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What Am I Going To Do Now?

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Summary: Buffy tells the Scoobies a secret about her family. How will that change their relationships?

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Chapter 2


Before Willow left, I grabbed her arm, "Have Dawn come in here. She deserves to know before I tell everyone else," Will gave me a smile along with a nod.

Whether she knows it or not, Willow has been my rock, and she has been ever since I met her, even with some of our past. I don't know how to handle telling Dawn. These past few years have positively sucked for her. First, she finds out her origin, loses her mom, loses me, and finally loses the only place she knew as home, but Kennedy has surprisingly made her happier than I've seen her in awhile, and as much as I wanted her away from the supernatural, she is one hell of a Watcher.

I watched as the door opened, and Dawn must have caught something in my eyes or face because she was quickly kneeling in front of me, "Buffy, is everything okay? Did something happen?" firing off questions in Willow-like speed as she noticed the note in my hand, "What is that, Buffy?" Well, here goes nothing.

I opened the slightly crumpled paper and handed it to Dawn, "This woman is my birth mother. She gave me up for adoption when she was seventeen. Will came to me when she found the attachment while she was going through my file. She wanted me to know, but I told her that Mom and I talked about when she first got sick," I decided to leave it there, so I didn't start asking her inane questions.

She didn't say anything right away, and I thought she was going to have a meltdown like the one she had on my birthday after she found out she was the Key, "Buffy, I love you. Nothing is ever going to change that. We're the Summers sisters, and who knows maybe when you meet her, you can figure out what to do next," I was stroking her cheek as she finished talking and smiled through my tears before leaning forward and kissing her forehead.

"When did you get so smart?" just asking the question not really expecting an answer.

"I had the three smartest people in the world raising me, plus Giles," Dawn's addition got chuckles out of the three of us. We may never say it, but I believe Giles has had a hand in helping every single one of us at one time or another.

I held out my hand to Willow and wrapped my arm around Dawn as we headed out of Will's office. The group was paired off except Giles, who was to the left of the group on the circular couch. Dawn kissed my cheek before taking a seat on Kennedy's lap and already trying to annoy Faith. I think Dawn has given a little of Faith's childhood back. I felt Willow give my hand a squeeze as I met the eyes of every single person.

"There is something you guys don't know about me," as I went on to explain all I knew about being adopted. Dawn's smile helped immensely as the others didn't seemed phased by the news, especially Giles. Of course, The Council.

"Buff, it doesn't matter who your mom is or was. Joyce was a mom to almost everyone here, and I know she would just want you to be happy," Thank you Xander, I needed to cry some more, but Giles stepped forward and gave me his handkerchief.

"Is she hot?" Faith asked breaking the silence, and it also garnered everyone's attention as I put my hand over my mouth to stop the giggles, "What? Mrs. S. was hot. Come on, who here hasn't fantasized about Joyce?" I knew about Faith and Xander, but seeing Tara and Willow's hand were a little surprising, "And we all know G-man wants to give her some band candy," and that is when I fell to the floor laughing hysterically. Only Faith can turn what I thought was going to be a serious talk into a laugh riot, and it was made better by Giles' chorus of 'bloody hells'.

I don't know when it got quiet, but the first thing I realize is that Faith is offering to help me up. She didn't say anything as she took us outside and into the the garden before sitting across from me on the benches, "B, I know we haven't always gotten along, but I want you to know that it may have taken me awhile to figure it out you gave me what I have been searching for all my life, a family," as I reached out to take Faith's hands in mine.

"Well, you always were a little slow," curling my lips into a huge smile. I owed her from earlier.

She returned the smile before holding up her hand with her fingers out. It started with five, went to four, and then her dimples came out at three as I took off back into the hotel.


The silence after my admission was a little painful, but I knew Sara was okay, so it would be easier to take no matter what else happens. I continued taking small bites of my breakfast while also glancing up to see if anyone was going to say anything, and like I figured, Jeremy wasn't bothered with it while Lindsay looked like she was trying to figure something out. Nancy looked shocked, and Mom looked like she already knew.

"Hey Sara, can you make sure the kids have all their stuff ready?" Nancy asked, and when Sara looked over at me, I nodded. I needed to get this over with, so I helped Nancy pick up the dishes while Mom stayed seated at the table.

Nancy put her arm around me after we finished loading the dishwasher, "Cath, I know we have had our differences about things, but whatever you need, I'll be here for you," smiling as I pulled Nancy into a tight hug.

"From what I have seen, you are going to need all the help you can get, Catherine," Mom's statement turned both Nancy and I around.

"How do you know about Elizabeth, mother?" I had an inkling, but I wanted her to say it as I noticed Sara standing in the doorway, "Sara, can you take the kids to school? I'll fill you in later," giving her a wink as she nodded knowing Nancy had my back.

"How do you think, Catherine?" Sam, "And here I thought you were a little hellion, but your darling Elizabeth makes you look like a nun. Her troubles started about the..."

"Stop, mother! I don't care what Sam Braun dug up on my daughter. I love her just as I love Lindsay, and if she does come to find me, I suggest you make yourself scarce because I will not have you talking bad about her," Unbelievable. Even after all these years, Mom is still hung up on Sam. Well, they can have each other. Nancy gave my shoulder a squeeze before kissing me on the cheek.

"Come on Mom, I'll drop you off on the way to work," with that tone, it sounds like Nancy is going to give Mom an earful too. Well good, maybe that will get Mom to think about her attitude.

I wiped down the table before heading upstairs to our bedroom. I was physically drained by the time I crawled into bed, and I wanted to wait up for Sara, but my body was teetering on shutdown, so I curled up close to Sara's pillow before letting myself go into slumber. I must not have been to deep because I felt Sara take me into her arms and kiss my lightly.

My senses woke me up to the smell of maple syrup. I opened my eyes to find Sara and Lindsay on the bed with a tray of pancakes. Score another one for Sara, "Mmm, something smells good."

"Sara and I made you pancakes and bacon, Mommy," Lindsay said beaming with her cute smile, and I also knew that it was mostly Sara's doing while Lindsay probably set up the tray.

I finished off my food before patting my lap. Lindsay climbed on and put her head on my shoulder while I wrapped my arms around her, "Sweetie, I want you to know that no matter what I am always going to love you, okay?"

"I know, Mom. Sara talked to me, too. How much older is she to me?" I smiled at the question. That's what she was trying to figure out at breakfast.

"She is twenty-two, so twelve years older," kissing Lindsay's forehead, "You're really excited about having a big sister, aren't you?" she didn't answer me, so I looked down at her, and she had a huge smile on her face, "Did you get all your homework done?" getting a nod while I decided not to dwell on what may never happen.

"Baby, I kind of promised Lindsay I would chase her around the park. Would you like to come and watch us?" Sara asked grinning like Lindsay was.

"Sounds like fun, you goofballs. Let me get dressed, and I'm all yours," as Linds kissed me on the cheek before bouncing off the bed.
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