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Phantom Genesis

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Summary: Phantoms are vestiges of a world long past that haunt the living. This is a story about a special group of ‘phantoms’ torn from their graves and it is also about us, the ones who will put them to rest.

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Television > Power Rangers > Multiple SeasonsPlutronFR15420,208011,28610 May 0810 May 09No

Act 2: No Need For Rangers Pt.2

Phantom Genesis
Power Rangers Jewel Thunder

AN: Sorry it’s a day late.

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or Buffy.

Act 2: No Need For Rangers Pt.2

“How are your Putties fairing Chronos?” The blonde 'form' asked while filing her nails. She was sitting upon a stone in the caves and didn’t spare a glance for the monster kneeling before her.

“They are having some difficultly finding the right warehouse. There was also a little disruption earlier. Two humans came across some of them and we haven’t seen those humans or the putties since. I've sent a search group to look for both.” The blonde figure frowned and jumped off the stone and began pacing back and forth. Her eyes glowed red for a moment and her frown deepened.

“Naughty humans. Who told them they could be all sneaky and hide from my senses? Wait…” Her head snapped up and she snarled in anger;

“I’ve felt this before. We are going to need something much stronger then putties if what I think is about to happen happens.” Chronos lifted his head and asked;

“What do you mean My Queen?” The ‘form’ growled and her eyes flashed red again. Chronos quickly diverted his eyes back to the ground before him.

“I sense the Great Power at work. Chronos your missing Putties may have actually found the lost archives not to mention the first coin... On a more important note It seems a new power ranger team is about to be born. Send a monster to the place the putties disappeared and have it kill any human in sight.” If Chronos had a mouth he would have been smiling as he brought forward the Watch of Ages from his left pouch, not pocket.

“I have the perfect monster. Zedd employed it; it is called Skelerena. This monster will mock and laugh at its enemies. These new rangers will be discouraged before they even start.” The ‘form’ smiled at her minion. The idea of that monster, as ridiculous as it was, sounded like it would, or maybe that’s could, be capable of destroying whatever, whoever, was going to be a power ranger. It could work but rangers always defeated the monster in the end. In case you are confused, no our heroes from the last chapter are not power rangers yet. That having been said what the ‘form’ felt is a power source that could give our heroes the ability to become power rangers. So naturally since the two missing humans were in the area this sensation originated from the ‘form’ was a little concerned.

“Well, let’s see your little pet.” She said and Chronos chuckled. He opened the clock and the hands started moving rapidly backward. When it got to a steady pace Chronos started chanting;

“Skelerena, monster of Zedd
I recall you from the land of the lost
I recall your soul from the darkness
I recall your body from the earth
I recall your time of greatness”

A whole bunch of bones started forming in one spot on the floor and a black-purple mist mixed in with it. The form looked on in amusement as the bones swelled and condensed into the familiar form of a familiar monster. Now those of you who know your power ranger episodes this one comes from the episode Mirror of Regret. Don’t know that one… look it up.

The creature started laughing the minute it was formed and Chronos sent it on its way. Now you may wonder why Chronos didn’t give it orders. Well it’s a monster it wants to destroy. Put it in the general area and if you’re lucky you will have destroyed rangers or civilians as the case dictates. Also, since Chronos will soon be following, the lack of orders is kinda a moot point.

“This had better work Chronos. If The Council finds out I’m here we’ll have more then just Rangers to worry about.” There was concern in her voice but the smile on the ‘form’s’ face prevailed as her minion kneeled before her again.

“I doubt the Council would come. They are warriors born of darkness. Despite the good they claim to fight for they would never fight where the public would see them.” The ‘form’ shrugged, sauntered back to her rock, and sat down again.

“You forget that at one time there were two who cared little for hiding and more for saving lives.”

“Yes, but didn’t they separate from the council after the slayer’s death? Not to mention they are surly dead themselves.” The form smiled at Chronos and said;

“I grow weary of your presence. Make sure your monster doesn’t screw up.” Chronos nodded and stood up before vanishing in the form of a clock.

“Finally, I didn’t think he’d leave.” Out of the many shadows a figure came almost into view but stayed within the edges of shadow. The ‘form’s’ face lit up at the sight of her favorite minion. This one, while not quite as loyal as Chronos, was easily her most powerful warrior. From what could be seen of him he had a human form, in fact he was human. She had found him abandoned as a baby and saw great potential in him. Instead of killing him she raised him in the ways of evil and gifted him with great powers.

