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The Future Mrs. Halliwell

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Summary: Response to BuffyCharmed's "The Future Mrs. Halliwell" Challenge. Bianca isn't Chris's fiance from the future: Buffy is. What happens when she suddenly shows up in early season 6 in the Manor?

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Prologue: A Mysterious Blonde Woman

The Future Mrs. Halliwell

BuffyCharmed's Challenge:

I was watching the Charmed episode ‘Chris-Crossed’ this morning when, surprise of surprises, I got an idea for a crossover. What if Bianca didn’t exist? What if instead of her, the girl that Chris was in love with and proposed to was one other than the blonde vampire slayer herself? Chris and Buffy met in the messed up future when she saved his butt from a demon. They became instant friends and allies, both out to stop Wyatt, and quickly become a lot more. But when the chance arrives for Chris to go back and fix the disaster that led to Wyatt’s reign, they both know what he has to do. But before he does he proposes to Buffy, promising that he’d come back to her and they would have the perfect wedding. Only there’s one tiny detail neither of them could have predicted. Buffy’s pregnant. After tiring weeks after weeks, Buffy realizes she’s not safe. Countless demons have gone after her, in hopes of being the one to kill the child of the most famous slayer and the son of a Charmed One; she shutters to think what would happen if Wyatt found out. So in a desperate attempt to perform the same spell Chris did in the Halliwell Manor; but no without almost being killed by Wyatt’s ‘minions’. What will Chris think when he finds his fiancé barely alive, with a child no less, and how will he keep her safe? And what will the Charmed Ones and Leo have to say about their newest arrival, and the questions her presence arouses? Buffy/Chris, obviously.



Story takes place in early season 6 (Charmed), before "Chris-Crossed" and after the series finale of Buffy.

Okay, so this is just a teaser/prologue but there will definitely be more later. Promise.


“Hey, could you pass the milk?” Paige Matthews asked. She finished pouring the cereal in her bowl.

“Sure,” Pheobe Halliwell put down her cup of coffee and handed her sister the pitcher of milk, “Piper, I’m sorry but I can’t watch Wyatt tonight. Elise called and we’ve got a mandatory staff meeting tonight.”

“Yeah I can’t either because I’ve got another temp job,” Paige said, picking up the newspaper, “Then Richard and I have plans.”

“Guys,” Piper scooped another bite full of baby food into her son Wyatt’s mouth, “I have a date with Greg tonight. You said you could watch him, Pheobe.”

“I’m sorry!” Pheobe said, “Can’t you just take Wyatt with?”

Piper shook her head, “No, we’re going to a restaurant.”

“Oh,” Paige took a bite of her cereal, “What about Leo?”

“He said he’d be out of calling range today,” Pheobe told them, “Said he had something or other to do.”

“And I’d ask Chris but he’s been very strange lately, very moody,” Piper said, “I don’t think Wyatt would like being stuck with a neurotic whitelighter all night.”

“That’s probably a good idea,” Pheobe said.

“So, the only question is; who’s gonna w–” Paige was cut off by a very loud clanking noise somewhere above them, “What the hell was that?”

A very feminine screamed full of pain echoed in the room followed by a masculine, “No!”

The three sisters looked at each other before bolting up. Piper grabbed Wyatt and they headed upstairs to the attic. They found Chris kneeling on the ground, a petite blonde woman in his arms. The blonde was bleeding from several places on her body. Her head lolled to one side and her eyes were closed.

Tears were falling down Chris’s face and he held the blonde close. He stared up desperately at the Charmed Ones, “Help her, please . . .”

To Be Continued . . .
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