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Accessories to Untruth

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Fan Art

Summary: "The camera cannot lie, but it can be an accessory to untruth." - Harold Evans. A collection of my crossover fan art, currently featuring Xander, the Winchesters, the Torchwood crew and a Stargate reference.

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Multiple Crossings > FanartGirlFridayFR72105031,23610 May 0810 May 08No

Alexander Harris Winchester

Disclaimer: Neither Supernatural nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its characters and plot lines belong to me. Nor does the plot idea of Xander being a Winchester, that belongs to MichelleWinchester as well as a number of other talented authors.

Here's a couple of manips based off of MichelleWinchester's 'Alexander Harris Winchester' series.

Winchester Brothers

One of the brothers together. I wanted to get a younger picture of Xander here, but I couldn't find one that worked. We can just call it a future piece.

Alexander Harris Winchester Birth Certificate

Papa Winchester and Xander's birth certificate. I actually am really proud of this manip. The birth certificate took forever. I had to play around with Xander's birth year a little bit, canonically he's older than Sam.
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