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All The World's A Stage

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Summary: Willow closes the Hellmouth, and it goes downhill from there . . .

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardEenaAngelFR1837,6272227,0386 Jan 0326 Sep 03No


***For Linda's B-Day. Sorry about the delay.***

Part Five

Bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED.

I sighed, looking around at the angry and frightened shapeshifters around me, wondering if I could get away with riling them up just a little bit. After all, it wasn't like there was much else to do around here. Just sit and pretend to be the good little girl I was back in the old days.

I always did suck at acting.

My eyes travelled around the room, hoping to pick up the perfect outlet for my boredom. And I mean that in a non-kinky way. Maybe I could get another fight going or something. Anything would be better than this painfully boring silence.

Hmm, Jason. He's a naughty little wolf who seems to have taken a shining to Faith. The boy's got balls, I'll give him that. Not too many people would even try to get near Faith when she was obviously in a pissy mood. Hell, she had practically broken the hand of the overly-eager leopard named Caleb after he had made a move to grab her ass. As it was she had merely tossed him over her shoulder and into the wall. That had been funny, causing a bit of a squabble to ensue until that Micah boy ordered Caleb into another room far away from us.

But then again, maybe Jason wasn't the best target. He seemed far too interested in Faith and far too frightened of me to even get close enough. Too bad though, it might have been fun playing with him-again in a non-kinky way.

Well, there's that Nathaniel kid over there. He seemed like the perfect victim. Hell, he looked like he had always been the victim. But I can't bring myself to try anything. It's his eyes, damn big and beautiful, a shade of violet I've never seen on a boy before. Kind of reminded me of Dawn if you really wanted to know. All lean and waif like, looking around the room like he wanted to hide but fighting the urge because he was damn curious about what was going to happen.

Nope, can't pick on him. So who did that leave?

I felt a grin split my face as I finally let my eyes fall on Richard, the hunky and broody Ulfric. The King of the Werewolves, that's basically what he was. That and incredibly sexy. I wouldn't mind jumping back onto the other team for a chance at that.

But I won't. Far too many people in the room and no matter how much I've changed, I'm still not that kinky when it comes to doing the naughty. Besides, exhibitionism just rubs me the wrong way. Well, that kind of exhibitionism rubs me the wrong way.

"Pet, behave."

Oh look, it's my conscience. I turned my head, giving Spike the best scowl I could muster. Cripes his soul made him all whiny and rational. A bit too much like Giles for my tastes if you really wanted to know. Of course, maybe that's a good thing in the end. After all, Giles was Giles, but on occasion he did happen to become Ripper. Maybe there was hope for Spike after all.

"Seriously Red, behave. Your mojo's already landed us in enough trouble."

Well then, so that's how it's going to be. Fine, next time I won't stop the psycho lady with a gun. See how much Spike prefers being shot at to my being mischievous.

"You know, you think they would move past that dimension snippet already," Faith grumbled from her spot at my feet. The brunette turned her head upwards, exposing her neck as her hair fell backwards. I barely hid my snicker at the look on Jason's face when she did that. The puppy was practically drooling.

"But no, they're still in that room, pretending like they're on top of the situation while really they're having their own little freak-out party," Faith continued, jerking her thumb in the direction of Anita's bedroom. "Can't they just come out and talk to us already? I'm kind of sick of just sitting here with all these wolves looking like they either want in my pants or in my liver."

I couldn't keep back my laughter at that. Goddess how I loved Faith. She was never afraid to speak what was on her mind, no matter what the consequences might be. Like right now, her little comment made all the little doggies unhappy. They're all grumbling now, flashing a bit of fang our way in what I think is an attempt to rattle us. Not really working all that well, but whatever.

Spike started grumbling along with the wolves, a stern eye focused on both of us girls. Faith shot him a bright smile before dropping her head back down. I held his glare, giving him a playful pout.

"Would you stop being such a parent?" I whined, poking him softly in the side. "Just sit back and have some fun. It's not like we're going anywhere for the time being."

"Red, I'm afraid your idea of fun doesn't appeal to me anymore," Spike sighed, batting my hand away. "And this isn't the time for fun. We should be working on a way home luv. Not causing trouble with the only people who could possibly help us."

"Now that is a blatant assumption," I sneered, raising my voice just a bit even though I knew they could all hear me otherwise. "Not one of them looks the slightest bit useful to me."

Now all the animals are mad. I looked across the room, seeing the Ulfric's eyes flashing a deep amber colour. I can feel his beast, sitting just beneath the surface of his skin. The power coming off of it was amazing. Kind of made me feel tingly all over. Okay, tingly in one specific spot but again, no kinky stuff tonight.

