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Normal Is Not Perfect

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Summary: Scooby Gang Meet Hogwarts A.N. I changed me penname, was loner, now is jenni. same goes for my other story.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredjenniFR1543,4710204,99129 Apr 0817 Jun 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the words.

"dialog" 'thoughts' : Italicized fonts not working :(

A.N: There will be no pairings at the moment or for the next few chapters, not until I get everything going. My other story has been put on hold.



There was pain like she’d never felt before.


She didn’t know where she was.

She remembered fear, anger, a heart-wrenching sadness, and then adrenaline. She had been chasing someone, something. Or maybe she had been the one that was being chased. She remembered seeing faces, lots of faces.

An ambush.

She and some people had come to talk about something, something important but had walked into an ambush.

She didn’t remember anything after the faces, only a sharp pain in her back.

The pain was becoming worse now as she was becoming conscience. She heard voices around her and she realized she was sitting on hard cement. She tried to move her arms but couldn’t. With a sudden burst of clarity, she realized that she was chained up.

She heard the voices again and tried to listen.

“Don’t do anything more. I want her awake.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Suddenly she felt extremely tired. As she drifted back into the darkness, she had a single thought.

‘This is not good.’


A.N 2: I know it’s short but it’s supposed to be that way.
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