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Phantom Genesis

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Summary: Phantoms are vestiges of a world long past that haunt the living. This is a story about a special group of ‘phantoms’ torn from their graves and it is also about us, the ones who will put them to rest.

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Pink Paper Cranes Part 1

Phantom Genesis
Power Rangers Jewel Thunder

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or Buffy.

Act 4: Pink Paper Cranes Pt 1


Mei blinked tiredly as she refilled the cup of one of the diner’s customers. As she walked away she silently prayed she had grabbed the right coffee pot this time. She had been grabbing the wrong one a lot this morning and was unsure how many mistakes she could get away with before she was fired. The day had started badly and that should have been her first sign. Last night Aiden had said she could wait in the Time force infirmary until Izzy woke up. A few hours later, when Aiden had gotten off and came back, he had sent her home. She had given him her phone number and commanded him to call her when Izzy woke.

She would have given Guile her cell number but she couldn’t find either guy last night. She hadn’t gotten any sleep either because of all that had happened and had a 5 o’clock shift this morning. When she had gotten to work she kept falling asleep in-between customers. On the bright side it seemed to be a slow morning and her shift would end at ten. Right now it was nine thirty so only another thirty minutes and she could go home and get to bed.

She sat down at the counter after putting the coffee back and carefully watched the man she had just poured coffee for take a sip. She groaned when the man winced and put the cup down. She must have messed up again but then he took the creamer and poured some into his coffee. After that he seemed satisfied with whatever she had given him. Mei sighed in relief at this and closed her eyes to rest.

*Beep, beep, buzz, buzz*

Mei jumped out of her seat and landed on the floor. A few waitresses and customers laughed a little at the display. Blushing Mei got up and walked outside to answer her phone. Looking at the number she frowned when she saw a number she didn’t recognize. She decided to answer it though because it could be Aiden calling about Izzy. Flipping it open she answered her phone;

“Hello this is Mei speaking.”

“Hey Mei, its Aiden. Izzy woke up about two hours ago. Sorry about not calling sooner… I kinda fell asleep.” He sounded mildly embarrassed and, to be honest, Mei was slightly impressed he had responded to her request to call her at all. She was also relieved at the news he had and most of her tension seeped out of her.

“That’s great. Where is she now… did you send her home?” She heard a chuckle on the other end before he responded.

“She’s in class now. Stubborn girl just wouldn’t let me take her back to the dorms. Look I gotta go, see you around.”

“Bye.” She closed her phone and with a new spring in her step reentered the diner. When she got in a male voice spoke.

“You seem happier, Mei.” Mei froze and looked at one of the booths in shock. In it was Dawn, giving her a cheery smile and wave, and Jess, whose attention was wholly on the menu in his hands. Mei gaped at them, glanced at the door she had been standing in front of, and then glanced back at them.

“How… when?” Jess put down the menu and pulled her into the seat with them but Dawn was the one to answer her.

“We came in while you were sleeping and hid our faces with menus when you went to answer your phone.”

“Hey, I wasn’t hiding I was looking for breakfast. Speaking of breakfast I want banana pancakes and a side of bacon with orange juice. Dawn, what will you have?” Mei groaned and took their order and by the time they got the meal her shift was over. All she had to do was wait for them to pay and she could leave.

“So why are you here? Not that I don’t like seeing you two.”

“Well last night Jess and Guile came back to the warehouse and the three of us spent the night making these.” Dawn reached into a pocket and pulled out a fancy looking watch. Mei took it out of her hands and looked it over.

“What’s it do?” Jess smiled and leaned forward to attach the pink tinted watch to her wrist. It was then she noticed a yellow one on Jess and a grey one on Dawn.

“This, my friend, does many things. It is a communicator, a teleporter, and a few other things.” Mei turned her head to Dawn when she heard the older girl snort.

“Yeah the only thing it doesn’t do is tell time.” Jess laughed nervously and added;

“Guile was enthusiastic.” Mei smiled and asked;

“That’s why you two didn’t come to the infirmary?” Jess nodded and asked;

“Who was on the phone?” At the question Mei’s smile brightened.

