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The Darkness Inside

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Summary: They say evil is in the blood, maybe they're right . . .

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The Darkness Inside

Title: The Darkness Inside
Author: eena_angel2001
Email: or
Rating: PG-13 to R
Category: BTVS/Smallville
Pairings: Willow/Clark, others undetermined.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone, not that I would mind owning Tom
Wellings . . . Oh now there is a boy worth drooling over.
Spoilers: Season Six for BTVS, Season One for Smallville.
Summary: They say that evil is in the blood, maybe they're
right . . .
Notes: Well, everyone in Smallville gets aged three years, so the
kiddies are all eighteen and older. I'm making the Spring Dance from
the Tempest the prom and all the kids have graduated.

Part One

"Face it, you messed up."
The redhead turned a bored face to the man seated at the desk in
front of her. She honestly didn't know why she was here, except her
mother had seen fit to send her here. Why? Now that was beyond
her. It's not like this man could make her any better of a person.
In fact, her whole life he had been striving to make her worse.
But the real question had to be why she listened to her mother,
agreeing come here in the first place. She hated this man, he knew
it. But then again, maybe she had come out of obligation to her
mother or this man, who knows. Because it didn't matter how much she
hated him, it would never change who he was. And who he was to her.
A father she could have, and had, done without.
"Is that all you have to say Lionel?" she asked, expression kept
purposely bored. "Because I've heard this shit before. And I really
didn't care all that much the first time around."
The older man just smirked at her, clucking his tongue as he reached
for a file on his desk. He opened it, showing her the contents
inside. She noted the headlines of the articles in there, smirking
herself as she read them
"Yeah so?" she asked, finally returning her eyes to his. He just
shook his head, clucking his tongue some more.
"And here I thought Lex was hard to cover for," he laughed, tossing
her a sinister look. "You messed up real bad Willow. Why do you
think your mother had you sent to me? They're all scrambling like
mad to cover all that over there."
"And again, I don't care," the redhead just frowned at him. "And if
you think about it, no one has the right to send me anyway. I'm
twenty-one Lionel. That's legal adult status in this country."
"And what would you do on your own?" he asked with another
smirk. "Do some computer work somewhere? I know you Willow. You
could survive out there on your own, but do you want to? Wouldn't
you at some point get tired of being alone and start crawling back to
those insipid fools you call friends back in Sunnydale?"
"Don't worry Lionel," the redhead returned with glare. "I've gotten
over my need for love and affection. Why strive for what you never
had anyway, right?"
"Now, is this the part you blame me for your reckless behaviour?" he
asked, rising to his feet and walking around his desk toward
her. "Try and tell me that this was all my fault. That maybe if I
had taken an interest, shown you that I cared, that maybe you
wouldn't have ended up traveling down the dark road of life."
"Maybe if Ira had really been my father I would have been accepted,"
the redhead returned. "You know, he was never around and could never
look me directly in the eyes all my life, but he is a better father
than you will ever be. And doesn't it kill you to know that your own
flesh and blood loves and adores another man more than you? Doesn't
it just push your buttons to know that given a choice between you and
your rich life and him and his average life that I chose him? Don't
I bother you Lionel?"
She felt a rush of self-satisfaction at the anger that flashed across
his face in that instant. And just for an instant, and then it was
gone. His face was back to the knowing smirk and haughty expression.
"Doesn't it bother you that I'm all you've got left now?" he
countered. She said nothing, holding her tongue but letting her
anger shine on her face. She raised her chin defiantly, glaring at
the man in front of her.
"You do realize that everything is your fault, right?" she asked
softly. "You didn't have to sleep with my mother, but you did. And
she had me, just like you thought she would. You just relished on
having that power over Ira. That he might have married mom in the
end, but you were the only one ever able to give her children. Even
though she wasn't yours, that she was never yours. Especially not
since she was your sister-in-law."
"We're never going to come to an understanding on this," he
interjected. "You hate me, you hate Sheila, but you love only Ira.
But even Ira can't handle you anymore. You're stuck with me darling."
"And what do you suppose on doing with me?" she asked with an arched
brow. "Send me off to some foreign country to run one of your
backwater plants?"
"Not quite," he answered, going to sit behind his desk again. "I'm
certain you heard of what happened to Lex."
"You sent him to some hick town in Kansas," she affirmed. "So what?
I get the same treatment?"
"Exactly the same reason," he replied evenly. "You my dear get the
privilege of going to Smallville and watching over your brother for
"You mean spy on my brother for you," she corrected him lightly. He
smirked evilly once more.
"Tomato, Tamato," he retorted with ease, shuffling some more papers
on his desk, ceasing to look at her anymore. "The arrangements have
been made, you will leave tonight. And I expect a detailed report of
the plant by the end of two weeks."
"And by detailed you mean?"
He flashed her another one of his smirks.
"There's a list with your luggage," he replied. "Have fun darling
"Bite me Dad," she muttered sarcastically, pushing back her chair and
storming from her office. Banished from one hick town in California
to another in Kansas. Yep her life was certainly being turned around.
Willow Rosenburg snorted to herself, slamming the office door shut
behind her. Screw Lionel Luthor, she didn't need him. She didn't
want him.
So why was she doing as he said?
Part Two

