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Phantom Genesis

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Summary: Phantoms are vestiges of a world long past that haunt the living. This is a story about a special group of ‘phantoms’ torn from their graves and it is also about us, the ones who will put them to rest.

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Act 1: No Need For Rangers Pt.1

Phantom Genesis
Power Rangers Jewel Thunder

AN: Ok I know I'm starting another story but I have like three and a half chaps already written for this one. I posted Episode Zero kinda on impulse. Hopefully I'll have another chapter for that one next weekend.
AN 2: Even though only The First is in this chapter in the next chap we see Dawn (but you have to wait a week for that chapter as I'll only post one a week.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or Buffy or Angel. They belong to someone who is not me.

Act 1: No Need For Rangers Pt.1

Red lights flashed while the alarms sounded throughout the Time Force base. The Time Force Rangers ran against the flow of evacuating personnel while trying to find the source of the problem. In the year 3025 peace and justice reign; all thanks to SPD of which Time Force is a small but well known section. With their help all evil in the galaxy has been locked away or destroyed. In fact over the last 500 years there has been no need for Power Rangers. Furthermore all information concerning them is either lost, locked up tight in some forgotten vault, or in the minds of the Time Force Rangers who had gone back in time to the year 2000. Yes the year 3025 was a very peaceful era.

This being said there is a very important reason why a red alert has been initiated in the Time Force base and this ‘important reason’ has nothing to do with a cadet practice session. 500 years without a Power Ranger, not counting the brief time the Red Time Force Ranger had been present, was a long time but despite this the four running down the hall were as good as any Ranger from that golden era so long ago. This was probably due to the fact that they themselves were Rangers from that era. Of course they had not morphed in 24/25 years and had long since retired from active duty for the less then exciting career of academy professors.

Now, back to reason for the red alert and the residing panic of those exiting the base.

For some odd and unknown reason, probably an errant plot devise that can only end in numerous plot holes, the enemy they faced was none other then Thrax, son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. How he came back is both complex and inherently unimportant. Right now however the rangers had no clue who they were up against or what said enemy was after. As the rangers bumped shoulders with those in the hall Jen stopped and grabbed one of the retreating students by the shoulders and pulled him to face her. If the Cadet hadn’t been afraid before due to the surrounding chaos at the moment, the livid look on the Pink Ranger’s face would’ve done it for him. In fact I’m sure he wet his pants after this run in.

“What’s going on?” She all but yelled in his face. He stuttered a bit before looking at the other rangers who were on either side of the Pink fury. Lucas sighed and grabbed Jen’s shoulder causing her to drop the cadet and look at her Blue Ranger angrily. He shook his head and she sighed before looking back at the cadet and, in a much calmer fashion;

“Report cadet.”

“In t-the s-science wing. A-A monster.” He managed to stutter out before bolting away just as an explosion rocked the base. Jen turned to her teammates in exasperation. In response Katie just shrugged and smiled along with everyone else. Jen rolled her eyes and turned back around and began running again.

“Well you heard him let’s hurry,” Jen quickly yelled over her shoulder. Swiftly they followed on her tail with Trip bringing up the end muttering;

“Aren’t we a little old for this?”

A few minutes later, not to mention a few explosions, the rangers slid into the science lab only to be met with an impossible sight. In front of them was not only Thrax but Putrids as well. Why the Wild Force foot soldiers are here is anyone’s guess and I doubt it will be revealed to us anytime soon. Upon the rangers entrance to the room Thrax turned around and sneered evilly at them before speaking like all evil villains do before being badly whipped by the good guys.

“Look at you. All washed up. What do you four really think you could do against me? I am the son of the greatest evil ever known in the galaxy. You… why you are just washed up heroes. You don’t even rate as legends when it comes to your field.” As he started laughing Katie stepped forward.

“We’re not that old and we still have what it takes to get rid of you.” She pointed at him to punctuate her point and she was right. They weren’t old they were what… 45. That was not old. If a fifty year old could be a ranger so could they and pull it off while doing it. Thrax sneered at them again and pointed his own hand forward.

