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Summary: Have you ever wondered the "chosen are chosen? Willow finds out...pairings include Willow/Snape, Tara/Sirius Ginny/Draco

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsArticulatedreamFR1587,153074,88313 Aug 036 Apr 04No



There are people in life who are chosen. Ordained for something greater, something more. How is it that the chosen areā€¦chosen? Is it random, a name brought from a hat? No regard to whether those chosen can bear the weight set upon their shoulders? No, the chosen are chosen because of their choices and actions. They are not so much chosen as asked. Asked by the trials they face in life and the way they deal with them.

There are hundreds of thousands of dimensions in which people, sentient beings choose their fate. Each person chosen is gifted with an entire life, from birth to death. Some live, long lives, others are cut off as children, or at their peak. For each person it is different. They share something in common though, each being at the time of their death does not go on to heaven, or hell, or what might have awaited them. Instead their souls- and sometimes their bodies- are redirected. The older souls are given life anew. Starting from the beginning. The younger souls often bring their bodies as well as souls.

Some remember their past lives. Whether it be an intense feeling of de ja vu, or serial dreaming. Some may have had inherent abilities in their past lives, at times they surface in their new life. Prophetic dreaming, like the Slayer Buffy Summers possessed was a gift of her line in her first life. The younger souls are literally dropped into a new dimension. They bear the scars of how they died. Remembering little or nothing about themselves they live lives within months, remembering their life never lived during consciousness and perhaps remembering their past life through dreams. For all intens and purposes each and every person is chosen. Their lives serve a purpose, each different. All needed. That is where, and why our story begins.
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