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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hybrid". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Season 1 Melinda Collins another survivor fights her fear and comes to find letting go of the past is harder than it looks.

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Chapter 2

The Next morning she woke to see Kate, Jack and Charlie walking towards the jungle. She ran up to them instantly “Can I come with you?”

Kate glanced at her once then told her “No offence meant… but you don’t seem the type who can go trekking in a jungle.”

Melinda nodded turned and shouted over her shoulder “Judge me now, Judge me later you will not get my help.”

Some of the survivors looked at her when she shouted that to Kate but she didn’t care.

Looking back at the jungle she was glad she hadn’t gone with them it reminded her too much off her past.

The plane wreckage was what next got her attention, she went in it thinking no one had noticed but one had and followed her in.

What she first did to get her mind off her past was check each body for identification if she found them she put them in a small bag she had found, after searching each body she began thinking what could be used for camping that’s when she saw some of the seats loose.

Going up to one she looked at the bottom to see one piece of metal holding it in place so she gripped the chair, yanking it with some of her strength made the metal snap like she wanted.

That’s when the person who followed her decided to make their presence known “You’ve got some strength for a small thing Aqua.”

Turning to the guy she growled “Stop calling me that.”

“What you going to do Neptune?”

Looking around she looked back to him “Help me get everything useful out of here and you can keep some of it, since no one else is going to do the job. So why not the people who want some of the things do the job and then the rest of them owe us.”

To that he agreed and then the both them got to work.

The stuff they got they took to the left side of the crash where no one wanted to go with all the broken parts of the plane, the right side had stuff from the plane but much more room for the survivors to stick together after that thing from the night before.

At one point he just left her to do something else saying he would help again later.

She wasn’t really bothered she rather liked to be alone.

She never even realised when Jack and them got back or when Sawyer, Kate, Shannon, Sayid, Charlie and Boone left. She had only learnt everyone’s name the day before just before she went to sleep she introduced herself to everyone.

Finally she had got all the chairs she could out of the plane which added up to about 20-30 chairs. Once she had done this she collected every item that could be used such as trays, food boxes, medical kits etc.

She was just about to quit when she found something, picking it up she noticed it was a necklace seeing a pendant she put in her other hand while holding the chain with the other.

Not long after she put the pendant in her hand did she chuck it to the ground cursing, picking it up by its chain again she looked at the cross “Why do you hate me so when I help the innocent?”

Laughing she kept hold of the chain then walked out of the plane while thinking why am I talking as if he exists.

Walking to all the chairs and other objects she ended up bumping into Hurley and Jack who ended up looking at her.

“You went in there and got this stuff out.” She looked at Jack and nodded.

“Dude that’s like disrespecting the resting place of all those who didn’t survive.”

Cocking her head to the side Melinda spoke to Hurley “Look we can use these things for camp, I don’t know how long we are going to be here but no matter how long I would like to be prepared.” She was about to walk away but decided not to “Hurley no one else would have done it so I did, I’ve seen more bodies than the ones in that part of the plane so it isn’t going to bother me.”

She then walked past him to sort out all the things she got into piles rather than just dumped where they where. She didn’t care as long as she did something to get her mind off her past as it seemed to be creeping into her mind every time she wasn’t doing anything.

--- Flashback ---

Running Melinda came to a cliff, looking around she was about to run the other direction when her arm all of a sudden was hit with a bullet a scream was ripped from her throat when the bullet made contact with her.

Not thinking once about it she went back a little and ran over the edge of the cliff going into a dive. When she hit the water below it was painful much more painful than the bullet that hit her arm.

What she didn’t realise before she blacked out was that she was being carried by the current straight for a waterfall.

--- End of Flashback ---

No one went near her as all of them could tell she was doing it to get away from something, when night came they weren’t surprised to see her still doing stuff.

After sorting everything into piles she moved the piles that where more needed by the survivors to the other side of the wreckage so they could get to it all quicker.

The other things however she moved out of the way and began making a place where she could sleep. Jack tried to make her go to sleep but she just ignored him and just did her ‘work’ quieter as not to disturb the people who where actually going to sleep.

Doing this no heard her at all so Jack thought she had listened to him after all.

During the night she positioned a set of chairs (3) in the area she had dubbed her own, then she sat down for a few minutes before setting up some chairs near Rose, she did this without ever waking one person up. The chairs were big enough for a bed then she gently held the woman and placed her on it without waking her up. Getting a sheet from her bag she placed it on the woman to protect her from any cold gusts of wind.

By the time she had set up some more chairs for some people it was morning.

She came to the tent with the injured man and just looked at him “I hope you don’t die Jack will think it’s his fault. He’s a nice guy, he annoys me when he suggests that I do something but he means well. He doesn’t deserve the guilt he will feel if you die.”

Getting up she returned to her chairs and sat down just as Jack came up to her after seeing all the chairs in different places than where he last saw them “I thought I told you to get some sleep.”

Melinda looked at him for a second before looking at the jungle once again becoming lost in her memories.


--- Flashback ---

“Are you afraid of death?”

Melinda looked at the gun pointed to her head and muttered one word “No.” Just before she woke up she muttered that one word. Sitting up she looked around to see the same inn she was in before.

Just then a woman came into her room “I thought I told you to get some sleep.”

“I tried but every time I go to sleep I wake up a few minutes later because of him.”


Melinda looked at the woman just for the woman to see fear in her eyes “Van Pelt. I know I won’t see him again but I can’t just forget being hunted by him.”

The woman came to sit next to her then “Why did he hunt you?”

“He hunted me because that is the game. I would rather he didn’t but it is the games rules.”

“What game?” The woman had a look of disgust on her face after hearing Melinda was being hunted because of a game.

Melinda said one word, a word that would always bring her fear not because of the experience near to the end of the journey but what happened before she was released from the jungle “Jumanji.”

--- End of Flashback ---
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