“Attack!” With that yell it was like a flood gate opened. The Putrids ran forth and swamped the rangers. Katie who had been standing closest, and still had her arm out, got her arm knocked aside and she had to quickly twist spin out of the way before one of the grunts could throw a kick to her gut. She then retaliated with a kick of her own and growled in frustration when she missed. Her punch, however, connected with its target and with the aid of her super strength caused the Putrid to fly into a wall.

In a different part of the same room Trip was doing his best to hold his own. Unlike the others, after his retirement from active duty, he focused more on training his mind then his body. As a direct result of this he was not as physically fit as the others. Despite this he was holding his own; ducking under one punch then a kick before almost getting his head knocked off by a third Putrid’s fist. Luckily he was able to block the fist and mount a counter attack by kicking the Putrid in the side.

In yet another side of the room Lucas and Jen were working together to take down the rest of the Putrids. The two had joined hands and flipped through the air plowing down the foot soldiers as they went. When they stopped they spun apart and kicked, both knocking down yet another enemy. As they finished up their part of the room Katie and Trip flipped in from their corners so that once again all four were facing Thrax. He glared at them before smiling a particularly evil smile. From behind his back he pulled out a watch and threw it into the air. The rangers watched confused as it flew through the air only to gasp as it turned into a monster before hitting the ground.

Before they could react the monster unleashed its attack.

“Tempus Temporis” beams shot out of the monsters and the rangers were flown through the air.

“You are strong. However my monster Timepiece will be more then enough to take care of you.” Thrax laughed as he backed up to give his monster more room to battle the rangers.

As the rangers rose, holding their newly acquired wounds, Jen limped in front of her team. Forcing herself to stand up straight she got into morphing ready position with the others following suit.

“You ready guys?” They nodded and Trip said;

“Yeah, let’s send this guy back to the clock factory.” The others smiled at Trips small joke before getting serious again.

“Time for Time Force” They all called together and in a flash of blue, green, yellow, and pink four rangers took their place. However before they could attack Timepiece launched another of his own this time much more powerful. The bolt of energy connected with the rangers head on before they could get away from the blast. The force was strong enough to send all four flying through the air into the wall behind them. They didn’t stop there, however, as they where blasted right through the wall and back into the hallway.

When the blast was over all four rangers had de-morphed. Jen had and broken arm and Trip a broken leg. The two couldn’t decide if they were lucky that they were still conscious as both Katie and Lucas were out.

“Finish them!” Thrax yelled joyously at his monster.

“No!” Trip cried as he tried to gather his fallen friends closer in order to protect them. Jen had moved in front of them and took the best defensive position she could. As the monster rose its hand to attack Jen closed her eyes despite her self. The blow she was waiting for never came, however, and when she opened her eyes she couldn’t believe what she saw.

In front of her was the Red MMPR blocking the monster’s attack with… the Red Astro Ranger’s Spiral Saber? He quickly pushed the monster back called over his shoulder;

“I’m Red Ranger; I’m here to rescue you.” In the Red Ranger’s moment of inattention he got hit in the back of the head and…

…Shot straight up out of his seat to face an angry Dr. Trip. The class was laughing and the girl sitting next to him was refolding her hands.

“Thanks for joining the class Guile.” Trip smiled as Guile rubbed the back of his head where his friend, the girl who sat next to him, had smacked him. As Trip moved back to the front of the class Guile glared at Izzy to which he got a small and smug smile.

“You can sit Guile. Oh, you and Miss Kimura have detention this afternoon. You get detention because you fell asleep in class and Izumi (Izzy) for her… creative way of waking you.” Trip was still smiling as Guile sat back down muttering.

“Oh, one more thing, I still know how to fight pretty well.” Guile’s head shot up at that and his face went as red as any red ranger’s suit. While he was getting over his embarrassment Trip got the class moving again.

“Did I talk during my daydream?” Guile whispered to Izzy while Dr. Trip had his back turned. Izzy nodded but that was the only sign she gave to having heard him. Her head was facing forward and for the entire world looked like the model student. Now if we were to get technical she was. Her grades were good and she always listened to her commanding officers. While she did have her violent side, which was shown in how she woke Guile, it was expected as martial arts was her area of expertise. Guile, on the other hand, was very, very brilliant especially when it came to anything tech, computer, or ranger related. Unfortunately his grades tended to fluctuate with his varying projects and most of those had to do with finding the lost ranger archives.

