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Phantom Genesis

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Summary: Phantoms are vestiges of a world long past that haunt the living. This is a story about a special group of ‘phantoms’ torn from their graves and it is also about us, the ones who will put them to rest.

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Television > Power Rangers > Multiple SeasonsPlutronFR15420,208011,28610 May 0810 May 09No

Act 3: No Need for Rangers Pt.3

Phantom Genesis
Power Rangers Jewel Thunder

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or Buffy.

Act 3: No Need for Rangers Pt.3

“Vermillion Garnet Power.”

“Azure Diamond Power.”

“Amber Zircon Power.”

“Fuchsia Kunzite Power.”

All four of the new rangers gave the call and red, blue, yellow, and pink light filled the air around their forms. The light was so bright that Dawn had to cover her eyes or risk going blind.

“I knew I should have forced them to morph for me (1). This is so cool.” Dawn said to Alpha who merely nodded in awe as this was its first time witnessing a morph too. When the light faded the rangers were suited up. The helmets looked like they where made from opaque crystal with a black visor where the eyes would be. The suits also looked crystal like and shiny with a symbol of what looked like the Zeo crystal on their chests. The Zeo symbol was in rainbow colors. The belt each of them wore was silver with a laser attached.

All four of them looked down at their costumes in awe. Even Izzy was amazed by the suits. All of a sudden Guile jumped up in the air pumping both his fists. Grabbing Mei by the shoulders he started dancing around.

“This is so cool. I feel stronger then I’ve ever felt my whole life.” Guile was then turned around by Jess who draped an arm around him and Izzy and brought the team in a group around Dawn.

“Steady there Cowboy. Save some of that enthusiasm for the monster. Where is it Dawn?” Jess asked and all the rangers looked at her. Dawn quickly jumped to the computers and started typing.

“Uh oh. Uh Guys, we have Skelerena at one end of the hall and Chronos at the other.” Jess groaned and muttered ‘Why did I ask?’ as he and the other rangers raced out the door to face the two monsters. If they had stayed a second longer they would have heard Dawn say;

“Damn. They just got a dozen or two putties too guys… guys?” Dawn said as she looked up noticing they were gone.

“They went to fight.” Alpha stated.

“No shit Sherlock.” Dawn responded bitterly.

Meanwhile in the hall Guile and Mei faced Chronos while Jess and Izzy faced Skelerena.

“So I heard you’re the big bad of this story. Care to prove your strength?” Guile said to Chronos as the monster and his putties moved forward. Apparently being a ranger comes with corny lines. Seriously they can’t help it.

“He’s kinda gross looking.” Mei whispered in Guiles ear causing Guile to laugh. Chronos roared with anger at the two rangers before him.

“So you have managed to attain the power. Revel in your victory while you can red ranger for it will not last long.” Chronos raised his hand and that was the signal for the putties to attack. Now these two rangers are not exactly the ‘fighters’. That does not mean they don’t know how to though. The same can’t be said of their planning on the fly ability, the best at that here being Jess who is busy with monster number two, so they did what first came to mind.

They took out their laser guns and started firing at the putties. While some went down others got close enough so that the guns were more or less useless. These putties then proceeded to knock the lasers out of the red and pink ranger’s hands. At this point hand to hand battle began. Guile kicked one and found his kick to be stronger then he remembered. The puttie flew into another and the two tripped over each other falling to the ground. Guile cheered as he went on to his next opponent.

Mei was slightly less lucky as the puttie she kicked didn’t fall into anyone so it was able to regain its footing. Since her focus was on that one she didn’t see the ones behind her till each had an arm. Using this she used both her feet to kick the one she kicked before and it went down. Then bracing her hands on the forearms of the putties that had her she flipped them. Both crashed to the ground and shattered.

While this was going on Jess and Izzy went up against Skelerena.

“Hey, skull face. Ready to go to the dogs?” Jess asked cracking his newly healed hands together. He really loved the ranger healing that came with the package.

“Hahahaha, you think you can fight me? You could barely fight a puttie hand to hand without cheating. And you, girl, you fell at a slight flash of light. Hahahah.” Jess groaned and Izzy got out of her fighting stance to cock her head at him.