“Oh, that was Aiden he called to tell me Izzy woke up.” Jess’s smiled turned into a frown and he muttered;

“Not that guy again.” Mei frowned at his statement and punched him in the shoulder. All the while Dawn watched confused;

“Who’s Aiden?” She asked and before Mei could open her mouth to answer Jess covered it with his hand.

“Aiden is a guy who works in Time Force. I think he’s trouble with a capital ‘T’. Both the girls were falling all over him last night.” Mei jabbed him in the side and Dawn laughed at the two of them.

“Sounds to me like someone’s jealous.” Dawn waved her hands to ward off Jess’s anger and continued;

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter. We also came here to tell you we found the first coin. Have you ever heard of the Hartland Greenhouse?” Mei nodded and Jess continued for Dawn.

“The greenhouse was founded in 2015 in Angel Grove by Kimberly Hart. Awhile after her death a small stone pillar with a metal box was added over night and no one knows who added it. There have been many attempts to open the box but all failed. Its one of the great mysteries of the world.” Mei nodded at the two and got up to ring their check. After that she went to change and the three of them left the dinner getting into a black car.

“So… whose car is this because last I checked we couldn’t afford one.” Mei said as she buckled up in the back next to Dawn. In the drivers seat Jess smiled and started the engine.

“This is Dawn’s car but she’s letting me drive.” Mei said ‘oh’ and then continued their earlier conversation. Apparently her quality bed time would have to wait.

“So why do you guys think the coin is there?” Instead of a verbal answer Dawn handed her a piece of paper and Mei read

“Agile pink crane
Light as a feather
Queen of the skies
Princess of the water
May you rest in the home
And in the Heartland”

“It’s a poem. How did you get that from this?” She asked annoyed.

“Well Guile figured it out. The poem was hidden in the data banks. He said the pink crane was the pink ranger and home would be Angel Grove because that’s where the originals fought. Then the ‘H’ in heartland was capitalized so that would indicate a place or name.” Dawn answered taking back the poem.

“Wow. He’s smart… if he’s right.” Mei said and the three chatted for the rest of the ride to Angel Grove.


Chronos teleported inside of the Hartland Greenhouse and quickly looked around the immediate area. With his resent failure still on his mind he knew he couldn’t afford to mess this up too. At all costs he had to obtain the first power coin. If he could obtain that then his queen would love him again. He knew she had many servants and, in fact, he was in control of many of them in her name. He was also aware of the fact that there were those she considered above him. This, of course, wouldn’t do, his pride wouldn’t allow it. It burned him even more to know that the one she trusted the most was not only a mere human but a non-loyal one at that.

So what if he succeeded in every task she sent him on, Shadow only cared for him self and their queen be damned. He did not live for the queen’s heart and love. This being said, Shadow seemed to get all of her love while he had to work double as hard for so much as a kind word. Chronos clenched his fist in rage and the aura around him glowed orange. He smiled; he would need this anger if he was going to be successful today. His hate would surely be an asset to him.

When he had finished looking around he almost gagged. The greenhouse was filled with thousands of different types of plants all arranged to give an illusion that one was in heaven on earth. Since it was midday the garden was filled with people. Normally he would have just destroyed all the humans, taken the coin, and been on his way. This was not some random relic though and whenever rangers were involved things were always a thousand times more difficult. He may not be able to obtain the coin and killing everyone here would alert the rangers. He needed a monster and he knew just the one for the job.

‘Somnibot’ Smiling he pulled out the watch of ages and watched as the hands started moving backwards. When the spinning got to a steady pace he began his chant;

“Somnibot, monster of Mondo
I recall you from the land of the lost
I recall your soul from the darkness
I recall your body from the earth
I recall your time of greatness”

At the end of his chant a bunch of bolts and wires started swirling together. They clanked and groaned as they refitted themselves together and a black-purple mist entered the form as well. When it was finished a small robot with closed eyes and a pink night cap stood, well floated, before him.

“Yawn. Somnibot at your service.” A metallic voice echoed.

“I need you to put all the people in the Greenhouse to sleep.” He ordered and the little thing nodded and said;

“As you command.” It slowly floated off and before the people who saw it could scream they fell to the floor in a dead sleep. Chronos chuckled at the pitiful creatures as he made his way toward the pedestal that held the item he sought. He was so close he could feel his glory. Finally he would be recognized over that whelp Shadow.