“I can’t believe I did it again. He’s my favorite teacher and I keep falling asleep in his class.” Guile slouched down into his seat only get his ear pinched and pulled by Izzy bringing him back up. His complaints were drowned by her response to his comment.

“He’s your favorite teacher only because he was a ranger and is the leading official in the scientific world.” Her matter of fact tone made Guile roll his eyes and he couldn’t help but attempt to tease her. The best way he could think of to do this was to accuse her of his habits.

“Well you like Professor Walker for much the same reasons, her being the martial arts instructor and all.” He smiled at his Asian friend while she turned to glare at him.

“Well at least I never fell asleep in her class.” Trip dismissed the class at this point and the group almost ran out of the room. Trip was smart, there was no denying that, but that being said he had no teaching abilities what so ever. He could usually keep his class’s attention a week because of his ranger history but after that they all kind of drift off. Izzy, of course, is the odd exception to this rule; of course she could probably stay awake in a comfy rocking chair while a lullaby was playing. In other words Guile stood no chance of staying awake in this class as anything comfy, cozy, or boring puts him right to sleep.

“Nobody falls asleep in her class. It’s too hard. I swear she is trying to kill us.” Izzy smiled at her friend as they walked to the front of the room to get their detention’s details. Well Izzy walked. Guile was dragged by his collar.

“Sir.” Izzy saluted while Guile just sat on the floor where she dropped him.

“Ok, you two. I want you to report at warehouse 5 for guard duty at 1900 hours.” At this point Guile had managed to pull him self to attention and both he and Izzy said in unison;

“Yes, sir.”



Click. Click. Click.

A grey spiky creature walks down a wide tunnel. It is dark and the creature’s great eye sight is all that saves it from tripping over various protruding rocks in its path. In the creature’s left hand is a clock and this clock was as special as the creature. You see both had a hold over time and space. This power is a common trait among many of The Old Ones which is exactly what this creature is. If you didn’t know the Old Ones are demons that existed in the time before man. No one knows for sure what happened but one day they were all either driven off or trapped in the Deeper Well. Of course some still managed to escape both those fates our monster being case and point.

After awhile of walking our monster came across a great pool of water that even his eyes could not see across. As his left hand held the clock he had to use his right to reach into a brown pouch on his left hip. When he removed his hand it was full of a sparkling blood red dust. Slowly he sprinkled it into the water and watched as it swirled then faded.

“Oh Great One hear my call. Your ever loyal servant Chronos is at your command.” He bowed on his left knee as he said this and lowered his head to the water. In front of him a young blonde woman appeared in a flash of yellow light. Her smile was deceivingly sweet and she was dressed in white which was mockingly innocent on her.

“Are we prepared to go through with our plans?” She asked. Chronos did not move as he responded;

“Yes My Queen. By the end of the day we will have both the first coin and all the files.” The form’s smile grew as she paced back and forth in front of her servant.

“You have served me well over the millennia Chronos. You will be greatly rewarded.” If it was possible the monster humbly lowered itself lower in her presence.

“Serving you is enough My Queen.” The form was pleased with how whipped her servant was and you would be too if you were trying to take over the universe. It is always best to have loyal servants after all.

“What force will you be using to achieve our goals?” Chronos rose from his position on the floor and brought the clock to the forms attention. Upon opening the clock one would find that it was odd. For one it had no numbers but all three hands. Second it would move backwards, forwards, and stop before beginning again.

“This is the Watch of Ages. With it you can resurrect any evil being into the present. As the humans of this time are week I feel Rita’s Putties will be enough.” The form thought about this for a second. While Rita would have easily captured earth if not for the rangers her putties were still easy for someone to beat under the right circumstances. On the other hand this was to be a stealth mission. In and out. She smiled;

“Do it. Send them to the warehouses.”



“Shh. Quit being such a baby Mei and be quite.” A man in a black ninja outfit with a yellow sash around his waist whispered as he helped his more ‘delicate’ partner up. She was more petite, as the feminine form usually is, and was dressed the same only with a pink sash. They had just entered one of Time Force’s many abandoned warehouses. While these houses are not used for much anymore it is common knowledge that some may still contain objects of great importance. These objects could potentially be sold for large sums of money. Our two ninja wearing friends are here to take these items off the government’s hands.