She flicked her eyes over the streets as she flew by, her distaste
written clearly on her face. This place was so small, so homey, so
incredibly hick.
"And they say Sunnydale is the gateway to hell," she muttered to
herself, viciously shifting gears as she tore down what looked like
the main road of the town. It could probably be the only street in
town, she had yet to see anything to prove otherwise. God, Lionel
really must hate her if he sent her here.
Her eyes picked out the sign she was looking for. Willow jerked the
wheel, skidding to an illegal parking spot. She got out of the car,
smirking to herself as she noted the crooked way she was parked on
the street. Oh my, she was probably going to get a ticket.
Whistling to herself, the redhead turned and marched purposefully
through the front doors of her selected shop. She paused briefly on
the steps, rolling her eyes at the name.
Who in the hell would turn an old theatre into a coffee shop? Oh
right, she knew.
Her brother. Lex was a loon.
Alexander Luthor was having an average day to say the least. He sat
in the Talon, enjoying his customary cup of coffee while he watched
his friends flounder around and goof off. Not that he could blame
them for their actions. They had just graduated, after barely
surviving the bitter tornados that had torn through their town. They
deserved to have some fun. And he was more than happy to provide
them with it.
He turned in his chair, taking his eyes off his friends for just a
moment to look around the shop. The Talon had done well for itself,
especially since Lana had busted the Beanery for all those health
code violations. He was well aware that she hadn't gotten the
information on her own (that had been the work of one Chloe
Sullivan), and she did actually feel bad about it, but she had won in
the end. The girl might have some bite in her after all. And he
wholeheartedly approved.
He turned a bit, hearing Clark calling for his attention when he saw
the glimpse of red out of the corner of his eye. He turned back to
the front doors, watching rather stunned as the new arrival made her
way over to him. She looked much different from the last time he saw
her. Her hair was cut and styled, a bright red that wasn't natural
in the least. Her clothes were different, tighter and clingier than
before. And he didn't much like that. Too bad he was too stunned to
do anything about it.
"Earth to Lex," the rather sing song chanting drew him out of his
thoughts. He turned to see Clark and Chloe regarding him with
curious eyes.
"Where'd you go?" Clark asked in concern. Lex never had the time to
respond, because by that time she had spotted him. A smirk, one not
unlike his father's on her face. And that scared him for some reason.
"What?" she asked him, coming to stand right in front of him. "No
hug, no smile. Not even, what are you doing here young lady?"
"I like that last one," he managed to choke out. "What are you doing
here young lady?"
She rolled her eyes, giving him a mock pout. Lex wanted to shiver at
the coldness he saw in her eyes. She looked like she was dead
inside. He wasn't feeling to good about this.
"Not even a hello," she sighed, shaking her head. "It's like you
don't even love me anymore. Come on big brother, make with the nice."
Lex frowned, rising to his feet and enveloping the girl in his arms.
"Hi Willow, you look great," he pulled back, looking her right in the
eyes. "Now, what are you doing here?"
"I've been banished," she retorted easily. "Not unlike you bro.
Actually just like you. I'm here to stay. For now, that is."
"What about Ira?"
"Ira has decided he's taken more than he can handle," She
shrugged. "I don't know. I'm just here. You're gonna have to
deal. And lighten up, it's not like I'm Lionel or anything."
Lex was at a loss for words. Finally, Chloe felt the silence
stretched on for far too long.
"You have a sister?"
Part Three

