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A wand, a werewolf and a demon girl

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Further adventures of the Scoobies magical children. (Questionable underage pairings)

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR183090,42228149,6246 May 0823 Apr 09Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Sorting hat is evil?

Gabrielle took a deep breath of fresh air as she stepped off the train. “Smells nice, reminds me of home.”

Lillian shook her head, “It smells like a forest, how is that anything like home?”

“Don’t know, just is.” Gabrielle ignored her sister’s raised eyebrows. “We should figure out where we are supposed to go. I remember dad saying that as first years we don’t ride in the carriages like the rest of the students.”

Trista frowned, “What about our luggage?”

Leo smiled, “Don’t worry the house elves will make sure it gets up to our rooms.”

“House elves?”

“Little elves that do the day to day chores around the school and in certain wizarding families.”

Trista blinked and pointed off in the distance, “Is… is that a giant?”

Gabrielle smiled as she saw a slightly out of breath Rubeus Hagrid hurrying out of the woods. “He is only part giant. My dad mentioned him a few times.”

Hagrid’s voice carried over the mass of talking children, “First years, follow me please.”

Gabrielle smiled, “Don’t worry he is a big softy.”

Trista sighed, “If you say so.” She found her frown slipping as she followed the bubbly group of children she had just met down toward the base of a lake. The laughter in their voices and the feeling of carelessness about them helped put her at ease. She even found a smile for the numerous boats parked on the edge of the water.

Gabrielle chuckled as Leo and William grabbed Rose and Lillian and got into a boat.

Lenora smiled, “I guess that leaves us a boat by ourselves.”

Gabrielle glanced around as all of the other students were stepping cautiously into their own boats. “I guess.”

Everyone had just barely settled when Hagrid waved at the boats and they gracefully pulled away from the shore.

Harry smiled from his spot on the carriage as he watched his children head off toward the lake. “Looks like they picked up a friend.”

Hermione chuckled, “See I told you it was important to stick with the traditional train ride rather than arrange alternate means of arriving.”

Ron shrugged, “I still think I’m crazy for wanting to go back to school with you nutters.”

Ginny chuckled, “You just wanted to avoid most of Alexia’s second pregnancy.”

Harry grinned at his wife, “That’s a horrible thing to say about your dear old brother.”

Hermione snickered, “Even if it is true.”

Ron sighed, “Laugh it up, I’m not immortal like you goons. Your broken fingers heal when emotionally neurotic slayers squeeze too tight, unlike mine.” He flexed his fingers unconsciously.

Ginny grinned, “Hey, thanks to you I got a lot of practice with healing charms that first time around.”

Hermione glared at Ron. “So you’re saying that all slayers are emotionally unstable?”

Harry snickered, “It’s a trap, don’t answer.”

Hermione smiled as she shook her finger at Harry, “You stay out of it.”

Ron grinned even as he worked to change the subject. He was glad that only his best friends were in the carriage with him, it made his next question possible to ask, “Of course not Hermione. So do you think we can act like the sixteen year old children we are supposed to be?”

Harry ran his hand through his shoulder length hair, growing it out was the only thing other than copious amounts of magical hair gel that seemed to do anything in the way of calming it down. “Instead of the late twenty something adults we are? Probably as long as you keep your charmed necklace on.”

“I don’t exactly have a choice now do I? I’m still bitter that you got Willow to use magic on Ginny to extend her youth and life.”

Harry chuckled, “You’re just mad cause when you asked for the same thing she said there wasn’t enough magic in the world to make you cute and young.”

“I know I should be happy that she taught me enough magic so I can keep myself healthy over the years. She seemed to think it was a character building experience.”

Hermione nodded, “It is a character building experience.”

Harry taking pity on Ron changed the subject for him, “So what are we doing about Snape and Malfoy this year?”

Hermione shrugged, “Nothing, unless they give us proof, we can‘t really go to the ministry with just your opinions.”

Harry scowled, “I know, doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Ron shrugged, “Hey it’s just points.”

Ginny blinked, “Okay what did you do with the real Ronald Weasley?”

“Nothing, but after all the demon hunting I’ve done this last decade with Alexia I refuse to worry about a few house points, besides Dumbledore always gives us points at the end of the year for saving the day.”

Ginny chuckled, “Good to know that some things don’t change.”

Ron grinned, “Speaking of things that don’t change the feast should start in a bit.”

Hermione chuckled, “Only after the sorting is finished.”

“Any guesses?”

Harry sighed, “Not really, I’m hoping for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.”

Hermione nodded, “Nothing wrong with Hufflepuff besides it doesn’t matter what house they end up in. It‘s not like I‘d disown my children if they ended up in Slytherin.”

Ron shook his head, “I would.”

Ginny laughed, “I don’t think you have anything to worry about with William.”

Ginny shrugged, “Let’s get to the feast and find out.”


