come, releasing over the bedding.

Dean grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled at Spike as he leaned down, hissing a threatening breath, "I mean it."

Torn away from Sam, Spike left red marks on the delicate skin of the hunter’s throat. His gaze locked with Dean’s. “I know you do. Stop me,” smirking, he moved his head and took the barrel of the gun into his mouth. Hot whips of pleasure tormented him as he fucked harder, daring Dean... knowing this was a dangerous game he was playing. With each clink of metal against his teeth, Spike was one step closer to release from the pressure building inside him.

Dean saw the fire and heat. His own teeth clenched tightly because he wanted it to be him. Wanted to feel what Spike was giving his brother and he couldn't. So he did what was next best. He used the gun to fuck Spike's mouth. He leaned down close, whispering in Spike's ear with a hiss of danger, "You take your mouth from this gun," he spoke slowly, "I will pull the trigger."

Spike groaned, and sucked on the tip of the barrel. Good Dean... so good. Every dangerous word, every low threat had Spike’s entire body pulsating. Gripping Sam’s hips, he angled his thrusts just right, determined to make him come again... show him, and his brother... the both of them.

So close, so bleeding close... Spike pulled his mouth of the barrel with a pop, and arched his head back as it was forced back inside. Fighting to keep his eyes open and clashing with Dean’s greens, he came in a fiery explosion of grunts and thrusts until the ache between his legs eased, and he lowered his head over Sam’s back, relaxing with the gun still up against his palette.

It was a beautiful thing. Spike trying to get Sam to come again even as those blue eyes locked to his. He was so deadly with those eyes. Dean swore he could cum just by looking into those eyes. He wanted to be the one who felt Spike get off. And the look on both their faces, right when they released, it had Dean gritting his teeth.

It was over. The musky smell of sex filled the room and Dean felt a tremble rumble through him. He wanted. Needed. He slowly pulled the gun from Spike's mouth and leaned down. "Don't you ever bite my brother, you got me? And if you feel that need, you come to me, you got it, cause I'll do you up right." He leaned down closer and whispered, "I might not be able to fuck you but I can with this," he ran the muzzle down along his jawline.

Sam turned his head "Dean, it's okay."

Dean flashed Sam a look.

Lifting his chin, Spike swallowed as Dean dragged the weapon along his face. Despite his release, the combination of naked desire and fierce determination in Dean’s expression was making his body react. “You can fuck me any way you like. Any way.” He waited for Dean to pull the gun away, before he leaned down, kissed Sam and rolled off him.

“I need a smoke.” He looked at the bulge in Dean’s pants. “It’s going to be a bloody long month.” Right, he pretended he didn’t notice the looks both brothers aimed his way for stating the obvious.

* * *

The month was indeed long. But they got creative with their times together. If Dean didn't jack off to the two fucking, he would fuck Spike with his gun or any other object he could think of. And when the month was up, Spike and Dean didn't leave the room for forty eight hours.

For the next couple of months, they worked a few cases. Now they had some down time. Dean was on the bed, watching a Godzilla marathon, Sam was at his computer researching. "Dude, you know Halloween is coming up," Sam informed Dean.

"I'm gonna go as a vampire, how about you?" Dean smirked.

Spike slid Sam a look. “He’s going as a Vampire Slayer. Get him some heels, a stake, a short skirt...”

"You both know I hate Halloween? I was referring to the increased activity, dorks." Sam rolled his eyes.

Dean turned to Spike, "I think he is self conscious of his knees."

"Would you two knock it off," Sam turned his laptop, "Its a Celtic festival known as Samhain which celebrates the harvest."

"Let me guess, you thinking virgins will be sacrificed." Dean looked at Spike, "I think he wants us to work on a case."

“I think we’ll need to go back to our favorite Shaman and ask her to re-virginate him.” Spike ducked away and the pillow Sam threw fell harmlessly to his side. “Right... that’s code for he wants us to be serious.”

Frowning, Spike got up and paced. “How about we work the case... if he lets us pick his costume. Won’t kill you to have a bit of fun and work at the same time, mate,” he nudged Sam’s shoulder as he passed him.

"I am not doing a costume," Sam got up and moved over to sit by Dean.

Dean looked at Sam, "You would make a killer school girl."

"I'm not ..." Sam started to protest but then Dean leaned in and kissed him. "I'm still ..."

Dean kissed him again, "Can we go as the three stooges instead?"

“Can I be Moe? I like poking things.” Smirking, he watched the other two half wrestling half making love. “Right... go on and kiss him into submission. Works every time.”

Spike sat back and watched Dean’s special brand of persuasion. It was hard now, to remember a time when they hadn’t been together, or when this had been nothing but a dream. He had his boys, and they had him. There was nothing more he could want. Nothing.

Except a three way on top of a train. As his gaze shifted to Sam, he had to wonder how much persuading that would take...

(A/N: Woot, we are done at last! Please comment and let us know if you read this all the way through. Thanks!)

The End

You have reached the end of "Darkness Falls". This story is complete.

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