“Ah, my Shadow, how are things with those pesky slayers?” She asked and she could feel Shadow smile.

“No need to worry about them for awhile. As usual they have a lot of infighting going on. I didn’t even have to do anything. Who needs evil when they do a fine job kicking their own butt?” The ‘form’ got up again and walked up to Shadow with a big smile.

“You always bring me such good news.” She purred as she ran her hand down his chest and occasionally her hand passed though him causing him to shiver.

“And what of the missing two? Have you found them yet?” Shadow sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“No nothing. I can’t even find possible graves to confirm if they are dead. They should be considering how much times passed.” The ‘form’ pushed away disappointed.

“They are not dead I would have felt it. To bad the witch died she would have been really helpful in finding them.” Shadow smiled again as he remembered his history lessons.

“Willow, the dark witch, yeah that little white hat did more for evil then… well evil.” The ‘form’ smiled again and waved her hand. In the air appeared shining water bubbles. Inside the bubbles was an image of three teenagers climbing down a hatch.

“Meet the future rangers Shadow.” The form said.

“So you think Chronos will fail?”

“Doesn’t he always?” The form sighed and Shadow took in the faces of each person. First was a Chinese girl with strange pink eyes. Above her was a dark-skinned man with a sly smile. When Shadow saw the third guy he gasped;

“Guile?” If the form had heard him she made no indication.


“How deep is this thing?” Mei complained as she looked into the darkness below. The lights at this point of the hatch seemed to have blown long ago and only dim light reached this level.

“I think it’s only a few more feet. You know I’ve seen blueprints for all the warehouses in the area and this is most defiantly not in any of them. Here use this.”
Guile passed his regulation flash light to Jess; who then passed it onto Mei. For her part Mei groaned at Guile’s enthusiastic voice. Honestly he sounded like a kid at Christmas. The question was why?

“Hey, any time now Mei.” Jess urged when she didn’t turn the light on right away. For his trouble he got a glare and a punch to his leg.

“You want me to fall? Cause if I do, you go down with me.” Mei’s glare deepened but she turned on the flash light and shined it downward. Instantly she found the bottom and smiled.

“Yes we’re almost ther… uh oh.” Jess and Guile frowned at the pitch her voice had taken and both maneuvered so they could see down the hatch at what Mei had seen. To be honest Guile was afraid he would see his friend’s broken form. What they saw didn’t really make him sigh in relief.

“What do you mea… uh oh?” Jess stared when he saw them. They were the grey creatures from earlier and they were around the area the three of them needed to land. That was when Jess noticed Guile getting more exited and giggling like a school girl with a first crush.

“Guys, those are putties!” He exclaimed. Mei and Jess glanced at each other and asked;


“Yeah you know. The foot soldiers the original ranger force fought. You are looking at walking, talking history guys... Well not so much talking really as much warbling...” Jess sighed and shook his head while Mei just looked confused.

“Ok, geek boy, how do we defeat them? When I fought em' earlier I got a fractured hand for my trouble.” Jess didn’t know weather to be scared or happy when Guile’s face turned serious. Guile looked down at the two of them and looked lost in thought. Suddenly he nodded and spoke softly,

“We should be quiet I don’t think they saw us yet. How to beat them… your guess is as good as mine. Yeah I know what they look like but they are ancient. Any and all info on them is with the lost ranger archives.” Jess sighed exasperated. He knew they couldn’t take them on. When he looked up at Guile to ask another question he saw something on the other man’s belt and a plan formed in his mind.

“Ok I got a plan. Guile the guns Time Force issues are made from ranger technology right?” Guile nodded slowly before his eyes light up. Quickly he pulled his laser gun out of its holder.

“You got that right.” Jess smiled and continued.

“Ok Guile, give me the gun. Don’t give me that look. I’m obviously the best fighter here. No offence.” Jess added the last part quickly at the offended look crossing Guile’s face. After a moment Guile sighed and said;

“None taken.” Jess then continued;

“I’m going to go down first and shoot at them until Mei gets down. She is our wild card. With her power she can freeze the putties. After that we don’t have long. We find Izzy and get out of there and since we can’t climb up this fast enough we’d better pray there is another way out.” Guile handed Jess the gun and quickly told him how to work it. Then Mei moved to the side as best she could so Jess could pass her. As he did Mei grabbed him and said;

“Be careful.” Jess gave her a sly smile and said;

“Aren’t I always?” They shared another smile and then Jess started down.

