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Summary: In High School Michael "Gage" Scofield was on the swim team and narrowly avoided becoming a fish. He befriended the Slayer and ended up with Sam Winchester as a roomate at UC Sunnydale. Now Sam's big brother is in town. BtVS/SPN/Prison Break

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ChosenfireFR1523,9011132,10913 May 0819 Jun 08No

Welcome to the Family

Title: Twelve-Gage
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-15
Status: Multi-Chaptered Fic, Incomplete (1/?)
Fandom(s): BtVS/SPN/Angel/Prison Break
Pairing(s): Buffy/Dean, Sam/Willow, Michael/Faith, Xander/Tara(reference to: Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordelia, Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Michael)
Spoilers: BTVS season 5 post “The Body” AU, SPN preseries season 1 AU, Prison Break preseries AU, Angel season 2 AU
Summary: In High School Gage (Michael) was on the swim team and narrowly avoided becoming a fish. Now in college he’s best friends with the girl that saved his life and fights demons and vampires as a night time activity. In college his roommate is Sam Winchester and when Sam’s older brother Dean comes to town sparks are sure to fly when he meets Buffy.

*Characters Ages*
20-Buffy Summers
16-Dawn Summers
20-Michael “Gage” Scoufield
26-Lincoln Burrows
20-Xander Harris
20-Willow Rosenberg
21-Faith Lehane
24-Dean Winchester
20-Sam Winchester
17-Connor Angel
20-Cordelia Chase

A/N: This chapter is to catch you up on Michael’s involvement as a Scooby from season 2 to the present time. I will be switching from Gage to Michael through out the whole story so if there is any confusion let me know. I will be moving through the seasons of Buffy as well as into the events of Prison Break and some of Supernatural with the timelines really screwed up.

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Family

“So, I say we party.” Xander declared firmly his arm wrapping around Cordelia’s waist and she leaned into him glaring at a group of girls that passed than turned back to Xander.

“We’re going to celebrate the fact that two guys died because Buffy couldn’t figure out there were evil demonic steroids in the steam and my boyfriend was almost turned into a fish?”

“Your input is always uplifting Cordy.” Buffy declared dryly then turned to the rest of the group “How bout lets celebrate the fact that Xander and Gage aren’t among the fishy causalities.” She hooked her arm with the taller swimmers beside her and he laughed ducking his head slightly.

“So are you still going to be on the swim team?” Willow asked Gage curiously.

“Why?” Gage glanced away from Buffy to look at Willow confused “I’m not sure, even if there is a team anymore there are more important things.”

Willow smiled brightly nodding happily “Good so you can work to get your own grade up and I don’t to have to get in trouble with Snyder.” Sunnydale High’s principal had put pressure on Willow to raise Gage’s grades so that he could continue to participate in the team’s journey to glory where he had been the third best swimmer. Number’s one and two were now fishy monsters because the coach and nurse had been putting mystically altered steam in their systems.

“I’m still dealing with the whole vampire’s are real thing.” He indicated the healing bite on his neck courtesy of Angelus.

Buffy grimaced remembering the confrontation with her ex and plastered on a brave smile patting Gage’s arm reassuringly “Among other things too.”

“Did you know we live on a hellmouth?” Xander asked him cheerfully “It’s under the school.”

Gage grinned “That makes a lot more sense now.”

Cordelia grimaced “Okay, now that the whole guy bonding thing is over can we go to the Bronze, I have a new outfit I want to show off.” She tossed Xander a flirty look.

“Then by all means lets head out.” Xander intoned seriously his eyes twinkling and he escorted Cordelia out of the school followed by Willow.

Gage turned to Buffy asking her “Is she always like that?”

Buffy grinned grabbing his arm as they began to walk her tone completely serious “It gets worse trust me.”


Over the summer Michael stayed close to the group of people that had became his friends. The mood was somber and he did whatever he could to keep their spirits up. With Buffy gone patrolling fell to them and while everyone else went through the motions Michael took it seriously training with Mr.Giles and spending his free times honing any skills he had learned.

He often patrolled alone without the rest of the group to see if he could do it on his own, to test himself.

Michael got back from one of the patrols pulling his sweater on to hide a cut on his arm and cover the stake he kept in his back pocket.