Gabrielle found herself standing in line with a bunch of other nervous first years as professor McGonagall called the students one by one. She had only listened to half the sorting hat in her nervousness. She didn’t want to admit it to anyone but she was slightly concerned about which house she would end up in. She admitted to herself that she had dreams that people might call ambitious, that she had a dark side when it came to people that hurt or threatened her family and the fact that she could talk to snakes and had a pet snake back home weren‘t exactly qualities that every Gryffindor had. She knew she was honorable in her own fashion and that she was brave most of the time. She just hoped that she wouldn’t get put in Slytherin and have her family hate her.

Gabrielle was pulled from her musing as Trista Baker was called. She watched her new friend nervously walk over to the three legged stool and sit down. Miss McGonagall had barely placed the hat on Trista’s head before it said “Gryffindor.”

Lenora blinked as her name was called and the crowded room turned quiet enough to hear a pin drop for a few seconds before the whispers started. Who would have thought that her mother was that well known. She glanced over at the Gryffindor table briefly before forcing her legs to carry her to the stool. She had barely sat down before professor McGonagall dropped the hat on her head.

“Curious, I had heard you lot would be coming. Now the only thing to do about you, is to find a place for you. You have your mother’s brains not that your father was a slouch in the brains department. But alas for poor Ravenclaw you have her same bravery. Loyalty is there to be sure, and courage aplenty not enough ambition to be in Slytherin unlike your father. So it had better be Gryffindor.”

Lenora smiled brightly as she thought at the hat. “Yes please.”

Lillian smiled as she watched the hat say “Gryffindor.” She smiled as her own name was called out. She made her way to the stool and sat down. She heard a voice in her ear as the hat was lowered onto her head. “You my dear have brains and courage like your sister, a bit more ambition but not the right mind set to take full advantage of your particular gifts. So if it’s not Slytherin it had better be Ravenclaw for you value smarts over everything else.”

Lillian found herself half happy and half sad as the hat was pulled off her head and she made her way to the Ravenclaw table. While she had known for some time that ending up in Ravenclaw was likely, it didn’t make being separated from her twin for the first time any easier to deal with.

Leo Angel Potter barely heard the next couple of names after the twins’ names had been called. A few more first years trickled into each house table to varying degrees of applause. He was startled out of his drifting when he heard his name called. The name Leo Angel Potter just seemed to drift to all corners of room as the talking stopped as if cut with a knife. He forced himself to sit on the stool. He was amazed that the sorting hat barely spent a second on his head before it whispered, “Another one, I know just what to do with you.” The hat shouted “Gryffindor.” He smiled in relief as McGonagall pulled the hat from his head.

Gabrielle was glad when her turn finally came, at least one way or another the wondering would be over shortly. She felt the old hat settle on her head. She was a bit startled as it whispered into her ears. “You have to relax dear before I can read where to put you. Don‘t worry I‘ll protect you from outside snooping and what I see I never tell.” She wasn’t really sure how she felt about relaxing her mental barriers but figured that was probably the only way to get this over with.

Harry glanced around as he felt a spike of power coming from Gabrielle. He nervously glanced at the student and staff tables to see if anyone had noticed. Of the students it seemed that only Luna in the Ravenclaw table was paying any more attention than she had been before the spike. He noticed that both professor Flitwick and Dumbledore were glancing curiously at Gabrielle. His heart almost stopped as he noted that Snape was also paying more attention to Gabrielle than he had to the other first years. Harry quickly glanced back at the sorting hat.

“Such terrible glorious power in one so young, never in a thousand years have I felt such power. You Miss Rosenberg are a difficult one to judge, your father was a difficult one to place as well. Your mind skitters and mists thoughts even as I read them. Quite frustrating, I tell you what. But this I can tell you. You are brave, smart, cunning and aren’t afraid of hard work when you have to work. Not very helpful to decide on it’s own. Brains you have though, enough to make Ravenclaw weep to have you. But you have never cared overly much for the appearance of intelligence, which sets you aside from most in Ravenclaw. I see bits and pieces, emotions you have tried to bury. You plan and you plot, and yet even with all of that you are honest, maybe even to a fault. That is not a Slytherin trait. So if you can not be Slytherin you have to be “Gryffindor.”

Gabrielle sighed in relief as the hat was pulled off her head and she could tighten her mental shields back into place as she made her way to the Gryffindor table to polite applause.

Snape scowled as he watched the girl head toward the Gryffindor table, he had felt something strange when the sorting hat was on her head. He wasn’t sure what exactly it was but she would bear watching. He wondered briefly how different things would have been if he had been sorted into a different house before he crushed the thought as pointless. He silently groaned as he noticed the look of intense hatred plastered on Malfoy’s face as his student’s eyes followed the new girl. He wondered if the girl had done something to deserve the hatred of Malfoy. He shook his head slightly, Malfoy was an idiot when it came to picking his enemies, it was probably nothing more than that the girl had neglected to get out of his way fast enough on the train.

Trista clapped heartily when Rose Summers and William Weasley both made it into Gryffindor. Rose after nearly a minute and William after the hat barely brushed his head.

Dumbledore smiled as the last student sat down. He snapped his fingers and the food appeared on the plates. “Tuck in.”