“You two seem close.” Guile stated as he moved down.

“We take care of each other. Both our families are really hard for cash.” Mei started moving down as well following after Jess. Guile just nodded sadly at her.
He knew this supposedly perfect world wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. He also couldn’t help but wonder why all the cool people he met were poor. First Izzy, now these two. Well that just meant he had more people he could lavish with gifts.


The putties moved around the main room under the hatch making their warbling noise. The area they ended up in awhile ago had many different areas to exit into. Unfortunately their brains were too small to choose a direction. So instead they had decided to wait for a command to move on. It has now been about an hour and nothing has happened. They also didn’t have the brain capacity think that something might be blocking them from their masters and so they didn’t think to climb back up.

Now when I said nothing happened that wasn’t quite true. Something had sort of happened about fifteen minutes ago. From the hatch area there had been a big flash of light and a squeak and scream. They had all looked at the tunnel waiting for something to fall out. Nothing did however so they went back to moving around the main room.

Awhile later when all the putties happened to have their backs to the hatch a figure in black with a yellow sash fell through it and landed silently on the ground. With a smile on his face Jess raised the Time Force weapon and quickly started firing at all putties in the room. One he shot twice and it fell to the ground. As it hit the ground it shattered into a million pieces and disappeared.

‘So if I hit them twice they die’ Jess thought as he continued shooting. When he hit another twice it didn’t fall to the ground and it didn’t die. Confused; Jess concentrated fire on that one a little longer before changing his aim to a closer opponent. The one he had hit countless times fell to the ground and did the same thing the other one did.

Jess smiled as he felt Mei and Guile join him and soon all the putties in the room stopped moving. Mei’s eyes shined the brightest he’d ever seen them glow and sweat quickly moved down her face. Guile lowered her to the ground to sit before turning his attention to Jess.

“What do we do now? Mei can’t hold out to long I think. There are too many for her to hold.” Jess nodded distractedly and walked up to one of the putties. Unceremoniously he pushed it over and smiled as it hit the ground. When it did hit it burst into a million pieces before disappearing. Looking back at Guile he was happy to see the shocked expression.

“Now we quickly knock all these guys over.” Jess said and the two of them made quick work of the remaining putties. As the last one fell the glow in Mei’s eyes faded and she smiled weakly at the two guys.

“As cute as it is that you two are bonding we still have to find Izzy.” She reminded them as she stumbled to her feet. When she finally got up she swerved and held her head.

“Whoa, what a trip. Izzy is that way.” Jess ran over to her and held her to keep her up right. His face belied his confusion though as he asked her;

“You sound sure. I thought there was something in the area blocking your powers?” She nodded as the three of them made their way down the hall she indicated.

“Yeah and it still won’t let me know what’s down here but it will let me know where Izzy is.” Jess nodded in frustration before looking at Guile. Taking the laser gun he handed it back its rightful owner before asking another question he had on his mind;

“So Cowboy what do you think is down here?” Guile looked at him both serious and excited. Mei smiled at the look on his face and both of them again thought of a kid at Christmas who found out that not only did he get the one thing he really wanted but everything else on his list.

“Well if putties were looking for it, it could only mean one thing. The lost ranger archives.” At the confused looks he saw on their faces he elaborated.

“The lost ranger archives are files that contain the identities and knowledge of all the rangers that ever existed on earth. Those files in conjunction with a tape were used to inform new ranger teams of their place in the ranger legacy. These archives were called the Legacy of Power.” Jess nodded and said;

“Naturally. What happened to them? How’d they get ‘lost’?” Jess air quoted the word 'lost' with his fingers. Guile smiled and had a look on his face that screamed ‘I’m about to tell you something no one else knows.’ Jess was naturally both amused and intrigued.

“After the SPD Beta team that consisted of Bridge, Syd, Sky, Jack, and Z all retired from SPD no more ranger teams were being assembled because most of the universe didn’t need them too much. It is said that those five rangers snuck onto the base and erased or stole all information they could on rangers. Now SPD was able to save some data but anything pre ninja storm, with the exception of Time Force, was really sketchy. In fact we know more about the bad guys of those times then the rangers. As for identities the only ones we know are those that were made public, except the space rangers of course.”