"So, you going to tell me what really happened?"
Willow felt like rolling her eyes. Lex stood in front of her, arms
folded across his chest and glowering down at her. She thought he
was trying to intimidate her or something. Little did he know, it
would take a lot more than a disapproving look to intimidate her. A
lot more . . .
"What do you want to know Lex?" she asked in a disinterested tone of
voice. "Things happened, I got sent to Lionel, and he sent me here
to be rid of me."
"And there's something else to it," he finished for her. "You've
changed a lot since I last saw you little sister-"
"I was five the last time you saw me," she interjected coolly. "So I
doubt you're in much of a position to tell me how I've changed."
Lex sighed, settling down across from her. They had retreated to the
castle-she could not believe that Lex lived in a castle-so they could
have brother-sister time. Or in translation, so Lex could figure out
what the hell she was up to.
"I kept tabs on you little sister," he informed her. "Ever since I
got that get-well card you sent me after the meteor crash. I figured
if you took the time to look after me, I should at least return the
favour. And this is not what I recall hearing about you."
"And you're not the same as well," she returned primly. "I heard you
saved Lionel from being killed in some tornado. You've gotten soft
big brother."
"And you've gotten excessively hard," he retorted with a glare. "Now
are you going to give me a straight answer or-"
"Or what?" she snapped at him. "You going to shoot me Lex?"
He stilled at that, going paler for a second. She felt bad in an
instant, but refused to let it show on her face. Instead, she shot
him a smirk, arching her eyebrow rather smugly.
"You heard about Nixon I take it," he managed to choke out.
"Yeah, I did," she shrugged. "No big deal if you ask me. You were
the hero that day Lex. Big bad insane guy was after some innocent
farmer and you stepped in to save the day. Now all you need is a
cape and cowl, along with a cave underneath the castle."
He rolled his eyes, shooting her another frown.
"Are you ever going to stop giving me lip and just answer the goddamn
question?" he demanded. Willow pursed her lips rather theatrically,
smiling at him evilly.
"And what was the question once again?" she asked sweetly. "I
"What are you doing here?" he repeated through clenched teeth.
"I told you, Ira got sick of me," she replied, mood dampening as she
remembered the look in her father's eyes. "He said that he had been
fooling himself all these years, trying to make me a good child. He
said he should have known you can't fight what's in the blood. So I
took a good look at what was in the blood, was shipped off to Lionel,
and now I'm here. Just to provide you some aid in running the plant."
"So Lionel sent you to spy on me," Lex surmised.
"Absolutely," Willow sighed, handing him a slip of paper. "Here's
the list of what he wants to know. Should I let him know, or tell
the old fart to go to hell."
"He's well on his way," Lex murmured, unfolding the paper to read the
list. He was hardly surprised with what was inside. Lionel was
trying to block his takeover of the plant. He had been doing that
since before the tornado.
"And what are you planning on doing little sister?" he asked, eyes
still skimming his list. "Have you assessed your blood and come up
with the right course of action?"
"I don't know," Willow answered truthfully. "I don't think Lionel
really even expects me to do as he instructed, but all that remains
to be seen. So in the meanwhile, why don't we focus on this lovely
little shithole we've been shipped off to."
"Smallville isn't that bad," Lex protested immediately. Willow
merely arched another brow at him.
"Not that bad?" she repeated incredulously. "This has got to be the
only place on the Earth that is lamer than Sunnyhell. Well, at least
they known how to grow 'em down here. Haven't seen such delectable
specimens on the streets of Sunnydale in a long time."
"Maybe you should stay away from them," Lex told her with a
smirk. "I don't think the boys of Smallville would be prepared for
the new and improved Willow."
"And what about the girls?" she returned with a smirk of her
own. "Maybe they're up to the whole new Willow."
Lex looked startled for a second, calming down rather quickly.
"Oh right, I forgot," he laughed to himself. "You have a girlfriend
now. I think her name was Tara, how is she? Did you bring her
along, or maybe you broke up?"
"Tara's dead."
The flat simple response made his eyes turn to her instantly. And
for the first time since she arrived, Lex saw something other than
coldness in her eyes. He saw something much worse, anger.
"What happened?" the words were out his mouth before he could even
register them.
"She was shot," Willow replied simply. "I didn't take it that well.
Some say I lost control, some like Ira. But whatever, I just did
what came naturally."
And in a flash, he understood. Lex knew why she was here, what she
had done to deserve Lionel's surpervising eye. Lex knew at once what
Willow was guilty of.
And he felt a bit less afraid for some reason. Maybe it was in the
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