“You were out late again.” The gravelly voice greeted him as he turned on the kitchen light and Michael found himself facing the impassive face of his older brother. Their mother had died when he was younger and Lincoln had been caring for him ever since making sure he stayed out of foster homes any way he could.

His means were often illegal and they had moved from town to town like drifters never staying in one place for too long. He was grateful for the blindness of Sunnydale’s police force and they had been there for almost a year now.

“I was with friends.” Michael supplied flatly grabbing a bottle of water and moving to get past his brother and to his bedroom.

Lincoln blocked his way his voice low in warning “Mike.”

Michael flinched at the use of his first name glaring at his brother “My name is Michael, I’m going to bed.”

Lincoln moved out of the way and just followed Michael into his room telling him “Your Principal called today, he said you were missing a couple classes and hanging out with a bad crowd.”

Michael snorted setting the bottle down by his bed and reaching in his drawers for some night clothes “Yeah, well the Principal’s a rat.” He pulled off his shirt and sweater and began to unbutton his pants ignoring his brother’s presence.

“I’m not arguing that, he also said you quit the team.” Lincoln kept pushing.

Michael turned to him eyes blazing “I’m glad you and Snyder are getting along so well.” The rat had kicked Buffy out of school, he had been making there life a living hell. “My interests changed.”

He turned to go to bed and he heard his brother sigh telling him softly “Good night Michael, you should clean that cut so it doesn’t get infected.”

Michael listened to him leave closing his eyes tightly before looking down at the cut on his arm still bleeding lightly. His eyes burned and his chest felt tight, they still had no clue where Buffy was and every day that passed without her things got bleaker. Now his brother was deciding he actually wanted to be a part of his life.

Oh yeah his life wasn’t complicated at all.


Michael put down the phone his mouth in a grim line and he sighed his shoulders slumping. Small arms wrapped around his waist and he leaned back into his best friends embrace letting himself take comfort from her.

“Still no word?” Buffy asked softly and Michael turned around putting his arm over the petite Slayers shoulders smiling down fondly at her. Buffy Summers was pretty, blond, and despite her appearance could kick ass like no one business.

They had been friends since she had saved him from being turned into a demonic fish along with a couple other guys on his swim team.

“Lincoln’s not picking up.” Gage explained bitterly. Buffy leaned her head on his bicep looking up at him sadly her bottom lip pouting and Michael couldn’t help the smile that slipped onto his lips or the laughter that bubbled up.

She was just so cute when she was trying to be cute.

Buffy smiled satisfied that she had managed to cheer him up.

Someone cleared their throat, they turned to see a tall man about their age facing them sheepishly “I’m sorry if I’m interrupting anything,” he held a piece of paper in his hand looking at Gage “I’m your roommate.”

Michael pulled away from Buffy who gazed at him amused. He reached forward to shake the guys hand “I’m Michael Scofield, people call me Gage.” He indicated the blond beside him “This is my friend Buffy Summers, we’re not together.” He added on quickly seeing the way the guy was looking at them. People always assumed they were a couple but that was the furthest thing from the truth, she was like a little sister to him.

Buffy grinned “Definitely not, he’s more like my older annoying overprotective brother.” She echoed his thoughts happily slipping her arm through his.

The guy grinned coming into the room and putting a duffle bag on the empty bag “I’m Sam Winchester; it’s a pleasure to meet you guys.” He seemed like a decent guy, since he had passed the runes Willow had put up on the doorframe he definitely wasn’t demon like Buffy’s roommate.

“So, Sam,” Buffy asked cheekily “are you an axe murderer?”

Sam looked at her amused a wide grin on his face that made him look a lot younger “No, I’m not.”

Buffy nodded satisfied “Good.” She turned to Michael “Well, I’ll leave you two to get to know each other, I’m suppose to meet Faith at the Bronze to look for some of our more daylight challenged friends.” A look passed between the two friends and Michael gave her a quick hug before she left.

Sam turned to him looking confused “Does she talk like that all the time.”

Michael grinned “You’ll learn to love it.”


Sam grimaced dragging a hand through his shaggy hair “I think I have robot guts in my hair.”

