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Consequences III - Convergence

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Consequences". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Anita is having enough trouble dealing with Xander Harris the demon vampire so the last thing she needs or wants is yet another Xander showing up. At least this new Xander is human, though his two companions are anything but, which (FullSummayInside)

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Chapter One

Full Summary: Anita is having enough trouble dealing with Xander Harris the demon vampire so the last thing she needs or wants is yet another Xander showing up. At least this new Xander is human, though his two companions are anything but, which leads Anita to believe that there is very little difference between Xander the vampire and Xander the human. But why have they all ended up in her world? Anita isn't the only one who wishes she knew.

Disclaimer: Once more with feeling. I am not Joss Whedon nor am I in any way associated with him or anyone involved with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Second verse same as the first - I am not Laurel K. Hamilton nor am I in any way associated with her or anyone involved with Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter. Therefore, I am not making any money on this fanfic.
(Though I do wish Whedon would call me, because I think the Buffy gang needs to have a good orgy. ;) Oops. did I actually type that? *grins*)

Note: You will most likely be completely lost if you try to read this fanfic without first reading Consequences I and Consequences II. Though if you want to try reading this one without reading the proceeding two, I'm certainly not going to stop you, I simply ask that before you tell me something doesn't make sense that you read Parts One and Two first.

Consequences III - Convergence
~Chapter One~

This sucks, Xander thought to himself. For the second full moon since Anita's little idea was enacted, the vampires were once again watching to make sure the poor tormented lycanthropes didn't lose control. At least the other vampires were here for that reason, Xander was here once again hoping for a good rampage. Alas, the moon had risen and the original shifting and hunting had all ready taken place sans rampage.

Bored now, Xander smiled, he'd heard Willow say it so much that every time he heard the phrase it was always her voice. Had he been human, Xander would have sighed as he felt his second chance at a rampage slip away. It was especially bad because he could see Anita's smug smile from where he was. If he'd still been human he wouldn't have been able to see it, but thankfully he was no longer human.

Somehow that bitch knew he didn't like her idea, or her for that matter, and now apparently every time it went well she was going to get even more smug with him.

One of these days he was going to figure out how to take her out of action while still having Jean-Claude to himself. So far, though, he wasn't really coming up with anything. Sure, he could remove both her arms and legs, that would certainly knock her down a peg or two, but that might have the opposite affect of what Xander wanted, because there was always the off chance that Jean-Claude would forsake everything to take care of poor little special Anita.

Xander hated her, and decided to wrap his feelings of hate and loathing around him like a cloak, it wasn't a rampage, but hate always felt good. Plus she seemed to always know when he was feeling strongly about her, so it was always fun to watch her struggle not to flinch or back away when he turned his hateful eyes her way.

Xander smiled. Apparently, she didn't believe he could see her, because she actually took a step back.

Then the boredom returned, and just as Xander was getting ready to seek out Asher and whisk him back to the Circus for the night, there was a ripple, that was the only way Xander could describe it. Then the clearing was crawling with demons. Well, maybe not exactly crawling, but certainly more potential action than he'd seen since coming to this reality.

"Be still my heart," Xander said with a smile. It was time to have some fun.

Before charging ahead, he took a closer look, and had he still been human the blood would have drained from his face.

"Five minor demons, one major demon, a vampire, a slayer, and me."

Asher appeared at his side, and Xander didn't like the way Asher kept looking back and forth between himself and the other. It was even worse when Xander realized that Anita and several of the shifters kept looking back and forth between them. He was never going to be able to recover from this.

Xander barely managed not to growl. It was bad enough that he was here at all, but to show up looking like a flaming Queen, and now everyone would know exactly what kind of loser he'd been before becoming a vampire.

Then the human Xander actually killed one of the minor demons, and Xander couldn't help but be a bit impressed with his other self.

"Well, well," Xander said.

Anita felt her skin crawl, and wondered what had made her move to his side, because she honestly didn't like being this close to the vampire. Of course, it was her own fault, she'd been curious and decided to follow Jean-Claude over. She'd hoped she would see some weakness or something in the way Xander reacted to himself that she could use against him.

Every since she'd met Xander the power and barely contained blood-lust in equal parts creeped her out, and though she'd never admit it out-loud, sometimes he made her wonder what it would be like to completely throw off her mortal coil and become the monster. She would, of course, never do it, but sometimes she was tempted.