“That was a mouthful.” Mei said as she started walking on her own. Her hair was damp but she looked much better and both Jess and Guile were glad about that. It was at this point that the three of them heard a loud crash from where they had just been. They spun round and couched behind a wall. After a few second they heard a laughing sound and then a monstrous voice joined the high pitched laugh.

“I need you to find those two kids the Putties chased. Kill them before they find the archives.” Guile had to refrain from a giddy laugh as he looked at his companions.

“I told you. We have to find them first.” The others just rolled their eyes at him and continued listening.

“Of course, my lord. I will do anything for the Lady of Darkness and her loyal servant.”

“Good. They were here I can smell them. Unfortunately I can’t tell which way they went. You go that way I’ll go this way.” Mei’s eyes glowed and she turned to Jess with concern in her eyes.

“Jess, the laughing one is coming our way.” Jess cursed silently and started moving them down the hall.

“Ok, the plan is find Izzy and those files. Then we get out of here by any means.” Together they moved taking direction on where to turn from Mei and trying to stay one step ahead of the things trying to find them.


“They’re almost here Alpha. We need the Power Jewels working… yesterday.” Was the first thing Izzy heard when she regained consciousness.

‘What was I doing?’ She thought, eyes still closed, and then it all came back to her.

A flash of bright light when she was heading down the hatch.

The bright light making her lose her grip on the ladder and her following fall.

Hitting her head on the wall of the tunnel and losing consciousness.

She bolted up off the cold floor she had been laying on and winced as her head ached where she had hit it. Carefully she probed the bump on her head and sighed when she found she only had a bump and wasn’t bleeding. Looking around the room she finally found the speaker. She was a tall dark-blonde woman wearing an emerald green shirt and black leather pants. The way she moved Izzy figured she could be a dancer as she was graceful. The woman was moving elegantly from computer console to a screen that showed something rather odd. It showed what appeared to be the walking skeleton of a mutated hyena. If Izzy was surprised or shocked by any of this her face didn’t show it.

“What is going on here? This is Time Force property… I think.” Izzy stated calmly. She also almost cursed herself for being presumptuous. For all she knew she was no longer on Time Force property. At any rate her comment had the robot, that she had previously over looked, and the woman turning toward her.

Now getting a better view of the woman Izzy estimated that she was about 26. The woman smiled at her and walked over slowly as if she was approaching a wild animal. Izzy wasn’t sure what to make of that and was doubly unsure of what to make of the feelings coming off the woman. She felt as though she was anxious, worried, and annoyed. For the hundredth time in her life Izzy wished she could sense emotions directed at her. Basically what this woman was feeling in regard to her. Malice or relief, hatred or caring, anything would do in this odd situation.

At any rate the woman was smiling so it couldn’t be too bad right.

“Hi I’m Dawn Summers. Welcome Miss. Kimura to the hall of records. Now you have a nasty bump which I’ll take care of as soon as our other guests arrive. Just sit back and relax for now.” Dawn ran back to the computers as they started beeping and the robot helped Izzy into a more comfortable position on the floor.

“Sorry we don’t have anything more comfortable. I’m Alpha 9 at your service. I am from a log line of Alpha units and one of the foremost experts on the morphing grid.” At this Izzy’s eyes widened slightly.

“Morphing grid... as in Power Rangers?” The automaton nodded enthusiastically in a way that reminded her of Guile.


“The people I was with. Where are they?” Izzy asked Alpha but Dawn answered.

“They are almost here. When they get here I have a lot of things to tell you.” Izzy nodded and, since the person hadn’t done anything cruel yet, she decided to trust her words. She closed her eyes and waited for Guile.

Meanwhile Dawn was busy working with four charm bracelet like things and muttered;

“Yeah a boy is so going to want to wear this.” Sighing she placed the bracelet down and opened the door for when the others got there. It would only take a few more minutes.

“Alpha, I think they're as ready as they're going to be. On another note can you believe our luck? The day we wake up is the day we not only find our rangers but the day our enemies find us as well.” The video feed changed to show Chronos walking down a hall. Dawn hit a button and the walls of the whole underground labyrinth changed so the two monsters were farther from her future rangers. She was silently pleased that one of them was a telepath as she didn’t have to do the whole follow the voice thing. Now all she had to do was convince these four that they wanted to be rangers.