In other words they’re robbing the place.

“Jess, why ‘be quite’ nobodies here? Time Force doesn’t patrol their abandoned warehouses.” The two had just come out of the air ducts which lead into the main room of the warehouse. While Jess’s entry had been flawless; Mei’s had been less then satisfactory. As they turned a corner the girl removed her mask revealing a Chinese girl with surprisingly pink eyes. The guy in front of her also removed his mask to reveal a dark-skinned man with dreadlocks (his eyes were normal and brown).

“They do patrol them Mei. Maybe not regularly or in great numbers but Time Force officers do come here. Now use those powers of yours and find us something shiny?” Mei sighed but decided not to argue the point with him. When Jess wanted to he could be bossy and annoying; in fact he was looking at her right now with a look that screamed ‘get on with it’. She shook her body and got as relaxed as she could in an abandoned warehouse. Her face scrunched a little and sweat began forming on her forehead.

She closed her eyes and when she opened them again her pink eyes were glowing. Slowly she turned 360 degrees and returned to where she started. All the while Jess watched her carefully in case something went wrong with her powers. In case you’re wondering Mei has a kind of telekinetic power. She can read minds, project her soul to quickly locate something, and levitate and/or freeze things.

Again she closed her eyes and this time when she opened them they were normal. Well as normal as her eyes can be.

“That way.” She pointed to their left in the direction of the back of the warehouse. Jess nodded and they both replaced their masks and began shadowing along the shelves in the direction Mei had pointed. As they moved through the shadows Jess and Mei grabbed various things off the shelves. Most of these things were technical components of various high-tech things and would get a high price on the black market.

Now it was earlier mentioned that crime and things like that were more or less gone. This being said no matter how good a world gets it will always have its dark side. The rangers may not be needed but the need for the everyday hero will never fade.

“So what are we looking for?”

“To be honest I’m not sure what’s in that direction exactly. Something in the area is blocking my powers. All I know is… its worth… something?” Jess turned around quickly and when Mei looked into his eyes she could see a mix of emotions warring for control in his mind. Most prominent among them anger and annoyance.

“How can you not know what it is but know its worth anything? Wait… I don’t want to know lets go.” He waved his hands in her face as she started answering and walked away at a slightly faster pace almost leaving her behind. As it was she had to run just to catch up to him and when she did she found herself being pulled roughly to the ground by her teammate. Before she could scream at him Jess put a hand over her mouth and signaled for her to be quite before removing his hand.

In a few minutes both of them were looking over a crate that illogically managed to conceal them. In fact with their heads half sticking up to look over the top of the crate it was a miracle that they weren’t spotted.

Since this is a Time Force warehouse there really are only two choices for who they could be watching, well maybe three. One group is Guile and Izzy serving their detention. As interesting as that one could be it wouldn’t move the plot much. Second choice, and by far most off, is random Time Force guards. The last choice is Chronos. This is who they saw. Or it would have been if they had been a few minutes earlier. What they actually saw were his minions. It’s actually too bad that one of them wasn’t Guile as he knew every foot solider that ever existed.

So on the other side of the crate was the Putties. To Mei and Jess they just looked like large, grey, claylike creatures that moved around with their arms flapping. Neither ninja knew exactly what those things were nor, to be honest, were they quite sure of what to make of them. It was then that they noticed the hatch on the floor that the creatures were unsuccessfully trying to get into. Mei smiled and pointed to it her eyes glowing faintly.

“What we want is in there.” She whispered and Jess sighed. As much as they needed the money this was not worth it. Those things looked weak but he knew one should never judge an opponent by looks. One must see beneath all appearances to the truth that will reveal itself to those who knew what to look for.

In his indecisiveness Fate decided to take matters into her own hands. One of the creatures looked their way and spotted them behind the crate. It quickly alerted the others to their presence. In the next second the whole group was rushing over to our two thieves.

“I don’t know about you but I think those are so definitely not friendly” Mei said quickly as she started backing up pulling Jess with her. Jess didn’t like that though and wretched his arm free from her grasp. He then started walking back toward the Putties, again he doesn’t know that’s what they are, and cracked his knuckles as he went.

