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The Future Mrs. Halliwell

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Summary: Response to BuffyCharmed's "The Future Mrs. Halliwell" Challenge. Bianca isn't Chris's fiance from the future: Buffy is. What happens when she suddenly shows up in early season 6 in the Manor?

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Chapter Four: Here's The Plan

The Future Mrs. Halliwell

Author's note: Okay, I know it's been a while. Classes and life (not to mention new shows *coughDollhousecough* and new totally dramatic episodes for other shows *coughOneTreeHillcough*) got in the way of my other fics. That being said, here it is. Hope it was worth the wait! I should also warn you that for some reason swear words just flew themselves off my fingers and wove themselves particularly heavily in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Here's The Plan

“Okay . . .” Pheobe looked around the room at Piper, Leo, Paige, Chris, Buffy, young Wyatt, and the newcomers . . . Jack and Faith. “So I know we’ve gone through all this already . . . but could we just go through it again…in English? Or at least something those from the present can understand.”

“I agree,” Leo said.

“What they said,” Piper said. Piper really didn’t like all this talk of her son being so evil. And she didn’t like how this ‘Jack’ was looking at her son either . . .

“Yeah…especially the part where you’re my and Cole’s kid,” Paige raised her eyebrow. “Because honestly? That part just baffles me.”

“Me too,” Pheobe whispered to her. Paige nodded.

“From what we’ve gathered so far, we’re from is a different dimension or reality or whatever you want to call it from yours,” Faith answered. “Everything here is so different.”

“Obviously,” Leo said.

“But we’re also from the future,” Jack added.

“A different one than ours though,” Chris said. Buffy agreed.

“And you’re all here to save Wyatt from something,” Piper held the young boy in question on her lap.

“Yes,” Chris said.

“No,” Jack said at the same time.

“Wait, what?” Pheobe said. “What do you mean, no? You’re not here to save Wyatt? Then what are you here to do?”

“We’re here to save the future,” Faith said. “Wyatt has no part of that future except its destruction. He’s gotta die.” Piper gasped, holding Wyatt closer. Leo, Paige, and Pheobe moved closer to the family of three too.

“Before you go all Terminator, just chill,” Paige said. She took a deep breath. “You cannot just kill Wyatt for things he hasn’t even done yet!”

“Killing the child is the best way to make damn sure he never gets the chance,” Jack growled.

“Hell no!” Piper countered, still holding Wyatt close.

With a flash, Jack drew a knife from his ankle and threw it at Wyatt.

“Knife!” Paige yelled and her powers orbed the knife in her hand. The Halliwells, Leo, Chris, and Buffy stood up and crowded around Jack and Faith.

“Wyatt, upstairs!” Piper yelled. Instantly the child disappeared into a cloud of orbs.

“No!” Jack and Faith yelled. They both lunged at the spot where Wyatt had been only to land on the hardwood floor once the toddler disappeared.

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Piper’s voice boomed. She raised her hands, obviously about to strike with her powers-and not to freeze but explode-but Jack and Faith quickly orbed out togryhrt. They were gone.

“Son of a bitch!” Pheobe cursed.

“Does anyone want to explain to me what the hell is going on?”

“Yeah, like why I—in any dimension—would go for...Cole,” Paige shivered. She turned to her sister. “No offence, Pheebs.”

“None taken,” Pheobe said, “I have come to terms with the dark phase of my life that was Cole.”

“We got lucky this time . . . we need to be more careful from now on,” Leo observed.


“Fuck!” Jack cursed aloud, pacing the perimeter of the place they'd orbed too-an abandoned warehouse. “We were so close!”

“We'll get him, J.T.,” Faith sat down on a crate, pulling a pack of ciggarettes from the back pocket of her black leather pants. She raised one of her high-heeled black boots onto the crate while the other stayed on the concrete. Next she pulled a lighter out from the lining of the boot. “Don't worry your pretty little head.” She propped the ciggarette in her mouth and lit it, replacing the pack and lighter back to their places. She pulled up the sleeves of her red long-sleeved blouse as she took a drag.

Jack smirked at the use of his nickname. Upon meeting, Faith had decided that she wasn't fond of his name and it wasn't good enough for him—wasn't badass enough. That and she didn't believe that parents should get to pick for you. So, she'd donned him “J.T.” He later found out that her real name was Elizabeth—and she hated it. She renamed herself Faith when she ran away from home shortly after becoming a Slayer—thought it was catchy.

“We already lost the element of surprise,” Jack reminded her. He stopped at the wall and leaned his hands against it, staring at the ground. “Damnit we were so close . . . so close to stopping that little murderous fuckbag. . .”

“Maybe its better this way,” Faith observed, taking another puff, “Why surprise them when we can snuff the little shit right under their noses? Makes 'em feel guiltier about it. Makes 'em think twice about how they raise their snots.”

“I don't want to hurt them . . . just him,” Jack said. “This isn't even our dimension.”

“Doesn't fucking matter,” Faith shook her head. “They all deserve what's comin' to 'em.”

Jack thought about what Faith said. She was right . . . it didn't matter what dimension they were in. His mom, uncle, aunts, and cousins didn't deserve to live because they didn't care about anyone but themselves. They needed to be stopped.“Yeah . . . let's do it. Okay . . . here's the plan . . .”

To Be Continued . . .

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Future Mrs. Halliwell" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Apr 09.

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