This would be easier said then done. In today’s world there was no need for rangers or that had been the case. Today all that changed. She never thought that when she had promised the SPD rangers she’d keep this knowledge safe she’d ever need to activate the ranger powers they had given her. She remembered it had been raining the day she had agreed to be guardian for the last ranger power that existed. She had known nothing about Rangers. She knew slayers and saw how selfish many of them were becoming and how much they bitched and moaned about saving the world every year. Now to be fair not all were like that and she couldn’t really blame the ones that were. The life of a slayer was harsh and unforgiving. When she had met her first ranger, though, she had been amazed. They were selfless and helped even the people who ticked them off without hesitating. They were both serious and fun loving. Not to mention the best people she had ever met. And those five had told her that they wanted this in reserve for when the world needed them again.

So she agreed to help them. Oh they had tried to talk her out of it and part of her wished she’d let them. Now she was in the future and the Legacy of Power was needed again.


The ‘form’ growled in fury as she saw the woman who had avoided her for years. Before Shadow and the ‘form’, in the bubbles, was The Key also known as Dawn. Never in all her years would she have expected Dawn and the rangers to have joined forces yet before her was the very proof. The ‘form’ slowly calmed down and smiled as she looked at her Shadow. With his help she would be able to conquer anything the rangers had and once she had all six of the coins these rookie rangers wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Izumi?” The ‘form’s’ attention internally snapped to her underling as he whispered another name. Glancing back at the screen she felt a jolt of annoyance before crushing it away. On the screen was a young and beautiful Japanese female who was also wearing a Time Force uniform. Instead the ‘form’ laughed as it seemed her favorite pet knew two of the future rangers. She could use that to her advantage.

“Watch closely Shadow. You are about to witness the rebirth of the greatest legacy on earth.” Shadow nodded at his master and focused on the screen watching intently the events unfolding on it. They saw Dawn change the halls on Chronos and even though they could have alerted Chronos of this it would have been pointless. If Chronos couldn’t figure this out on his own he didn’t deserve to work for her. They would still of course use him as he had the Watch of Ages but if push came to shove the 'form' knew Shadow could master the watch.

“If things go bad do you want me to help?” Shadow asked cautiously. The form put her chin in her hand and thought about his question. Sighing she said;

“You are one of my best cards in this fight. I don’t want to reveal you until I have to.” He nodded and his focus on the screen doubled as he responded;

“Yes, my Lady.” The first part of this play was coming to its end soon. Despite the forms assurance of her victory she couldn’t help but feel that the outcome of what happened here would set the pace for all that was to come.


Mei waved her hand forward and the other two followed her as they approached an open door with light coming out of it. She smiled slightly because she knew Izzy was in there. On the other hand she also knew that whatever she and Jess came here to steal was also in that room. Maybe if they were lucky they could liberate Izzy and steal the desired item or items at the same time. Also she had a feeling that the thing they wanted to steal was the Legacy of Power that Guile had mentioned but when she thought about it this whole thing felt less like stealing and more like taking what was hers.

“She’s in there guys and I think the files are too.” Now here is where the three’s intelligence slips a little. Since they were following Mei they all assumed that since she felt no humans near-by that they were in the clear. They never stopped to think of what or who was stopping Mei from sensing all she wanted. So all three barged in the room and the door swung shut behind them.

“Finally, I thought you would never get here,” said a woman; who was checking out Izzy’s head while Izzy winced at each poke. She gave them a small smile before continuing. Guile, seeing his friend, rushed forward and pushed the woman out of the way to hug Izzy.

“Ugm, Guile I’m fine. How are all of you?” Izzy asked. Meanwhile Dawn walked over to Alpha in a huff mumbling about stupid men and being pushed.

“We’re fine. But guess what there are Putties here... or there were. We took care of them though... but now a monster’s after us… whoa look at those computers…” And Guile was off in his own little fantasy world were computers reign supreme. Jess and Mei walked over to Izzy and Jess wrapped an arm around her. Both of them looked suspiciously at Dawn who fidgeted under their scrutiny.

“Can we trust her?” Jess asked (indicating Dawn) looking at Izzy and then Mei. Mei was shocked at this because he didn’t trust people this fast. Yet in the short time they had known Izzy and Guile Mei noticed that, in his own way, Jess had taken them under his wing. Just like he had done for her when they first met. She was happy about this but quickly refocused on the matter at hand. Before she got too far in her search she was surprised to hear Izzy say;

“I’d trust her with my life.” Mei frowned and continued her own search but found the same blocks. Needless to say she couldn’t get a read.

