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The Senator's Downfall

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Summary: This futuristic/fantasy Spander story, AU. Xander has the hots for a warrior from another planet. Slash

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/Xander(Past Donor)CasFR18715,177165,88821 May 087 Jun 08Yes

Sequel Ch. 4

“Good morning brother... you look terrible.”

Spike dropped the piece of fruit he’d been playing with for an hour, got up and gave his brother a manly hug. “Willem... Welcome back.”

“Pining after Maleck, are you?”

“Hardly.” Spike pulled away and strode to the window.

“The rumors are true... you have it for someone else.”

“What rumors.” Spike’s gaze grew darker.

“Perhaps rumor is an exaggeration, I spoke with Taven...”

Spike gave a brief nod. Of course their mutual friend would have told Willem all.

He turned. “It’s true.”

“A Salustrali trainee? The ex-Senator...” Willem would have laughed, if his brother’s face weren’t so drawn and haggard. “I see.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do. Why don’t you arrange to have the both of them? Maleck might even like—“

“Don’t you think I tried?” Spike snarled. “He won’t have it. He wants me to choose.”

“Then it’s simple. You can’t go back on your word to Maleck. He shares your title... you get our lands back,” Willem walked up and put his hand on Spike’s shoulder. “Its your duty, brother. Would that I could do it for you.”

* * *

Weeks passed. Spike would see Xander at the civic courtyard during evening meals. Sometimes he’d talk to him, but most of the time Xander only had one question for him... and since Spike couldn’t give him the answer he wanted, the conversation was at an end before it ever started.

Tonight, he watched Xander from a distance. Watched and wanted and wished. He drank heavily, trying to deaden the pain, trying to forget...

“Good evening warrior, you’re staring at me as if you have something to say,” Xander sat down across from Spike and poured himself a goblet of wine and refilled Spike's. “If liquor is what it takes to give you the courage... I’ll help you get there.”

Spike sucked his breath in. He wanted to lie. To promise Xander he’d renege on the hand fasting... anything to have him in his arms one more time. But obligation, duty, truth, honesty... honor... they were too ingrained in him. “I’m a bit drunk, yeah... but thinking straight,” he locked gazes with Xander.

“Is that right? Then why do you look so sad? Where is the man who used to keep an entire table of warriors on the edge of their seats when he talked? Hmm? Used to make them laugh.”

“Maybe a tall dark and handsome Salustrali came and stole him from me.” Bringing the goblet to his mouth, Spike took a long drink, draining and refilling it, but never looking away from Xander.

“And maybe he’s keeping him safe until you come to your senses,” Xander shot back, but Spike heard the tremor in his voice.

They were both hurting. “Don’t do this, don’t do this to us.” Spike pleaded. “You need me just as much... or you wouldn’t have crossed several worlds to get here.”

It was sudden and unexpected, but when Xander leaned across the table and started to kiss him, the world slipped away from Spike. He’d dreamed of this for weeks... wanted it for weeks. Tongues slid together, breaths mingled. The instant Spike delved his own tongue into Xander’s mouth, the fire between them ignited.

They struggled to stand up, mouth against mouth, arms trying to drag each other closer, hands exploring each others’ chest and body, with the table between them blocking most of their efforts. The drums beating for the dancers nearby reverberated around them, made them forget where they were.

Spike lifted and dragged Xander half way across the table, so the brunet was semi-crawling on his knees as they hungrily tongued each other. One desperate tug, and Xander came over the edge of the table. Immediately, they staggered together, thighs sliding past each other, bodies pressed tightly together. “Come fuck me,” Spike whispered thickly, rubbing his cock against Xander's.

“Can’t... I’m on three weeks off-sex...”

Groaning, Spike stopped grinding against Xander. “Then give me relief.” He ached so, he needed this so.

Xander broke away. His cheeks were flushed, his pants tight over his swollen arousal. “No. Not unless you...”

“What?” Spike let out a few heavy breaths and reached out. “You can’t mean...”

“I’m not asking any more of you than ... than what I asked of myself.”

Helpless, Spike watched as Xander’s expression turned serious and he backed away... waiting for the words that would not come.

* * *

Months passed, but nothing changed. Nothing except Maleck was back. Now Xander was tortured not only by thoughts of a life without Spike, but thoughts of Spike in that big bed of Maleck’s.

It was hard... so hard for him to get it. Spike looked at him with soulful eyes... eyes that begged and said the words the damned proud warrior’s mouth would not. If he wanted him, if he didn’t want Maleck, why not just tell Maleck to take a fecking hike? Keep his castle.

He was busy sharpening the swords in one of the armories when a familiar looking warrior walked in. Xander frowned. He looked like...

“Willem. Brother of Spike,” the blond warrior announced, putting his hand out and clasping Xander’s forearm.

“Xander,” Xander did the same. “I didn’t know Spike had a brother.”

“I suppose that makes me the black sheep. I have been on the outer-rim worlds for some time. I came to talk to you about my brother.”

“Ah. Why can’t he talk for himself.”

“For all I know, he has. He claimed he offered you a place in his life but you’re not...”

“What the feck... does everyone know?” Xander demanded, then sat down. “I don’t want what he offered. Hard for you to get... that’s fine... but it’s also non-negotiable. Believe me, I’ve thought it over, and if anyone can negotiate a problem away... it’s me. This one... we have a make or break issue.”

