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A wand, a werewolf and a demon girl

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Further adventures of the Scoobies magical children. (Questionable underage pairings)

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR183090,42228149,6276 May 0823 Apr 09Yes

A werewolf on the Hogwarts Express

I don't own Buffy or anything else you recognize from the show. Nor do I own any character from the Harry Potter books. This story contains mentions of mild sexual pairings outside the normal for our culture, nothing forced, broken or dirty in the pairings. I'm fairly sure it wouldn't give a teenager nightmares or anything like that. This story is a continuation of my other stories. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way on to the story.

Leo Angel Potter glanced around the train compartment with a growing sense of dread. He had promised his mom that he would look after the others, not that he thought they needed looking after but as he was their big brother, Faith felt that it somehow fell to him to look after them. While normally he did this as a matter of course a passing glance at his reflection in the window reminded him that he was going to have his own problems to worry about. He was a bit taller than his own father had been in his first year but there was enough of a resemblance to his father that even if he hadn’t borne the Potter family name it would still have caused him issues. He smiled as he remembered his mother’s words, ‘If any of the Slytherins give you trouble hex them when no one is looking or challenge them to a duel and obliterate them.’ He sighed, he wished it was that easy. In an effort to take his mind off his worries he glanced around at his siblings.

Gabrielle Rosenberg and Rose Summers were sitting near the door on the opposite side of the twins bent over a chess board trying unsuccessfully to tune out Lenora and Lillian Granger’s enthusiastic discussion of their book, Hogwarts a history.

Leo frowned as the girls continued the same discussion that they had been having for the last several hours as they were getting ready to get on the train. “Can’t you give that book a rest?”

Lillian shook her head, “Why should I? It’s good to be prepared.”

William rolled his eyes as he watched his friend retreat from the twins' glares.

Lenora opened her mouth to respond but was interrupted by the door to the train compartment sliding open. She glanced over as a small shabbily dressed girl stepped into the compartment. While Lenora wasn’t the tallest witch around even she was a bit larger than the pale scarecrow of a girl that was standing there looking rather nervous. It almost looked as if she had been crying. She looked so nervous in fact that Lenora was half afraid she was going to collapse.

Trista screwed the last of her courage together as her eyes flickered around the room and took in the nice clothes the other children wore. It gave her a small flicker of hope that they were at least wearing muggle clothes. “Do you mind if I stay here, the rest of the compartments are full?”

William decided that the girl needed a break, he shrugged and glanced around at the mostly full compartment, “I guess there is room for one more.”’

Gabrielle sniffed the air curiously, then rubbed at her nose to cover the odd mannerism.

Rose had just finished clearing the chessboard of pieces so the new girl would have a place to sit when the door slid open once again.

William looked over at the three stooges that filled the door way. He wasn’t relishing this confrontation without his parents around but he wasn’t going to back down just because the people looming in the doorway were so very much larger than he was. “What do you want?”

Draco Malfoy smirked at the people in the room. Trista backed up fearfully until she bumped against the wall as far from the door as she could get. His grin got wider, he was enjoying tormenting the little mud blood bitch. “You should learn to talk politely to your betters. You look suspiciously like a Weasley, red hair, no sense of style, yep have to be a Weasley. Merlin, how many of them are there?”

Leo was busy trying not to draw attention to himself. Goyle grinned stupidly and pointed at Leo even as he pulled at Malfoy’s sleeve. Malfoy shook his arm out of Goyles grasp without even looking at him.

Gabrielle scowled up at Malfoy before standing up and sidestepping to better block his access to the scared girl. “Spit it out then and get out of here.”

“I don’t believe I got your name…”

“Not that it’s any of your business but it’s Rosenberg.”

“I see, so a filthy little mudblood bitch like yourself is going to protect the werewolf bitch.” He gestured rudely at Trista while laughing darkly.

Trista started to cry again as Malfoy laughed at her.

Rose put a restraining hand on Gabrielle’s arm as Gabrielle tensed up. “It’s not worth getting into trouble over.” She turned to look at Malfoy and shook her head, “If you had any hint of self preservation you would run screaming right about now.”

Gabrielle’s voice took on a frosty tone, “My father was a wizard, his parents were magical, my mother was a witch, which is more than I can say for your fucked up hack of a half blood leader.”

Malfoy glared at the mere girl that had dared insult the dark lord, he went for his wand. His hand made it about half way there before he was hit with a barrage of stunners from the other people in the room. Crabbe and Goyle collapsed as well having been hit by the spill over.

Rose shook her head before looking at Trista, “He was reaching for his wand.”

Gabrielle looked down at the bodies and smiled grimly, “I’ll get rid of them.”

Lillian frowned, “While I’m sure you could move the bodies without help, if we let you they might end up tossed off the train while it’s moving.”

