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Fragrant Offering

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Summary: Ororo is given a present when she's feeling unhappy. Movie-verse.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesLucindaFR1345,132042,41913 Aug 0310 Jun 04Yes

Fragrant Offering

author: Lucinda
Main Characters: Movie-verse Ororo, Logan
disclaimer: not mine. Nobody from Marvel is mine.
distribution: please ask first.

The students seemed particularly noisy lately, constantly chattering about some movie with Brad Pitt and another with DiCaprio. There was also intense discussion of football, and the fact that it was nearly time for Homecoming dances. Add in the sounds of teachers shouting and occasionally pleading for the students to pay attention in their classes... The overall effect was easily capable of inducing short tempers and headaches.

All of that, plus the fact that she had claustrophobia to begin with had caused her to flee the school building. She had retreated to a more remote section of the woods, hoping that the solitude would soothe her frazzled nerves. The air carried numerous natural scents, the slight dampness of almost dried puddles, the new grass, the scents of small wildflowers. Instead of the chattering and complaints of students, there was only the rustling of leaves and soft twitterings of birds. She could relax and enjoy the lush flowering of nature.

Smiling as the golden sunlight poured down like pale honey, Ororo knelt by a small flower, with delicate blue blossoms shaped like stars. She inhaled the light sweet scent and smiled, feeling the knots in her back slip away. She brushed her fingers over the tiny petals, looking over the soft blue color with a hint of longing.

"I have found few flowers whose scent is as enjoyable. Such a pity that I have none like this in my green house." She looked thoughtfully at the small cluster of flowers, thinking out loud. "I could probably duplicate the soil and lighting conditions... but I have nothing to transplant them in. They would wither and perish before I could have them transferred."

She rested beside the flowers, basking in the sunlight and enjoying the flowers subtle perfume. She was entirely unaware that she was being observed.

Logan had also fled from the resounding chatter and bustle at the mansion. He had been grouchy for hours before he had finally concluded that if he was far enough that they couldn't find him, they wouldn't try to drag him in and put up streamers and balloons for some dance the students wanted. Movies, high school football, boy bands, and dances... he had been strongly tempted to cause some bodily harm. Instead, he had gone into the forest, pretending that he had left civilization behind with the school. His interest had been caught by a familiar scent, so he had investigated, wondering what 'Ro would be doing out here.

Turned out she was admiring a little flower.

He recognized the scent, a little pretty blue flower that had low laying feathery leaves. It looked very fragile, but it was more resilient that you would think. He also knew that some of the local rabbits found the leaves quite tasty and appetizing. He'd tried it once, and learned that it tasted somewhere between grass and oregano. Not terrible, but hardly his first choice of a snack.

He watched, seeing her inhale the scent, her eyelids lowering as she breathed it in. In that moment, he truly understood how she could have been taken for a goddess. Her hair flowed over her shoulders like a cloud, and her eyes matched the sky. She moved as softly as the deer, and as gracefully. It was as if the earth had brought forth a daughter, a new Persephone, daughter of the fertile earth, friend of growing things. In this moment, it was hard to remember that her powers were tied to the sky instead of the ground.

She was the most gloriously feminine person at the mansion. She had a wonderful set of curves, and her hair flowed like a waterfall, shining and rippling as she moved. She dressed to her own liking, instead of to hide herself, or to impress someone else. As a result, she felt comfortable, both about her body and her clothing, and that comfort showed in everything that she did. That comfort made her even more alluring in a loose white summer dress than Jean in her fitted red number with the crossed cords lacing the back. She didn't drench herself in perfumes either, instead there was just the scent of her body wash, something that reminded him of fresh rain.

He watched her for a while, stretched in the sunlight like a cat. She was clearly trying to relax from the noise of the students as well. Just as clearly, she thought that she was relaxing alone. Sneaking another admiring glance, Logan decided to leave her to her patch of sunshine. There were other things he could do than watch Ororo rest.

Eventually, Logan returned to the school. On the way, he passed Bobby and Marie, sitting very close to each other and watching the sunset. Most of the younger students had either gone to bed, or at least to quieter areas. Scott and Jean were curled up on the couch, watching some television show. He could see a couple of the other students, another couple, some skinny blonde boy and the girl, Kitty? the one that could walk through walls. They looked like a couple, or at least, interested in each other.

He scowled, seeing the signs of romantic sentiment and sappy couples everywhere. It was almost enough to make him sick. So many people, and so many of them paired up together... It only emphasized how alone he felt.

Shaking his head, he continued onwards, and heard noise from one of the classrooms. It was the one with all the windows and plants, where 'Ro taught history. Pausing at the doorway, he sniffed, checking to make certain it wasn't some intruder, although why anyone would want to steal a weeks worth of history tests...

It was Ororo, and she was all upset. She smelled like sorrow and a bit of anger, and frustration. For a moment, Logan was puzzled, but then he remembered that Ororo wasn't half of a couple. All the sappy couples had to be getting to her, making her sad and confused. She smelled like she'd been crying earlier as well.

That just wasn't right.

She was a beautiful woman, there was no reason why she should be alone. If she wanted, she should be able to get almost anyone... well, maybe a lot of men would be intimidated by her confidence, her dignity, and her sheer presence. So, she would be left with only the bravest, most courageous of men kneeling at her feet, that she could choose from like a queen... or a goddess.

A plan began to form in the back of his mind. She was sad, and angry because of all the couples, because she didn't have her own special man in her life. Maybe he could help her be less upset? All it would take would be a pot from her greenhouse and a few hours of time...

She discovered his offering in the morning, sitting in her greenhouse beside the pruning shears that she used. A clay planter, about a foot across, filled with almost a dozen little clusters of the delicate light blue flowers. They had been carefully put into the pot, transferred gently enough that the roots were intact, and the leaves were not crushed or bruised. Most puzzling to her was the note, a jagged script that she didn't recognize, and entirely without signature.

'A Fragrant Offering of Flowers for a Goddess come to Earth'

Reading the card, all she could do was smile, especially when she noticed a bit of dirt smudged over the corner, almost... yes, it was a blurred thumbprint of her admirer, the one who had so carefully gathered these lovely flowers for her.

end Fragrant Offering
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