“What?” She asked him.

“This thing is so annoying.” With that Jess ran forward with Izzy covering his back. He pulled his left fist back and swung at the monster connecting and sending it staggering a few feet back.

“Is that all you got ranger?” The monster asked only to realize too late that it lost track of the blue ranger. Izzy had circled around the creature and kicked in the back sending it into the wall. Then when the monster almost got its footing she punched it. Unlike Jess’s punch hers was calculated and precise. As such the monster went flying back down the hall. The two rangers then regrouped and Jess patted Izzy on the shoulder.

“Dang girl, where were you when we were fighting the putties?” Izzy looked at him in what he could only comprehend as confusion and answered;

“I was with Dawn, remember?” Jess shook his head and sighed. This girl was weird. Both of them then took out their lasers and started firing at the monster. Who said excess force is bad?

Now with everyone caught up in their own fight Chronos was able to take in the situation. His putties were losing and from the look of things so was his monster. He knew there was only one thing that could save him from total ruin and that was getting the files and coin. He also had a pretty good idea where it was.

As the battle moved down the hall a little it left the door the rangers came out of wide open. Chronos stalked towards the door and when he entered he was hit ineffectively by a metal bat.

“That always works in the movies.” A voice said before moving back. The person was Dawn and she was now cornered by one of the main generals of whatever was trying to take over the universe. Her chances weren’t too good. She knew some fight moves and some magic but this guy was strong. The only thing she could do was try and stop him from getting what he wanted until the rangers finished out side. As if that would work because the monster was ‘always’ beaten in 5 minutes.

“Give me the files and coin and I promise to spare you.”

“Yeah that’s what all the bad guys say and you know what… they kill you anyway?” Dawn said while raising her bat. Chronos chuckled at the silly girl and raised his arm powering an energy attack. Dawn closed her eyes and waited for an attack that never hit her. When she opened her eyes she saw Izzy had just hit Chronos in the back. Unfortunately she was alone and couldn’t take him by herself. In the next second Chronos had Izzy by her neck and threw her into Dawn.


Shadow turned away from the screen as he watched Izumi get thrown into Dawn. The form noticed this and frowned.

“What’s wrong my Shadow? Are you not enjoying the carnage?” She asked and he looked up at her with a sly smile on his face that appeared quickly. Maybe too quickly? It was times like this she wished she knew what was on his mind. But like the rest of his kind his thoughts were foreign to her.

“No my lady. This just bores me and I grow tired of it. Also I find myself needed in the other area of our plan. I find myself reluctant to leave your side while you seem so happy.” His sly smile grew at the forms girlish giggle as he said that and if she noticed she didn’t say a thing. She walked over to him again and walked right through him. Though he was used to this by now it still made him shiver. Whether it was pleasure or disgust only he knew and he wasn’t in a very telling mood. He turned to face his empress to find her still smiling girlishly.

“You always say the sweetest things, my Shadow. I will grant your request if you will do something extra for me.” Shadow quirked an eyebrow in interest and asked;

“What does my Lady wish of me?” She smiled again and turned around. With a wave of her arm a light came on to reveal a book and with another wave it started rapidly turning pages. Seeing she was sufficiently distracted he looked over at the viewing portal and sighed in disappointment when all he saw was Guile, Jess, and Mei. He so enjoyed watching Izzy after all she was much easier to control. A triumphant sound brought his attention back to the form.

“I need you to find me sand from the Abyss of Evil.” Shadow smiled and asked;

“Now, what could you possibly want with that? Consider it done my Lady.”

“I would expect nothing less my Shadow.” Shadow bowed and disappeared into the shadows within seconds. After he was gone the form went back to watch the events unfold. At the back of her mind she was furious that her Shadow seemed interested in the girl at the same time however she was intrigued. She had seen that glint in his eyes many times before and every time she saw it, it took all she had to control her jealousy. Of course the look meant nothing really. Only that he found something he wanted and the things he wanted usually ended up very broken by the time he was done.

That last thought made her smile. She would encourage his fascination, if only to see the girl’s soul shatter.