Gabrielle shrugged, “You ruin all my fun, besides they‘re wizards, not muggles they would probably survive the fall.” She pulled her wand out from it’s sheath on her arm. With a flick and a swish she levitated Malfoy’s body up and proceeded to smash his head into the door jam. “Opps.” She smiled, as she walked the body outside.

A flick of her wand and Goyle was sliding by his feet out the door. His head merrily bouncing along. “Lenora don’t suppose you can help me with the other fat one?”

She nodded, “If I must, I must.” With a flick of her wrist Crabbe’s feet levitated up and dragged the unconscious Slytherin out of the compartment.

Trista glanced nervously at the compartment door, “I’ll just, just go…”

Leo frowned, “Why because of what Malfoy said?”

William shook his head, “The guy is a git.”

“But, he is right I am a werewolf.”

Rose shrugged, “There are worse things you could be.”

Trista wiped her nose on her sleeve even as she blinked rapidly trying to get the tears to stop. “Like what?”

William chuckled, “A pompous idiot. Names, William Weasley. My shy friend over there is Leo Potter, and the girl is Rose Summers.”

Rose inclined her head, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Trista was staring at the people in shock, “Aren’t you worried about me eating you, or something?”

Rose shrugged, “Not really being that you’re the second werewolf I’ve met and the other one is a good friend and even then most werewolves only go crazy around the full moon, and as that is still a ways away, I don’t really see what we have to worry about.”

Trista frowned, “You’re serious?”

William nodded, “Why wouldn’t we be?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know, it’s just that a few months ago I didn’t even know that magic was real let alone that werewolves were. I didn’t find out about magic until I got my Hogwarts’ letter.”

Gabrielle glided back into the compartment followed by the twins. “Well at least the trash is taken out, though I do fear we have made some enemies today. I‘m sorry, where are my manors, I‘m Gabrielle Rosenberg, the twins are Lenora and Lillian Granger.” She gestured to each one in turn. “The fact that Lenora wears pig tails is about the only way to tell them apart.”

Lillian rolled her eyes, “We aren’t that identical.”

Leo chuckled, “Speak for yourselves, you’re worse than Fred and George and their own mother can’t tell them apart half the time.”

Lenora stage whispered to Trista, “That’s because she doesn’t try anymore.”

Leo glanced at the door nervously for a second as it opened before realizing that it was just the trolley lady.

“Would you like anything dears?”

Trista shook her head, “Sorry don’t have any money.”

Gabrielle frowned, “Well that just won’t do, I’ll take seven of your largest chocolate bars please.”

Rose shook her head at Trista’s protesting, “Don’t worry about it, she can well afford it.”

Trista nodded, “You all seem to know each other already…”

Leo shrugged and gestured to William, “Yeah this lug here’s my dad’s best friend‘s kid. So as you can well imagine we have spent a great deal of time together.”

Lenora smiled, “Well obviously my twin is related to me. As for the rest of the scallywags ours parents were all friends from Hogwarts.”

Gabrielle smiled as she put her change away and passed out the large chocolate bars before sitting back in her corner, “We still have several hours of a train ride, so we might as well get as comfortable as we can.”

Rose smiled and walked over to the door and whispered a locking spell over it. “I don’t really want any interruptions from the three idiots just in case they decide to cause trouble.”

Trista frowned, “How far behind am I being muggle?”

Lillian shrugged, “Only a little bit, most magical children brought up in a magical household only hear spells and incantations but never get the chance to practice them. We might have practiced a few spells here and there.”

Trista nodded, “I looked at some of my books before…” She tensed up. “Before I got attacked this summer. Afterwards… I wasn’t even sure I wanted to come here.”

Lenora’s face blanched white, “It’s scary isn’t it.”

“The magic police said that it was a werewolf in league with you know who. Said that there had been a number of muggle born killed this summer. They got really weird when Daddy asked who you know who was.”

Gabrielle sighed, “People don’t like saying Voldemort’s name.”

William twitched, “Can you please not say that.”

She shrugged, “See what I mean.”

“After one particularly brutal transformation my parents decided that maybe Hogwarts would be the best place for me after all… I can’t say as I blame them. There is supposed to be a potion that can help with the transformations but it’s… well it’s rather expensive you see… Dumbledore said that the school would provide the potion at no cost to my parents while I went to school.” She gestured to her plain clothes, “We don’t exactly have enough money to waste on something that isn’t really a cure…”

William nodded, “I can relate to the not having a lot of money thing. My father grew up poor, though he makes enough to get by now.”

Rose frowned, “Okay enough with the doom and gloom. There has to be a good topic of conversation buried around here somewhere.”

Gabrielle forced herself to smile as she realized Rose was right and that a number of people in the compartment needed a change of topic, “I know, Quidditch, we could tell her the rules of that.”

“What’s Quidditch?”

Gabrielle smiled brightly, “Only the second best game ever, you play it on broomsticks while flying around the air.”

Trista turned and looked at Rose, “Do I want to ask her what the best game in the world is?”

“I’ve found that there are some questions better left unasked and unanswered.”
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