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Breaking the Ice

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Summary: AU Faith meets a group of kids from a private adademy - Xavier's. One in particular makes an impression.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredLucindaFR1322,6362105,99813 Aug 0318 Mar 05Yes

Breaking the Ice

author: Lucinda

rating: nothing worse than the comics or show, probably not even that bad.

main character: Faith

pairing: Faith/Bobby(Iceman)

disclaimer; I hold no legal rights to Faith or anyone from X-Men the movie.

distribution: Wic, Twisting the Hellmouth, anyone else ask.

note: AU for Faith from the start - she is a Slayer, but never went to Sunnydale. Kakistos who? Pre X-Men the Movie.

Faith Connelly sighed, watching as the faded blue frisbee spun in circles on her fingertip. She'd come to the park, hoping to just have some time to relax, to try to remember what a normal life felt like. One that didn't have the fate of the world resting on her shoulders, where she didn't know about vampires and demons. Day-dreaming about a life where she wasn't the Slayer. Maybe she should just try to imagine a normal life with a loving mom and dad while she was at it? Instead, she was the Slayer, adopted by her Watcher Anastasia Kendrick after her mom had died in a car accident on the way home from a night waiting tables at a nearby bar.

She'd never had a chance at normal.

There were a group of kids her age over by the pond, laughing and chasing their own frisbee. One of them had on a shirt proclaiming 'Xavier's School for the...'. Faith had heard of that place, a private academy started by one of the local eccentrically wealthy. But somehow, she hadn't pictured them as regular kids, out playing frisbee and throwing leaves at each other.

The red frisbee they were playing with got tossed a bit higher, and flew over the head of the blond girl, headed right for Faith. She reached up with her other hand, catching and tossing it back without dropping the blue one. No reason to let herself get smacked in the face by a bit of flying plastic, after all.

When the brown haired guy standing at the edge of the water sent the red frisbee back at Faith, she knew that it had to be deliberate. She'd been invited into the game. The idea made her smile, and she caught the red frisbee, sending it towards the blond who'd missed it earlier, and the blue one towards a dark haired girl who was blowing big pink bubbles with her gum. Soon, there were three frisbees in the air, and Faith was having the most fun that she could remember in years. It probably wouldn't last, but for now? She was going to have fun. And make sure these Xavier's people had to work a little to keep up.

It was close to two hours later, and the brown haired guy who'd first deliberately thrown the frisbee towards her was walking closer, the faded blue frisbee in one hand. He was smiling, forehead glistening with sweat. "Hey. I think this one was yours? I'm Bobby."

Why did she feel so shy all of a sudden? Faith had the sinking suspicion that she was blushing. She reached out, her fingers coming to rest on the frisbee, almost touching his. Somehow, the air around Bobby felt less hot, not quite as humid as the air around her. "Yeah. I'm Faith."

"We were going to head over for a bit of ice cream, want to go with?" His smile this time looked a little more personal, a little more embarrassed.

She was being asked to go somewhere with him and his group of friends... either they were a lot nicer than most private school kids, or they were planning something petty and cruel... Hope warred with caution, and she nodded. "Sure, ice cream sounds good. Lead on, Bobby."

To her delight, she found out that the closest to cruelty was a pair of the girls teasing Bobby about having a crush on her . The bubble gum girl turned out to be named Jubilee, with the blond girl named Theresa, who oddly never seemed to speak over a whisper and had an Irish accent. It seemed too perfect. While she wasn't entirely certain if they all liked her, nobody was being particularly mean or making a show of excluding her. They really did seem like normal people, only maybe a bit nicer than most.

That was when she saw the little fiery goblin stalking towards Bobby's banana split. She couldn't quite keep herself from staring. There was nothing like that in any of Ana's books, so what was it? Bobby yanked his ice cream away, and promptly threw a snowball at a grinning guy named John. Faith felt a bit confused at that, it was the middle of August, and ninety degrees, where had Bobby gotten a snowball?

Leaning over towards Theresa, she whispered the question "Does this happen with those two a lot?"

Smiling, Theresa nodded. "Maybe you can distract Bobby before we get into trouble again?"

Faith looked at Bobby, thinking that he was pretty cute, and nice. She could distract him, alright... Moving, she stood right behind him, tapping one shoulder before speaking in a sort of sweet voice. "Oh Bobby?"

Bobby turned around, and Faith kissed him. Actually grabbed his shirt, pulled him close, and planed one right on his lips. It didn't take long before Bobby was kissing back.

"wow... much better than trying to get snow down John's back." Bobby looked a little dazed, and then they became aware of the chuckles and soft clapping from the tables of the rest of the Xavier's bunch.

Bobby and Faith both blushed, and he tried to sink into his seat. Faith grabbed him again, leaning in to whisper into his ear. "Want to go out sometime?"

"Oh yeah." He looked delighted.

Maybe they weren’t exactly normal, but who was she to throw stones? Frisbees were more fun than rocks any day. And maybe this was close enough to normal, maybe with their not quite normal, they would be able to accept her own differences. But one thing that Faith was certain of – she was looking forward to getting to know more about Bobby.

End Breaking the Ice.
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