“Well maybe you don’t have all the facts. Maybe when you realize the position that Spike is in, you may change your mind.”

“Doubt it.”

An hour later, Xander was fully informed about the shame that would be brought onto any warrior who broke a contract of any sort, and particularly one made in connection with a hand fasting. It made no difference, but it did give him some ideas.

* * *

As Spike walked through the crowd at the courtyard, people moved away from him, whispered and pointed. The warrior who was often held up as an ideal to others was not used to being shunned and ridiculed. It was only the third day, he told himself he would be used to it, the way his fathers had gotten used to the censure in other warriors’ voices when they talked about the loss of their castle and holding to Maleck’s family in one night of over-indulging in drink and cards.

Back held as straight as a ramrod, face as expressionless as a warrior’s could be, he started to look for an empty table. When he came face to face with Xander, he took a step back. “Yes,” he said loudly.

“Hi Spike what’s going on, and ‘yes’ to what...” Xander was obviously confused.

“’Yes,’ I choose you. ‘Yes,’ I’ve told Maleck, and my brother... and everyone who...”

“’Yes?’” Xander beamed. “You could smile...”

“It’s no smiling matter.”

“Not what you say when you’re in bed with me.”

“I hardly smile in bed. Outside it, maybe,” Spike was keenly aware of everyone’s scrutiny.

“So... Maleck told you? I told him I wanted to tell you first.”

“Tell me what?” Spike cocked his head.

“You don’t know... okay, you first then... what were you going to say?”

“I told you. The hand fasting contract is broken, I retracted.” Spike bit his lip.

“You did... just like that? I mean without talking to Maleck...”

“I told you I told him I was breaking it off,” Spike protested. “At least let me keep one shred of my honor.”

“Oh... hmm... but... okay, so your honor, you lost it because...”

“Because I broke my word by retracting, because I’m not going to get my family’s lands back, and because I didn’t give him my title. Its done, and I don’t want to think about it anymore,” he said, clearly uncomfortable.

“You’re sorry you did it, aren’t you?”

Spike heard the disappointment in Xander’s voice. “I’m sorry I had to do it to Maleck. I’m sorry you didn’t come sooner from Salustria and stop me from asking for the hand fasting to begin with. I’m sorry I’ve put a bigger black mark next to my family name. But I’m not sorry I met you, and I’m not sorry I chose you. Believe me.” He put his hand out.

Xander took it. “I believe you. Are you just going to look at me like that or...”

Crowd be damned, Spike pulled Xander into his arms and kissed him with all the pent up passion of months of longing. There was nothing to keep them apart now... nothing, and every kiss, every caress, every hard won touch told him this had been worth it.

Xander broke the kiss. “Wait... listen. You haven’t lost your castle ... it’s yours. I ... I talked to Maleck and I bought it. For you.”

“You...” Spike was stunned.

“Don’t be an idiot, you knew I had the gold. It was simply a matter of figuring out the price and getting Maleck what he wanted. He’s got his own lands, but he wanted a connection to a family in the nobility, so... I bought his castle and arranged for Willem to be hand fasted with him.”


“Willem likes him. He likes him more than you like him... so... you get to keep the title and the castle, Maleck and Willem will be hand fasted and...”

“I gave him my title.” Spike grew quiet.

“You what?”

“I gave him what he’d wanted... what he would have gotten out of the deal. I didn’t want to shirk completely and...”

Xander clapped. “Perfect. He’s got the title, shares it with your brother ... it’s still in the family...”

Spike let his breath out. Giving away the title was itself another blight on his name, but if stayed with his brother, it certainly wasn't as bad. “You’re... right...”

“Now you can smile.”

Spike did smile. His smile broadened when Malech and Willem approached, as did his friend Taven. He might no longer be called Lord, but he would still rule the roost ... it was his personality.

“Okay... everyone... lift your goblets,” Xander said, having filled them to the brim. He then fell to his knees and took Spike’s hand. “Warrior Spike, I ask you to be hand fasted to me. Our contract will be one of love, witnessed by our friends.”


Xander’s face fell. “No?”

“Oh, by all that’s lit by our moons!” Spike grimaced, then relented. “Yes... but...”

Meanwhile, the group around them started to laugh and congratulate them. Xander tugged on Spike’s arm. “Why did you say no at first?”

“Because I like having sex with you. Argh...”

“Argh... what... what????”

“You asked for a hand fasting... that’s three full months of sexual ban for both of us.”

“What?! What is it with you people and everything being related to having sex or not having sex!”

The others melted away in a fit of laughter.

Even Spike was giving a rueful grin. “Our sex drive is strong and its energy must be harnessed and controlled. When you’re in a courtship, you want to be sure it’s not the desire for sex that’s driving the relationship,” he ran a finger down Xander’s chest, all the way down to right above his belt.

Xander’s body hardened in response. “Fuck...”

Spike started to walk away and then looked over his shoulder. “Yes. But the ban starts at dawn... this is our only chance. You’d better hurry.”

“Oh... OH!” Xander chased after Spike, intent on filling their one single night with enough sex to get them through the next three months.

(This story was inspired by this manip by Salustra: Please comment and let me know what you think... more fantasy stories or are they too "out there")

The End

You have reached the end of "The Senator's Downfall". This story is complete.

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