“Come on Mei we can take these guys.”

“Jess!” Mei stated while continuing to back away. He didn’t listen to her and instead rushed forward swinging his arm back and punching the Puttie in the face. Its head bounced back but other then that it did nothing. For his effort Jess got a few broken finger bones. Hissing in pain he rushed to Mei side and pulled her arm as he turned to run away from the things.

“Ok. I’ll admit that wasn’t my best idea.” Mei scowled and hit him in the arm as she wrenched her hand free. When she looked over her shoulder she saw the things catching up to them and doubled her pace; screaming at Jess as she did so.

“What were you thinking? Even if you could fight them there were… are too many for us to fight. What ever was in there… so wasn’t worth a chase scene?” Jess turned to face her, while still running of course, and said incredulously;

“We were going to be chased anyway so I don’t see why you’re complaining.”

“Oh shut up and keep running.” They turned a few times and didn’t stop. Soon when they were near the entrance to the warehouse they realized they didn’t hear anything any more. Turning around they found that whatever had been chasing them had disappeared. Jess looked around the immediate area while Mei leaned against the wall bracing her hands on her knees while catching her breath.

“We should go back and see what they’re taking.” Jess said quietly back facing her. Mei glared at him and pushed herself off the wall.

“I’m not going back there with those things and I won’t let you go either.” That said her eyes glowed pink and Jess was frozen in place.

“Mei! Ok, Ok let’s go then.” She released him and they headed for the door at a quick pace so when they got there they ended up bumping into two people. Mei went down to the ground at the impact and the person who bumped into Jess crashed to the ground with a grunt. Before Jess could tell what was happening he was pushed up against the cement wall with an elbow in his back.

“You are under arrest for trespassing on Time Force property…” Jess zoned out as the stern female voice started listing their rights. Vaguely he noticed Mei join him against the wall being positioned there by a young white guy with messy brown hair and brown eyes. Unlike the girl who had Jess he seemed a bit more jovial and excited about the whole thing. So they were cadets. Cadets could arrest people but they still lacked a lot of proper training. The girl was professional though and really ‘cool’ if either of them was gonna give them problems it would be her.

“This is so cool Izzy! We are making an actual arrest. Uuu maybe we’ll get extra credit?” He practically bounced around and the girl who had Jess groaned.

“Guile… be more professional.” She scolded her partner and he immediately straightened out and tried to look cool and collected. Mei met Jess’s eyes and he smiled. They were about to be liberated. Guile froze and the girl behind him seemed to notice and questioned;

“Nani? Gulie? Daijoubu?” Mei went to freeze Izzy next but something blocked her power and Izzy quickly moved back holding her head. She then really looked at them and brought a gloved hand up to her mouth in confusion.

“Are… you two… OK?” Mei and Jess exchanged a glance and then looked at Izzy. Mei gasped and Jess snapped his head in her direction.

“You… you’re an empath!” Izzy rolled her eyes at the exclamation but nodded and then repeated her question. This time Jess answered;

“We were in the area and got chased by these weird grey creatures.” He wasn’t lying, not really, and wondered what the girl would read off him. She was a pretty girl with short black hair and honey brown eyes. Slowly he trailed the rest of her body and silently wished she was wearing something a little more revealing. With a snap he went back to her face only to see a confused look on her face. He expected her to look angry or uncomfortable but confused was definitely not on the list.

“Izzy’s only sort of an empath. She can’t read emotions directed at her and she feels everything on the planet at once so things get jumbled. She has no clue what your feeling unless what you’re feeling is very strong. So my lady what is their strong emotion?” The frozen man, who unfortunately still controls his mouth, asked. Izzy stared at them and both felt like all they could do was stand still. Izzy looked at Guile after a while and answered him.

“I sense fear from them and pain from him. What were the grey creatures? Where are they now?” She asked turning back to them.

“We don’t know what they were but they are in this warehouse.” Mei answered and as she did so she released Guile who rolled his shoulders and smiled charmingly at Mei. She blushed and Jess scowled at Guile before gathering ‘his’ girl in his arms. Izzy just raised an eyebrow at all the people in the room before walking further into the building.