When he reached the stone pedestal he took in the look of the metal box. It was mostly plain and copper in color. The only decoration on it was a triangle with six animals inside of it. They were a crane, bear, wolf, ape, frog, and falcon. He ran his hand over the top of the box before moving to open his prize.

“What is the meaning of this?!” He yelled when he found he couldn’t open the box. He backed away from the pedestal and aimed an energy attack at the box. When his energy got close a pink force field shot around the box and absorbed the attack into itself. He stared at the shield as its light grew brighter and brighter. Then a pink energy beam fired out right at him and would have hit him if he hadn’t dodged at the right moment. Cursing he got back to his feet and fired again gaining the same results. This went on for awhile until a piercing laugh cut though his rage.

“Hmm, seems to me this box doesn’t like you very much.” Out of the nearby shadows a figure solidified but remained mostly hidden. Boiling in rage Chronos fired an energy blast at Shadow only to have the blast be caught in mid air. Once in Shadow’s hands he closed his fist around it and it shattered; falling to the ground like gold dust.

“Hey. No reason to get hostel on me.” Shadow sighed coming closer yet still remaining hidden. He looked at Chronos then the box and slowly placed his hands on his hips.

“We were watching you on the bubble and we thought you could use some help. So here I am.” Shadow patted his chest and Chronos could practically taste the smile in his tone. The last person Chronos wanted help from was Shadow.

“I don’t need your help.” He said stubbornly and Shadow chuckled at him;

“Oh really. You don’t have the coin yet and the rangers are on their way; but if you’re sure…” Shadow was definitely smiling now and before Chronos could hit him he vanished into the surrounding Shadows.

“Heh… fool. I need no one but myself, my queen, and my minions. I have no rival.” Growling in rage he felt that Shadow had been right about one thing. The rangers were almost here and he needed to stop them and soon. Sighing he realized that a foot soldier team would be enough to, at the very least, slow them down. It shouldn’t take him too long to retrieve the coin. Taking out his watch again he sent a group of cogs this time to battle the closely approaching rangers.


Guile looked at the clock as it ticked away and then at his teacher, Dr. Trip. After that his eyes drifted to his communicator and finally to Izzy. He was tired and normally he would sleep through this class like everyone else but today things were different. Today Mei, Jess, and Dawn went in search of the first coin. He was sure that this coin would hold the clue to the next ones whereabouts. Last night, after Jess had left and Dawn had retired to bed, he had stayed to find more clues about the coins in the data base. After hours of searching he had come up empty handed and stressed out. On top of that Aiden hadn’t let him in to see Izzy until she had woken up at 8ish this morning and even then the only reason he had been allowed to see her was to help Aiden convince her not to go to classes that today.

That worked as well as it usually does. Izzy may like Aiden but she really hates being told what to do and seems to hate missing classes too. He never really got that about her and even now is a little hesitant to ask her about it. As he looks around the classroom he realizes that he is getting really weird looks from his classmates. This whole day has actually been ironic in a way because he is usually the first asleep and everyone just follows his example. To be fair he is still hasn’t listened to a word Dr. Trip has said all morning. He isn’t asleep because he could use this time for planning what to do next in regard to the coins.

On top of that he was worried about Mei, Jess, and Dawn. This is why he keeps looking at his communicator and how he loves these new inventions. It had taken him and Jess a good while to construct them but they were worth the time and effort. He had never been happier then the moment he had handed Izzy hers. When he gave it to her she had commented on how good of an idea it hand been. Despite his happiness at that thought he kept thinking about last night and all the things that had gone wrong.

All that had gone wrong because of him.

If he had been a better leader Izzy wouldn’t have gotten hurt and the enemy wouldn’t have even gotten their hands of the Ranger archives. Guile shook his head and typed a bit in his hand held computer to bring up the data base just to look at it again. Maybe he missed something last night in his exhaustion and worry. He rubbed a hand though his hair and over his mouth had groaned in frustration.

‘This isn’t working. There’s nothing in here that can help us.’

