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The Darkness Inside

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Summary: They say evil is in the blood, maybe they're right . . .

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Smallville > Willow-CenteredEenaAngelFR1837,5511105,3236 Jan 0324 Nov 03No

Part Seven

***For Tanya's Birthday***

Title: The Darkness Inside
Author: eena_angel2001
Email: or
Rating: PG-13 to R
Category: BTVS/Smallville
Pairings: Willow/Clark, others undetermined.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone, not that I would mind owning Tom
Wellings . . . Oh now there is a boy worth drooling over.
Spoilers: Season Six for BTVS, Season One for Smallville.
Summary: They say that evil is in the blood, maybe they're
right . . .
Notes: Well, everyone in Smallville gets aged three years, so the
kiddies are all eighteen and older. I'm making the Spring Dance from
the Tempest the prom and all the kids have graduated.

Part Seven

"Willow? Would you come here for a minute?"

The redhead groaned out loud, stopping her ascent of the stairs and turning around to peek around the corner. Sure enough, there stood Lex by the open doors of his study. He seemed to be pretty engrossed with some papers he held in his hand, but she knew by the way he tapped his foot he was waiting on her.

Willow cursed under her breath, skipping down the few steps to the floor and stomping her way over to her brother. She was tired and cranky, whatever high she had gotten from the caffeine she consumed at the Talon eariler was gone and Willow was more than ready to go to bed. She was absolutely drained from her day. Clark had taken just about everywhere, and much to her surprise, there were a lot of places to see in Smallville. And when Chloe joined them halfway through the tour, Willow was regaled with the various incidents of meteor freaks and mutants who terrorized so-and-so here or there. For such a small town, they sure got a lot of excitement. Kind of reminded her of Sunnydale actually, only without the Hellmouth.

"Yes brother dear?" she snapped at Lex as she stalked by him, throwing herself onto the nearest sofa and glaring up at her sibling. Lex merely arched an eyebrow at her tone and behaviour, casually taking a seat across from her and throwing his papers on the table before him.

"You were out pretty late," he commented suddenly. Willow just groaned again, falling backwards to lay on her back, feet dangling over the armrest.

"Clark insisted on showing me everything," she replied in a bored tone. "Who the hell knew so much crap could happen in such a hick little town?"

"I did," Lex answered smoothly. "Dad does, one of the main reasons for his sudden drive to reclaim the Smallville plant. Our father seems to think that this town is something special."

"Our father is a nut," Willow shrugged, her eyes half-closed by this point as she struggled to cover her yawns. "What's up Lex? I'm kind of tired so you getting to the point real soon would just be super."

"Clark seems to like you," Lex continued as if she hadn't really spoken. "In fact, he seems to like you so much that he's forever finding ways to be around you. Do you know he showed up here this morning with the idea to show you around? I hadn't entertained such a notion before he suggested it, or volunteered for it."

"And this is an issue because?" Willow snorted. "Please Lex, worse comes to worse, this turns out to be a crush. People develop crushes all the time, they pass eventually."

"Clark's been known to pine from afar for long periods of time," Lex objected, to which Willow rolled her eyes.

"So I'll let him down gently-"

"I don't want you to do that."

That made her pause. Willow opened her eyes and fixed her brother with a curious look.


"Clark is a good guy," Lex shrugged. "He's too honest to lie, very considerate, and has a knack for lashing great amounts of attention on those who catch his fancy. You could do a lot worse Willow."

"And are we forgetting the part where I'm gay?" Willow shook her head. "And that I just buried my female lover six months ago."

"I'm not asking you to marry the boy, nor am I asking you to forget about Tara," Lex sighed, rubbing his forehead a bit. "But I'll tell you the truth Willow, I'm worried about you. I meant what I said before, you've become extremely hard over the last little while. You're a shell of the person you were before, and I don't like seeing you carry on like this-"

"Thanks for the concern big brother," Willow snapped, turning around and planting her feet on the floor. "But I'm doing just fine so you can take your concern and-"

"Willow Anna Luthor," Lex grounded out, jabbing his finger at the seat she just vacated. "Sit your stubborn ass down."

"Always pulling out the middle name to make your point," Willow huffed, but she took her seat again, arms folded across her chest. "What?"

"You need to move on Willow," Lex snapped. "I know that it sounds harsh to your ears, but I think you need to hear it since it's not coming from anyone else. Tara is gone, and while that's incredibly sad, you are not gone along with her. You are still breathing little sister, and I doubt Tara would want you to act like you're half dead for the rest of your life. Dad may have stuck you here against your will, but I plan to make the most of it. You're my little sister and like it or not, I will be looking out for you. I will be making judgements on some of the things you do, have very real opinions about the people in your life, and I will nag you on occasion. I'm the elder sibling here, I believe it is my right. So you better just get used to it Willow. You're stuck with me and I'm not going to let you carry on this way."

Willow couldn't form words to reply to that. Lex was looking her right in the eye, a hard glint to those blue eyes of his. She gripped the couch cushions underneath tightly, working her way through the different emotions that swept over her. Anger was pretty prevalent, heartbreak, indignation, rebellion, gratitude, and resignation-she didn't know how she felt about this.

"And Clark fits into this how?"

"He'll be good for you, even if you don't want to admit it. Clark's a great guy, and I can trust him. I really can trust him Willow, and that means you can as well."

"What if I couldn't care less about him?"

"You're intrigued," Lex smirked. "I know, I can tell. I see how you look at him, trying to figure out how his mind works. He's a little bit different from the people you've met before in your life."

"He's way too pure to be mixed up with the likes of me," Willow insisted stubbornly. "He's such a, such a . . . boy. He is such a complete boy. He's out of his league here Lex."

"I wouldn't be so quick to count Clark out just yet," Lex grinned. "He's persistent if nothing else."

"I'm gay."

"You had a boyfriend," Lex returned. "You sent me your prom pictures, remember?"

"That was a long time ago."

"Two and a half years ago," Lex corrected. "And don't expect me to believe you have no feelings left for this boy or any other boys. I know you too well Willow. You have a hard time giving up on those you love. Even me."

"What about Lionel?" Willow returned harshly. "I gave up on him ages ago."

"Lionel gave up on himself ages ago," Lex retorted evenly. "And you know as well as I, it was hard to love the man in the first place. So tell me Willow, are you going to think about what I said?"

"Clark is way too young-"

"He's only three years younger than you."

"What if I really don't care for him at all?"

"Then we'll go from there."

"Who put you in charge of my love life?"

Lex just smirked again, picking up his papers and heading to his desk.

"Go get some rest Willow. We'll carry on this discussion when you're less cranky."

"I am not-"

Willow cut herself off, setting her mouth in a hard line and glaring at her brother's back. She jumped to her feet and stomped her way out of Lex's study. Heading up the stairs, she couldn't help but think of what Lex had said and then snorted in disgust.

Really? Her and Clark Kent?

Lex must be losing his mind.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Darkness Inside" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Nov 03.

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