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The Darkness Calls

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Darkness Calls". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander feels guilty about Angel going to hell. So he tries to come clean with his friends. It goes very bad. Now he’s changed.Inside and out. He’s in a new place and has a different life and family.Hell he may not even be human anymore!SLASH M/M f/m

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Movies > Pitch Black SeriesMerKatFR1523104,1612625677,6872 May 087 Oct 11Yes

The truth

The Darkness Calls

Title: Truth
Author: MerKat
Fandom: BTVS/ Pitch Black
Summary: Xander feels guilty about Angel going to hell. So he tries to come clean with his friends . . . It goes bad. Now he’s changed. Inside and out. He’s in a new place and has a different life. Hell he not even human no more. Slash M/M/M
Archive: Slash. Male on Male. Maybe some het too!
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners. That means I own nothing and have zero money. . .
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.


Xander looked into the mirror and wasn’t sure he liked what he saw. Life just didn’t seem fair! The soul spell had worked on Angel but he was in hell, and now Xander felt a little guilty.

Taking another deep breath Xander exited Giles bathroom and met many worried stares. He had decided to come clean with his friends, he had lied to them so he should tell them the truth. He had been the one to call a Scooby meeting, so now all his friends were here waiting for him to say something. Swallowing thickly Xander opened his mouth and hoped something would come out.

“Well, guys the Xan-man has a little confession to make. Is there a priest about?” That earned him a giggle from the girls and a bemused smile from Giles.

“Well, I did something kinda bad, but necessary. I-I had no choice!” He said as he bit his lip. He knew he was stalling but anyone would in his place. Xander let out a breath. These people were his friends!! They would understand and forgive him.

“I lied to you guys. I’m sorry.” He said as they looked at him in confusion.

“Xander this obviously weighs heavily on you. Please tell us what it is so we can put it behind us.” Said Giles in a calm voice as he pushed his glasses farther onto his nose. Xander seemed to collect himself then set his shoulders and shifted his body closer to the door. If the shit started to rain down Xander would at least have a chance to get to the door.

“Angel . . . I lied about Angel.” The moment he said that Xander wished he hadn’t. Buffy’s smile vanished and she had Xander against a wall within seconds. When it came to her Angel Buffy wasn’t that sane in thought. Love would do that to you.

“WHAT?! What do you mean?” Said Buffy with a snarl. Xander knew this would go bad with Buffy but Willow seemed pretty pissed as well! Both girls were frowning at him suspicion in their eyes. Giles looked uncomfortable and wary. His eyes traveled from his slayer to Willow to Xander then to the weapons closet.

“Buffy put Xander down and let the boy talk.” Said Giles in a soft voice but it seemed loud enough to catch the angry slayer’s attention. Buffy let go of Xander and walked to the other side of the room a pout on her face.

“I told Buffy to kick butt instead of the message Willow wanted me to give her.” He took another breath and looked straight at Willow.

“Congrats Will your spell worked . . . I-I knew Buffy wouldn’t fight her all if I told her Willow was going to do the soul spell again.” Then he looked at the pissed off blond.

“Buffy you looked at me with such hope. You were going to hold back! I could see it in your eyes!! So I lied!!” He shifted nervously under the girls’ glares and the odd lost/proud look in Giles eyes. Buffy was on him again, her face lined with hate. Her eyes seemed to glow with the uglier human emotions, the grimness of her fair face made her demonic side shine through. Buffy had him by the shirt before he could even blink and threw him at the front door.

Slayer strength is a remarkable thing . . . Xander smashed through the door like it was paper and landed on Giles clean-cut lawn with a thump. His first thought was not unusual, it was ‘OW that fucking hurt!!!!’ his second was apologizing to Giles for the busted door. Giles wouldn’t get his deposit back if the apartment was damaged after-all. Xander’s very mind seemed to be avoiding the topic of Buffy manhandling him in a not so nice way, so when the slayer kicked him in the gut his was unprepared.