“Guile” He jumped at the sound of his name and fell out of his chair landing flat on his backside. The room around him, that had been watching him intently since class started, erupted in laughter which broke the tension that had been building from his odd behavior. Guiles face turned red as Izzy helped him back up and into his seat. Forgetting someone called his name he looked back at his computer.

“Mr. Carson. I suppose I should be grateful you’re even awake, right?” Guile winced as he looked up at Trip. The look on the teacher’s face was anything but good. He had a bit of a scowl softened by a look of understanding. Guile rubbed the back of his head and answered cautiously.

“Well maybe not grateful… how bout relieved.” He could feel Izzy’s eyes roll behind him and actually saw Trip roll his. Guile laughed nervously as Trip put down the book he was teaching from and started walking towards him. Guile could almost hear him mumble;

“I think I liked it better when he slept through my class.” Guile took a second to look at Izzy and found that she was already looking at him. His eyes momentarily lingered on her bound arm before going to her eyes. Her eyes had a sad light to them and she grabbed his hand. Guile could immediately feel her desire to help him and her resentment at the fact that she couldn’t. Now this wasn’t to help him with Trip because this was an amusing and daily thing, she wanted to help him with his worries. Guile squeezed her hand, it wasn’t her fault, and turned to face the music or, in this case,… yeah he had nothing.

“Guile, can I speak with you? Everyone else, class dismissed.” Guile moved to go with Trip when a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Guile, I’ll go with you.” Izzy wasn’t asking him, she was telling him. Guile grabbed her hand and patted it before bringing her into a hug. She groaned in annoyance as she usually when he did something that annoyed her but waited all the same. Before he ended the hug he whispered in her ear;

“The others might need us. I know the communicators haven’t gone off but we did say we’d meet them. Tell them I’ll be along in a bit.” Izzy nodded and walked out of the room disappearing into the crowd. Guiles eyes lingered after her until a cough caught his attention and he turned back to face his doom in the form of Dr. Trip.

“Guile is something bothering you? If there is you know you can always come to me for help.” Trip said as he looked at Guile and motioned for him to walk with him. Together they left the room and walked down the hall.

“I’m fine… just a lot happened last night.” He said slowly before sneaking a glance at his favorite teacher. Trip didn’t look to happy and on top of that he looked concerned. That meant one thing.

A trip to Kristina Dillion’s office.

Guile groaned at the thought of going to her office for the second time within 24 hours. His friends needed him and he had to play ‘I’m a psyche case’ with the academy’s doctor. As if she didn’t think he had enough problems already.

“Guile I think you should go and talk with Kris. It’ll be good for you.” Trip started walking away and when he was a good few feet away he turned around and said;

“And you had better go! I’ll be checking.” He smiled apologetically and disappeared around a corner.


Mei woke to someone nudging her in the side. Mei opened her eyes and stretched before looking over at Dawn, who had been the one to poke her, and glared playfully at the woman.

“You know, you’re, like, 27 and act like a complete child.” Mei said while poking Dawn in the forehead. Dawn giggled and pushed Mei’s hand aside responding;

“Yeah well that’s why I look so young. I keep up a youthful appearance.” Mei laughed and looked out the window of the car at the passing trees.

“Are we almost there?” She asked.

“Yeah, we just entered Angel Grove and in another few minutes we’ll be at the greenhouse. I can’t wait to see it. I heard it was really beautiful.” Mei smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

“I heard that too. I’ve always wanted to go but it’s too far to travel to Angel Grove for the fun of it.” In the front seat Jess was shaking his head and scowled at the two girls before saying;

“This is not a vacation, girls. We are here on ranger business and this will be an in out operation.” Mei nodded when a thought truck her. In the car there were only three people. Dawn, Jess, and her self. Where were Izzy and Guile?

“Um… where are Izzy and Guile? Shouldn’t they be here too?”

“Cowboy and Izzy are on their way. They just had to finish school before they could come. I think Guile said they end at one today and they’re going to telepo….” Mei frowned and was about to ask Jess what was wrong when he put on they brakes and they were all thrown forward.