Willow slipped an arm around his waist smiling up at him and he smiled back at her leaning down to press a soft kiss to her lips. She sighed softly and her eyes glazed over slightly as they continued to gaze at each other.

Buffy mock gagged at the couple and ran up to Michael “I’m tired, carry me.” He grinned nodding and she smiled widely hopping onto his back where he carried her piggyback style. Buffy stuck her tongue out at Willow who did the same.

“Please, spare me from your childish antics.” Giles muttered cleaning his glasses the bag containing the spell supplies slung over his shoulder.

“Us, childish,” Xander grinned falling into step beside him “please.” He grinned goofily and stuck his tongue out at Willow who returned it with the same grin cuddled against her boyfriend of three months. After Oz had left and Willow had gone through the appropriate grieving time she had started going out with Michael's roommate who as it turned out had been trained to hunt demons.

They were a sweet couple both highly intelligent and while Sam could sometimes be too serious having never really had a childhood Willow would babble incoherently and at Christmas she had given the whole Scooby gang a Christmas they would never forget despite being Jewish.

Xander had even taught Sam the Snoopy dance.

Buffy whispered something in Michael's ear and he grinned giving Giles a knowing smile “So you and Joyce?” Michael asked teasingly.

Giles rolled his eyes and continued in front of the group. They were on their way to Buffy’s house after having defeated Adam. Giles, Xander, and Willow had done a spell to give Buffy the power she needed to take out the hybrid and Michael and Sam had helped the soldiers and Spike battle the demons and robots let loose in the Initiative.

Despite their antics Giles was pleased to see the group so lighthearted. Sam and Willow had been struggling with family issues his having stopped calling and hers having left without a word. Xander had been forced to grow up fast after high school and had gotten a steady job and an apartment with his girlfriend who Willow had meet in Wicca group. Tara was sweet and kind and possessed a maturity and power beyond her years. Michael had lost contact with his brother and Buffy’s boyfriend Riley had left with the rest of the soldiers.

It was good to see the children he had devoted so much time to guiding happy and relaxed. He hoped they didn’t have another Apocalypse on the horizon because they all needed some time to rest.

Buffy jumped off Michael's back as they reached the house and the door opened to show Faith with a wide grin on her face. Michael grinned approaching the woman he had had a crush on for years without saying anything “Hey, when did you get back?”

“A couple of hours ago.” She looked passed him to the rest of the group her eyes settling on Buffy “So Robot guy is no longer a threat?”

Buffy grinned “I ripped out his core, literally.”

Faith returned the grin “Wicked.”

The group moved into the house settling in the front room Willow curled onto Sam’s lap on one end of the couch Giles emptying the bag on the other. Xander settled into the armchair after grabbing a bag of chips and the phone to call Tara and tell her he was okay.

Michael and Buffy moved into the kitchen with Faith and Buffy asked softly “So, how was your trip to L.A?”

Faith shrugged “Mostly boring, saw the big guy, helped restore his soul and bring down the Beast,” Faith looked sheepish “I did bring something back with me though.”

“What?” Buffy asked cautiously.

“Connor, Angel’s 17 year old son.” Seeing Buffy’s stunned look Faith put in quickly “Kid was screwed up in a bad way and I told Angel we could help him, get him away from L.A for awhile and teach him how to live in normal society.”

Buffy sighed having already heard the story of Angel’s son and closed her eyes briefly “It’s okay; we’ll do what we can for him. Maybe Spike can help, technically they are related.”

“So, where is Blondie?” Faith asked having seen the group that had collapsed in the front room.

Buffy sighed leaning into Michael “He’s doing some clean up; he’ll swing by tomorrow night for a wrap up.” Buffy’s brow furrowed as she considered the options “Okay, since everyone is crashing here tonight I figure Connor is taking the basement,” she looked to Faith who confirmed it “so the rest of us can crash in the front room with some videos and yummy junk food.”

Faith grinned “Works for me, I’ll order a pizza.”

Buffy watched her go and turned to Michael smile firmly in place, he returned it and they made their way back into the front room ready for some post saving the town if not the world party Scooby style.

It was a tradition Michael had quickly gotten use to over the years.
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