“Hey where are you going?” She looked back over her shoulder at Jess, who had spoken, with a concerned expression and softly said;

“I will arrest the trespassers for being on Time Force property and scaring the citizens of Millennium City.” She quickly disappeared into the warehouse and before the others followed Guile asked;

“You two are thieves right?” Mei gave him an incredulous look and answered;

“Duh, isn’t it obvious? I mean you’d just have to look at us.” She waved toward they’re ninja outfits and Guile nodded. Jess watched the exchange with a critical eye. Then he looked in the direction Izzy had gone and watched as Mei ran to catch up to the girl. Now it was just him and Guile. They fell in line together and as they started walking Jess asked;

“She doesn’t know does she?”

“Nope.” He said popping the ‘p’ and smiling like a manic as he did so.

“Izzy is smart don’t get me wrong but she is way to trusting.” Jess noticed that Guile liked talking about his friend and wondered how this guy would hold up to interrogation. He didn’t want to talk much and despite the ache in his hand he was ready for round two but there was one more thing he needed to know first.

“You going to arrest us?”

“Nah, after all you were just trying to escape monsters right?” Guile said with a wink in Jess’s direction Jess smiled and nodded.



Mei followed the girl and slowly tried to read her mind. Empaths were hard for psychics like herself because they were usually sensitive to intentions of those around them. She supposed she was lucky because what the guy had said earlier seemed to hold true. Even though Mei was only skimming the top of the girl’s thoughts Izzy should have known what she was doing… but she didn’t. On the other hand if Mei tried to go deeper she hit a mental road block indicating that Izzy was very mentally disciplined.

“Are you a martial artist by any chance?” Mei asked after a second.

“Ah, we are almost where you said they were. Stay here, me and Guile will handle this.” Mei looked and noticed that they were indeed where they had seen the grey things. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, nothing was here. Guile patted Jess on the shoulder and smiled at Mei as he went to join his friend in scouting out the area.

“Where do you think they went?” Mei asked Jess as he joined her behind the box they had used as a hiding spot earlier. Jess shrugged holding his injured hand. Together they watched as Guile ran all over the place talking animatedly to his friend while Izzy just nodded to him every so often.

“That guy is hardly professional.”

“The girl more then makes up for it though.” Mei pointed out and he had to concede to her point.

“Yeah she’s real ‘cool’.” Mei hit his shoulder and he smiled at her. Their calm moment was broken by a flash of light, a short yelp, and a girlish scream. The scream came from Guile.

“Izzy!” Jess and Mei got on the scene in time to stop Guile from jumping down the hatch after Izzy who had apparently fallen. Jess had his arms while Mei looked down the hatch.

“Let me go I have to save her!” Guile struggled against Jess trying jump down the hatch.

“Whoa there buddy. We’ll save her.” Jess chocked for a second. Did he really just say that? He must have because Mei was staring at him bug eyed though it was slowly changing to a smile and she slyly asked;

“We will?” Mei’s smile grew as she guessed the real reason he wanted to go after Izzy. Down this hatch is where whatever treasure they had come to find was. Mei had different feeling though. Ever since they bumped into these people the pull of whatever was down here grew stronger. Whatever was down here they were meant to have it. That feeling was the only reason she followed the girl in the first place. Under a normal condition she would have kept running. Shaking her head she started down the hatch first.

Guile watched as the girl went down and turned with desperate eyes to Jess;

“Will you?” Jess looked lost for a moment and then he smiled again;

“Yeah; what happened anyway?” Jess asked as he followed after Mei with Guile after him.

“To be honest? No clue. We opened the hatch to go down and see if they went down there. The next thing I know there was this big flash of light and Izzy lost her grip.” Jess whistled at the thought of falling down this. It had to hurt.

Will Izzy be alright? What happened to the putties chasing Jess and Mei? Has Chronos found what he’s looking for? Find out next time on Phantom Genesis.

AN3: I have always wanted to write my own PR series but I cant seen to enjoy writing a non crossover fic. That is how this story came about.

Spoiler: At one point during the story Dawn will become the fifth Power Ranger.
Also the sixth ranger will be either Oz or Xander you may say who you want(which may affect my choice) but ultimately I will make the decision based on the direction of the story.
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