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Fortuitous Meeting

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Summary: Ethan encounters a young boy with a dark soul while costume-hunting in Britain. FFA: Ethan Rayne/Harry Potter

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Harry Potter > Ethan-CenteredamusewithaviewFR131506081,61915 May 0815 May 08Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry and if I owned Ethan he'd have ended up with Giles.

Characters: Ethan, Harry, mentions of others.

Timeline: I mucked with the timeline, takes place pre-Hogwarts for Harry and just before the 'Halloween' episode for BtVS. I don't know how they celebrate Spook-Day in Tea-Land. For the sake of my story they're essentially the same.

A/N: An odd thought that wouldn't leave me head.


The door slipped open very gently, only the slightest creak betraying the opening. Ethan looked up at the feel of something very magical, very young, and just a bit dark. He frowned at the boy peeking out the window, eyebrows lifting as several much larger boys hurried past.

The boy heaved a sigh of relief and began to look around. Bright green eyes practically glowed from behind small wire-rimmed glasses that looked as if they’d been broken, repeatedly. He pushed his sleeves up, great baggy things of a murky gray color, and looked around.

“Hallo,” Ethan called out; not missing the way the child jumped and crouched down defensively at the sudden noise. “I don’t work here but I’m sure the owner’s around here somewhere, if you’d like I can dig him up for you.”

“N-no, that won’t be necessary, thanks. I’m er, just browsing.”

“Browsing, eh?” The sorcerer smiled encouragingly, “Looking for a costume?”

“Yes! That’s exactly it, I’m looking for a…” he fumbled around before his eyes lit on a wizard’s hat sitting rather conspicuously on the cash register. “A wizard costume!” Suddenly his eyes went blank and cold, his shoulders hunched and Ethan felt something dark sluggishly rear its head.

The boy gave a one-armed shrug and shook his head, “On second thought, no. I’m not looking for anything.” He smiled up at Ethan, bright and cheerless, “I’ll be going now.”

“Now, wait a moment, I’m sure there’s something here for you – ” He looked around, fumbling at his pockets to check for change when his hand came against something cold and solid. He pulled out the simple silver medallion Ripper had given him when he’d first mentioned an interest in summoning. Nothing as obvious as a pentacle: it was an ankh – for luck – it had been Ripper’s, then Ethan’s, and now…

“Here boy,” he tossed it towards the youth, imbuing a small piece of chaos into the silver as it flashed through the air. “Wear this on All Hallow’s Eve.” He smiled, and though there was much of teeth and terror in his grin, the threat was not meant for this sad, ill-clothed little boy with too-bright eyes and too-dark an aura.

Harry looked down at the bright bit of metal in his palm and nodded, slipping it over his head before he dashed back out into the street, heading for the house that was not a home. Never a home, at least, not for him.

Ethan whistled as he went back to his shopping, between the reunion he was planning in Sunnydale and the little gift he’d passed on to the youth, this Halloween would be a night to remember.


A/N2: Isn't the idea of a Harry/Ripper/Rayne brain interesting? Where would such an amalgamation get sorted to, I wonder? And what would they/it do to the Dursleys? Just a little drabble, if you'd like to follow-up with a review or a continuation please let me know.

The End

You have reached the end of "Fortuitous Meeting". This story is complete.

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