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New Friends, New Bot

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Summary: Sarah Connor is looking for help and training, what she found was not what she expected.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Past Donor)NycorsonFR711,2884306,1783 May 083 May 08Yes
I own nothing, not a blasted thing, all Fox and Joss.

Birthday prezzie for the wonderful, awesome, fantastic LithiumDoll

The man looked at the woman sitting across the table from him; his single hazel eye not missing the teenager playing one of the video games but hanging on their every word, nor the man sitting in the corner about his age who moved like a warrior, trusting no one and nothing. He also did not miss the young girl in the corner, ignoring all of them, way too earnestly. The woman cleared her throat and he looked back at her.

“So you want training, equipment and help. Correct?”

Sarah nodded her head, “Yes I do, the fate of the world depends on it.” She winced a bit at how that sounded, but didn’t flinch as she looked at her contact.

A wry smile crossed his face, “Oh if I had a dime for every time I have faced a coming apocalypse, I would be rich. Very well the four of you can come with us, me and mine are headed to a camp, you can train with us, and we have a few specialty people who can check and see if you have any other abilities that might be useful to your… battle.”

“The four of us?” Sarah tried to look cool, scared that his man already knew too much.

A low laugh as he picked up his coke again, “The boy that looks like your son, the man that moves like a wanna be boyfriend… and then there is the girl, if I didn’t know better I would say she was one of mine. So tell me about this apocalypse of yours.”

Sarah looked at him, then made a sudden decision to tell him, the worst that could happen was he would think she was insane, so she started to talk, about judgment day, sky net, the machines.

The man simply listened, sipping on his coke as his expression grew more intent. “You have proof?” That was all, no protestations, no arguments, just a simple question.

Sarah turned and looked at Reese, nodding towards the chair next to them.

Derek growled softly to himself then moved through the crowd quietly, slipping into the chair, “I’m from that time, I lived that day… it’s true and more.” Derek turned his arm up revealing the barcode on his arm.

If anything the man grew more serious and his jaw clenched, “It’s Auschwitz all over again. I take it the girl isn’t?” At the subdued nods from the both of them he glanced once more at the girl, who just turned her head to look at him blankly, “But you trust her?”



The simultaneous answers from both of them made him laugh. “Yeah, you’ll fit right in. You’re in, grab your stuff and you can follow in your car, I’ll toss a guide in with you.” He stood leaving both Sarah and Derek a bit surprised, even now they expected disbelief and they really had not expected acceptance.

John had been trying to pay attention to his mom and the strange man who was their contact to a group of under ground fighters, even though no one would ever say what they fought. His attention had been distract constantly by a group of young ~pretty!~ girls playing pool, then there was a gorgeous dark haired woman in tight leather pants idly playing darts, and never missing the bull’s-eye. So the man standing up and yelling at her caught him off guard.

“Faith darling, if you can handle it would you be the navigator for these folks?”

The brunette cast a last dart, a bull’s-eye, and sauntered over to Sarah and Derek, “Oh I think so, but I might have to fight the attraction to playing with a time traveler.” Her finger traced up Dereks’ chest, much to his discomfort, her voice dropped so only the four of them heard the ‘time traveler’ part.

The man grinned, “I’ll have to trust your self control, and the fact that I know I rock your world like no other.”

Faith laughed leaned in and gave him a kiss, “So true, so true. So me with the 4 of them?”

“Yep, girls, they’re with us, lets get going.”

A chorus of affirmative sounds came from the girls John had been trying to not watch and his jaw dropped as they headed out, some of them younger than him. What the hell were they getting into?

They headed out and Derek broke the silence, “So you’re okay with having a robot at your place.”

The man shot a look at the quiet Cameron following them watching everything, “Sure, the girls could use a new toy that maybe they can’t damage, and they might as well learn to fight them now, if what you say is coming is coming.”

Sarah went white, “those GIRLS are you soldiers? I am not sending children in to die.”

The man laughed, genuine humor as he approached the car, he looked around then grinned, “Di, come over here please.” He looked at the not girl following them, “What are you called?”


A slow nod, “Okay Cameron, how much do you weigh?” A tiny redhead, who could not have weighed more than 108lbs came trotting over and just waited listening.

“I am of structurally strong yet light weight material, my entire weight including clothes amasses to,” she tilted her head for a moment, “132.5 kilograms.”

There was a blank look from the man and the Di, “In pounds please for us uneducated Americans.”

“Approximately 292.112 pounds” was the prompt answer.

“That works, will you allow Di to lift you up and place you on the bed of the truck?”

Derek and Sarah both looked like they wanted to protest, this little girl would hurt herself lifting that much weight.

“It is highly unlikely a female of her age and weight could lift me however I will not resist.”

Di just grinned, “Go for it Di.”

Di reached out, grabbing Cameron around the waist with both hands and set her butt on the tailgate with out even breaking a sweat.

Sarah and Derek both snapped their mouths closed, John just watched, waiting.

“Trust me they aren’t little girls, and if Cameron here can kick their asses, so much the better, I know a blonde and a brunette that need a little humility.”

“I heard that Harris!” Faiths voice drifted up from the back where she was walking towards them, “I would like to remind you Buffybot got her ass kicked.”

The man she called Harris leaned down to kiss the top of her head, “True, but I expect more out of a girlbot that wasn’t built in a high school geeks basement.”

“Hmph.. we’ll see… lets head out.. come on, bored of this place.”

Sarah turned to look at the man one more time, “So what do we call you?”

“Huh… oh sorry, Xander Harris ma’am… gents, welcome to the wacky world of Slayers.”

With that he was climbing into his truck as Cameron hopped off the tail gate, Di shut it, waved and piled into another car. Faith hit the horn in their car impatiently, “Come on… if he gets there first, there won’t be any food left.”

Looking at each other they shrugged and slipped into car, following the small convey out of the parking lot and onto the highway.

Way up above them wagers were exchanged and new bets were placed. The Slayers had been warned, now there was a new player on the field, one with a technopagan as guardian. Skynet was going to that find making the future happen suddenly had become much more difficult.

The End

You have reached the end of "New Friends, New Bot". This story is complete.

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