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The Sap Chronicles

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Fragile Existence Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A.K.A. Five moments Jack O'Neill never imagined. (A Fragile Existence Companion)

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Stargate > General > Characters: mini-Jack(Past Donor)LaneyFR1354,42414820,21613 May 0818 May 08Yes

Safe House

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy and Angel people belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy. The Stargate people belong to Gekko Productions, Double Secret Productions, MGM/UA, Showtime/Viacom.

Authors Note: This is a series of short ficlets set in the Fragile Existence 'Verse. They're set after FE and contain insane levels of Sap (hence the title). This is actually complete, I just haven't had the opportunity to go through the last four ficlets due to uni. I will post one ficlet/chapter every couple of days.

Authors Note II: On a completely unrelated note, once I've finished posting the Sap Chronicles, it's highly unlikely there will be any updates for any stories until after June 18 (my last exam of the semester - wish me luck!)

Dedication: To the lovely Zeph for the beta and brilliant feedback.

"Hey man," Carlos greeted him, dropping down onto the grass next to him.

Jack looked up from his textbook, grateful for the interruption. Why he thought doing high school again was a good idea was beyond him…

"Hey Jack." Kit smiled, looking a little nervous.

Actually, it was Dawn who was looking nervous, scared almost. She sat down directly opposite him without a word. And for Dawn not to talk was actually quite something…

"You wanted to talk to us, man?" Carlos prompted. "Everything okay?"

He raised his eyebrows at the sombre expression on his friends' faces and then rolled his eyes. When he said he wanted to talk with them during their free period, he hadn't meant for them to take it as though… "It's not the end of the world."

This broke Dawn out of her silence. "What?"

"What I wanted to talk to you guys about," Jack clarified, starting to feel a little awkward. "It's not the end of the world." And he meant that quite literally. "It's not anything bad."

For some reason, neither Kit nor Dawn relaxed at all.

"So you're not leaving?" Kit asked determinedly.

"What?" Jack asked at the same time Dawn hissed "Kit!"

Where the hell had that come from?

"Well, you seemed so serious when you asked us to meet you here and, since Buffy didn't know anything about it, we knew it wasn't the end of the world. So…" Kit shrugged. "Dawn thought maybe you decided you wanted to move back to Colorado."

Carlos snorted. "Dawn thought Jack was leaving us? Just Dawn?"

Both Kit and Dawn glared at him.

Jack didn't glare at anyone. Nope, he sighed. Then he silently wondered how the hell he managed to get into these situations. He wasn't sure what was bothering him more. The fact that the three of them had discussed this at length, or that they had gone to Buffy to make sure it wasn't the end of the world. Jack inwardly groaned at the thought. If they went to Buffy, that meant she would show up at his locker some time this afternoon to 'talk'… Damn. "Guys, I told you all already. I'm not leaving." For now, anyway. "In fact, it's the exact opposite."

"What is it?" Dawn wanted to know.

Jack almost groaned. When the thought first came to him, he thought it was a good idea. Great idea, even. Now, given how his friends were acting, he wasn't so sure. It made it seem like a bigger deal than it really was. This was not a big deal. Not at all. He just, well, he worried about his friends. He knew Kit and Carlos' home life wasn't perfect and, given Dawn's penchant for trouble, it seemed logical for him to do this. After all, O'Neill had done this for Daniel and Daniel hadn't acted like this. At least, not where O'Neill could see it.

"Jack?" There was more than a hint of worry in Dawn's voice.

He reached into his bag and pulled out three envelopes and handed one to each of his friends. He didn't say anything while his friends peered inside their respective envelopes. They were smart, they didn't need for him to spell it out.

"Jack..." Dawn looked up at him. "This is the key to your apartment."

"And the code to my alarm," he told them. "I figured it might be an idea for you guys to have a key each. So the next time Dawn and I go missing you don't have to break into my apartment."

Aw, crap. Why the hell did Dawn and Kit have to look at him like that?

"And you know, if you guys need a place to crash, any time, you've got somewhere to go. The door's always open. Day or night." If Dawn and Kit so much as cried, he was going to take the keys back and pretend this had never happened. Thank goodness he didn't mention that he had bought some bunk beds for his spare room…

"Cool." Carlos remarked, studying the key. "Thanks, man, I appreciate it."

See! Why couldn't the girls be like Carlos?

"Although… You know what would make us even safer?"

Jack winced at the word. He had hoped it hadn't been that obvious what he was trying to do. The last thing he needed was for Dawn to cotton on that he wanted to make sure they had a safe house to go to. That he wanted to keep them safe. Christ, why couldn't he be like Carlos? What the hell was wrong with him? This was Dawn's fault! It had to be. O'Neill hadn't been like this with his team. It had to be the Summers influence.

"What would make us safer?" Kit asked when Jack didn't.

"If Jack gave us a key to his car as well."

Jack let out a laugh and slapped Carlos on the back. "I love you guys, but there is no way in hell I'm giving you a key to my car."

"That's cold, Jack, really cold."

Jack rolled his eyes and glanced over to Dawn and Kit which, naturally, he immediately regretted. They were still looking at him that way. Oh for crying out loud! "It's not that big a deal."

Dawn gave him a pointed look before leaning over and kissing his left cheek, pausing briefly to whisper. "We love you, too."
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