"We were dropped here for a reason," Spike snapped, his voice low and barely audible in my ear. I barely acknowledged him, keeping eye contact with the ever more irritated Ulfric. Richard was an imposing figure, tall with an impressive build. And the danger I could see flashing in his eyes, well, that was just exciting.

"Are you listening to me?"

"Sure Spike," I murmured, smiling evilly in Richard's direction. His eyes turned solid amber and I wonder if it's my magic or just me that makes him so angry and hostile.

Spike gave up on me eventually, snapping up the local newspaper with a snarl and practically tearing it open. He pretended to read the thing even though I know he's already read it twice. He's getting just as antsy and bored as I am, but I know he won't act on anything. Spike's all about the caution now, no matter how annoying it is. And even though I'm itching to cause some trouble, I know that he's right. That soul of his made him a lot smarter than before. We weren't just dropped here at random. Nothing that happened to us happened randomly. There was a scheme behind it, a reason for why we were here.

Of course, I couldn't be sure that that reason was good. For all I knew, it could be bad. It could be very, very BAD.

Things were going to get interesting very fast. I just knew it. My eyes flickered over to Richard again and he's calmed down just a bit. I smirked and blew him an insolent kiss. His eyes go from brown to amber again, in less than two seconds. I couldn't help but giggle at the look of rage on his face. The boy must really not like me.

Maybe he and Anita should start a club.


"Not in my house!"

Jean-Claude sighed, looking longingly at the closed bedroom door in front of him. He wished for just a fraction of a second that he could walk right out of this room, leaving Anita to deal with her own mess. But he couldn't, he wouldn't. Such was the curse of loving the

"But where the hell can we keep them then?"

"The Circus?" he volunteered listlessly. Anita's eyes lit up but then faded quickly.

"Is that safe for you?" she asked tentatively.

"I can have them guarded around the clock," the Master of the City offered, exchanging a look with Asher in the corner. "We will be just fine ma petite. And besides, what other choice do we have? As you have said previously, they cannot stay here."

"But what if they turn out to be dangerous?" Anita squeaked. "Maybe I should just call Dolph-"

"And unleash a witch of undetermined power on the unsuspecting police force?" Asher finished for her. The vampire smirked a bit, flashing the brunette a hint of fang. "I did not realize your problems with Dolph ran so deeply Anita."

Anita rolled her eyes, not even rising to the bait of that. Instead she chose to stalk around her bed, avoiding the vampires littered about her room. The small woman paused before her vanity mirror, sighing as she noticed how fatigued and stressed she looked. Couldn't she just have one relaxing day at home? Why did powerful, not to mention dangerous, people have to fall out of the sky on her day off? Couldn't they have the courtesy to wait until tomorrow?

"Ma petite?"

"I just wish I could send them back from wherever they came from and not deal with them," she sighed, still not turning to face her companions. "I don't like having them here Jean-Claude. And I don't just mean the house. I don't like having them in my city-hell, I don't think I even like having them on my planet! All this talk of Hell and different dimensions . . . we could be inviting trouble by letting them live."

"And you propose to dispose of them how?" Jean-Claude demanded of her. "You have already tried to shoot them. That did not work out all that well. You must face the facts ma petite, this is a problem you cannot just shoot away. These people, that redhead, they will not die as easily as others."

"Hey! Not all the others went down easily," Anita grumbled, ran running over some of the many scars on her left arm. "Some of them went down pretty hard. And a lot of them were just as scary as that redheaded witch."

"But how many were more powerful?" Jean-Claude asked her quietly. "We had certain advantages with the others Anita. They usually wanted something from us, something that we used to come out on top. But these people, or should I say that girl, she has no need for us. If you decide to move against her, there is no guarantee that we would win. The power in her, I have never encountered anything like that. And even then, I was not sensing even the whole end of it. She is, as she claims, not of this world. We should move with caution."

"And quickly," Asher added quietly, tilting his head slightly. Anita frowned, suddenly realizing that he was listening to something or the other outside. The brunette fell silent and tried to hear herself, only catching snips of voices here and there.

"I think our friends have assaulted another shifter," the vampire continued, a devilish smirk on his face. "Or the redhead has riled one at the very least. I think if we are going to move them, then we should do so now."

"If they rile shifters here, they'll do it more at the Circus," Anita told them. "And there are vampires at the Circus as well. What if our visitors decide to jerk them around as well? You could have a disaster on your hands Jean-Claude."

The vampire gave her a tight smile, an almost amused look on his face.

"Since I met you Anita, I have become quite accustomed to disasters."

Anita scowled and stomped over to her door, wrenching it open and stalking back down to her living room. Both vampires followed, listening quietly to the grumblings of the woman in front of them.

"Of all of the times to become a smart-ass . . ."


The End?

You have reached the end of "All The World's A Stage" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Sep 03.

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