Guile and Mei finished the last of their putties by kicking them into the others. This caused them to collapse and shatter into a million pieces. Then they ran to join Jess who was almost wrestling with the skull like monster. When the monster was on top of Jess the Red and Pink ranger used their lasers and fired at the unsuspecting fiend. With a yell he got off Jess and backed up. Mei quickly ran forward and pulled Jess to his feet. When they were all standing they fired their weapons together and when the blasts hit Skelerena the monster blew up in a grand fashion.

The three rangers cheered at their first victory with Guile and Mei slapping high fives. Jess folded his arms looking at the two smiling and was the first to realize something was wrong. Izzy wasn’t with them anymore. Quickly thinking back on the battle he remember the exact moment she left. She had muttered something about great fear and ran off to the door they had originally come form. Then another thought hit him.

“Guys what happened to Chronos?” The two stopped and stared at each other.

“I guess we lost sight of him. He doesn’t seem to be here anymore.” Mei said looking around the hall. Guile froze and asked Jess;

“Where is Izzy?” Jess scowled, though you wouldn’t see it through the helmet.

“She went to fight Chronos alone. I didn’t know it at the time but now I’m sure.” He said this while running to the door but stopped before entering. He looked back at his two fellow rangers and said angrily;

“If she’s hurt or worse it’s your fault.” He slammed the door after him. Mei stared unsure what to do when she heard Guile mutter;

“She’s my friend. I was supposed to take care of her.” Mei put a hand on his shoulder and said softly;

“Hey it’s not our fault Guile. He’s just angry ‘cause he really hates seeing people get hurt. He has a big brother complex. This was our first fight we’re not perfect.” She then pulled Guile to the door and walked in to a scary sight.


When Jess entered the room he gasped the computers were trashed and Dawn lay on the floor sniffling. Standing next to her was Alpha holding a first aid kit and it looked like Dawn was working on something on the floor in front of her. Gulping he moved forward and pushed Dawn aside gently. He cursed silently at what he saw. There, on the floor, was a demorphed Izzy with a deeply bleeding arm.

“I-I can’t-t st-op the bl-bleeding.” Dawn stammered looking at him with teary eyes. Jess laughed in response. You probably went ‘huh’ there right. Lets back up a bit. In front of Dawn was a demorphed Izzy with a bleeding arm. Izzy was conscious and scowling at Dawn and now Jess.

“Dawn, calm down. I am perfectly fine. Hand me the gauze if you’re not going to help me.” Dawn, still sniffling, handed Izzy the gauze. Jess chuckled a little more and powered down just as Mei and Guile walked in the door. They too powered down. Mei walked over too Dawn while Guile stayed over to the side. Izzy looked up and her eyes went straight to Guile. She smiled at him and said;

“Guile-chan, please come help me.” Guile looked up and smiled softly at her but hesitated to move. Jess walked over to him and hit him on the shoulder;

“You heard her cowboy. Get to it.” As Guile went to help Jess started assessing the damage to the room. It looked really bad. He sighed and got to work.

“Dawn what happened in here?” Mei asked as she held the sniffling woman trying to calm her down. It worked and they all listened, except Izzy who had been there, to what had happened.

“Chronos got away from the fight and came in here while you were distracted to get the files and a… coin?” Everyone shrugged at this. They had no clue what it might mean so Dawn shrugged too and continued;

“I was a bit scared, only a bit, because… not a fighter. I did my best to hold him off but then he disarmed me and was about to laser attack me or something. Anyway that’s when Izumi came in and she was all like hiya and kiya.” Dawn gave an example of this and every one smiled except Izzy who was about to open her mouth to correct Dawn on what she did. Guile intercepted and covered her mouth with his hand while shaking his head. Izzy sighed and went back to her wound.

“But then Chronos stole the upper hand back and had Izumi by the neck, squeezing the life out of her. Izumi was gasping for air and then she kicked him and he threw her at me. The damage had already been done though and Izumi demorphed in my arms. She was weakened and couldn’t move and I didn’t know what to do. He slashed at us and Izumi took the hit in her arm. Then he ransacked the place to find the files, bitched about the coin not being here and left.” Dawn said with a huff and folded her arms.

