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The Sap Chronicles

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Fragile Existence Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A.K.A. Five moments Jack O'Neill never imagined. (A Fragile Existence Companion)

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Author's Note: This chapter of the Sap Chronicles refers to the fic 'Deja Vu' in the Fragile Existence Series. While you don't necessarily need to have read the fic to understand this story, if you haven't read it you may find yourself slightly confused.

"You okay?"

Dawn nodded slowly, still looking shell shocked. "Yeah, I'm fine. Happy even. I'm happy for them. I am."

"Really?" Jack studied his friend. "'Cause, you look more freaked than happy."

Her eyes went wide and she shook her head furiously. "I'm not freaked. Really, I'm not, it's just…"


She started to deny it, then gave up and nodded. "Weird." She sighed. "I feel bad, you know."

"Because Kit and Carlos are dating?"

"No, because I wish they weren't."

He leaned back against the tree and folded his arms against his chest, waiting for her to continue.

"I mean… What if this changes things between the four of us? What if they break up and things are all awkward between them and then between us? What if they fight and they want us to take sides? What if we all stop being friends?"

"You think the four of us will stop being friends? Really?"

She shrugged. "Buffy and Angel aren't friends and neither are Xander and Anya. What if it's like that with the two of them? I know it's selfish, but… I don't want the four of us to stop being friends." She sighed again. "Maybe the movie was right, maybe men and women can't be friends."

Jack knew it had been a bad idea for Kit and Dawn to pick When Harry Met Sally for movie night. "Men and women can be friends."

Dawn shot him an unimpressed look. "Really? Every person I know who was friends with someone of the opposite sex has been interested in them in a 'more than friends' way. Willow was in love with Xander. Xander was in love with Buffy. Hermione was in love with Ron. God! Even I had a crushes on Xander and Spike."

Jack could have honestly lived a long and happy life without that knowledge. "I can honestly say that I have female friends who will never be more than friends."


"Kit, your sister, Willow, Fred, Hermione, and Ginny."

"Since it's unlikely we'll ever get back to Hogwarts, I don't really think Hermione and Ginny…" Her words trailed off and Jack watched as her mind processed what he had said or, rather, what he hadn't said. "You didn't say me."

No, he hadn't.

"I wasn't on the list of women you said you would only ever be friends with." Her eyes went wide and he could practically see the wheels turning in her head.

Jack made a face. He had no idea what to tell her. "I know."

"You know?" she repeated, looking stunned once more. Well, at least she wasn't freaking about Kit and Carlos anymore.

"Are you all right with that?" He sure as hell wasn't, but that didn't change how he felt.

"Yes… I mean no… Yes! I…. I don't know. What does that mean?" she asked, going from stunned to confused. "You don't date. I mean, I know we're both eighteen now, but I thought dating still wigged you out."

"It does," he confessed, "and I'm not really sure what it means. I don't want to start dating or anything and I'm not in love with you but, when I think of women I know I won't ever be with… you don't make the list."


Yeah, 'oh'. "So… Are you okay with that?" He had to know that she was okay with it. In spite of what Hermione had said, Jack didn't believe for a minute Dawn still had a crush on him. He didn't want to make things awkward between them. "You're not going to freak out or anything, are you?"

"No… I'm not going to freak out about it. It's good. We're good."

Jack wasn't so sure he shared the same opinion, but…



"You don't make the list either."

End Sap Chronicles

End Note

This last chapter is a shout out to those who were disappointed when I made FE strictly Gen. Thanks to all for the feedback.

I was thinking of making the next companion the 'Hogwarts Chronicles'.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Sap Chronicles". This story is complete.

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