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A Spirited Disposition

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Disney Mania". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander is about to meet three new potentials in a little out of the way corner of the globe, and he's also about to meet the one person in all the world with worse luck then him.

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Cartoons > Donald DuckSithicusFR71497041,9209 May 089 May 08Yes
Author's Notes: My muse wouldn't leave this alone and I just couldn't stop. So here it is. a 420 word ficlet, no plans for continuation I hope you get a laugh out of it just as I did and please if you feel inspired to create your own continuation then by all means go ahead that's why I started this story in the first place. To inspire others. See after the story for disclaimer so as not to spoil the crossover used.

Standing in front of the picturesque looking house Xander frowned as he checked over his appearance yet again, as soon as he heard about these three Slayers he just had to pick them up. No matter what.
He looked great, eye patch and all; knocking he heard a strange sound and then one of the girls in question answered the door. She looked to be fifteen, but it was hard to tell because of her height.

“Yes.” She asked shyly smiling up at the representative of the Watcher’s Council.

“Is your Aunt or her boyfriend here, I’m Xander Harris and we had an appointment.”

“Oh well.” She started to say only to have the door rudely yanked out of her grasp and the man in question to glare up at Xander with wild eyes. He was in a right sorry state with a knife in one hand that he pulled out of his sailor’s cap.

“It’s about time.” He squawked. “These little hooligans are worse now then my nephews.” He complained leading Xander into the house, shocked at the sight that was before him Xander couldn’t believe it. The living room looked like a war zone and the other two girls were holding a pair of large kitchen knives in their hands with guilty expressions on their faces.

“And I thought I was the only one with this kind of luck.” Xander remarked casually before glancing down at the sheet of paper he’d removed from his pocket. “Which of you three is April, May and June?” He asked politely.

“She’s April, She’s May and She’s June.” The girls chorused as one pointing to each of the other two with their free hands. Xander tried his best to memorize faces with names, but when dealing with triplets it was nigh impossible.

“Are you going to take them away now to that fancy boarding school?” The man asked frustration clear in his tone.

“Yes Mr. Duck, provided of course their Aunt agrees with what I have to share with the both of you concerning the school.” Xander replied smiling broadly at the famous icon of his childhood, it was hard not to get goofy around the star especially considering he was just about the only person in the world Xander believed had worse luck then himself. “Will she be home soon?” Donald Duck looked up at Xander with wild eyes a feeling of danger in that gaze and fear as he looked frantically around the living room.

“Daisy’s going to kill me.”

The End

Disclaimer: Xander and all references to Slayers and the Watcher's Council belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. Donald Duck belongs to Walt Disney the characters of April, May and June also belong to Disney creation credited to Carl Barks of Disney Comics fame. I make no claims to ownership of any of these characters and hereby decree that this is only for entertaiment purposes and a good laugh. Thank you that is all.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Spirited Disposition". This story is complete.

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