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Xan-man the Leopard-man

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Summary: Challange from Bonnyangel- Xander Harris becomes a wereleopard and part of Anita's pard. Wisecracking Xander drives her up the wall. BONUS IF SPIKE COMES TO VISIT!!

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Anita Blake > Xander-CenteredChaoskittenFR1866,00714832,49117 May 0826 Jun 08No

Chapter 5

A/N- yeah, finally updated. Gods I hate depression. Still own nothing. Literally.

It was an almost silent Xander that was taken to the house, Anita's house he later learned. Even though he was healing shifter quick, he was still tired, mentally exhausted. He was directed by Nate to a bed, where he was joined by a couple of the leopards before he started to sleep. He awoke often in the next couple of days never for too long, but long enough to eat, drink and be guided to the bathroom. It wasn't till the third day, the day of the full moon that he managed to heal enough to stay awake for any length of time.

You would think that after being asleep and healing for almost a week, that Xander would be willing to slip into life with the pard slowly. Well, most people would. Morning of the full moon found Xander bounding around the house with the rest of the leopards like two year olds on a sugar high. It wasn't till they broke two windows that the pard were kicked outside.

Outside wasn't a good idea, at least, not so much for Xander. Of course the sunlight was good. So was the grass, and the company of the pard. What wasn't so good was the yappy little dog that lived next door. Perhaps if the owners had have kept it locked up, or if its shrieking bark didn't sound like a dying rabbit, then Xander may have had a little more control.

Then again, probably not. When the little yapper ran out and snapped at Xander, his beast rose. He dove after the pet, mind on catching the prey and proving his dominance. He didn't get far. He found himself tackled hard to the ground by the majority of the pard, hands holding down his arms and legs, making sure he couldn't move to get off. He panicked, bucking at the pard members, beast snarling as they felt trapped.

"Easy Xan." the words were soft, like a gentle touch. Xander could feel the hands loosening up, making him feel less trapped.

"I'm good" he whispered, giving a small wiggle in an attempt to kneel at least. The other leopards slowly let him up and he looked up at Merle, who belonged to the soft voice.
"I still maintained the yapper deserved it." he told him before crawling over to the older man and pressing against his legs "I'll try to restrain myself next time." he added.

"Good idea" was the rumbling voice of Merle. "He'd probably give you indigestion. Either that or hairballs" he touched Xanders shoulder, getting his attention. "It's getting to about that time. We're off to the wolves Lunapar."

Xander found himself in between all the leopards as they climbed into the van, all of them wearing clothes that could best be described as rags. His mind was running over all the individual greetings for the different pard members depending on rank and he sighed.

"whats wrong?" anxious lavender eyes peered at him as Nathanial leaned into him.

"I'm never going to get all the greetings. I mean, what if I stuff them up, insult some one that kicks my ass?" Xander lay his head on the auburn haired mans chest.

"No one will think bad of you" Nate whispered, rubbing his face against his own. "Its your first time, besides, its only going to be us and the wolves." he smiled. "Richard keeps his wolves in check. Besides, Anita is the Lupa and Bolverk of the pack. She tends to shoot to protect. At least with lead bullets as a warning. Silver shot are for kill shots."

"Huh, so if she decides to shoot me, she'll use lead?" Xander looked up and grinned "Sounds reassuring. I wonder if I can keep the bullets?" he added with a chuckle, worry forgotten "Hell, makes me wonder if I can piss her off only using my mouth." he stilled with the others as the van stopped and they all moved at once, pouring out of the van in a liquid wave.

Xander stood still a moment before the need t run overtook him. He had Nathanial on one side, Merle on the other and they just ran. He felt free, like the world flowed around him, like he was just another link in a chain. Branches were made to be leaped over, dodged under. They ran, and they played, and they were free.

They stopped in a clearing that was already partially filled with people. Xander recognized the leopards, even a couple of the wolves from the last couple of days. The others though made him nervous, especially when one of the women made her way over, running her hands over his chest, nails digging in.

"What a sweet little kitten you are." the woman paced around him, cutting him off from the others.

Xander looked around, eye wide, before he reached out to Merle. He remembered this part. If he needed protection, he reached out to some one he saw as Alpha. If they accepted him, if they were willing to protect him, they would take his hand, touch him. He felt Merle's hand encase his own, and he stepped into his body, turning so that his blind eye was against his body. It was a sign of trust that he gave him that side to protect, something that he couldn't do on his own.

"Paris, You have been warned before, keep away from the leopards." was the soft growled warning.

"He yours Merle? Didn't think you swung that way." Paris snarled back at him.

Xander turned to Nathanial, who had slid behind Merle "Why me? Does every female that wants a piece of me have to be evil? Hell, even Spike sits on that side of gray. Am I damned to be a freaking demon magnet the rest of my life?" his voice was melodramatic, even as the moon peeked above the trees.

It was a strange experience, his beast sifting, flowing through his body like fire. He fought against it, struggling to keep himself human shaped. It was a lost battle however. He turned his skin in a rush of liquid, each and every part of him hurting. He lay, panting on the ground, his spotted form a dark tan color, rosettes perfectly formed. He turned his face to his pard mates, his one eye bright in the moonlight as he pulled himself to his feet with a coughing roar.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xan-man the Leopard-man" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jun 08.

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