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Summary: His older sister is a Vampire Slayer; his younger sister is a former Key and he’s just Harry, until one day he’s not. Buffy finds out her normal brother isn’t normal at all and she must protect him from the megalomaniac that wants him dead.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyChosenfireFR1524,3454505,9526 May 0812 May 08No


Title: Normal
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling, BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon. I make no profit off of writing this.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Joyce/Hank, (others to be determined, suggestions are welcomed)
Spoilers: BtVS season 6 “Bargaining Part 1 & 2”, HP post Book 5
Summary: His older sister is a Vampire Slayer; his younger sister is a former Key and he’s just Harry, until one day he’s not. Buffy finds out her normal brother isn’t normal at all and she must protect him from the megalomaniac that wants him dead.

A/N: This is based off a series of manip challenges by Tanydwr whose brilliant graphic work inspired me to write this story. Harry is still a Wizard and there will be a mention of that in the story. Also, Hank is a good guy and he will play a vital part. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Beta'd By Tanydwr


Mid-November 1986

“Buffy don’t touch that.” Joyce’s voice was kind but firm, and her five-year-old daughter pouted crossing her arms and flopping down on the waiting room chair, her bottom lip sticking out. Her honey-blond hair was in pig tails and coupled with the bright sunflower dress she wore, it spoiled the whole effect of the pout.

Joyce smiled softly, ducking her head to hide it from her daughter’s view as she finished filling out the rest of the paperwork terminating her employment with the hospital she had worked at as a nurse for three years.

She loved her job, she enjoyed helping people and she had wanted to be a nurse since she had discovered a doctor Barbie. Being a doctor had never appealed to her. Nursing had always been her passion.

But now she had a new passion, a new focus for in her life.

She stood up holding the clipboard in her hand. “Buffy, watch your sister for a bit while I take this to Shelly.” Her daughter’s mood changed immediately and the little girl smiled brightly, giving her a big nod.

Joyce’s eyes caught the receptionist, Meg’s, eye and she indicated her two daughters. Buffy was now leaning over a two-month-old Dawn’s carrier. Meg nodded and, reassured that someone was keeping an eye on her daughters, Joyce made her way to the back room.

“So you all set?” Shelly asked her softly, a sad smile on her face. They had gone to High School together and had stayed close friends, even landing work in the same hospital.

Joyce nodded and handed the clipboard over. “You should come to dinner this weekend, Hank and I would love to have you.”

“I would like that.” Distracted, the red head turned to one of the orderlies, who was carrying a dark-haired little boy in his arms. “They still insist on leaving him here.”

The young man smiled bitterly handing the child over to Shelly. “Those people are a piece of work, honestly, I think we should call Child Services again, the kid’s been neglected.”

“What’s going on?” Joyce asked, concerned, looking at the baby boy in Shelly’s arms. His eyes were screwed up tight, but he wasn’t crying. That concerned Joyce, when children were hurt, they cried.

Shelly cradled the child, rocking him soothingly. “British couple came in, they’re on vacation, seems they decided to ditch their nephew while they’re here.” She looked awkward holding the child and Joyce held out her arms. Shelly gratefully handed over the small boy and Joyce settled him on her hip running a hand through his dark brown hair.

“What did Child Services say?”

The guy grimaced. “Apparently they’re overworked and understaffed; they can’t get someone out for two days. Until then they’re leaving it to us to find him a temporary home.”

The boy’s eyes blinked open slowly and Joyce could see obvious pain in their green depths. He looked to be a year old, maybe older, and there was a livid lighting bolt scar on his forehead, hidden slightly by his messy hair. He whimpered, trying to make as little noise as possible, and Joyce made a split decision.

“I’ll take him.” Seeing her former colleagues’ doubting looks, she informed them quickly, “I’ve already gone through a background check. Hank and I are certified foster parents; we were going to adopt our next child until Dawn surprised us.” She looked down at the baby boy, determination in her voice, decision clearly and firmly made. “So what’s this little guy’s name?”

Shelly stared at her hard before a small smile touched her lips. “Harry, Harry James Potter.”

Joyce grinned goofily. “Hey Harry.” She whispered softly to the boy. “How do you feel about girls?”

She knew this was the right thing to do, somehow she knew. She couldn’t imagine the kind of people that would give up a child – especially this sweet, innocent boy – and they easily had the room in their home and in their hearts for another child.

It wouldn’t be easy. Buffy had been a handful since the moment she was born and, while Dawn was more subdued, she was just as demanding. Still, Joyce would make a place for this child.


Three Months Later…

Joyce straightened her blouse, taking a deep breath and running a hand through her wild curly hair, wishing once again she could tame it. She paced back and forth, feeling on edge, biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming.

Someone chuckled and Joyce turned to glare at her husband who was standing in the doorway, holding a sleeping baby in his arms. She couldn’t keep her glare for long as she took in the picture of Hank gently holding their youngest daughter. She never used to be this sappy or emotional; something about being a parent had turned her into a cooing idiot every time one of her children so much as blinked.

“You look fine.” Hank told her softly, crossing across the room to carefully lie Dawn down in the bassinet they kept by their bed. After he made sure she was settled, he made his way to his wife and slipped his arms around her waist turning her to the mirror. “You’ll do fine, don’t worry.” He whispered in her ear, his eyes locking with hers in the mirror, a confident smile on his lips.

They had their moments, both of them were stubborn and pig-headed, but no one made her feel as loved and cherished as Hank did. Ever since that disastrous dance, he had been a bright spot in her life filling it with joy and excitement.

She took a deep breath trying to steady her nerves. “I love you, you know that, right?”

He grinned pressing a kiss to her temple. “I do.” He smoothed out her jacket as he backed away “Now go do your thing, hon, I’ll take care of things on this end.”

She followed him into the front room, passing him the baby monitor as they went, and they stopped to watch as Buffy showed Harry how to climb up onto the couch using his arms to pull his body up and over the obstacle that had thrown him into screaming fits.

The quiet little guy she had brought home was no more. Buffy had been a bad influence on him and had taught her new baby brother what he needed to do to get noticed. She had claimed it was her ‘sisterly duty’.

Joyce was scared what she was going to teach Dawn.

Seeing her, Harry squealed, abandoning Buffy to barrel at Joyce’s legs. She scooped him up, pressing quick kisses to his face as he giggled. His small, chubby arms wrapped around her neck and she tried to forget her worry that he wasn’t talking yet, he was over a year and a half old and he didn’t talk, at least not when they could hear him.

Joyce suspected he talked to Buffy and Dawn. With Buffy it was a must; she talked a lot and expected answers. With Dawn, it was baby babbling that only made sense to the two of them.

Harry had been through a lot and things were almost over. Joyce gave him a quick kiss again and passed him to Hank as she looked at her watch. It was time to get going. Harry’s aunt and uncle had agreed, actually insisted, on giving the Summers custody of Harry, on the single condition that everything was kept quiet. Joyce didn’t mind, she was willing to do anything in order for the little boy she fallen in love with to be hers.

What had surprised her was Hank’s willingness to go along with it. It shouldn’t have though; ever since Hank had laid eyes on Harry, there had been a fierce protectiveness in him that had convinced her that the little green eyed boy was a part of their family, permanently.
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