“Get lost Xander we don’t need jealousy and betrayal within our group!!! I wish you would just go away! You’re a burden and weak!! You’re a loser! Why would I ever want to be with a loser! Sometimes I wish you did have special skills so I wouldn’t have to guard your weak ass! You should have been born in a different time! One far away from me!” She screamed as she picked him up by the shirt and tossed him to the side walk then punched him in the face. Willow ran out the door followed by a shocked Giles who held his glasses limply in his hand. He was opening and closing his mouth. He looked at his slayer like he didn’t even know her. Finally some words came out of his cotton stuffed mouth.

“S-stop Buffy! BUFFY STOP!!!” Yelled Giles. But this time his words had little to no effect.

“Buffy don’t. He’s not worth it!! I wish you would go away Xander!! You caused Buffy enough pain!! Your . . .your such a poophead! I wish you would go away!!!” Willow said as she hugged the angry slayer. Xander stood on shaky legs and lead filled feet. He was dizzy with betrayal and anger swimming in his veins. In his own head he made helpless wishes of his own. He wanted a real family and love . . . Strength so no one could beat him when they please . . . and a special skill, any skill! But most of all he wanted to get way from Buffy and Willow! From their hate filled glares and back stabbing friendship.

“Wishes Granted!!” Said a bubbly voice of a young beautiful blond woman sitting on the hood of Xander’s beat-up car. She giggled once then waved her hand like a genie. Making eye contact with Giles, then Oz who had just drove up to the house in his van amid Buffy’s yelling, Xander disappeared.

“XANDER!!!” Yelled the two men with confusion and concern while the two women stared in shock and anger.

“I’M NOT DONE YELLING AT YOU XANDER!!!!” Screamed Buffy as she looked around in anger.


beep . . . the sound was soft. Like it was muffled through a thick wall.

Beep . . . Maybe he had pillows over his ears. Or maybe the sound was moving toward him.

Beep! What was with his ears? The sound was right next to him.

Beep!!! If he really thought about it . . .It sounded like a heart monitor.

The sounds got louder around Xander, it was like someone was pulling cotton out of his ears. Lifting heavy as lead eye lids, Xander looked around the bright clean room. He was in a hospital. The smell gave the place awa, it was way to clean to be anywhere else. Sitting up Xander frowned at how hard it was for him just to do that. It was like his limbs were made of mush and bones out of wet paper.

Pulling the soft off-white blanket from around his legs, he moved to the edge of the bed. The bed was too big and soft. It was a queen sized bed with stuffed animals around it? And the covers weren’t scratchy in-fact they were Egyptian cotton! Xander knew Egyptian cotton since dating Cordy. Though dating the brunet didn’t help Xander’s fashion sense it did give him meaningless knowledge on thread count. Even the night gown Xander was wearing felt expensive!!! Silky even!!

‘Did someone mix me up with someone that is loaded?’ Thought Xander as he looked at the hospital room, it looked kinda like a bedroom. Xander yelped as a stout woman with a long red bushy tail bustled in.

‘Great I’m in a demon hospital!’ He thought as he jumped out of bed and toward the window. Only to fall. He gasped and put his hands out in-front of him, he knew he would fall face first but something grabbed him. Or should he say he grabbed himself. Regaining his balance Xander stared at the black furry tail connected to his backside. He breathed heavily as it released the railing and wrapped around his waist. Xander looked wide-eyed at the stout orange eyed woman.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? WHERE AM I? WHY DO I HAVE A TAIL?” He yelled as he picked up a bedpan and used it to shield himself with.

The woman looked confused and worried as she spoke calmly as if to a small child. “Why young Lord Alae’Xand’r you're in Lintosh’Mae medical hospital on planet Luhmena. Young Lord don’t be silly you’ve always had a tail. All Milithre have tails, even a half-ling sweety.” She said as she put a blanket on the bed.

“You should really be in bed my Prince, you are still unwell. Your father Prince Sanotio will be most pleased that you are awake. You’ve had brain activity for months! Now lets get you into bed so I can go get Dr. Lilmuh.” She said happily as she helped him back into the bed. Xander let her drag him back to bed because the shock of being called lord and prince in such a brief time shorted out his brain.

“P-prince!?!” Yelped Xander as he looked into the woman’s unusual eyes. Worry glowed in the old woman’s eyes.

“Yes, prince. You are the beloved son of the crowned Prince Sanotio and grandson to old King Sanotus of planet Emfrine of the Emfa nebula. Young lord you do not remember.” She said as more statement then question.

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