Gabrielle smiled as she overheard a particularly embellished tale of Malfoy’s trip through the train hallway. She was sure that she had only hit his head once or twice maybe three times but not the seven the boy was saying. She was just glad that her mother wasn’t here to yell at her about abuse of magic or something. She whispered to Rose, “So what took the hat so long?”

Rose shook her head, “Stupid thing wanted to put me in Hufflepuff. I had to talk it out of it. Stupid work ethic. What about you?”

“Oh the normal, you have traits or this and that and you sure you want to be there… blah blah blah… you would think that it could be a little less creepy about certain things. Besides I dislike things or people other than family in my head.”

“I can’t say I blame you. The hat said a few too many things about mum.”

Gabrielle glanced around at some of the other people at the table, it was hard to tell who was listening too closely. “Ah well at least we got in Gryffindor. I’m going to have a blast this year.”

Harry tried to keep a smile on his face as the evening meal got closer to finishing. He knew that he wasn’t going to like Dumbledore’s after dinner speech. It would be filled with various start of the term announcements and the declaration that Snape had finally gotten what he had wanted all these years. It was hard to stomach having to put up with him in his favorite class after not having to see the guy for almost twelve years. Harry realized with a jolt that all of the old anger was still there. Oh it had dimmed a touch as he grew and understood some of the reasons behind Snape’s actions over the years but Harry knew it wouldn’t take much for it to burst into flame again if he let it. He resolved to try one of Xander’s suggestions out this year. Never let them see you angry as it gives them a feeling of power. Harry decided that he wouldn’t give Snape the satisfaction.

Gabrielle sighed as Dumbledore mentioned the Quidditch tryouts. She knew that normally no first year had a chance but she was hoping that she could convince Professor McGonagall to wave that restriction if she could prove that she could fly. She grinned as Dumbledore finished his speech and dismissed the students.

Hermione Granger stood up, “First years please follow me.”

Gabrielle, Rose, Lenora and Trista joined William and Leo as they all piled in with the other first year Gryffindor boys behind Hermione Granger as she lead them up to the Gryffindor common room.

Trista looked around the first year girl’s dormitory. It had ten beds scattered around the room. The beds were four-poster beds with curtains that could be let down for privacy. “They look rather soft.”

One of the girls that Gabrielle hadn’t been introduced to spoke up, “How do we know which one is ours?”

Gabrielle grinned as she stepped out of her robe leaving her in just her shorts and t-shirt, “I’m guessing that they are rather soft, as for which one goes to which girl, just claim one. I think I will take this one by the window.” She walked over and examined the alcove that had a bed nestled in it. She doubted that any of the rest of the girls would want it because it was bound to be colder in the winter months do to the window in the alcove. Her words were muffled as she pulled her shirt over her head, “I am thinking that I might just crash.” She hauled her trunk out of the pile of luggage in the middle of the room. She placed it at the food of her bed and tossed her shirt and robe on it. She needed to remember to thank the house elves for being kind enough to drag her luggage to her room. She crawled onto her new bed without even bothering to slip under the covers.

Trista glanced away as she realized that Gabrielle didn’t have anything on under the shirt. “It’s already pretty late maybe we should all do the same.”

A few of the other girls giggled in delight as they examined the rest of the room and sorted out beds.

Lenora frowned as she walked over to one of the beds and noticed how small it was compared to her bed at home, of course her bed at home was as big as it was so that her twin had enough room as well. “Sounds like a plan. If no one complains I‘ll take this one.” She received a series of no we don’t minds from her various chattering roommates. She wasn’t sure how much sleep she was going to get.

Rose’s head had barely hit the pillow of her claimed bed before she was out like a light.

Several hours later Lenora crept stealthily over to Gabrielle’s bed. She noticed that a small trickle of light was leaking out where a gap in the curtains was. She whispered, “You awake?”

“Yeah.” Gabrielle opened the curtain with her right hand.

Lenora noted that the faint light was coming from Gabrielle’s wand. It was sitting on her pillow giving her enough illumination to read one of her many text books. She climbed into Gabrielle’s bed quietly, “So how much sleep did you get? You must not have gotten your computer to work?”

Gabrielle let the curtain fall back into place as well as the noise dampening charms she had finished placing on the curtains earlier. “I got about three hours so more than at home but less than when I’m at grandmas. As for the mini computer, that’s a no go. The phone that Willow made works but the computer needs more work for the screen to stay stable in this E.M. field nightmare. It was making weird spiraling patterns and heating up alarmingly fast.”

Lenora nodded, “It’s not fair that you need less sleep than the rest of us.”

“Can’t sleep then?”

“No, I keep tossing and turning. I can drift off but then I wake up and get scared because there is an empty space. I know it sounds stupid.”

Gabrielle closed up her book and glanced out her window at the night sky for a minute before she turned back to look at Lenora, “You can stay here tonight, maybe in a few days you’ll get used to it.”

“Thanks.” Lenora curled up against Gabrielle and drifted off to slumber soon after.

Gabrielle on the other hand was wide awake as she tried to pass the time by listening to Lenora’s breathing and watching the night sky.
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