Of course, it wasn't like she could ever be as bad as Xander, because Anita knew that if it weren't for Jean-Claude and Asher holding his leash Xander would have painted St. Louis in blood and death.

"Look at me," there was something not happy in Xander's voice, and because of that Anita felt a tendril of pleasure rush through her. She really hated him.

Then Anita turned back to the fight, and really looked at the human Xander. He looked older than the Xander beside her, but it was hard to tell with the way he was dressed. He looked like he'd raided Jean-Claude's closet, except the clothing was clearly more worn than anything Jean-Claude would ever own let alone actually wear.

Anita blinked. Actually, he looked like a pirate, then Anita frowned. It may not have been intentional, but because of the eye patch he was wearing it made her think and see pirate.

Anita felt something like satisfaction writhe through her gut. The human Xander was in trouble now, because the demons clearly weren't happy that he'd managed to kill one of their own.

Anita heard Jean-Claude mutter something in French, and realized that Jean-Claude was just realizing that one of the fighters was a human Xander.

"I'm all human and heroic," Xander said almost cheerfully, then his tone changed. "There's just something so very wrong about that."

He turned to Anita and leaned down.

"Of course, I'm about to get my ass kicked," he stage-whispered, and Anita barely suppressed a shiver. "Which should make you happy."

Anita almost felt bad as she realized that watching the human Xander get his ass kicked would make her happy. Anita knew that wasn't fair, because it was the vampire Xander she hated, but really could a human Xander be that different from his vampire self? It just wasn't likely.

Then the human Xander did something that Anita couldn't help but be impressed by. With a glance, she could tell many others (including the Xander beside her) were surprised and impressed as well.

One of the demons closed in on the human Xander and instead of panicking like most humans, Xander brought an honest to goodness sword around and removed its head, at the same time he used his other hand to bring up a gun, a type of gun Anita had never seen before, and shot another in the head.

The human Xander was moving toward the remaining demons before the demon missing over half of its head collapsed.

The Xander beside her was suddenly looking thoughtful, which was usually enough to worry Anita, because when he looked thoughtful things tended to become scary. But somehow this time it didn't feel like one of Xander's scary silences. After a moment, Anita was a bit disturbed that she could actually read the vampire beside her well enough to know that his silence wasn't something she needed to worry about.

The human Xander moved back toward the larger demon, and that was when Anita saw the small blond girl charge the demon. She was fast, Anita would give her that, because suddenly her hand was wrapped around its throat.

What the hell is she?

"Fine!" The girl shouted, and Anita felt power rise. Power that felt, if possible, more primal than anything she'd felt from Xander, which really shouldn't be possible because Xander was a monster. Fear crawled up her spine at the thought of coming across yet another vampire like Xander.

"I would have sworn she was human," Jason whispered beside her, which caused Anita to jump. Wolves couldn't speak.

She looked and realized that everyone who'd been in animal form was now standing around in human form and very much nude. Some were heading for the clothing pile, most alas were to busy watching the battle in front of them to worry about clothing.

The demon flung the girl away, and she went flying. For a moment, Anita knew the girl was about to die, but instead to Anita's surprise the small girl landed on her feet. The girl also looked pissed, and Anita was very glad that this girl wasn't coming after her.

"Fine! Then you can die, and your little trinket will be useless," the girl said. It sounded petty.

"Finally!" The blond male shouted. "Lets kill this bitch, love."

Even before the blonds face changed, Anita realized with sudden clarity that he was a Xander-type vampire. His face change and his attack only confirmed that.

Anita shivered. Not long ago, she had watched Xander rip two vampires apart with his bare hands. What actually shocked Anita was when the blond female and the other Xander moved in to help. Humans should never be able to tear chucks of flesh away from something even if it was a demon.

The demon screamed, and Anita shivered again.

Then Anita knew she was right, human or vampire, Xander was dangerous. Though the girl was causing much more damage than Xander.

What in the hell is she?

"Spike," Xander whispered from Jean-Claude's side. "What the hell is he doing with a Slayer?"

"Slayer?" Jean-Claude asked, and Anita noticed he was watching the group below them with the lust that always before he had reserved for she and Asher. Well, if she were honest, herself and the vampire Xander, but she was sure he only lusted for the freedom Xander felt, he wasn't lusting for Xander himself, and she was almost comfortable with that.

