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This little child of mine

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Summary: NEEDS BETA- Dawns real family fic. Add in leopards, wolves vampires and Aunty Ex. My oh my how chaotic. Warnings- child abuse mentioned. Anita swears Dawn is a teenager and Oz talks too much.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredChaoskittenFR181017,11068929,9043 May 0822 Jun 08No

Chapter One

AU after S5 (Glory's tower.) Buffy is dead, and she is going to stay dead, so there. Am taking Jr high to include Dawns age (also I figure she has missed enough school to be lacking in most subjects) Dawn is 14 beginning S5, 14.5 S6 Is a blending of verses. Set fluidly in AB, after Danse Macabre, but undecided after that. The events of The Harlequin haven't happened yet. I am uncertain whether to go alternate storyline or base around the books. I own nothing. I play in peoples sandboxes. I'm broke. Don't sue or mary sue me.
Also, I'm an australian, which means my English is, well, not US or UK.
Please, please tell me what you think. This really is my first attempt.

Dear, dear diary, I want to tell my secrets
'cause you're the only one that I know who'll keep
Dear, dear diary, I want to tell my secrets
I know you'll keep them, and this is what I've

Dear Diary- Pink

Exerpts from the Journal of Dawn Summers

May 31st

Fifteen. That's all I am. My birthday was last month. Kind of funny that. April first, April fools. I was born, created, whatever. What a day to be chosen to exist for the girl that doesn't really exist.

Fine, I know I exist fine. My blood is Buffy's blood, means that she'll always be a part of me. She died to save me. Goddess, why? She was the last person that I had left. Well, Hank's still around, somewhere in Paris with his current girlfriend slash secretary. Only family I have left is mums sister, the police are trying to find her, see if I can live with them. They won't let me stay here, mystical keyness or not. Guess it makes sense. After all I'm only fifteen. Not sure what I am anymore. The mystical keyness that filled me is different now. It is still there but just changed some how. Not sure how to explain it. Maybe it has something to do with being off of the Hellmouth.

Graison. She married a guy named Graison, somewhere in St Louis. I wonder if I have any cousins? I just wish Buffy were here. She'd keep looking after me. I'm not in Sunnydale anymore. I tried running away; they picked me up in LA. Currently home is a foster home in LA. Its not so bad I suppose. The Johnsons don't seem like they are evil, even if Mr J is a bit touchy feely.

I wonder if I can find anything out about my Uncle? I have Angel looking into it, seems no one wants to let a kid like me stay with a vamp. Guess I just have to be patient huh.

June 5th

I have a cousin, Nathanial. He lives in St Louis. The social services idiots don't think he is suitable for me to live with. Bloody gits. Like here is any better with Mr Touchy? I don't know how to protect myself here. I tried telling Angel, but he's too broken up over Buffy, besides, he has a whole city to run. He says to be patient, that they will work it out. I don't know if I have the time, if I can trust him enough to stay.

He was drinking last night, told me that I was pretty, he also wanted to know if I had ever been kissed. I didn't dare tell him about the Hellmouth vamp that took me on my first ever date. Although they seem more like what the rest of the world call revenants. They don't so much think they just want to eat, drink and fu-. Yeah, I know the difference. Spike really was odd drinking his blood on his weeta bix. I miss him.

June 17th

Been checking up on my cousin, I have an address. Wonder if he'll mind if I drop by. I like finding things out for myself. Can't be any worse then here, could it? Mr J. keeps getting touchier and touchier. I mean, he touches me no more then the other kids, but he just makes me feel yuck. Like some one is running oily hands over me.

I've packed a bag, complete with Mr Gordo and Spike's jacket. They're in a safe place, well, as safe as any where I guess. I mean, not every ones school is on a convergence of evil.

July 25th

I, things have gone to shit. Mr J, he, well. I'm not a virgin anymore. Started a while ago, was just so scared. Part of me figured I deserved it. He started to hit me the last time. I'm scared. Going to get out of town, need to get away. Goddess it hurt. I feel so dirty. Late for class. Don't know what I'm going to do.