“What‘s up with the stopping. If we weren’t goo…” Dawn froze mid sentence like Jess had and Mei quickly followed their eyes out the front window.

“Shit.” Any of the three could have said that and the other two would have been in complete agreement.

“Looks like Chronos is on to us. Ready for some action?” Jess said as he looked back at the two girls. They nodded and got out of the car. In front of them was a group of about 10 cogs. Of course they didn’t know that was what they were called. They looked familiar because they had seen them on the video but they hadn’t quite memorized the all the ranger info yet like Guile had.

“Wonder if all we have to do is knock them down. Like the clay heads?” Mei asked as she took up a fighting position.

“No clue but we should definitely be careful.” Dawn said taking a position next to Jess. She looked a little nervous yet at the same time out of the three of them she looked the most committed to the upcoming fight. Which makes sense as she, technically, has the most field experience out of the whole group. Remember in this time there’s not much to fight in way of evil overlords.

“Here’s the plan… stay behind me. Mei freeze ’em for as long as you can. We’ll just have to do this the hard way.”

“Trial and error?” Mei said with a smile as she prepared herself to use her powers.

“You got that in one.”

Oh and for no particular reason, or no reason that will be revealed in the plot, no one but them was actually there for the fight despite the fact it was about to take place in the center of the street. I guess we could say that the people fled at the sight of the cogs but never would everyone in an area be that smart. You would expect one idiot to stay and take pictures despite the fact they could die any second.

Jess stepped forward only to be stopped by Mei putting a hand on his shoulder. Looking back over his shoulder he saw her eyes glowing pink with a smug smile he turned back to the cogs to see that they were frozen in place.

“How long we got to figure out heir weak point?” Mei was starting to sweat a little already and after a big breath said;

“Not to long. Figure it out quick?” Dawn and Jess nodded and approached the cogs.

Jess shared a look with Dawn when he stood before the nearest cog and mumbled;

“Here goes nothing…” Reaching out he pushed the cog over and watched as nothing happened.

“Just couldn’t be that easy. Any ideas Dawn?” Dawn shrugged and circled one of the cogs. Glancing at over its shoulder she suggested;



“Hurry guys.” Came Mei’s strained yell.

“Water it is.” Jess ran to a nearby fire hydrant and quickly, with the help of some tools, got the water flowing.

“Help me drag them over.” Quickly Dawn and Jess dragged the cogs over to the gushing water. They sparked a little but nothing happened and suddenly they were moving around jerkily. Dawn and Jess glanced over by the car and saw Mei leaning up against it breathing hard. Jess ran towards the cogs and started throwing punches and kicks while yelling at Dawn;

“Cover Mei and get ‘the cowboy’ and Izzy here pronto.” Dawn nodded and quickly took her place between Mei and the cogs. So far all of them were concentrating on Jess so she used that time to punch the call button on the communicator. Before she could speak into it a cog broke away from Jess and ran towards her.

Dawn went into a fighting stance and kicked out at the cog when it reached her. It flew back a foot and stumbled to the ground.

“If Guile were here he might know what to do.” Dawn glanced back at Mei and was happy to note she was regaining her strength.

“Yeah well, he’s not here… yet…” Dawn went again to call for their absent friends but this time two of the cogs ran at her. A quick look in Jess’s direction confirmed Dawn’s fears as the man was slowly being overwhelmed. When the first one got to her she was able to land in a good punch followed by a kick that had it falling into the first one she had kicked (which had just gotten back on its feet) and both tumbled to the ground. Unfortunately this gave the other one an opening which was all it needed.

Dawn felt the special type of pain that comes from the connecting of a fist with her gut followed by the sting of a kick to the chest that had her flying back and smacking the ground right next to Mei. Taking in harsh gasps to fill her lungs of the air stolen from her she only had enough time to hear Mei screaming at her to move before a shadow fell over her body.

Looking up she saw the cog ready to jump on her and did the only thing she had time to do.

Brace for impact.

Next time on Phantom Genesis... Is this the end of Mei, Dawn, and Jess? Will Chronos get his hands on the pink power coin? Will Izzy and Guile arrive in time to help their friends? Find out next time on Phantom Genesis.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Phantom Genesis" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 May 09.

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