Xander smirked. "A vampire Slayer. Buffy's her name, if I'm not mistaken. Someone really should speak to her people, that name strikes fear in no ones heart."

He grinned, then his expression turned sour. "Even if the bitch did manage to kill me."

The big demon made one last lunge and flung Buffy aside. Another swing of his arm and the blond vampire went flying. At least the human Xander took one look at what was happening and did the smart thing by moving away before the demon could toss him aside.

Smart move, Anita couldn't help thinking, because being flung like that would have killed a human.

"She's prettier than her other self," the Xander beside her commented.

The demon smirked, an honest to goodness smirk, then he vanished.

The vampire with brown/blond hair, Spike presumably, rose to his feet, and even without seeing his face clearly Anita knew he was angry. Actually, all three of them were angry, and Anita almost felt pity for the remaining demon. The violence of their attack was just uncalled for. In less than a minute they were the only ones left standing.

"Now that hits the spot," Spike said.

Buffy smiled at him and crossed the small distance to kiss him. It wasn't a peck on the cheek, but a passionate kiss between lovers.

Anita was disgusted. Sure Spike, and even the Xander beside her, were cute enough with their human face, but how could anyone kiss them while they were wearing the face of a demon? The girl had to be some kind of freak.

Strange, Anita thought when out of the corner of her eye she could see that even Xander was surprised at what the girl had just done. The human Xander was watching the pair with a knowing smirk.

Finally, and Anita was very glad, when the human Xander coughed causing Buffy and Spike to break apart.

"Just wished we'd nailed the big bad," Spike said, and his face shifted back to human. Though Anita would never be able to look at him again without seeing his other face. The face that made her grateful that Jean-Claude had never insisted any of their people feed Xander.

Anita didn't really know how and when Xander fed, though she knew he was feeding. The fact that her friends and lovers were remaining silent on the matter bothered her a great deal, even Jason (if he knew) wasn't talking. Anita sincerely hoped Jason knew nothing, because if he did and was simply refusing to tell her, she was not going to be happy with him.

Anita realized that she was upset by the fact that she was the only one looking disgusted/upset, even the human Xander didn't look put off. Anita wondered if he was a freak like Buffy.

"Poor baby," Buffy said.

Spike pouted, and it was just wrong to watch the face that had been monstrous moments ago pouting. Somehow it made him look more human to her, and that was just plain wrong.

Buffy laid her hand on the vampires shoulder, and Anita sighed. There was no way in hell Anita would willing touch any demonic vampire, even if they weren't wearing their true face at the time. Though it wasn't the face that scared Anita, it really wasn't, it was that she simply could stand to be near something so ugly. At least that's what she told herself, but the lingering chill dancing down her back wasn't fooled.

"You lot just don't understand the value of a good spot of violence."

The pair snorted.

"Okay," Spike said a moment later. "Maybe you do..."

"What?" the human Xander said, and somehow Anita was surprised that he sounded just like his vampire self, maybe just a touch softer, but only a touch. "Pirating not enough for you, what with all the pillaging, and your favorite, the killing."

Spike smirked. "There's nothing like a good rough and tumble, don't get me wrong, but there's nothing like tangling with a big old demon to cure what ails you," he said, then smirked. "Of course, the piracy wasn't bad, if only they hadn't insisted on dressing us like bloody poofs."

Anita wasn't sure what he was talking about. He was wearing a regular shirt and jeans covered by a beat up leather duster. Out of the three he looked the most normal. Buffy was wearing some little black number and honestly looked like she was about to star in a porn movie.

Xander shrugged. "I like it."

"You would," Spike replied with a smile. "And I must admit poof is a bit up from your usual choices."

"You know you love my bright tacky shirts."

Spike snorted. "Right. You are aware that no self respecting vampire would ever take a bite from you."

"That's the idea," Xander said smugly.

"Are you two finished?" Buffy asked. "Cause we kinda need to figure out where and when we are now."

"Right," both replied and started to look around.

Anita couldn't help but notice that Spike was somewhat shielding the human Xander, apparently he was aware that they weren't alone.

"I believe I may be able to offer some assistance," Jean-Claude said stepping out into the clearing.

~ * ~ * ~

PS - Just for fun *sly grin*:
Convergence - In the absence of a more specific context, convergence denotes the approach toward a definite value, as time goes on; or to a definite point, a common view or opinion, or toward a fixed or equilibrium state. - Wikipedia
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