Later July 25th

Dawn pulled Spike's leather duster tight around her and swallowed back the tears as she made her way to the back of the Greyhound bus. She took a seat to herself and set her back pack up between her legs. She opened it, searched inside momentarily in panic before she realized that she had left her journal back there.

She couldn't go back. After the, well, what had happened, she wouldn't go back. Why'd he do that? She could have trusted him. Didn't matter now; she'd make sure that she disappeared. Hand went back into the pack and she found her i-pod, present from the Fang Gang. She was kinda glad of that present. It meant that the bus ride she would at least be able to block everything out. Maybe even sleep. She wiped her eyes and angrily tucked the ear buds in her ears, pulling the coat around her as she shook, feeling frozen to the core.

She briefly smiled; a bitter upturning of lips as Bleed it out (Linkin Park) beat its way through her ears, loud enough to hurt. She touched the scars, still fresh, still red and slightly raised on her wrist. She'd cut herself when she found out that she was the Key made Flesh. She only wanted to feel real. A lot like now.

She dozed, music loud in her ears, for most the journey. When she wasn't dozing, she hid behind her sun glasses, hiding her tears no matter the time of day. 30 hours on a bus was so not of the good. She shifted as they got to St Louis, wincing at bruises left immobile for too long. She'd seriously kill for some asprin and a safe place to sleep. It wasn't like she had either at this point, well, not till she could find his cousin's house. She was hoping that maybe she could find some where quiet to crash out, maybe a ware house or an all night diner.

Once she left the bus she headed to the bathroom- mainly to use the equipment, but also to add some other accessories to her outfit. When in doubt, weapons were good. Dawn slipped a knife into a special made sheath in the coat, added the twin of it to the other side as counterbalance. Both knives were just under a foot in length, and silver. Another two were added to wrist sheaths, both the length of her fore arm. She had had to leave her favorite blade back in Sunnyhell when she left the first time.

She stepped out of the bathroom, bag on one shoulder. Her eyes were watchful as she set out, heading rather aimlessly in one direction. She tilted her head as she caught sight of a circus. . . Did those clowns have fangs? She giggled a little at the sight even as she caught sight of the name. Circus of the Damned. Well, that was her tonight. She considered it a moment before deciding to go in. It wasn't like there were a lot of things that she could do. Maybe here she could find some food, maybe some where to crash out for a while. Admission paid, her mouth started to water as soon as she stepped in. Her stomach growled, reminding her that food was a foreign entity, for the last couple of days anyway. She watched one of the patrons handing their kid a corn dog, which the stupid kid dropped. She edged closer before darting out and grabbing it. Wiping the sauce (and the dirt) off she gulped it down, glad of it filling that emptiness inside her.

@}~~~ @}~~~~ @}~~~~ @}~~~~ @}~~~~ @}~~~~ @}~~~~ @}~~~~ @}~~~~

Oz lifted his head with a frown, still keeping track of Jason's babble. That guy could talk as much as Willow. He inhaled softly, frowning further as he caught a scent he hadn't smelt since Sunnydale.

"Huh." was the laconic were-wolf's comment.

Jason stopped. "Huh? You can't just say huh then stop. Then again you are the only person I know that can. . ." the chatty wolf stopped talking as Oz took off in one direction. He stopped as he saw the girl eating a dropped corn dog.

"Dawnie?" Oz spoke softly. Even so, the teen jumped, knife finding its way to her hand and she crouched to attack.

Jason stood behind the other wolf, the more alpha of the pair, letting him diffuse the situation. He cocked his head in a very dog like gesture as he watched them.

Dawn took in the men. Her eyes were fixed on the one behinds fish net shirt and leather pants. It reminded her of something Faith would wear. Her eyes went to the other man and she stopped.

