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Summary: This is a Torchwood/Angel Crossover. Kinda. When Torchwood receives a strange artifact, something mysterious takes over the body of one of the team members. Can they save their co-worker before its too late? And what happens if they fail?

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Fred/Illyria-CenteredbluekattFR1833,903082,55911 May 0824 May 08No

The Beginning

A/N: Hey everyone. I know, I know. I really shouldn't be starting another story but it wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. So, here it is and I hope you enjoy. Please R&R.

Disclaimer: I own nothing Torchwood or Angel/Buffy. All belongs to Russell and Joss. They both be Gods!!!


“What is it?” Gwen asked.

“Looks to be a casket of some kind.” Owen replied.

“Who would send us a casket?” Ianto asked as he descended the steps with a tray full of tea and coffee.

“Don’t know, the card just says ‘Torchwood’.” Jack picked up the cardstock, turning it over to see if it had the sender’s name on the back.

“Well, that’s not in the least bit suspicious,” Gwen replied as she circled the giant stone coffin.

“Nobody touch it until we figure out what it is exactly,” Jack ordered, “and who sent it.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, all except Gwen who had become entranced by the jewel placed at the top of the coffin as it glistened in the florescent light.

“Gwen,” Jack spoke when he noticed her trance.

“Gwen!” He said again, this time with a little more force.

“Yes. Right. Got it, Jack,” Gwen replied quickly, breaking her eyes away from the jewel to look at Jack.

Jack slowly looked away from her, his brow furrowed in concern and suspicion. It would appear the object in front of them held some sort of power and one they wouldn’t mess with if he had any say in it. And he did.

“Alright, we’ll deal with this later. Right now we’ve got a weevil to hunt down.” Jack said as he grabbed his great coat from his office.

“Let’s go.”

Everyone followed Jack out the cog door, Gwen being the last to follow as she stopped to turn around and look at the casket. Something about it was drawing her to it and she couldn’t quite put her finger on what that something was and it was making her slightly on edge.

“This weevil really shouldn’t have been that hard to catch,” Owen grunted as he dragged a drugged weevil through the door with Jack.

“Yeah, well, they haven’t really been acting normal where weevils are concerned,” Jack replied as they brought the creature down to the cells. Janet growled at the two exhausted men as they passed her by and Owen growled right back, causing her to slink back into the corner whining.

“Owen,” Jack scolded.

“What, Jack? I’m tired and cranky. If she’s going to growl, I’m going to growl right back.”

Jack rolled his eyes at his employee as they gently laid the unconscious weevil on the cement bed.

“Come on, lets get to work on that casket.” Jack ordered as he patted Owen on the shoulder. Owen sighed in protest, but followed his boss nonetheless.

Jack and Owen found the two women leaning against the wall of the autopsy room as they stared at the newly acquired object. Gwen looked up when she heard their footsteps approaching, smiling at the sight of Jack.

“Where do we start, Jack?” She asked, getting ever so anxious to figure out the mystery that fell into their laps.

“Research,” Jack answered. “Like I said before, no one is touching that thing until we figure out its origin.”

“You mean we have to sit and stare at a computer screen all night?” Owen whined as he dragged himself to his desk.

“Yes, Owen. More boring work for you.” Jack replied sarcastically.

His three employees nodded their heads and got to work with very little complaining. The complaints that were thrown out were all from Owen who only received eye rolls from Gwen and Tosh followed by heavy sighs.

Hours of research went by with very little dug up. Apparently there was more information floating on the web about stone caskets with jewels on them, but nothing of real relevance. At the sight of his team, Jack knew it was time to send them home and with that he got up from his desk and leaned against the doorframe, crossing his arms in the process.

“You’ve all worked hard enough, why don’t you go home.” Jack ordered and he didn’t think they could’ve moved any faster with how quick they grabbed their coats. Except Gwen, which didn’t really surprise him. She still sat at her desk, typing furiously at her keyboard.

Jack waved at Owen and Tosh as they practically ran out the cog door before he brought his attention back to Gwen. He slowly walked up to her as he stuffed his hands in to his pockets with full intention on sending her home.

“Gwen,” he spoke her name quietly he wondered himself if she even heard him. But his question was quickly answered when she looked up at him with a look of surprise written on her face.

“Jack, yeah, hi. I know, go home. But I can’t. I have to figure out what this thing is.” Gwen replied.

“I understand that, Gwen. I want to know what it is, too. But you’re going to have more success at finding something with some rest. Now, go home.”

Releasing a sigh and with her fingers lingering on the keys, she stared at the screen while she debated about doing as Jack ordered. Pursing her lips, she slowly nodded her head in defeat.

“Good, I’ll see you at eleven tomorrow,” Jack said as he headed back to the office, closing the door behind him.

Grabbing her coat and purse from the back of her chair, Gwen started to head out the door when a small whisper stopped her in her tracks. She slowly turned around, her forehead crinkled in confusion. She could’ve sworn she heard her name in that whisper.

She jumped slightly as she heard it again, only this time it was a little louder. Setting her purse and coat on the railing, she headed over to the autopsy room where the whisper had come from. The casket looked creepy as it sat in the dark room.

With shaky legs, Gwen slowly descended the stairs, noticing although it was dark the jewel still managed to sparkle immensely. Gwen stepped hesitantly towards the object, staring at the jewel as she heard her name once again. Taking a deep breath, she stood at the front of the casket where the jewel rested and lifted a shaky hand to it.

She just wanted to touch it, wanted to know what it felt like. After that, she wouldn’t have the urge anymore and wouldn’t be so obsessed with it. She knew Jack ordered everyone not to touch it, but she just had to; it did call out to her after all. Literally.

Just as her fingers were about to land on the red jewel, it caved into the casket, releasing a kind of dust into the air and into her lungs. Causing her to cough and gag as the dust invaded her. Gwen grabbed at her throat as her coughs became worse, collapsing to her knees as she gripped the stone object for support. Her eyes watered and the tears quickly fell down her cheeks; dripping to the cold floor below.

Jack had apparently heard her coughing and came running. Gwen could see the anger and disappointment in his eyes as he saw what had happened. He could see the caved in jewel and Gwen’s current state and put two and two together. He rushed down to her side and picked her up in his arms, carrying her to the sofa and gently laid her down. He quickly rushed to the phone in his office to dial Owen’s number but looked up in surprise when Gwen disconnected the call.

“I’m fine, Jack.” She said.

Though she looked fine, Jack had experienced enough to know for sure she wasn’t. You didn’t inhale mystery dust with zero affects. So, with that thought in mind he stood from his spot behind his desk and rested his fists on the hard wood as he leaned over to her.

“You are not fine, Gwen. We need to examine you.”

“Then it can wait til morning. I’m tired, Owen’s tired. It can wait.” Gwen replied and with that said she turned and left the hub with Jack following close behind.

He grabbed her arm and turned her to face him, she had a look of irritation on her face as she stared him down.

“Jack, let go I’m fine,” Gwen ordered as she tried to break the grip he had on her arm.

“You are not fine, Gwen,” Jack argued.

“Yes. Jack. I a--” Gwen was cut off when her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed into Jack as a fit of seizures rushed through her body.

“Gwen!!! Gwen!!!” Jack exclaimed as he held her body tight in fear as tears rolled down his cheeks.
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