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Xan-man the Leopard-man

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Summary: Challange from Bonnyangel- Xander Harris becomes a wereleopard and part of Anita's pard. Wisecracking Xander drives her up the wall. BONUS IF SPIKE COMES TO VISIT!!

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Anita Blake > Xander-CenteredChaoskittenFR1866,00714832,49717 May 0826 Jun 08No

Chapter One

AN- Own nothing. Don't flame me. The challenge it taunted me. Not that I needed to start a second fic but *erm* it ate my mind.

Xander scratched his one eye and sighed. They broke the world, changed it beyond recognition. It did something like the spell for Dawn, made them remember, know the differences, but they knew it was changed. The Slayers, even the baby Slayers, had changed, morphed to fit the world. The had an affinity with the dead, to varying degrees. They could still feel the vampires, but they no longer had the slay urge.

The older the slayer, the more powerful they were. Buffy was powerful, too powerful. She hadn't dealt well with the changing world, hadn't dealt well with having more false memory laid over her own. She screwed up, big time. She had broken the laws of this world, their world. Before she would have had her powers stripped, now she was executed.

Faith, well, Faith was one who he would have expected to have gone off the rails. Instead she was relatively calm over the change. Perhaps knowing from the start that she wasn't the only one helped. Then again, who really knew what went on in her head.

In the two years since the Hell-mouth closed, since Willow had faded away from the amount of power she had used, he and Faith had learnt about each other. They had found a lot in common, a lot to talk about, a lot to heal about. Both of them had survived childhoods that were, to say the least, rough. Both had survived a large amount of abuse and both had found themselves adrift in a strangely familiar world.

Angel was now the Master of LA. What a surprise, dead boy got his own city. Faith based herself there, something about needing to get redemption for Wesley. He had his circle of friends, his companions and his circle of strength. Xander could have stayed there, if he had wanted. If only things with Spike hadn't gotten so, well, complicated.

Spike had made his interest clear since he had returned from his incorporeal state. He wanted him, wanted to taste him, to own him. Xander was, at first, confused, even as the vampire wormed his way into his affections.

He still maintained that he was just friends with the platinum blond. Maintained that there was nothing between them. Until. He. Bit. Him.
Hell, they weren't supposed to change that much. It seemed that the Auraulian line of vampires could share emotions between biter and bitee. It didn't lie, it didn't bend or twist emotions, it just bought them to the fore.

Which led to Xander going on his spur of the moment most definitely not running away road trip. He rubbed his tired eye and grumbled softly as his phone rang, having made his way to St Louis.

He slammed on his brakes as a blur bolted across the road and he hit it hard. He glanced up at the moon- not full, good. He climbed out, hoping that whatever he had hit wasn't badly hurt, that it wouldn't attack him. He was very much out of luck as the leopard leaped towards him, claws slashing his chest as he was thrown to the ground.

Xander did what anyone would do, he curled up into a ball, much like he did as a child when his father got too rough with his fists. He couldn't help the whimper of pain that left his throat as the leopard tore and bit into him. He barely stayed conscious as he heard gunshots close by, hitting the leopard, driving it off of him.

He was shivering, hurt and in pain, unable to hold the position he had forced himself in. The leopard collapsed drawing a claw across his face, across his already ruined eye socked in a last attempt to take him with it.

He felt a warm hand on his neck, heard swearing as they found his pulse. "Micah, he's still alive" the womans voice was strong, loud in the night air. "Damien, pick him up" he felt cold arms around him and he moaned before finding that blessed darkness.
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