“Ok thank you for the play by play.” Jess said rolling his eyes at Dawn who glared at him. At this point Guile and Izzy finished wrapping up her wound and everyone convened in the center of the room.

“So the bad guys got what they wanted after all. Dawn do you have back up files because all this is way passed trashed?” Jess asked indicating the computers. Dawn waved her hand at Alpha and said;

“Yep, Alpha is a walking data bank. Does anyone have any idea about the coins?”

“They were the original power source of the rangers.” Izzy said and everyone looked at her in surprise.

“Was I the only one who watched the video? At one point in Tommy’s hands we see a coin.” The others nodded in recognition and Mei asked;

“Why do they want the power coins?” Guile snapped his fingers and said excitedly;

“They can be turned evil. They want evil rangers.” Dawn gasped and backed up.

“That’s so not good. Evil rangers are the worst guys. Ranger teams usually have a hard enough time against one. This could be a whole team. I guess our first mission is to get those before the bad guys.” Everyone nodded and then Guile looked down at his watch and blanched.

“Izzy, Its ten o’clock. Our shift ended two hours ago.” Izzy put her hand to her mouth and said;

“Oh no. Someone must be looking for us.” She then walked out of the room and the others just stared at her as she left for a second before following. At the door Jess stopped.

“You coming, Dawn?” Dawn shook her head and said;

“No, I’ll find you guys tomorrow though.” Jess nodded and followed the others.


The form smiled evilly at her minion as he entered the cavern and kneeled before her.

“Chronos you and your monster failed to stop the genesis of the rangers. What do you have to say for yourself?” She asked this and was pleased to note that he shivered in fear. It was a look she never got tired of and it seemed to please her more then usual when it was this creature who was afraid.

“My queen I may have been unable to stop the rangers but I got the archives and destroyed their computers.” He lowered his body closer to the ground and looked much like he was groveling at the ‘form’s’ feet. If we are technical he was groveling. He did after all fail to destroy the rangers after promising to do so.

“Stop groveling. It is not that pleasing I prefer results. You are forgiven as your mission wasn’t a complete failure. You have the files and… where is the coin.” The creature trembled more if possible and chanced a look at his queen. He didn’t know what to make of the look on her face however. She was smiling very evilly at him and her eyes were shining a fierce red color.

“The coin was not there. I looked every where the rangers seemed confused about it so I don’t think they had it. I believe the files are the key to finding the coins.” Adria tapped her chin with her forefinger and looked at the cave ceiling for a moment before throwing a serious look at Chronos.

“You will look into it. I dislike it when my minions break their promises and you keep doing that. It’s not good for your health Chronos.” In a flash of orange light she was gone and Chronos was left alone in the cave. Getting up he punched the wall in his fury and when he moved his hand back a hole was in the stone wall.

“I must get back my queen’s favor.” Walking out of this part of the cave he made his way to a part of the cave he had set up earlier to use as a computer room for when he got the files. He sat down in one of the seats in front of a computer and started it up. When it was ready he put in the disk he got and started pouring over the information.

After awhile of finding nothing he was ready to give up when he found an interesting set of poems. The first one read;

“Agile pink crane
Light as a feather
Queen of the skies
Princess of the water
May you rest in the home
And in the Heartland”

Chronos smiled. He knew where to find the first coin. Now all he had to do was keep the rangers from both figuring it out and getting it themselves.


Izzy walked out of the warehouse with Guile, Mei, and Jess. She held her injured arm lightly and wondered how long it would take to heal now that she had ranger healing. Lifting her hand to her head she figured awhile because her head still hurt. Jess had an arm around her and was helping her walk. She had said she didn’t need help but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. She supposed it was ok if it made him feel better.

Meanwhile Guile was giving annoyed looks at Jess every so often since they came up the hatch. Mei smiled at all three of them realizing that Guile was jealous but still hurting from Jess’s earlier words. To try and help him Mei linked arms with Guile and he smiled at her effort.

“How did this happen? We’re the good guys.” He asked her as they approached the exit of the grounds.