“I can’t tell anything. How can you?” She asked Izzy. Izzy shrugged and said;

“She said we could trust her.” Now if this was an anime everyone in the room would have face planted sans Guile who wasn’t paying attention. He was still flirting with the computers.

“Now before you all start a scream fest you can trust me. I’m Dawn and all of you are chosen.” Mei and Jess frowned and again Izzy, hardly affected by that statement, responded first.

“What have we been chosen for and what do we need to know?” Before Dawn could answer Guile yelled in excitement as a video came on screen. All of them watched as a man with spiky brown hair and a goatee sat down in a chair.

“I’m Tommy Oliver and if you’re not me then something is seriously wrong. This video diary is a confidential record only to be viewed in case of an emergency. What your about to see is a history of my life. My history as a Power Ranger. My story begins in angel Grove where five teenagers with attitude were recruited to fight the evil space sorceress Rita Repulsa...” Dawn sighed as they all seemed to settle down to watch the video with varying degrees of curiosity. Guile being the most excited and Izzy being expressionless.

“We’ll let them watch. That way I won’t have much to explain.” Alpha nodded and they too settled in to watch.


“Wow that was amazing I wish I had had popcorn.” Guile said as the film ended. The others reluctantly nodded and had to agree, that was pretty cool. Izzy and the others turned to Dawn who was smiling encouragingly at all of them. At this point Izzy asked again,

“What were we chosen to do?” Dawn grabbed a box that was sitting near her and walked toward them.

“You have been chosen to become Power Rangers.”

“Yes!” Guile shouted pumping his fist in the air. Izzy smiled at him while Jess and Mei looked stunned.

“Wait, what?” Jess asked moving forward in front of his companions.

“I’m in.” Jess spun around to look at Mei who had just spoken. Looking slowly at the others he sighed when he saw the look on their faces. He turned back to
Dawn and nodded his head;

“Ok I’m in too I guess but what do we have to do? That implied all the bad guys were defeated. What’s left and where did those putties come from?” Jess asked.

“The SPD rangers gave me these morphers in case a threat too large awakened and the universe needed rangers again. We had hoped it wouldn’t come to this but a being known as Chronos has found a clock called the Watch of Ages. With this clock he can resurrect any evil he desires. This is bad enough but we have reason to believe he is not the one pulling the strings. As of right now the motives of this group are unknown except that they want the Legacy of Power.” The four nodded and Dawn quickly had them line up. Then she opened the box and walked up to Guile. She took out a charm like bracelet that had red stones.

“Wait we have to wear jewelry? I’m out of here.” This was Jess and before he could move Mei froze him in place.

“Please continue Dawn.” Mei said sweetly. Dawn nodded and looked back at Guile who was standing with a proud and excited look on his face.

“Guile you are the Vermillion Garnet Ranger and leader of the team.” Dawn looked over at Jess and smiled when she saw him silently fuming. Anyone could guess his thoughts. Then she walked up to Izzy and took out another bracelet with blue stones.

“Izumi you are the Azure Diamond Ranger.” When she moved on to Jess she arched an eyebrow to silently ask if he would be calm. When he sighed in resignation she had Mei release him and took out a bracelet with yellow stones.

“Jess you are the Amber Zircon Ranger.” Jess nodded and looked at his bracelet while Dawn moved onto Mei. Dawn removed the last bracelet from the case and this one had pink stones.

“And Mei you are the Fuchsia Kunzite Ranger.” All four of them smiled as they looked at their bracelets and listened as Dawn continued;

“Together you are the Jewel Thunder Power Rangers. To activate your powers you say, as an example lets take Guile, “Vermillion Garnet Power” and you morph. Get it?”

“Got it.” They all said at once and at that moment all the alarms went off.

“Looks like its time to test this stuff, ready guys?” Guile asked looking at his team.

“I’m ready.” Izzy said simply coming to stand on his right side.

“Let’s bring it.” Mei said coming to stand on his left.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Jess said with a smile as he stood next to Mei. Guile smiled in return and said;

“Then in the immortal words of Dr. Tommy Oliver… It’s morphin’ time.”

Will the rangers be able to stop Chronos from getting The Legacy of Power? Will Chronos defeat the Rangers? And who is the mysterious Shadow? Find out next time on Phantom Genesis.
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