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Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Shania Twain songs Inspired Ficlets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn is trying so hard not to strangle her often green-eyed monster boyfriend...

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Ron WeasleyFlipSideofMadnessFR131949021,54419 May 0819 May 08Yes
Disclaimer:  None of these characters are mine. I’m just borrowing them from their respective creators.

Summary:  Dawn is trying so hard not to strangle her often green-eyed monster boyfriend...

Timeline:  Post-Season 7 of BtVS & outside the regular HP timeline

Author's Note:  This is the second story in a series.  The first story was a Cordelia/Booth crossover entitled Any Man of Mine and there's about...uhm...a few more coming in this series.  Mind you it'll be a series of randomly picked crossover fics shipping some unusual ships (meaning, the pairs I'm getting together here are seldom paired up together, IMO).

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Don't freak out until you know the facts
Don't be stupid - you know I love you
Don't be ridiculous - you know I need you
Don't be absurd - you know I want you
Don't be impossible
I'm mad about you (I'm mad about you)
Can't live without you (can't live without you)
I'm crazy 'bout you (I'm crazy 'bout you)
Don't be stupid - you know I love you...
-- "Don't Be Stupid" by Shania Twain


FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME, RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY, nothing happened between myself and Draco Malfoy, alright?"  Dawn Summers was thisclose to ripping the hairs off her very own head when her boyfriend of nearly six months cornered her at Giles cozy English home just outside of London.  She was visiting her sister's former Watcher in England for the summer while she was taking a break from college life.  And also, she was in dire need to escape Buffy and Sam's uber smoochiness around the house; it made her feel homesick for her own boyfriend who was currently busy doing his thing across the Atlantic.

        "Are you sure?" demanded a not-so-happy Auror-in-Training, Ron Weasley.  "Because from where I stood it looked like something was happening between you and that git."

        "Excuse me?  Were you spying on me?"  Dawn's jaw dropped.  She couldn't believe this.  First she was accused of flirting with her boyfriend's numero uno enemy and now she was being accused of consorting with him too?

        Ron's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water.  His face suddenly the same shade as his mop of ginger hair.  The last thing he wanted Dawn to find out was that he dragged Harry with him to spy on the girls after Dawn announced she was having a girls night out with Hermione and some of their former schoolmates.

        "No," he denied vehemently.

        Dawn didn't believe him.

        "You know, you're only digging yourself a bigger hole, Ronald," she warned.

        "I am not," he denied still.  "Look, just tell me the honest to goodness truth.  Are you sneaking around with Malfoy or not?

        "Sweet Jesus, Ron!  I am with you, dammit!" she insisted.  She wanted to grab him by the lapel of his robes and shake him until everything made sense to him once again.  "I am not that type of girl.  Besides, you said it so yourself, Malfoy's a git.  What would I do with a git like him?"

        Ron knew he was starting to tick her off, but he knew what he and Harry saw.  There was a brunette snogging with Malfoy in the corner of the pub that night.

        "But I saw Malfoy snogging with you," he insisted.

        If looks could kill Ron would've been skewered alive by now.  Dawn pushed him away and walked around him, huffing and puffing, calling her boyfriend a all sorts of names under her breath.  If only she hadn't been under a pinky-swear pact she'd have spilled the beans on her boyfriend.  But she didn't and she couldn't.

        "Dawn!"  Ron called after her and ran to catch up with the annoyed American.  "Dawn, you know I love you.  I trust you wholeheartedly, but I just couldn't believe my eyes, you know?" he admitted.

        Dawn stopped walking then and turned to face her shamefaced boyfriend once again.  "So you were spying on us the other night!" she accused.

        Ron knew it would be pointless to lie now.  Meekly he nodded and stared at his feet.

        "Why?" she demanded.

        Ron lifted his head and met her gaze.  "Why what?"

        "Why were you spying on us?"

        "Why?" he repeated.

        Dawn nodded.

        "Well...the girls night out was very impromptu, and that got me curious," he explained.

        "Now why would you be curious, huh?"

        "Because you and Hermione were acting weird."

        Dawn refrained from saying anything after that.  She mentally cussed at the brunette witch.  She knew the guys would think something was up if they kept on conferring and huddling together and plotting something excluding Ron and Harry.

        "Look, Hermione was just in desperate need of some girl-talk time.  And since she's surrounded by you and Harry and she hardly has anyone to talk to, except for Ginny, but right now your sister's visiting California to learn some new tricks with Willow, she's got no one.  So when I came along she was in girl heaven," Dawn explained.

        "I get it.  Mione needs some girl-time, but that outing was just...and then later Malfoy was caught snogging a brunette...and...holy...mother...of...." Ron's voice trailed off as suddenly all the blocks in his head started to align.

        Dawn knew the instant it registered in her thickheaded boyfriend's mind who the mystery brunette was that Draco Malfoy was seen snogging with at the pub.  She giggled and gladly closed her boyfriend's gaping mouth as he was starting to look ridiculous.

        "I told you I wouldn't be caught dead snogging a git like Malfoy when I'm already with a special git of my own," she winked and with a toss of her shiny long dark brown hair, she left her boyfriend staring after her and processing the new factoid he just figured out all on his own.

The End

You have reached the end of "Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)". This story is complete.

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