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This little child of mine

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Summary: NEEDS BETA- Dawns real family fic. Add in leopards, wolves vampires and Aunty Ex. My oh my how chaotic. Warnings- child abuse mentioned. Anita swears Dawn is a teenager and Oz talks too much.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredChaoskittenFR181017,11068929,9063 May 0822 Jun 08No

Chapter ten

A/N- Some ones been having naughty cheeseman thoughts. I blame Miss Edith
Also, they are a little more OOC then usual. I blame me no sleeping. If I decide to edit it at a later date, I'll tell y'all in Ch 11

"I'd thought that nothing could be scarier than Edward at his most cold.
I was wrong. Edward the family man was downright terrifying."
- Anita Blake, Obsidian Butterfly.

Dawn watched as Anita went on high alert and stood still, a half smile on her face. Sure she could feel annoyed, irritated and overprotected by the two men currently sitting on the couch, but she didn't care. One raised eyebrow took in the two hawaiian shirt clad men before she gave a whoop of laughter and down out from behind Anita, landing on the pair with a giggle.

She was rewarded by an indignant yell from Anita, a raised eyebrow from Death and a hug from Xander.

"How was school Dawn-star?" Xander asked, even as Edwards eyes settled on her.

"Oh, you know, school like, educational at all times, especially during lunch. How did you get Grumpy McScowlypants into one of your shirts?" She told her first crush and friend, not even flinching when he leaned in and inhaled the scent at her neck. She still kept ignoring Edward.

"He lost a bet." was the amused answer from the were hyena.

"Dawn." the voice was ever patient, even paternal and she turned her eyes to look at him, at Death.

"What!" the tone was surly, angry and bitter. "You going to tell me to go back? Or maybe you are going to ask what the hell happened?" she stood up and kicked him in the shin "Not like you care is it /Edward/." she glared at him as he made a face- she had worn steel toed boots that day.

"I do care Dawn it's why I left." Edwards voice had lost that calm, and his eyes flicked to Anita. "Can we have this conversation later?" he asked, trying his hardest to keep his eyes dead, to not show that she had hurt her.

"No, we can't." Dawn took a ragged breath, fists tight by her side. She felt Xander shift his body before looking at Dawn and getting up.

"Mind if I raid your kitchen?" Xander asked, looking at Anita. His voice was soft, and he was careful not to make any sudden movements. Even if she didn't have silver in her gun, bullets still hurt like a son of a bitch. "I make a mean coffee."

He got a terse nod, and he stepped back slowly, moving the shirt so that Anita could see his weapons. "He won't hurt her." he added, noticing her unease on who to watch, who was the greater threat.

"How do you know that?" Anita retorted, staying so that she could watch them both.

"No /Daddy/." Dawn spat the words out at Death "You leaving didn't protect us. Buffy was still the Slayer and Glory still tied my up and cut me open as a fucking sacrifice. I needed you and you weren't there."

"I was out of the country on a job." for once in his life, Edward seemed to be unable to defend himself, unable to make it right.

"Its always a job." Dawn shook her head, unaware that she was crying. "You were never there. You didn't even know what Buffy was doing in her spare time." she shook. "As a dad Edward, Hank, Theodore, Teddy, whatever you are going by this week, you seriously suck." there was betrayal written all over her face as she turned away, not wanting to let him see her cry.

"We told people you were doing your secretary." she looked back at him "Figure it was the least we could do." she took a shaky breath. "Oh daddy." she wrapped her arms about herself, shaking hard and sounding like a much younger girl "I wish," she shook her head. "No wishing, wishing of the bad" she felt his arms wrap around her and sighed.

"Did you kill him?" she asked him, looking up into eyes as cold as ice.

"Do you want me to?" Edward asked, an assessing look in his eye.

Dawn gnawed her lip. "I want to be there." she told him "I mean, a part of me, a huge part of me wants to teach him about the orchestra of pain but another part of me." she shrugged "Lets try the evils of the justice system before making him sing daddy." the tone of her voice, that fractured innocent tone was at odds to the words that she spoke.

Edward laid a kiss on her forehead ad she gave a watery smile "So, how did Xander get you into one of his shirts?" she asked, finally giving into the question.

Edward almost looked ashamed. "He, umm." he looked up to the kitchen. "Ooh Coffee!" he grinned and bolted for it, freezing as he caught sight of Anita's face. He looked from Anita to his daughter and back again.
"Damn." he muttered. "Dawn, I am never, ever admitting to what bet I lost in order to wear this monstrosity. Anita, I probably should have told you about my girls but then again, fuck no. I wanted them kept as far away from the monsters as possible."

Two voices started laughing, one a teenagers giggle, the other that eerie hyena cackle. "Yeah, like, that worked." Dawn shook her head and headed up the stairs. "I got homework. Don't shoot each other kay?"

Xander started heading up the stairs giving Edward a nod as he went. He was there, not just as a friend, but to make sure Dawn stayed out of trouble. He stuck his head in her room and pulled a notebook out of his, well, Dawn hoped it was out of a pocket.

"Thought you might want this back Dawnster." Xander sat down. "So, you living with Anita, hows that working" he offered a grin "And how cute is your cousin?" he asked.

"You do realize he's a guy?" Dawn asked, slightly confused as Xander fidgeted.

"Umm, well" he looked at her. "You know how me and Ahn kinda decided to go our seperate ways?" he asked, before adding in a babble before she could answer "Part-of-that-reason-was-because-I-sort-of-like-guys-please don't hold it against me." he tensed a moment before crawling up and pressing his head against her legs.

"Couldn't be mad Xander, not at you." Dawn ran her hands through his hair. "Does dad know?"

Xander snickered "How do you think I got him in the shirt?" he asked "I bet him that I could make Dead Boy blush. He didn't think I could." he gave another hyena laugh. "It involved hand cuffs, a frilly shirt and some cheese."

"Cheese?" was Dawns soft query "Handcuffs and the shirt I could almost get, but cheese???"

"Yup cheese. I think it has something to do with Spike and Dru and their, well, games and stuff." Xander explained "I do not find anything naughty about cheese. Except that it gets gooey when- I probably shouldn't say that to you"

"No you shouldn't." was Edwards voice from the doorway. The pair of them looked up with innocent faces.

"So, dad, cheese sandwich?" Dawn asked, leaving him glaring at them.

"So Dawn." Anita scowled at Edward a moment "You didn't tell me he was your Father."

Dawn shrugged "You know what they say. You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family."

"Damn straight!" Xander agreed, a feral look on his face.

The End?

You have reached the end of "This little child of mine" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jun 08.

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