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Faith and Hope

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Summary: *Spoiler warning* for the CSI season 8 finale. Faith finds someone in an alley.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasgrundyFR1332,10632210,07316 May 0814 Aug 11Yes

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. All belongs to Whedon and Zuiker. I'm just playing with their toys.

Author's Note: Written in reaction to the season 8 finale. The address for the diner is completely made up. I know next to nothing of Vegas geography.


Faith grinned to herself. Vegas was turning out to be a great posting. No apocalypses, enough slaying to keep her on top of her game but not so much that she was being run ragged. The only thing she had to worry about was staying off the radar of the Vegas police, who were nowhere near as incompetent as their counterparts in Sunnydale had been. B wouldn’t have lasted two months in this town, at least not in high school.

Faith ducked down the alley. She usually went into the diner the back way. It was a good place to wind up a night. They did a good breakfast. Besides, it was close to her usual stomping grounds and popular with cops, which meant it was both safe and gave her a passing familiarity with the night shift of Vegas’ finest. She hoped she’d never need to trade on that, but if she did…half the night cops in downtown Vegas frequented the place, and she was a regular.

She saw the car, and thought it was odd, not many people parked in the alley this time of night. Most preferred the lot or the street. Then she spotted the guy slumped against the wheel.

“Hey, man, you ok? You need any hel…shit!”

Faith swore as she saw the hole in his neck. It was way bigger than any vamp bite. She pulled out her phone without even thinking and hit 911. Touching the guy, he was still warm, and she thought she felt a sluggish pulse. This only just happened. Please let there be time

“911 emergency response…”

“I’m in the alley behind the diner in the 800 block of Fremont St, there’s a guy in a car who’s been shot in the neck. Paramedics, hurry.”

Please let there be time

In her heart, she had a sinking feeling it was too late. But she had to try.
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