"Oz?" She asked before she burst into tears, knife dropping to the ground. She looked at him stunned, before sobbing harder. It didn't take long before she was enveloped in the scent of Oz.

"I'm here Dawnie." his acute nose picked up that she was hurt, bruised badly enough that he could smell old blood. He could also smell the scent of a man on her, anger and fear as well.

"They're dead Oz. Mum and Buffy are dead. I couldn't stay where I was, they wouldn't let me stay with Willow or Tara or Giles or Xander cos they aren't family even though they really are so they made me go into a foster home and he, he, he hurt me." she whimpered, babbled really between sobs.

Oz looked at Jason and Jason blinked back at him. "She's family." he told the other, before first picking up the knife and re-sheathing it then wrapping an arm around the still crying Dawn.

"So we take her home. Oz, JC is not going to be happy about this. Doesn't she have anywhere else to go?"

Oz leveled a look in his direction, leaving Jason grumbling. "Fine, be like that. She can have my bed; I'll bunk in with you."

Dawn blinked. "You do a Willow Oz or is it a puppy thing?" She had finally stopped sobbing and was just exhaustedly sniffling now. "Is there a shower?" She asked, not really paying attention as she was escorted into the bowels of the circus.

"Puppy thing." was the half smiled reply from Oz, even as he directed her to a shower once he got to Jason's room.

Dawn was quite happy to strip as she moved through the room, hanging the duster up on a hook on the door. She turned the water on, letting it heat before she stood under the heat of the water, letting it run across her, letting it wash away some of her shame.

Oz slid the door shut before growling as he attacked the sheets on the bed, shredding them. Jason slipped out, letting the slim alpha deal with his emotions before he even considered rejoining him in his room.

As it was, Jason took the time to collect some sheets and food for the girl. She was half starved, and those bruises, well, from the ones on her body to the ones on her thighs, it was clear on what had happened. That and she had just about admitted that that was what had happened. He started to make the bed, stripping the dirty sheets, well, what was left off them off. With a well practiced flick of the wrist the two friends made the bed, piling it high with pillows. Jason for once was silent, even as he rummaged through his drawers to pull out an extra large guilty pleasures shirt and a pair of boxers. That and a towel completed the armful as he tapped on the door of the bathroom.

In the shower, Dawn jumped, almost guiltily before calling out "What?" She half growled. "Am I using all your water you want me to get out? I'm sorry, I'll. . ."

"Shhh kitten" Jason kept his voice calm. "Stay in as long as you want. I'm just going to set a towel and some clean clothes inside. I didn't want you to get upset at the door opening."

Dawn blushed from inside. "Umm, sure, thanks." she answered. She knew that she had to get out eventually; it was just a matter of time. Finally she climbed out, carefully drying herself with the towel. The clothes were loose but comfortable and she yawned tiredly even as she padded out into the room.

"Are you alright to sleep alone?" Oz asked her softly. Her lip quivered as she shook her head in the negative. She climbed onto the bed and her friend tucked her in.

"We could stay." Oz told her softly, much to Jason's startled surprise. He was more surprised when the fragile looking girl nodded and Oz curled around her.

"S'ok other puppy, cuddling is of the good. Oz makes a good human shaped pillow, just don't hog the covers and I promise not to bite."

Jason, rather meekly for him, went to get changed. When he came back, Oz was down to boxer shorts; Dawn curled close to his chest.

Jason slid into his bed, curling around her from the other side. "I'm Dawn by the way."

"I'm Jason." the were-wolf gave a small smile, already placing her in the little sister category.

"Good, Faith told me you should always get a first name before sleeping with a guy." she yawned and closed her eyes. "night Oz, Night Jase, sweet dreams kay?"

"Night Dawn-patrol." Was Oz's soft comment as he kissed her on the cheek; "Just like old times."

Jason glanced at the alpha wolf before settling down, second to sleep. Oz waited till the pair were out to it before letting himself relax, his last thought before nod took him was that whoever hurt his little sis was going to regret it.
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