“Guile, we’re only human and this isn’t a T.V. show where the good guy wins every time. Besides we didn’t really lose.” Guile’s smile was more genuine now and he gave her a mini hug.

“Thanks Mei.” She smiled and looked ahead at Jess and Izzy and almost laughed. Izzy was clearly annoyed with his fathering and was about ready to toss him. A second later Mei took that thought back and laughed right along with Guile as Jess landed on his back with Izzy walking away in a huff.

“Did I mention Izzy doesn’t like being helped… much?” Guile asked as he helped Jess up.


“Izumi what happened to you?” All of them looked at the gate to see an eye wide Izzy standing in front of a tall Asian man. He was soon joined by a long brown haired man and a blonde woman.

“I’m fine Mr. Kwan.” It would have been hard to miss the obvious worry in the man’s eyes as he looked over Izzy’s body. His eyes held anger but as he turned to face the others the look softened adding them to his general worry. He sighed and said;

“You know I worry about you and Guile, Izumi. Now come with me I’ll take your report.” Mr. Kawn started walking away but suddenly he froze. Jess took this moment to whisper to Guile;

“What’s his story?” When Guile looked at Jess he saw the same look he had on his own when ever this guy was around. It was a look of mistrust and jealousy. Though that jealousy wasn’t nearly as strong as his own.

“That, my friend, is Izumi’s and my personal stalker. Aiden Kwan. Welcome to my world. Better watch your girl he’s a smooth talker. Gets all the ladies… not that he tries.” Guile leaned closer and in a conspiratorial whisper said;

“He’s very shy.” Jess snorted at that and said;

“He doesn’t seem that shy to me.” Guile gave a heartless laugh and said;

“That’s because he knows us and is ignoring you two.” It happened quickly and all of a sudden, after Aiden stopped walking, he turned around quickly and caught Izzy just as she collapsed in a faint right into his waiting arm. Guile, seeing Jess’s shocked and open mouth expression, continued, after closing Jess’s mouth;

“Oh, you’re going to hate that about him too. Spiritual my ass.”

Meanwhile Mei had run forward and hovered near the two of them. Aiden smiled at her shyly, deciding he liked the girl who was obviously friends with Izumi, he said comfortingly;

“Yeah she does this a lot. She’ll be fine though. My name’s Aiden Kwan.” Mei blushed and said;

“I’m Meilin Lee, nice to meet you.” Aiden’s smile grew.

“Why don’t you come with me? You can stay with Izumi till she wakes up… I’d stay but I have to go to work.” Mei nodded wordlessly and followed the man carrying her friend.

“Are you two ok?” The blonde asked who had previously been quite. The two could only nod in response and the woman continued walking up to Jess.

“Hi I’m Kris and this is Shawn. I’m going to escort you to the Time Force base to make your report.” She looked over her shoulder at Aiden and sighed;

“Originally I was supposed to take all of you but oh well.”

“Hey Kris, you know how he gets. These two are his favorites at the academy he’s watched them since they got in at the beginning of semester.” Kris glared at Shawn who backed away a little.

“Correction he psychotically stalks them in an attempt to keep them from harm.” Both laughed at what was probably some joke. Jess couldn’t tell and cocked an eyebrow at the two of them before Kris spoke again;

“They’re like younger siblings to him. I can’t count the time’s he’s chewed them out for getting in trouble before rushing them to the med wing.” Shawn nodded and started walking away while saying;

“Yeah but it’s good that he cares so much. I wish someone had our back like that while we were in the academy. I’m going on my shift send Aiden soon.”

“K, come on guys.” Kris said and the two followed after her. As they walk Jess watched Aiden, Mei, and Izzy with a thoughtful look on his face.

“Oh Cowboy, That Aiden guy…. He is smooth. Mei never crushes on a guy that quick; not even me! Heck I think I’m crushing on the guy and that feeling is raging against burning hate of the guy.”

“Yep he’s just got that effect on people. You’ll get used to it.” Guile said while patting the stunned man’s shoulder.

(1) she is referring to the SPD rangers.

Next time on Phantom Genesis... Mei, Jess, and Dawn go off to get the first coin. Will they get the coin before Chronos or will they loose the first coin? Find out next time.
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