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Ties of Blood, Ties of Love

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Summary: X-over w/ X-Men. Buffy was never the Slayer and the whole gang's human or mutant. Buffy, or Autumn as she's known, is the teenage leader of a gang of street mutants. But that's only the beginning...

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Ties of Blood, Ties of Love

A/N: I started this story as a totally different story, which I’m posting today as well but I started to ponder a couple of what-ifs. In this fic, the entire Scooby gang is human, but I’m almost positive that 99.9% of them will end up being mutants. The girl we know and love as the Slayer will be a rough and tumble street girl that just so happens to be a mutant. I don’t know about X-Men, so forgive me my mistakes but I’m trying. The other story I’m posting today has a similar prologue but instead of being a mutant Buffy is the Slayer. Go read it if you like unusual crossover stories. Read and review please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



L.A., 1989

“Don’t leave me!!!!!!” the frightened five year shrieked. Her mother and her aunt looked at her sharply, each with a slightly different expression. Her mother, Alicia Summers, looked disgusted by this display of emotion. Alicia loved her sons dearly, but hated her only daughter.

Elisabeth may have only been five, but she had long since shown an amazing I.Q. which extended to having realized that Alicia hated her and there was nothing she could do about it. However, when Beth had just been dragged half-way across the country and separated from her two best friends who just so happen to be her older and twin brothers…well can you blame her?

The look on Joyce Summers’ face was different than that of her sister-in-law’s. Joyce felt disgust also, but it was towards this woman who was giving up the most remarkable gift that God could give a woman and all Alicia felt about it was disgust. Disgust towards her daughter. Joyce had never had children and wouldn’t ever have any other than this little one, so she couldn’t understand the other Summers woman. Technically, she’d never understood Alicia but that had just been differences of opinion. This was a matter of what was morally right and what was wrong.

Beth was just plain old confused as her Auntie Joyce pulled her to her side and smiled. It wasn’t the hate-filled smirk that her mother always gave her but was filled with love instead.

“You’re my daughter, now,” Joyce told her quietly. “And your new Daddy and I are going to make certain that you are the most loved little girl in California.”

As Joyce finished talking, Alicia glanced back at the small blonde and thought to herself, I am so glad I’m finally rid of that brat. The boys are better children any day and they don’t misbehave or are all around brats. Besides, there’s something off about that girl. I won’t be a mother to a…a…freak, or whatever she is!

Alicia Summers didn’t know it, that long-ago day, as she walked out of Beth’s life, but her prejudices had just destroyed all hope of a relationship with any of her children. The years would pass, and Beth would become Buffy, the heart-daughter of Hank and Joyce and then, in a terrible twist of destiny, Autumn, child of the streets. And her sons would never quite forgive her for taking their sister away. And it didn’t help matters any that Alicia clung to her prejudice of people who weren’t exactly like every else for the simple fact that her sons were as different as her daughter. A single prejudice would leave scars that would tear the Summers family apart from the inside out…
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